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As told by James Potter

I have one question for you. Yeah, for you. I don’t give a shit if I don’t know who you are. Why the bloody fucking hell is everything changing lately? I have no idea, and neither does Fred because I asked him before. But seriously. It’s not even funny. Things just need to go back to how they were.

First bloody Connor asks out my cousin – shit, I still haven’t had the Older Cousin Chat with him yet – and they start acting all cutesy and stupid around one another, and then Penny breaks up with that psychopath wanker boyfriend of hers – fuck I need to beat him up as part of the Male Best Friend Code, don’t I? – and her and Fred are acting all closey-close and whatnot.

And don’t even get me started on whatever the fuck is going on with bloody Summer at the moment. I don’t know what is. And to be honest? I don’t really want to know.

I mean, what if she cried? No. She’s better going to Connor for that kind of thing.

Speaking of Connor, I really am gonna have to have that Older Cousin Chat with him pretty soon. We will ignore the fact that Dommie is actually three months older than me.

That can be our little secret, yes?

“Oi, James!” Fred yelled, stepping into the dorm with a thoughtful expression on his face. Oh, this is never good. I’m pretty sure if Fred is thinking about something then that said something is going to go horribly wrong pretty soon.

“Fred, I’m right here, mate.” I sighed. “You don’t need to shout.”

“But if I don’t shout, how are you supposed to know that I want your attention?” Fred asked, his brow furrowing.

Oh bloody Merlin. God bless him and all who sail in him.

“Because – because I can still hear you, even if you just say my name. We were in the same room, and it’s not exactly loud in here, is it? Why do you need to shout?”

“Yeah, but I was on the other side of the door, wasn’t I? You could have been down in the common room, for all I knew, and needed me to shout so you knew I was looking for you.” Fred looked confused again. I wanted to pound my own skull in.

“You had to go through the common room to get here; you know I wasn’t in there!” I protested, but I had a feeling I was fighting a losing battle. Freddie is a very hard bloke to argue with.

“Well sorry for not scouring every nook and cranny of the common room in search of my fucker cousin before I came on up here.” Fred said, pouting a little and folding his arms. I sighed.

“Did you want something, Freddie?” I asked.

Fred immediately perked up and started searching in his handbag for something. Wait, handbag? What the bloody fucking shitting hell does my Quidditch playing cousin have a handbag for!?

“Fred, why do you have a handbag?” I asked quietly, staring at the brown suede monstrosity in horror. The thing has frills. And gold studs. GOLD STUDS. Hang on, I think that thing is Summer’s! She whacked me over the head with that bag, once.

“Summer leant it to me.” He grinned, holding it out to show me. “It’s so handy! Now I see why girls use them all the time. And Summer was right, it really is fantastic. She said she’ll take me shopping next Hogsmeade trip and help me choose my own! Isn’t that nice of her?”

I am going to kill that girl.

“I mean, just look!” Fred parked his arse on the bed next to me and unzipped it as far as it would go, pushing it under my nose until I could see right inside it. “This big zippy pocket here is perfect for my sandwiches, and then these little pocket things keep all my condoms, quills, parchment and vampire make up kit separate! Plus, it has a zip, so no one can see inside.”

I blinked in horror.

“Please tell me that is not what you came up here to show me.” I eventually muttered, shaking my head. Honestly, it’s hard work being related to such a nutcase. People start to think that it might be in your genes as well, and that’s just a whole new kettle of shit.

“No, I came up here to show you this.” And with a swift whipping motion, Fred pulled a bright yellow underwear set out of the bag and waved it in my face a little.

“Dad sent this one to me too, because your dad keeps trying to burn all of our Harry Potter novelty underwear. Don’t know why, but he does. This is the girl version of my boxers.” Fred indicated to the bright yellow boxers on the floor next to us - don’t look at us like that, we’re guys. The day Hogwarts get us our own personal maid is the day that our dorm is tidy.

Of course, Fred would probably sleep with her...

I groaned as I looked at the lingerie being waved in my face. The bloody bra featured a winking image of my father’s face on each boob-holder, and the knickers portrayed an image of my dad cackling over Voldemort’s dead body. Wow, and Fred wonders why my dad doesn’t want them around anymore.

