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Quidditch Camp by GryffindorPrincess918
Chapter 8 : Breakfast with a Malfoy
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Breakfast. One word that was so meaningless to Draco, until he gazed upon the selections he had. He stood there in the whiz and whirl of the dining hall and had realized he never asked Hermione what she liked to eat. He saw her eating cereal the other day, but she didn't look too pleased. So as he approached the buffet he decided that he would just get her... everything. As he climbed the stairs to their floor level he was followed by a parade of foods on trays. He was given weird looks as he passed by many of his fellow campers and only nodded and flashed them a smile.



He slipped out his wand from his pocket, carefully balancing two trays on his long arm as he did so. He magicked off all the locking spells and carefully opened the door. He conjured up a table and chairs and placed all the trays on there and lit a few candles. He heard humming coming from the bathroom so he assumed she was taking a shower. He locked the door once more, but checked the hall before he did so to make sure no one had seen him.... or Hermione's bra and underwear neatly laid out on her bed.



He heard the door swing open and was greeted with the delightful scent of lavender, strawberry, vanilla, and cinnamon. His senses felt over-whelmed as he literally drooled over the girl standing before him. She gave him a pleasant smile as she sauntered over to her bed, picking up her undergarments. He couldn't help but stare at the subtle way her hips would swing. As she shut the door he let out a breath he didn't know he was holding and smiled, this nutty woman had him wrapped around her finger. But he didn't care one bit.



When she stepped out of the bathroom once more she was wearing his old slytherin quidditch jersey, and he felt the fork slip out of his hand. He stared at her long legs, travelling upwards until he stopped at her caramel eyes. She looked away as she felt the familiar heat of blush rise on her cheeks. She sat down at the table next to Draco and began looking at the selection he had laid out.



"Merlin Draco, did you take the whole bloody cafeteria with you?" and she giggled at her own joke.



He could sit there listening to her voice for hours, it was sure better than Eric's. "No, I did not. I just didn't know what you liked, so I got you everything."



She nodded and stood up, abruptly sat on his lap. She placed her hands on the sides of his face and then slid them down, going lower, lower, lower, and lower. They rested on his sides of his pajama pockets and she smirked. She grabbed a hold of his pocket,



"Don't play games with me Malfoy, I always win" and she unsheathed her wand from his pockets.



She quickly hopped off of him and placed the wand against the temple of his head, he finally realized what she was doing, and he began to chuckle deeply. Her eyebrows knitted together in confusion and she saw Draco laughing his bloody arse off for no reason. She nudged the wand into the side of his head and the laughing ceased, earning herself a playful grimace from Draco.



"What are you playing at, Malfoy?" she asked angrily



He only smiled throwing his hands up in surrender, "I'm just getting to know the girl I'm practically in love with" and he smirked.



"Well too bad, I'm going to oblivate you and there is nothing you can do about it" she seethed



"Oh really?" he said evilly, carefully brandishing his wand out of his pocket.



She nodded, the glint in her eyes bordering murderous "Yes, really"



He whipped his wand out and quickly screeched "Expelliarmus!"



Déjà Vu he thought to himself. He quickly picked up her wand and placed them inside of his boxer shorts.



"Now you'll never get them, otherwise you'll have to touch my... well... we'll leave the details for later" and he smirked evilly returning to his breakfast.



She grunted, crossing her arms like an angry five year old and begrudgingly got up to join him at the table once more. She sat across from him, practically shooting daggers at him with her eyes. He only laughed more as he took a piece of pancake. When they had finished their silent breakfast Hermione stood up to check the schedule for the day, but Draco quickly took it from her hands,



"Nuh-uh. We're skipping practice today. Like I said I want to get to know you" and he smirked as he flipped the schedule into the trash can.



She felt flames of anger and hurt rush inside of her veins before she looked into his sincere eyes. He looked genuine and possibly happy that she was there with him, so she sighed and sat back down at the table. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to get to know the former Slytherin sex god of Hogwarts. She smiled; maybe this could be the start of something new.






Ron paced back and forth in his room, holding his quidditch broom in one hand and a picture of Hermione in the other. The picture kept replaying the same scene or Hermione blowing him a kiss and twirling around in the winter's snow. He sighed; he could be a bloody moron sometimes. He kissed the picture before tucking it into the breast pocket of his undershirt and sat down with a sigh. Harry walked into the room and sat across from Ron, worried about his best friend.



"I worry about her. Every moment of every day. I just want to hold her again, to love her, to be her boyfriend, hell I want to be the father of her children. I can't anymore though, she's gone. What if she likes where she went Harry?" said Ron sadly.



Harry sighed closing his eyes, "I'm so sorry you're going through this Ron but you ended it. You can't just expect she'd forgive you automatically, and if she does like where she went and she wants to stay there then you need to let her go. Be happy that she's happy" Harry stated.



