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I couldn’t believe we all spent the rest of the summer in Gypsy Ville just doing nothing or just walking around. We barely left the place but when we did we had to talk to Mr. Potter about how we were all safe and show him that we weren’t harmed at all. Nana had my guards with me and my friends at all times when we were out of the village. We shopped and bought our new robes for school. Now we’re standing at Kings Cross with Nana and my guards, they’ll be protecting my Nana. A few of the other guards had taken our things onto the train.


Lily and James both were chosen to be Head Boy and Girl. We celebrated that in the ballroom in Gypsy Ville. They have become civil towards each other maybe even friends but I wasn’t sure just yet. Lily had the taste of living like a princess and she loved it. I began waking up every morning in tears and near screaming out from all the visions I would have at night, maybe it was the nightmares of my mother’s death.


“Goodbye Nana. We’ll see each other at Christmas then?” I said to her with a grin on my lips and watched her nod her head.


“Of course I will, My Lady of Gypsies.” She says to me with a slight bow of her head and I laughed at her words. I hugged her again and dashed to get onto the train as the whistle went off. I knew Lily was Head Girl and that James went into shock after getting the Head Boy badge which was funny as Merlin’s pants falling off. I was laughing hard when he opened his letter. Remus was shaking his head with an amusement look on his face. Sirius was shocked as well but recovered by laughing at him. Cassie just smiled and congratulated him on getting Head Boy. That woke him up and smiled at my sister while I continued to laugh at him.


I sat with my friends and laughed, joked around. I couldn’t stop the smile upon my face and I couldn’t stop leaning against Sirius. We had gotten back together and he explained everything to me on Marline McKinnon. She did seduce him into bed with her in our dorm just so I couldn’t have him. Remus was out patrolling or at the prefect meeting that’s being run by Lily and James. I closed my eyes and let sleep take over my body because I was tired. I had spent most of the night trying not to scream my head off because of one of my visions.


When I woke up we were already in the carriage that’s already heading up to the school. How I slept through that I have no idea! When the carriage stopped I climbed out and headed up the steps into the castle, taking my seat in the Great Hall. I leaned backwards against Sirius and fell asleep once again. Why I am so sleepy you ask well it would be all the visions and nightmares I’ve been having.


It was cold, dark and damped. I stepped over what looked like bodies and looked around to see that it was actually a house. I know whose house this is and it’s the Potter’s Manor. I looked down and noticed it was James’ parents that were the bodies with a few order members. I let out a scream.


I sat up with a hand over my mouth and my eyes wide. Oh Merlin, did I really scream out just to get everyone’s attention, well they’re looking at me now. Oh Merlin! They’re still sorting out first years and my eyes connected to the Headmaster, my Papi then I looked down at my lap even as I felt an arm around my waist. I stood up and walked out of the Great Hall. I was breathing heavenly and I could feel my tears falling from my eyes.


Poor James because he’ll never be the same after he finds out what I saw, I jumped when I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders. “Demya? What did you see?” Papi asked and I turned to look at him.


“The Potter’s, you must send some Order members over there right now. I saw them dead.” I whispered to him even though we were the only ones there in the hallway. “I didn’t mean to go into the vision. I haven’t been sleeping well at night. There are so many visions that come to me. Some are good and some are bad.” I explain to him. “I’m not feeling well. May I go up to my room now?” I asked and watched him nod his head.


“Boy’s dorm, Dear.” He said with a smile upon his lips and I nodded before going up to my room upstairs in the Gryffindor Tower. Once in my room I walked over to my trunk and pulled out my pajamas. I changed and took my potion before climbing into bed. I covered up and closed my eyes. I couldn’t stop the tears that kept falling free because The Potter’s were amazing parents and they had a great son. I couldn’t sleep but I did wait for the boys to join me in the room. I hate to say it but I needed Sirius’ arms around me to help stop the visions.


I had fallen asleep without realizing it and I had sat up in bed when I felt someone touch me, well move my hair out of my face. I looked up and saw it was Sirius. I moved over and pulled the covers for him to join me, which he did. I noticed he was wearing his pajama pants already as he climbed into the bed with me. He covered himself up and held me against him. We didn’t say anything and I fell asleep against him.


I slept through the night and I didn’t tell anyone in the dorm why I screamed even though two of them knew about me having visions. I didn’t trust Peter just yet with the knowledge of me having visions. I showered without fighting anyone and dressed. I didn’t bother with make-up or doing anything special with my hair as I pulled it back into a messy bun. I sat down on my bed with my book bag already packed for my classes.


“Are you going to tell me what you saw?” Remus asked as he sat down next to me on my bed and he looked at me.


“I can’t. Not just yet.” I said and stood up, walked away from him. I walked out of the room and down the staircase. I continued to walk until I came to the Great Hall and that’s when I saw Mad-Eye Moody talking to James. James was shaking his head and looking angry then sad. I watched my friend turn around and face me.


“Did you see it?” James asked and my eyes looked down at the group.


“Yes, but it was too late.” I said and looked back at him. “I only saw the aftermath, James.” I never seen he looks so cold hearted towards me before and it scared it. I stepped backwards, bumping into someone and I let the tears fall free. I didn’t care who saw and I turned to see it was Lily. She looked shocked at James’ face then at my tears.


“Potter, what are you so angry about I haven’t even jinx you yet.” She says to him as she eyes him but my eyes were on Moody.

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