Yeah, that’s a toughie...

You know who would look really good in that stuff? Minus the pictures of my dad, obviously. Summer. Seriously. I’m gonna buy her some of that stuff and have her wear it next time we snog.

She’ll probably hit me, but it will be worth a try.

“They have a whole range, you know – the company that Dad bought it all from. They even have stuff with Aunt Ginny on, but Dad says he wasn’t going to buy that because it was his little sister, and she would probably hex the living daylights out of him for trying.”

Fred nodded wistfully, and he absentmindedly stuffed the knickers and stuff back into his fucking handbag.

Luckily, a distraction arrived at that moment in the form of my other best friend – the blonde-gone-wrong bloke, Connor Dale! He sauntered into the dorm like he owned the place, lipstick smeared all over his face – this is the first time ever that I am going to hope that the lipstick on a guy belongs to a member of my family – and his hands in his pockets.

Yeah, well that king of the world attitude is going to die the second he realises that he’s just walked in on both of Dom’s older male cousins, waiting to have the Older Cousin Chat with him.

He should be shaking in those ugly converse of his – wait, they’re mine!

“Oi, twat, did you steal my shoes?” I asked, and Connor glanced upwards in surprise, a smirk on his lips.

And then I realised how female that sentence made me sound. Which is stupid, because I am not female. Ask Summer, she’ll tell you. She snogs me, and she doesn’t roll that way. At least, I hope she doesn’t. That would be awkward.

“Well you never wake up to look after the children in the night!” Connor adopted a high, simpering voice and clapped a dramatic hand to his forehead.

Fred laughed.

I glared.

He has clearly been spending too much time with Dom.

“Sit down, Dale.” I snapped, pointing to the bed next the one that Fred and I were sitting on. Connor cocked an eyebrow at me, a smirky little smirk playing at his mouth. If this is another one of those I Know You’re Snogging Our Best Friend looks, then I will knock his arse out.

“What’s the matter, Potter?” Fred coughed under his breath. “And Weasley.” He added. Fred nodded approvingly.

It’s a wonder I’m as amazing as I am with friends as thick as this. Seriously, they really take the fucking biscuit, stupid-wise.

“We want to have a little word with you, Dale.” I said quietly, and Connor adopted a constipated expression that suggested he was trying not to laugh. He better not laugh. I’ll knock his lights out if he laughs. This is a matter of the utmost importance.

This is where I show that I am the alpha-male in all things regarding the love life of my baby cousin, and that it is down to me whether this relationship is allowed to go ahead or not.

Please don’t tell Dom I said that, by the way. She may not like that too much.

And no, I am not scared of my 5 foot 4 female cousin. But you try being on the receiving end of one of her knee to groin snaps, and then we’ll talk about whether or not you want to be careful around her.

Judgemental prick.

“Erm... what can I do for you two?” Connor asked, clearly trying to not burst into hysterical laughter. Honestly, the bloke is such a bad actor. If Summer and I ever get found out, it’s going to be because of him, I swear it.

“We need to have a very serious conversation with you, Dale. Regarding my cousin.” I said solemnly, and Connor went a little red when he realised where the conversation was headed.

“Jimmy,” Fred hissed out of the corner of his mouth, and I turned my head slightly to look at him, “are we having the Older Cousin Chat right now, or are we going to talk about a different one of our cousins?”

“We – of course we’re bleeding having the Older Cousin Chat, Freddie!” I said, turning to look at him in shock.

“Well, I didn’t know, we have enough cousins to bloody make a human version of the Empire State Building.” I blinked at him for a moment, before deciding that I was never going to understand the delicate working of Freddie’s brain and that I wasn’t going to hurt myself trying. “We could have been asking Con whether or not he will tutor Al in the delicate art of pie baking.”

I blinked, shook my head and looked back over at Connor.

“Anyway, Dale,” I continued, “we would like to have a little word with you about Dominique.” I shot Fred a look. “Dom is one of my baby cousins,”

“Wait, isn’t she older than you?”

