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Chapter 1

A/N: This is the second story of this series. If you haven’t read the first one, you might not understand everything that’s happening. I would suggest reading part one “Jade Lestrange” It’s not terribly long and well, why start a series on part 2? As always, I do not own Harry Potter and feel free to leave a review.

If it had been any other country I would have stayed home. It’s not as if I had something better to do, in fact this had been my least productive summer yet. Well not physically I suppose, twice a day, every day, rain or shine I would go running. Not some fifteen minute one either, over two hours in the morning and then again in the late afternoon. If I could have handled more I would have added a few more hours because when I wasn’t running I was doing this – lying on my back just staring up. Up at the sky or my bedroom ceiling, at this moment I was staring up at a tent ceiling. It didn’t exactly make for the most interesting summer. At least there were only two weeks left. Or maybe unfortunately there were only two weeks left.

There was a sudden pop beside me. Milly setting a plate of food on nightstand beside me I assumed. A faint clink when she set it down told me I was right. Without a word between us, she was gone again. If it was dinner that meant I would have to be ready shortly. I turned my head to see what was on the menu tonight. I raised an eyebrow at the expensive meal on the plate. Then I heard the sounds of several adults through the door. Of course, Lucius was entertaining people, that’s why there was such a lavish meal.

I sat up and started eating. Only for you Victor, only for you. If Bulgaria hadn’t been in the World Cup I wouldn’t have come. I could have enjoyed a day of solitude at Malfoy Manor but no, I befriended an international quidditch star. I assure you that had not been my intention.

Victor Krum and I attended Durmstrang at the same time. He’d been a fourth year and I’d been a measly first year. Even at fourteen Victor had been an amazing quidditch player and was easily one of the most popular kids at the school. Rumors were always flying around about teams who wanted to sign him and about how long it would be until he joined an international team. Girls fawned over him, guys wanted to be his friend, teachers we extra lenient with him. And Karkaroff? Karkaroff adored him. Victor brought attention to Durmstrang, attention to Durmstrang brought attention to Karkaroff and how Karkaroff loved being in the spot light. Victor Krum could get nearly anything he wanted from Karkaroff. How did I feel about Victor Krum? Obviously I hated him.

Honestly everyone wanting to be his friend and the teachers’ leniency drove me crazy. He was just a bloody quidditch player, jeez. What really bothered me was Karkaroff fawning all over him, treating him like he was some sort of god. Victor had even been given his own private quarters. I know it may have seemed like jealousy from my end, it certainly was not. I already knew the type of person Igor Karkaroff was –someone who uses others to get ahead in life. Here he was treating Victor like his golden ticket that would boost his own self worth.

The fact that Victor seemed to enjoy this added to my disgust. He would attend private meals with Karkaroff and various people in the quidditch world. He’d accept the countless gifts given to him and he’d even started talking to the press. He was a git, a self centered quidditch player with an inflated ego. Or so I thought.

I was one of the very, very few to treat Victor badly. Making sarcastic and demeaning remarks about him any time anyone started talking about him or if he was near. Being so vocal about my dislike soon gained me a reputation, and not a very good one. People started playing ‘jokes’ on me, trying to jinx me. Too bad I was rather efficient at deflecting them. Of course this led to the teachers assuming I was starting duels. Only one teacher seemed to even care, the new Transfiguration teacher. He also knew quite a bit about defensive spells, so when the other students started casting more advanced curses and jinxes at me, he offered me private lessons. I never really understood the old teacher, something about him always seemed off. Then around Easter I found out he wasn’t an old wizard at all, it was a disguise for a much younger man –Dimitri Pravdin.

However before Easter, while I was still insulting Victor, something unexpected happened. I actually got to know him, really know the true Victor. He wasn’t some spoiled egotistical git. He was actually kind of awkward and nice, a bit too nice really. He wasn’t particularly good at saying no to people, especially Karkaroff. He wanted to be an international quidditch player, not for the fame but because he loved the game. He believed the path Karkaroff was making for him was his only way. He certainly didn’t want all the attention he got, he wanted true friends, not because of his fame but for who he was off the field. He also felt extremely guilty that I was being attacked for what I’d said.

Victor Krum was far too nice, I planned to change that. He already had a deep dislike for Karkaroff, he wasn’t blind, he knew Karkaroff was using him. Slowly I started to change Victor and you know what, he changed me a bit too. We enjoyed a few practical jokes on some students and a couple of the teachers. Victor even helped me pull one on Karkaroff on Valentine’s Day. He also started telling people off for trying to curse me.

Unfortunately Karkaroff noticed that I was pulling his perfect star athlete away. This led to some harsh punishments, some were demeaning, like scrubbing bathrooms with a toothbrush for a week. When the other students found out about this, well you can imagine what I had to clean. On the third day of my detention Victor walked into the bathroom I was cleaning, got down on his hands and knees and pulled out a toothbrush to help me. Seeing that his punishments only caused Victor to be on my side more brought them to a halt.