Ron stared out of his window thinking about her beautiful face, and the soft ringlets that framed it. He sighed, he felt the prickling sensation he usually got before he cried, and then felt the tears silently slip from his eyes. He didn't even notice Harry stand up and sit next to him to pat him on the back, because he barely noticed anything anymore. He finally looked Harry in the eyes,



"I need to talk to you about it mate" said Ron



Harry nodded and waited for Ron to begin



Ron stood up, his body facing the window as he began to recall the memory he practically knew by heart.



He stood in front of a window much like the one he was in front of now. He stared watching the droplets of rain race down the window of the burrow. He couldn't believe Fred was actually dead. He didn't think life would ever move on, it was too difficult, and it felt as if time had stopped. His thoughts were interrupted by a soft knock at the door, and he turned around to see Hermione standing in the doorway.



She leaned up against the post, her hair pulled up in a loose bun. She wore her favorite sweat pants and tank top, but Ron thought she couldn't look more stunning. There was no denying that he was falling for this girl, and falling hard. She stared into his eyes, and he felt as if she had penetrated his soul. She walked over to him and touched his face lightly with her hand,



"Life goes on" she said simply, her sad smile directed towards him.



She moved to leave the room but he grabbed her wrist, "Wait, don't leave" he hesitated, "Please."



She nodded and sat on the bed, he joined only a few moments later. He sighed, here he was with the love of his life and he couldn't even tell her. But he knew he wanted too, so badly. He looked into her eyes, the caramel color warm and inviting. He felt his insides turn mush; his ears burned bright red as he thought about kissing her pink lips. She looked down at her hands and twiddled her thumbs together, too ashamed to look at his face. He lifted her chin ever so slightly and they stared at each other for what felt like an eternity. Finally he gave her a goofy grin,



"Hermione Jean Granger. I love you, and I always have" and his lips crashed down onto hers. Her shock took over her completely and she couldn't even move for the first few seconds, until her brain registered what was going on. She began to kiss back eagerly, twisting her hands into his bright hair. He placed his hands on her waist and settled her on his lap. He fell back on his bed, Hermione straddling him, kissing him with all the love she could give.



When they pulled away to breathe he muttered, "Merlin" and gave her a lopsided grin.



He shut the door with a flick of his wand and began to kiss her again, just this time more gentle and lovingly.



They had made love for the first time that night, and as he lay in the bed next to Hermione's sleeping form he knew that she was the one. There would never be another, and if she wasn' t his, then he didn't want to be with anyone else.



Ron had left out the part that he slept with Hermione, but Harry could've only guessed since he had slept with Ginny the first time too that same year. Ron sat back on his bed and the tears came free-falling from his eyes. He couldn't hold them back anymore. He heard the faint alarm signaling practice was about to start and grabbed his broom and quidditch gear. He trudged out of the room, hastily wiping the tears from his face with the back of his hand. With one last sniff he cleared his head and readied himself for practice.






Hermione's eyes popped open to find herself in her bed again; she must've fallen asleep after breakfast with Draco. She felt something warm next to her and couldn't help but snuggle closer to it, it groaned happily at her wiggling and pulled her closer her. Mortified, she knew exactly what was next to her. She slowly turned over to face Draco and she saw his peaceful face.



A little smile was etched onto it and his soft, feathery hair was in his eyes. She didn't even stop herself when she moved a piece of it out of his face. She didn't stop herself when she moved even closer to him. And she didn't stop herself when she wrapped her arms around his neck and snuggled her head into his chest. His one eye popped open slightly and he wrapped his arms around her middle, twisting his legs with Hermione's to lock her there. All her heard was her sigh happily in his arms and he gave her a light kiss on the forehead. It was moments like this that made Draco feel hopeful that maybe one day, he'd be able to wake up to her face for the rest of his life.






Ginny sat in the empty house, tapping her hand on the table loudly to fill the silence. With Harry, Ron, George, and Hermione gone she didn't have anyone to talk to. Sure she had her mother, but there was only so much one could do with Molly Weasley. She checked her watch, 1 pm. She then checked the camp's schedule to see that they'd be eating lunch by now. So she figured she'd just go visit Hermione. And ask about any of the guy's arses.



She grabbed a bag full of female necessities and packed them away quickly. She thought of Hermione's room and felt the familiar tug on her navel as she apparated away. When Ginny opened her eyes she was in front of Hermione's room and knocked, but there was no answer. She knocked two more times before she finally decided she'd go into the room and wait there to see if Hermione returned. As she opened to door Ginny gasped in horror and the bag's contents fell out spilling all over the floor. Ginny had no words for what she saw. Her vision went black and she hit the floor with a thud.






Another cliff-hanger!! Thank you so much for the reads and reviews guys, it all means to so much to me, especially since this is my first fan fic ever! I hope you keep reading and reviewing, because as long as you do I'll keep writing! And sorry this chapter was so short. Till next time (:



xoxo -GryffindorPrincess918

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Quidditch Camp: Breakfast with a Malfoy


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