“Will you shut up, Fred?!”

“Sorry, snappy. Bloody hell, what’s got your knickers in a twist?”

“ANYWAY.” I interrupted loudly. “Dale, I want to have a word with you. You have asked my cousin to become your girlfriend, which begins the circle of dating between the pair of you.” Fred and I both nodded wisely. I knew he was good for something. “This circle is broken when the two of you break up, and this event is sure to seriously hurt my darling, innocent cousin. And so I am here to tell you, Dale, that if you dare break up with her for some bitch with massive tits and blonde hair, then I will make such a mess of your face that Dommie won’t even be able to recognise your ugly mug for the rest of her life.”

I stood up and leaned forwards until I was only a few inches away from Connor’s paling face. Fred cracked his knuckles behind me.

“You don’t break up with her without reason, you don’t cheat, you don’t shout, you don’t lay a hand on her and you treat her like the queen she is. Or we will make your life hell. Got it?”

Connor nodded quickly, his eyes the size of dinner plates and his bottom lip trembling a little. Huh. And he always laughed when I told him that I’ve made old boyfriends of Lucy, Molly and Roxanne cry. Fred actually beat one guy because he ‘blinked in the wrong way’ during said conversation.

Yeah, the girls love us being part of their family.

They just hide it by crying and telling us that we are the worst people on the planet.

One day, when they run into a psychopathic, deranged serial killer on the street, I will remind them of the time they called us that and ask if they still believe that. Mind you, the girls in my family are stubborn bitches, so they probably will.

“I know you’re a good guy, Dale. Prove it to me.” I finished gruffly, clapping him on the shoulder in the traditional I’m Not Going To Get Too Friendly Because You Are Still A Risk gesture.

“I love Dom, you two. You should know that I’m going to treat her as she deserves to be treated. I’ve had it with her asshole boyfriends – I love her, and she’s my it. So get used to it fellas, because I’ll be related to you one day.” Connor smiled and leaned back on his elbows, leaving Fred and I to gape at one another.

“You... love her?” Freddie breathed slowly, his eyes widening.

Connor nodded confidently, not a trace of embarrassment or uncertainty on his face. I gaped at him again.

“You’re in love with her?” Fred asked again, as though the concept in itself was completely foreign. I blinked a few times.

I was sure that I was the only one of all of us that had ever been in love – with fucking Natalie. At the time, you feel like it’s the best thing in the world, like its forever and nothing is ever going to split the pair of you up.

Of course, there is one thing I didn’t count on that did split us up, but that’s ancient history now.

But love – I was sure I was the only one of the three of us that had ever fallen prey to that human weakness. I know how Connor will feel right now – as high as a kite, floating on air, like the future doesn’t matter and everything is perfect. It’s a load of bullshit. But still, as far as falling in fucking love goes, Dom isn’t a bad person to do it with.

“Then I wish you all the best, mate.” I grinned, pulling him in for one of those classic bromance hugs. He should count himself lucky – I don’t give them out easily.

“Thanks, Jimmy. Can I have a word with you, by the way? In private?” I nodded slowly, and shot a pointed look at Fred, who was sitting there with an odd expression on his face – almost as though he was deep in thought.

“What is it like – being in love?” Fred asked slowly, leaning against the post at the end of the four poster as thought it was a throw away comment off the top of his head. I glanced at Connor, who looked equally as confused.

“Nothing you ever need to bother yourself with, Freddie.” I said slowly, and Connor nodded in agreement. But this response did not seem to float Freddie’s boat, because he glanced up in annoyance and glared at us.

“Will you just answer the fucking question?” Woah, bipolar much? Fucking hell, Fred has been getting more and more irritable lately.

It’s like sharing a dorm with a grizzly bear, at times.

“It’s – it’s nice. I mean, for me, it’s just strong feelings whenever I look at Dom, or think about her. I don’t know what it’s like to be in mutual love, because I don’t think Dom is quite there for me yet. But it’s like every time I see her, I can’t help but smile. She’s perfect – yeah, she’s stubborn and rude and a bit of a bitch at times, not to mention violent,” Fred shuddered, and bother Connor and I followed suit , “but she is perfect for me. And it’s amazing.”

