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"So, where do we go now?" I ask Teddy, we were standing on the platform the Hogwarts Express had pulled up at. Teddy was tugging at his robes, his blue hair stuck out vividly in the darkness. 

"Um, I have no idea," Teddy said, he looked about, the older students were walking off to the side, but there was a girl who was standing to a side, she was yelling something. "What's she up to?" Teddy asked we walked closer to try and make out what she was saying.

"First years, first years, over here please!" She looked completely flustered, her chestnut hair was twisted up in a French braid, her robes were neat and upon her chest was a badge. "First years, over here!" She called out again. Slowly a group of first years gathered around here, "Okay, listen up, you all have to walk down that path there, keep going until you reach the harbor. Hagrid is waiting for you there, he's had a bit of an issue with the Grinylows." With that the girl walked off.

"Grindylows?" I asked Teddy. As we walked down the path. Somehow we'd ended up at the front, and Teddy was enjoying the attention of being the leader. 

"A grindylow is a water monster, kind of. They're nasty at any rate, they pull swimmers under water and drown them." Teddy said with a shrug. 

"Oh." I said. I looked down at my feet, I felt the weight of my ignorance like a shroud, it shadowed everything I said. Clearly I had a lot to learn.

Teddy grinned at me, and clapped me on the shoulder, "Don't worry, Sev, you'll learn, and I'm not so knowledgeable that I know it all yet either!" He laughed. 

I grin back at him and with a glance back behind me, we started downhill. As we rounded a corner we got our first look at Hogwarts, the magnificent castle was completely lit up and stood out starkly against the night sky. The lake below was an inky mass, shining stars and moon reflected in it's depths. I was amazed, this was where I would be living for the next seven years of my life. I was home. I looked at Teddy and he nodded in silent agreement. Suddenly there was a holler in the darkness, and many of the others let out gasps as a very large someone appeared out of the gloom. He was completely wild, his heavy moleskin jacket was weighted down with god knows what, and his hair was black, thick and snarled. He was fantastic.

"Hello, I'm Rubens Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts and Professor of Care of Magical Creatures." Hagrids voice was gruff, and rumbly. "Right you lot, this way please." He then turned and made his way down the path and onto a gravely shore. "No more than four to a boat, you lot. Carefully now, you don't want to capsize them." 

Teddy and I hurried and leapt into a boat, the girl and boy from the train behind us. We grinned at them and when everyone was settled Hagrid waved a dustbin lid sized hand and the boats lurched forward. The little fleet whooshed thought the water, heading straight for the cliff face. I grinned at Teddy, making a thumbs up. He nodded back and grinned as well, before tuning back to the spectacle before us. We floated beneath a curtain of lichen and bumped up against a stone harbor. We all clambered out and followed Hagrid through a door, and up marble steps. Hagrid waited to the side, watching the first years go past, before slipping through a side door and joining the feast. The first years kept climbing the stairs, Teddy and I at the forefront. And then, there was someone at the top. He was so small. He was only up to my chest. His beard was tucked into his belt, and in his hands was a roll of parchment. 

"Gather up please," The man squeaked, "I am Professor Flitwick, Head of Ravenclaw house and Professor of Charms." Flitwick gazed up his newest students, his eyes widening in recognition of Teddy and I. "You will soon be sorted into your houses, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Hufflepuff. While you are here, your house will be your family, do what you are supposed to do will earn you points, any rule breaking will lose points." Flitwick said squeakily, his hands waving to illustrate his point. Suddenly there was a whistling noise, as hundreds of ghosts swooped down through the ceiling, four slowed and came to a halt above the first years.

"Oh good, the first years!" One exclaimed happily, "I am the Fat Friar, Hufflepuffs Ghost, if you are sorted into Hufflepuff, and you need help, please don't hesitate to ask!" 

One of the ghosts was a beautiful if mournful woman, and she inclined her head at the Friars words, the others were a man in a ruff and britches, the other had ghastly silvery blood trailing down his doublet.

"Young Gryffindors, I am Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington, and I am the Gryffindor ghost. The beautiful, but silent lady is Helenna Ravenclaw, and is Ravenclaws ghost. And my stern unyielding friend here, is the Bloody Baron, who is Slytherins Ghost." At this point Sir Nicholas bowed, and rather comically in Teddy's view, his head toppled forward and off his neck. "Oh not again," moaned Sir Nicholas, as he reached up and picked his head up and settled it upon his shoulders again.

Teddy roared with laughter, "I know who you are, you're Nearly Headless Nick!" 

"I prefer Sir Nicholas if you don't mind!" said Nearly Headless Nick huffily.

Flitwick could see things were getting out of hand very quickly, and shooed the ghosts away. "They will be ready for you now, follow me please." And with that Flitwick led them through the Entrance Hall and up to a pair of heavy doors. They were carved and reinforced with steel. With a wave of his hands the doors swung open majestically, the first years crowded up to each other nervously.