I remember asking Victor why he was wasting so much time on a first year with a severe attitude problem. He told me I was the only one who saw past the fame. I didn’t like him because he was popular and I didn’t treat him any different. He also liked breaking a few rules now and then and told me I encouraged him to be more like himself and not the person everyone wanted him to be. He’d taken it rather hard when I’d been expelled, telling me he would speak to Karkaroff. I already knew it was time to go though. Victor was becoming his own person, not a tool for Karkaroff, that was what mattered. I even encouraged him to try quidditch for his birth country instead of the teams Karkaroff was pushing for. Bulgaria didn’t have the best team but I knew Victor would be happier and proud of playing for home instead of being paid bags and bags of Galleons for a team he didn’t really care for.

I still wrote to Victor, I enjoyed hearing about how he was doing. He’d been offered a reserve spot on the Bulgarian team midway through his fifth year. Karkaroff hadn’t approved but was unable to stop it. When Victor became the main seeker he wrote about how busy he’d been finishing his homework between practices and after matches.

I was happy for Victor, that’s why I was here, the 422nd World Cup. Ireland versus Bulgaria. Victor’s first and I’m sure not last World Cup. He’d sounded thrilled when he wrote me about it, even offered to get me a seat. That would be hard to explain to Lucius who seemed content to ignore me as long as I stayed out of his way. Fortunately Lucius had been given four seats by Minister Fudge. Oh the wonders of having thousands of Galleons at your disposal.

So here I was, eating dinner in a tent and waiting to go watch the match. I’d spent all day in here. Lucius and Narcissa were entertaining people, mostly to show off about the box seats they’d been given. Draco was out and about I assumed, meeting with friends most likely. This wasn’t my ideal vacation but Victor was a good friend, spending a day here was worth it for him. At least no one from Hogwarts would see me. Walking to the stadium I could blend in with the crowd and it was highly unlikely that anyone I knew would be in the box seats.

After dinner I figured there wasn’t much time left so I stood up and headed for my trunk. I was faced with a very girly problem – what to wear. I wasn’t dressing to impress anyone so I would have liked to keep it casual, plus the rules did state we were supposed to blend in with the muggles. Lucius wouldn’t let me leave in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt though, he always made sure Draco and I looked our best if we were going out with him. So…what to wear? Not a dress or skirt. I pulled out my nicest pair of black dress pants and a pair of shoes without a heel. Who wears heels to a quidditch game? Besides Narcissa, she always dressed up, always the proper pureblood wife. Ok, now a top, that was easy, the same one I wore to every meeting where I was expected to make a good impression. This should be good enough for Lucius, I hope.

Ten minutes later Milly came to collect my plate and inform me to be ready in twenty minutes. Huh, I guess I was a bit ahead of things.

I didn’t especially want to stay in here. I headed out the door to the living room area of the tent after grabbing my money bag. Yeah, this wasn’t any better even though all the guests were gone and no one else was in sight. There should be sales people. I wouldn’t need more than twenty minutes. I exited the tent and all there seemed to be was sales people popping every few feet to sell merchandise. I noticed how overly dressed I was compared to most of the people. A few were even looking my way, ugh. Maybe it was the effing peacocks Lucius had brought. Who brings peacocks to a quidditch match?!

I made my way towards a pair of sales people. The first thing I bought was a program, then a pair of Omnioculars (they were ten Galleons but I told myself I’d surely use them again). Lastly I passed a cart with little figures of the fourteen quidditch players that would be playing tonight. Amused, I bought one of Victor.

I headed back to the tent to find Draco sitting in the living room area, ready to go. I passed him, going directly to my room. After placing the small Victor figure and my money bag in my trunk I went back out. Still five minutes left, bugger. I sat as far away from Draco as I could. I really hated these awkward silent moments. It felt like five hours instead of five minutes before Narcissa and Lucius were ready. And like I predicted, Narcissa was in heels and a dress. She managed to make it look casual yet classy at the time in a way that most people, especially me, could never pull off. I wonder if she ever wanted a daughter, someone she could do girly things with like shopping and hair. Maybe that’s why she convinced Lucius to take me in. I felt a bit guilty knowing I would never be that type of girl.

“Is that what you’re planning to wear?” Lucius asked me rudely.

“Yes.” The tone in my voice made his eyes narrow. “Nothing else I have fits anymore,” I added. He still didn’t look pleased.

Narcissa came over to me. “Stand up,” she instructed. I let out a soft sigh but obeyed her anyways. She had, to my extreme disgust, pink lipstick. I felt like a life sized doll as she applied it then started fixing my hair. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a small smirk on Draco’s face. At least someone was amused by this.

Narcissa stepped aside after a couple of minutes, showing Lucius. He was apparently satisfied and headed for the door. Draco stood and followed, Narcissa and me behind him.

Thousands of other people were out here, walking towards the stadium. Narcissa walked beside Lucius with Draco on her other side. I let them stay three paces ahead of me. The noise around us was crazy, every once in a while people would break out into song or enthusiastic chanting. Excitement was buzzing through the air. Even I could feel it.

Walking up the steps in the stadium I was beginning to feel happy being here, even if I did have to sit with the Malfoys and a bunch of old duffers from the Ministry. Fudge would be there, I wonder how he’ll act after our last meeting.

Speaking of Fudge, I can hear him now. “Ah and here's Lucius!” I rolled my eyes wondering how much Lucius had donated to get that warm of a welcome.

Jade?” a confused but familiar voiced said. I recognized him instantly.


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