I blinked for a moment.

I can practically feel my manliness draining out of my pores. This is not on. I need to go somewhere and scratch myself, and belch the alphabet, and hook up with Summer and snog the snot out of her. I should probably shag her, just to prove my manliness.

I’m sure she’ll agree if she knows that I have a legitimate reason for wanting to do it with her. Or maybe she’ll just hit me. Getting beat up by a girl is also not manly.

But what I should not do is sit here and discuss fucking love with my best mates.

That is not what manly men do with their days, and I am nothing if not a manly man. I am the epitome of manly. I practically ooze manly. Just ask the boyfriends of my cousins that I have beaten up, they’ll tell you.

So don’t ‘aww’ at us like we’re precious little teddy bears. We are manly.

“I want to be in love.”


What did he just say?

You – Freddie Weasley,” I said slowly, “would like to be in love.” Fred nodded slowly, a creased between his eyebrows. Connor continued to gape like a tosser. He has a very tosser-ish gape. He really needs to see to that.

“With who?” Connor asked eventually, glancing at me again. I shook my head.

“I didn’t have anyone in mind.” Fred said quickly – almost too quickly. It even looks like he’s blushing. Fred never blushes; I don’t think I’ve ever seen him embarrassed before. He’s far too happy go lucky for that.

Sure you didn’t.” Connor smirked, and I frowned. Who is Connor talking about? Does Fred have a new girlfriend? “Anyway, I’ve got to meet Dom in five minutes and I really need to talk to you, James. Can we just step into the bathroom?”

I nodded and followed Connor to the bathroom, but stopped when I realised that Fred was also following us. I turned around slowly and blinked at his, but he just grinned at me.

“Erm, Fred? I kind of wanted to talk to James alone.” Connor muttered, and Fred’s face fell.

“Are you two keeping secrets from me? I never get told anything! It’s so not fair! You know what, I’m going to go and gossip with Summer and see how you two like that! Yeah, and you won’t know what our super secret conversation was about!”

Fred turned around and stormed out of the dorm, his lips set in pout. I stared after him for a moment, and then switched my attention back to Connor.

“What’s up?” I asked apprehensively, and Connor scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

“It’s about Summer, James.” He said, and I immediately groaned. I had been wondering if Connor was going to try and have a conversation about her. Honestly, everything is going fine. I don’t see why people need to fuck it up by talking.

“Why haven’t you asked her to be your girlfriend?” Connor asked, clearly losing patience. I gaped at him for a second, then shut my gob and cracked my knuckles.

“It’s not really any of your business, Connor.” Connor eyes immediately narrowed and his expression became a lot colder.

“Actually, considering that this may fuck up two of my best friends, and two of my best friend’s friendship, then I think I am fully entitled to ask about it.” He said tightly, his lips clamped together in flat white line.

I breathed hard out of my nose, glared at the wall a little bit – best if Summer doesn’t find out about that, she’s always having a go at me for ‘wall abuse’ – and finally sighed.

“Two reasons.” I said flatly. “One, I don’t want a girlfriend, and two, she doesn’t want to be someone’s girlfriend. I think she’s expressed her opinions on the shittiness that is dating before.” I cocked an eyebrow at Connor.

“So you’re never going to date her, then?” Connor sighed, and I shook my head. “Well, I guess we’ll see about that.”


“Sup, Lilster?” I asked, dropping down next to my sister at her library table. She barely glanced up from the book she was reading, but instead just shot me a greeting from her middle finger.

I blame her parents.

“Anyway, Lilibon, I want to have a little word with you.” Lily glanced up from her book – ah, How to Tame a Hippogriff, that age old tale of fun. “There is a rumour going down the Hogwarts grapevine that you and a certain boy called Taylor Boot, unless I’m very much mistaken, are in a ‘relationship’.”

I raised my eyebrows as Lily flushed the colour of a traffic light, right from the top of her forehead to the base of her neck. I forced myself to keep a straight face.

“Who told you that?” She snapped, the white tip of her nose a very amusing contrast to the rest of her face.