I looked over at Teddy, he looked so at ease, he was so confident. I nodded at him with a grin, not knowing that to him I also looked at ease and confident. We walked forward and when Flitwick gestured for us to stop, with stood off to the side. It was only then that I was able to take in my surroundings. There were four long tables at which hundreds of students sat, watching us. Although, some were busy talking amongst themselves. I looked up and saw the beautiful ceiling that looked like the night sky.

"It's not real you know," I heard a voice say, "It's bewitched, to look like the night sky." I smiled and thought that there was nothing more beautiful that I had seen. 

"It's amazing isn't it?" Teddy asked me, grinning.

"Yeah, it really is, this whole place is amazing," I said, also grinning. I looked back at Flitwick and with dismay realized he had been talking. Now he was holding up a scroll, and reading out a name.

"Alison Anderson," Flitwick called out. A small blonde haired girl walked out, and sat upon the stool up on the dais before us. I blinked at her, her wide green eyes looked at Flitwick with fear as he placed a raggedy old hat up her head. Teddy leaned forward and watched the hat, was it moving?

The hat twitched, "RAVENCLAW!!!" It shouted out suddenly. And the blue clad table started to clap and cheer as Alison jumped off the stool and joined them.

Teddy laughed in delight, "Try on a hat, that's all you have to do! I'm going to kill Uncle George, he kept going on about wrestling a Troll." He laughed again. And I couldn't help but join in.

We both tuned out, I looked up at the staff table, in a golden chair was a thin lipped witch, her emerald green cloak wrapped about her. Beside her was a tall wizard with sky blue eyes and a merry grin. On her other side was an empty chair, clearly belonging to Flitwick, next to Flitwicks chair was a plump with wild hair and a cheerful face. Hagrid sat on the end, he towered over everyone else. Beside him was a scary bespectacled woman who looked like an over grown beetle. I roved my eyes over the hall, feeling bored, no longer nervous, I knew my name wouldn't be called for a while. Teddy nudged me, and the girl, Genevieve from the train was seated on the stool. 

"Gryffindor!" the hat called out. And she hopped down and joined the red table.

"So what was her last name?" I asked Teddy

"It was Hacker," Teddy said cheerfully. "Her brothers up now."

Indeed he was, "Nicholas Hacker," Flitwick called out. The boy stumbled out, he was really pale, his blue eyes were terrified. 

"Poor bloke," Teddy commented, "It's gotta be tough on him." I nodded in agreement as Nicholas was sorted into Gryffindor.

"Ted Lupin," Flitwick called out, his voice still squeaky, his eyes shining with excitement. Teddy threw me a grin, and loped up to the stool, I watched him as he sat down, looking completely at ease. I looked at the other first years, they looked both annoyed and awed that he was so calm. Flitwick put the hat on Teddy's head, and it immediately yelled out Gryffindor. I grinned and applauded with the other Gryffindors. He gave me the thumbs up and mouthed "Good luck!"

I watched as Michele Lutz get sorted into Slutherin, and Simon and Grace  get sorted into Hufflepuff. And a few others. By the time my turn came up I was bouncing with impatience. When my name was called, there was a slight hush, but I ignored it, and leapt onto the chair. And quickly giving Teddy the thumbs up, the hat was placed onto my head.

"Hmm," Said a voice next to my ear, "Interesting, you are very different to your father. Brave, foolhardy, loyal, and hard working. Completely brilliant, and cunning. You'd do well in Slytherin, and Hufflepuff. But I don't think you'd be happy. No, it had better be," There was a slight pause and then, "Gryffindor!"

I yelled with delight, and when the hat was taken from my head, I dashed down to where Teddy was yelling in delight and tackled him. We fell into a laughing heap on the floor.

"Are you two okay?" it was the girl from the platform, her French braid was slightly mussed, we both nodded, still laughing. "Oh, good, well, welcome to Gryffindor." She watched as we picked ourselves from the floor and sat down. "I'm the head girl. My name is Ashley. You, what's your name?" she asked Teddy.

"Teddy Lupin," he grinned at her, "This is Severus Prince, my best mate."

"That's nice. And just so you know, you had better change your hair, blue isn't part of the schools dress code." She said prissily. She flicked her own regulation hair over her shoulder.

"Oh, right, sorry," Teddy grinned, and then with a slight screwing up of his nose, he changed it to mid brown. The girl blinked in surprise, then with a sneer turned her face away from us.

"How did you do that?" demanded a voice, Teddy looked at the girl across from us in surprise, it was the girl from the train. Genevieve.

"I'm a Metamorphmagus." Teddy explained, "I can change my appearance at will."

"Thats really cool," said her brother.

"Who are you guys again?" I asked, feeling a bit lost. 

