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Disclaimer: I solemnly swear I'm not Joanne K. Rowling and I do not own the Harry Potter Series.

Lesson 4


"Hrngpf." I grumbled and reached out for my alarm clock with my eyes still closed.

Argh. I flailed around with my arms but it wasn't there. 

"G'morn." My pillow mumbled into my ear.

My eyes snapped open and I took in the situation. No wonder my clock wasn't within reach. James seemed to have taken me with him while he rolled out of bed.

Great. I bet my back is going to hurt for the next three days now.

"Morning." I said grumpily as I sat up and hit my alarm clock which was still ringing loudly.

I stretched my arms in the air and bend back my head when I saw an owl sitting on my windowsill from the corner of my eye.

"What is Twinkles doing here?" James asked confused. He seemed to have noticed the light grey owl as well.

"I don't know." I replied while getting up and walking to the window. I opened it ad Twinkles tapped in. She stared at me with her eyes wide open and handed me a small piece of parchment she held in her claws.

I was nervous as I unfolded the paper because Twinkles wasn't just any owl. It was the owl of our minister himself. So what would he possibly want from me?

I began to read.


your dad and I aren't going to make it home before you leave to Hogwarts.

My heart sank. There it was. My last spark of hope gone with the wind. I felt James' breath on my neck and shuddered inevitably.

You can take the car to drive yourself and James to Kings Cross, we will fetch it sometime soon. We hope you have a fantastic year at Hogwarts, and don't forget to write, okay?

I snorted. Don't forget to write. Right. They're the ones too busy to reply to my letters, but I should not forget to write? Funny.

We will see you for your easter holidays.



PS: Your dad says I should tell you to stay safe and out of trouble.

I oppressed another snort. Stay safe. Thanks dad. Rub in my face that I'm still single. A frown made its way on my face. And stay out of trouble, huh? As if I ever even pulled a prank.

I felt James' arms snake around my waist and sighed as he held me close. 

I don't know why I felt so sad and disappointed. I mean, it was clear, they were not going to make it. Still I felt this jab of pain in my chest ready to explode. 

But it didn't. I just stood there frozen, not a tear streaking down my face. Maybe there are no tears left anymore? Twinkles nudged my arm and brought me back from my reverie, clearly wanting a snack. I grabbed into the box of "Watercrack's Owl Snacks" I placed next to the window and she took it out of my hand gratefully. Then she turned around and made her way back to her owner. 

Mum didn't even tell her to wait until I gave her an answer.


"AUTUMN YOU'RE GOING TO CAUSE AN ACCIDENT!" James cried as we sped through the countryside.

"No I'm not, James." I gave him a meaningful look. I knew what I was doing. Kind of.

Okay, I had no idea what I was doing, but so what. We're young. We're allowed to do something reckless. (Because driving a car with a drivers license is totally reckless and all.)

I honestly have no idea how I got my license, though. I mean, clearly I was unable to drive. I think my dad bribed the examiner into giving it to me.

I hate what money can do.

"EYES ON THE ROAD, FIERCE!!" James clung onto the car dashboard for dear life.

"Yeah, yeah, James." I smirked. "Chill, dude."

"HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHILL WHEN YOU'RE ABOUT TO KILL US?!" James screeched, his voice an octave higher than normal. Oh boy. I'm not going to ever forget that. "I, UNLIKE YOU, WANT TO SURVIVE THE RIDE!"

"God, James, you sound like a 5 year old girl-" James tried to cut in here but I just went on. "who has a terrible fear of spiders and is facing a tarantula, not a 17 year old boy-"

"HEY!" James pouted. 

"Fine. MAN." I stressed the word and James looked pleased again. "Who is driving in a car." I cocked one eyebrow.

"I'm pretty manly." James stated.

"Suuuuuuuure." I grinned.

"Is this-" James started and stopped abruptly, fake hurt dripping from his voice. "Is this you questioning my manliness?" He tried to look offended.

"Considering your little show just now…" I pondered for a moment. "Pretty much. Yes."

"You didn't." James stated rather matter of factly.

"Oh and how I did." A smirk spread on my lips.

"If you weren't driving…" He trailed. 

I burst out laughing.


"I can't believe I'm alive." James stated while he lifted our trunks onto the trolley once we arrived at King's Cross.

"Come on, Baby Potter, it wasn't that bad." It was. Even I was wondering how on earth I managed to not get ourselves killed on the ride.

"Don't call me that, A." James pouted. "That's my nickname for Lily. And seriously, it's weird being called just like your baby sister." He scrunched up his nose.

"Fine, J." I rolled my eyes at my best friend.

I closed the boot and locked the car, before looking up to James. He was frowning and clearly deep in thoughts. 

"Everything alright with you?" I waved my hand in front of his face.

He suddenly snapped out of his trance and smiled. "Sure, everything fine."

I smiled back.

"We're seniors, A." He said excitedly and held his hand out for me to take.

"I know!" I grinned, lacing my fingers through his as we made our way to the platform. 


It was crowded. Way too crowded. Witches and Wizards were all over the place, hugging and scolding their children who were about to hop on the train. 

"Mummy I'm going to miss you so much." A little blonde girl with pigtails sobbed while her mother hugged her close, her dad rubbing her back soothingly.

My heart dropped. Exactly seven years prior it was me who was crying on my mother's shoulder while my dad tried to calm me down.

And now, no they didn't even come to see me off.

I felt James squeeze my hand and I turned to look at him. When he saw a single tear drop from my eyes he lifted his other hand and wiped it away with his thumb.

"I'm here for you. Here with you." He murmured. "I always will be." 

My stomach began to flutter and a warm feeling spread through my veins.

Wait, what?

Before I could even register what just happened and notice the close proximity of my face and James', a shout completely threw me off.

"HOLY MERLIN'S PANTY LINES!!! FREDDIE YOU OWN ME 10 GALLEONS, BOY!" Let me introduce: Ronda. Fellow 7th year Gryffindor and my girl-best-friend. 

James and I turned around to see a gaping Ronda in between the masses and a spluttering Freddie Weasley on her heels.

"YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!" He coughed and then looked at us. His eyes widened and he gulped. 

"I can't believe you two are together and didn't tell us!" Ronda exclaimed with an outraged look on her heart shaped face.

Wait, what?

My brain decided to work in slow-motion and when I finally found the words to say, to clarify we are NOT together, James beat me to it.

"Frederick Weasley, I cannot believe you made bets about me and A being together!" He almost shouted.


And then it all made sense in my head.

10 galleons. Freddies shocked face. Ronda saying we're a couple.

Merlin's beard, our friends really made bets about us.


Lesson 4:

Laughing feels good.

I'm so sorry for not updating sooner!
Life is way too hectic these days...


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