“Now, Lilliputian, is that any way to speak to the older brother that loves you so very much?” Lily scowled.

“I am not talking to you about this.” She grumbled, glaring very hard at the surface of the table. The temper on that girl. She gets that from her mother. And her father. Let’s face it; both of our parents have fucked us children up, temper wise.

“Well, you’re going to be sitting here for a very long time, Lilipop, because I am not moving my arse from next to you until you start gabbing.” I shot her a look. You know which look I mean – the ‘I’m your older brother and you will do what I say’ look.

Judging by the finger she shot at me, she didn’t appreciate the threat.

“Tsk tsk,” I shook my head, “young ladies should not be using their middle fingers in that manner, Lilsickles.”

“If I talk, will you bugger off and leave me alone?”


“Fine. Anything to bloody get rid of you.” She sighed, and I decided not to take offence. I know she loves me really. “Yes, I am dating Taylor Boot, no, I have not slept with him, no, I am not planning to, yes, he is nice to me, yes, I will let you beat him up if he cheats on me and yes, I will murder you if you beat him up before he does anything.”

Did she take a breath throughout that entire sentence? I don’t think so. That girl must have powerful lungs.

“You spoken to Al recently?” Lily asked suddenly, looking up at me reproachfully with those big brown eyes of hers. I swallowed hard.

There are two paths I can take right now – the path that involves me telling the truth and Lily finding out that I haven’t actually spoken to my brother since I ate dinner with him last month, or the path that involves me lying through my teeth and not having to see Lily tell me that she is disappointed in me. Lying through my teeth it is.

“Yeah, we spoke last week.” I shrugged, and from the look on her face I could tell immediately that she didn’t believe me.

“Funny, because I asked Al the same thing yesterday and he told me that every time you see him you nearly run in the opposite direction.” I stared at the floor. My fifteen year old sister should not be able to make me feel this guilty. It’s Al’s fault, anyway, for being such a fucking tosser.

“I have no idea why he said that. Maybe he was lying again.” I said flatly, and Lily shot me a contemptuous look.

“James, you’re my brothers. You might put on a face in front of your friends and mum and dad, but you are going to have to get over this. I don’t want to go my whole life with one brother that won’t speak to the other.” She shot me another look, this one was hurt.

I glared at the table. Connor and Summer are so lucky to be only children. Siblings suck.

“He’s apologised hundreds of times.” Lily sighed, staring at me intently. My eyes didn’t leave the tabletop. I wonder how that spot of ink got there. “You’re going to have to forgive him eventually, James; you know he wouldn’t do anything to hurt you again.”

“I bet he would.” I grumbled.

“He’s sorry, James. Please, for me, talk to him. It’s been a bloody year.” Lily widened her eyes to inhuman proportions, blinking at me like bleeding Puss in Boots.

We have the same brown eyes – how come she can get me to whatever she wants and I can’t even convince her to pass me the bacon?

“I’ll talk to him,” I mumbled grudgingly, “but I’m not promising that I’m going to be nice to him.”

“I’m not asking you to.” Lily snapped, losing her patience. “I’m just asking you to get off your fat arse and go and talk to your brother. You can’t be mad at him forever.”

“You clearly either don’t know me or don’t remember what he did.” I grumbled under my breath, but she decided not to grace me with a response.

“Go and talk to him, James. Be the bigger person. I refuse to go through life with brothers that won’t talk.”


I spotted my arsehole of a brother as I was walking to the Great Hall with Summer, just walking down the corridor like he owned the bloody place. I growled under my breath and Summer cocked an eyebrow at me.

“I’m gonna eat with Albus tonight, I’ll see you later.” I muttered to her, and she shrugged. I glanced around quickly, slapped her incredibly fit arse and then headed off after King Asshole himself.

As I headed towards the Slytherin table I heard someone call Summer’s name, and I turned around quick enough to see Jack the Prat waving her over to him, a shit-eating grin on his face. I wouldn’t mind, but she was smiling too.

What is she smiling at that prick for? I bet she’s shagging him. Summer never smiles if she can help it, she’s a miserable shrew - he must have done something good if he is actually being graced with the honour of a smile.