"Oh, sorry, my name is Genevieve, and this is my brother, Nicholas. But you can call me Genny." Genny grinned at them, "You two are from that carriage right? The really messy one." I shrugged in agreement. "I found my cat by the way."

"I'm happy for you," I said helpfully. "What's her name?" 

"Cleo, it's short for Cleopatra. She was a muggle empress of Egypt. Pharaoh, they called them." Genny said.

"Thats pretty cool." Teddy said, "Where is she?"

Nicholas reached into his shirt front and pulled out a bedraggled grey kitten. "This is Cleo," He said quietly. Up close, I could see that he had a few scars across his face.

"How come you're so scarred?" I asked Nicholas, unable to stop myself. Teddy punched me, he shot me a look, I hung my head, "Sorry, I didn't mean.." I trailed off.

"It's okay, don't worry about it. I got into a fight with some razor wire when I rode my motorbike into it a few years back." Nicholas shrugged.

"Ouch, I'm sorry man," I looked at him apologetically. Nicholas shrugged.

"Hey, Nicholas," Teddy said, Nicholas looked up, "Have some chicken." Teddy laughed and threw a chicken leg at him. I blinked in surprise, where had..? And then saw the table, it was groaning with food, where had?

"Where did?" I looked at Teddy, "Of course, magic." I laughed, and filled my plate up. "Great timing Ted," I grinned at him, thinking that the pasties and cakes had been ages ago. Nicholas was wolfing down food like it was his last meal.

"Woah, slow down, Nicky," Teddy laughed, "Your sisters looking a bit disgusted." Teddy laughed again. I looked over a Genny, the look on her face was priceless. She then huffily turned away from us and started up a conversation with the girl beside her. I shrugged and continued eating. 


I groaned in pleasure, I was completely full. I stretched thinking that I'd really like to go to be now. When suddenly food disappeared, and left behind gleaming golden plates. I looked around the Gryffindor table, Teddy was looking down at his shining plate, looking for all the world like it was the only thing he'd ever seen. I was so tired, I could feel myself listing to the side, about to topple. Nicholas was also exhausted, his blue eyes were glazed with tiredness. I looked up as I heard movement at the head table, Professor McGonagall Had stood up, and was waiting for the schools attention.

"If I may have your attention please," Her clear voice rang out across our ranks. "Now before you can go to your beds, I have a few school notices to give out." She surveyed the two middle tables severely, as two second years jostled each other. "I must tell you, that the Forbidden Forest is forbidden, and for a very good reason. Also, Mr Filch has asked me to remind you that all Weasley Wizarding Wheezers Products are completely forbidden, anyone using them will have points docked from their house, a full list of all forbidden items can be found on Mr. Filch's office door. I would also like to remind students that dueling is strictly forbidden from the school corridors. Quidditch will start next term, and anyone one who wishes to try out for this years teams must see their head of house." Professor McGonagall paused and regarded the student body before her, "Thank you for your attention, you may depart to your beds. Prefects please guide the first years of your houses. Can the Head boy and girl please stay behind?" 

There was a dull rumble as everyone stood up and started to exit the Great Hall. Teddy was tugging Nicholas' arm trying to make the exhausted boy stand. I wandered over to help him out. Nicholas glared at Teddy, his eyes tired with dark purple rings under them.

"What now?" Grumbled Nicholas, trying to escape Teddy's grip on his arm.

"You fell asleep, I thought I'd wake you up so you could sleep in the dormitory not in the Hall." Teddy grinned, waving a hand around at our surroundings. "But I guess, maybe you'd prefer to sleep on the table?" Teddy laughed, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Oh, yeah, right, thanks." Nicholas yawned, and stood. "Um, so where do we go?" He asked, looking around. The great hall was practically empty except for the teachers and the head boy and girl. 

I shrugged, unhelpfully, "I have no idea, mate." 

Nicholas smiled at me, "Thanks." He ducked his head bashfully, I blinked in confusion, but didn't ask him what he was on about. "Well, where do we go?" He asked again, this time directed at Teddy.

"Um.." Teddy trailed off, "I know it's in a tower, and you have to go to the seventh floor to get to it." He looked at us and shrugged, "Let's just try that. I think I know what portrait it is as well." He grinned suddenly, "C'mon, let's go!" He bounded off excitedly. Nicholas and I exchanged glances before running after him. Teddy led us up a massive marble staircase and along the first floor. 

"Uh, where is the next staircase?" Teddy asked, looking around violently, his robes flapping as he spun around in circles. He backed up, twirling about, his tie flung negligently over one shoulder, his robes askew from his confused twirling. "Arg!" He yelped, as he stepped backwards into a ghost.

"Oh hello, young Gryffindors," Said Nearly Headless Nick, "You look a bit lost. Do you need a hand finding the common room?" He asked kindly, he seemed able to overlook Teddy transgression with his name earlier. He peered at us over his ruff,his head threatening to topple from his shoulders.