“Would you like to eat dinner with Rose and I tonight?” The fucking git asked, patting the seat next to him.

My hands were clenched so tightly in my pockets that I might have speared my own palms with my fingernails. Summer leaned around him to say something to Rose, and the fucking tosser might as well have been drooling.


Right, I’m gonna pummel that bloke to fucking hell and back. He’s gonna look like effing road kill by the time I’m finished with him – he’s dating my fucking cousin and yet he’s staring at Summer. No. Not my girl. No.

I was just about to go and tear the fucker’s head off when a surprised voice came from behind me.

“James? Lily said that you were gonna eat dinner with me today.” Al was standing about three feet away, looking a little dumbstruck but still staring at me almost hopefully, and I swallowed hard.

Keep my promise to Lily and attempt to patch things up with my arsehole of a brother, or go and beat the shit out of the guy perving on Summer without her realising. Decisions, decisions...

Al ran his hand nervously through his hair – oi, that’s my habit! Twat, copying my habits. Get your own habits, you prick. He was biting the edge of his lip in anxiety as we stood there in cold silence, me bashing the toe of my converse against the tiles of the floor and him fiddling with the edge of his robes.

“Yeah, I thought it would be... nice.” I grumbled, turning my back on the blonde arsehole behind me and instead staring at the black haired arsehole in front of me.

“So Lily guilted you into it.” Albus smirked, and I resisted the urge to hit him.

Just think of what mum would do if she found out that you gave your brother a black eye. She wouldn’t let you go out to see your friends at Christmas. You would have to go two and a half weeks without seeing – snogging Summer. No. Self restraint, James.


“Right, so are we gonna sit down and get this shit over with or not?” I grumbled, stomping over to the Slytherin table and dropping down next to Malfoy, who shot me an odd look that told me he still hadn’t forgiven me for grinding with his cousin the other week.

I can just picture Malfoy’s face if he found out what happened after that; if he’d walked in when I was trying very hard – in my piss drunk state - to take Summer’s clothes off.

Thank god she wasn’t drunk at least. Still, if she wasn’t a sober prude then I might have actually gotten some by now.

“So... how’s school?” Al asked tentatively, and I speared some chicken angrily. And so the slow descent into insanity begins...


“So why’d you ditch me to sit with Al at dinner?” Summer asked, pulling away from me and staring at me with those massive blue eyes of hers, framed with curly black eyelashes. She shouldn’t be allowed to look at me with those eyes. That isn’t fair.

“Less talk. More snog.” The girl should know that I don’t like stopping snogging to bloody talk about stuff. Especially not my git of a brother.

That may have been the most awkward dinner ever. Seriously. I tried to kill myself with my spoon just to escape it, but the bloody thing didn’t do anything. Other than leave me a crescent shaped bruise on the side of my hand.

Which is always fun, you know.

She looked like she was going to say something else, so I quickly pressed my lips against her neck and started to nip, and sure enough, within a second or so, she had shut her gob. Like – a – charm. She’s so predictable.

Her arms were around my neck in a second and she was groaning into my ear – music to my ears, love, music to my ears.

God, she smells lovely.

Like seriously. Like perfume and flowers and chocolate and all other shit like that. They should make her into a perfume. I would just spray that shit all over my pillow, she smells that amazing. She must use a fucking good shower gel. I may rob it.

Within minutes she was pulling off my shirt and kissing down my bare chest – so that will put a stop to all those buggering feminists that reckon I’m more into it than she is.

“So, you were sitting with Jack the Prat again.” I murmured as she brought her lips back up to my collarbone. She stiffened slightly and pulled away ever so slightly.

“Don’t start, James.” She grumbled, her breath tickling my stomach. “Just snog.” Well, not going to argue.


“James?” A voice called from next to me, and I look up to see Natalie running towards me, her blonde curls bouncing around face, the smile on her face exactly the same as it had been when I had fallen in love with her.

It’s so strange seeing ex-loves. Thinking about what it was like when you were theirs, when they were yours, what it was like to hold them in your arms, to kiss them, to love them...