"Yes please, Sir Nicholas," Said Nicholas gratefully. Teddy nodded in agreement grinning, looking up at Nick with a mischievous grin.

"Come along then," Sir Nick said, pleased to be helping people. He glided towards a doorway and proceeded to slide through it, calling over his shoulder, "Don't worry, it's not a real door, it's just pretending to be one." We grinned at each other, tiredness forgotten and ran after Sir Nick.

"Wow, the portraits, they're moving!" I exclaimed as I saw a bear pick up a branch of berries.

"Yes, magical paintings move," Nicholas explained, "They can be used to send messages too." He watched the paintings quietly, I wondered what he was thinking. Silence resumed, our footsteps echoing in the empty corridors, only Teddy seemed able to keep up with Sir Nick, but even he eventually slowed to walk beside me. Nicholas' steps were dragging with tiredness. The silence was deafening, the shadows flickering and jumping away from the candle light.

 "What are your names then?" Sir Nick asked politely, trying to break the silence, his head turned towards us with great curiosity.

"My name is Ted Remus Lupin, but you can call me Teddy," Teddy said as he bounced beside me, his ever present grin broad upon his face as he looked at Sir Nick. 

"You would be Remus Lupin and Nymphadora's son then?" Sir Nick enquired, interest high in his voice.

"Yeah, did you know my Dad? And my Mum?" Teddy asked excitedly.

"I knew your father certainly, he was a rare individual, such an inquisitive mind, but very reserved and loyal. He was a brilliant student." Sir Nick said reminiscing, "Your mother was in Hufflepuff, so I didn't know her well, but the Fat Friar did, you should talk to him, she was a special favourite of his." Sir Nick chuckled, before turning his attention to me, "Who are you then, my boy?"

"Severus Tobias Prince." I muttered, feeling distinctly out of place.

"I had heard Severus say he had a son, would you be him?" Sir Nick asked.

"I don't know, I don't know who my Dad was. I was raised by non magical folk." I said, flicking a look at Teddy who was listening avidly. 

"I see, well, no matter, you'll catch up." Sir Nick said bracingly, before turning his attention upon Nicholas, "And you?" 

"Nicholas Xavier Hacker," Nicholas said, his voice dull with tiredness. We were on the fifth floor now, the moving portraits peering down on us in curiosity. 

Sir Nick nodded and said nothing more on the subject of names, instead led us up another staircase, my legs ached and I couldn't help but think about the soft bed that waited for me. I zoned out, simply following the presence of Teddy who was once again ahead of me. Without warning, Teddy stopped, I yawned and peer around him. There before us was a fat matronly woman who was leaning sideways and snoring her head off. 

"I don't know the password, do you?" Teddy said worriedly.

"It's okay," Sir Nick soothed, "It's Puffskein, go ahead, wake her and then enter." With that he floated off, down the corridor, leaving us in front of a sleeping portrait.

"Uh, okay," I said, I yawned again, "Uh, excuse me? Excuse me, Miss?" I looked at the portrait as it started to stir. Teddy laughed, as she let out a series of snorts and mutters about rude students and that it was only the first day.

"Who are you?" She asked us curiously.

"Teddy Lupin, Nicholas Hacker and Severus Prince," I said, "We got lost, so we asked Sir Nick to bring us here, we're new Gryffindors." I explained helpfully. 

"Do you know the Password?" She asked me, eyeing my state of dress. 

I nodded. She leaned forward inquiringly, "Oh, um, Puffskin." I blushed.

She shook her head, "No." She blinked at us as Teddy butted in.

"Puffskein, it's puffskein," He said quickly.

 "Normally I wouldn't let you in, but it's late, and you have Gryffindor colours." She waved a hand, and swung forward, her voice echoing warningly, "A warning young Gryffindors, it is imperative you know the password, otherwise I will not let you in." 

Teddy grinned and chirped that we would remember that next time before climbing through the portrait hole. Nicholas and I followed him, and spilled out into a warm fire lit common room. Red carpet and chairs gave the room a warm friendly air. It was incredibly comfy looking the entire area.

I looked around the room and noticed two stair wells, "Which one is ours?" I asked, gesturing to what I meant. Teddy shrugged and moved to the stairs. He looked up the one on the right and put a foot on the stairs. A shrill siren rang out and sent him plummeting to the bottom.

"Clearly not that one," He groaned, "Quick, up the other one!" He said, "Someone will have heard that siren!" With a nod of agreement, we all raced up the boys stairs, and found the first years room. With hurried movements we stripped and threw ourselves into our beds. Pulling the covers up and acting like we'd been here all the time, as voices echoed down the stair wells asking about the noise. I fell asleep to the sound of Teddy chuckling at the unknowing people outside.

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