But seeing her there, the smile on her face not making me feel anything in particular, just managed to strengthen the belief that I was completely and utterly 100% over her. Not that she meant nothing to me now, but I didn’t love her anymore. She was just a girl I used to love – a girl that broke my heart. But don’t tell anyone.

“You alright, Nat?” I asked, and she smiled at the use of her old nickname.

“Fine, I just wanted to talk to you – well, ask you something really.” She bit her lip and looked worried, so I shrugged and let her sit down on the bench next to me.

“Sure, what is it?” I asked, and she sighed, running a hand through her hair. She didn’t used to do that. She must have picked that up from –never mind, not getting into that now.

“Can we go for a walk? Around the Black Lake?” I nodded unsurely and followed her out of the castle, down across the grounds and next to the glassy surface of the lake.

Natalie looked nervous, biting her lip and picking at her cuticles. I thought I saw someone dart behind a tree, just out of the corner of my eye, but I managed to convince myself I was imagining it.

It’s not like they’re seeing anything interesting, anyway.

“You ever gonna speak, Nat?” I smirked, amused. She blushed slightly and opened her mouth, eventually planning to speak.

“Well – do you remember the reason that we broke up?” She asked, flushing slightly when I raised an eyebrow at her in disbelief. “Okay, that was a stupid question.” She allowed. “But, well, it has something to do with that. I was just wondering... well, it’s kind of awkward.”

“Just tell me.” I said nervously.

“Okay.” She took a deep breath and began to talk.


Forty five minutes she talked for. Forty five minutes. I was nearly falling asleep by the end of it. I’m gonna make a recording of her in case I ever have trouble sleeping.

“Oh, I can’t wait to tell him!” Natalie grinned, practically skipping along next to me and grinning so widely that I was completely assured that I had made the right decision in giving them my permission. “I was so worried, because he said he wouldn’t risk falling out with you again, not as bad as it was last time, and I knew if I didn’t get your consent then there would be no hope for the pair of us –”

I tried to listen, I really did, but she just talks so much. It never bothered me before; I used to like listening to her talk, but bloody hell.

It isn’t fucking half annoying.

It must be spending so much time with Summer and her sarcastic-not-bothered-about-anything attitude that makes Natalie just seem so much more chipper in comparison.

God, Summer. I’ll be damned if I know what is going on between the pair of us now.

Sometimes I think that she wants me to ask her to be my girlfriend (which don’t think I want, but I don’t even know anymore) and then other times it’s like she wants nothing other than my ability to snog.

She’s a fucking confusing woman; I’ll tell you that now.

As we rounded a corner – for some reason, I had ended up helping Natalie in a search around the castle. I don’t even want to know what is going through my head right now – I was pulled out of my thoughts by Natalie gasping and clapping her hands to her mouth.

I looked at her quickly and saw her eyes glistening with tears, frozen at the sight of something in front of us.

I jumped slightly when I realised it was Al. With his tongue shoved so far down some girl’s throat that it was hard to discern where one ended and the other began. Her legs were wrapped around his waist, his hand in her hair... it was disgusting. It was hard to believe that it was my brother.

“Albus Severus Potter, what the fuck do you think you’re playing at?” I snarled, glancing worriedly at Natalie as the colour drained out of her face and the tears in her eyes started to spill downwards onto her cheeks.

Al looked up quickly; leaving the girl he was snogging in full view. Natalie gasped. My heart seemed to die in my chest, then pick up again at double speed and play the drums on my lungs.

It felt like a part of me was dying painfully, for some reason.

Because the girl was Summer.




disclaimer: none of this belongs to me, and i own nothing that you recognise.

mwahaha. sorry for the cliffie! im not trying to kill you guys, there just seems to be a lot them going on at the moment. ironic, isnt it? the day after summer and james agree to not snog anyone else, he finds her snogging his brother... any guesses why she did it?

im sure lots of you will be able to guess what happened between james and albus now, and i wanted you to be able to guess after this chapter - but for those of you still didnt get it, everything shall be revealed in the next chapter - what's going on, what natalie wanted, everything about al... you shall see.

until next time, my friends,

ellie :) xx

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