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    A/N: Yes, some of this might be from J.K. Rowling. But I really like the idea.

    My first class of the day is potions, which I find out I am quite good at. I run into the classroom quite late, along with the guys. ( We set off a stinkbomb in the Dining Hall and quickly ran here. ) There aren't many seats left, so I have to sit next a girl with red hair. I don't mind, I mean, she looks nice.

    " Hi, " she says, noticing that I look nervous, " My name is Lily. " I smile at her and say,

    " My name is Zoe." We work happily along, until I hear a dungbomb go off. I turn around and directly twirl my eyes to those four certain boys, giving them a look that said I knew it was them. I mouth,

    ' What in Merin's striped underwear? ' Remus grins at me,

    ' Merin's striped underwear? Why would you happen to know about that? ' he mouthes back, amused. I do a quiet laugh and reply,

    ' Shut up! Slughorn is coming your way... ' He has a frown under his walrus mustache,

    " Now which one of you boys, and girl, set off that dungbomb? " James look at him with an innocent look on his face, and uses an innocent voice,

    " What do you mean, sir? " I roll around in my chair and so do Remus and Sirius. I keep the laughter from escaping my mouth though. They laugh so hard. My belly hurts from keeping it in! Slughorn's pudgy face, get's flustered, and upset. I literally have to wipe tears from my eyes!

    " Now, Miss June! I would expect more, from you! " I hold my laughter in, looking at the boys, I put my head down, pretending to be ashamed. He expects more... as he turned away, I quickly pulled out some fireworks, rolling my eyes, why can't we have a show? I mean, I'm so bored. Before I do it, James gives me a ' Don't do it look, ' I look at him surprised and confused. He motions for me to give it to him, so I obeyed, throwing it to him. I understood his point, cause I would get detention, but this would only be his first time. He set it off and it hit, the other side of the room, where the Slytherin were.

    It is so funny! Nearly all of them wet their pants, I nearly choke myself, in my tears and laughter. We are geniuses! Slughorn doesn't know who throw it, although he throws me a apprehending look, ( acusing ), and I try to look innocent, even though I'm not. We are dismissed and I quickley leave the run, the guys tailing not far behind me. When they catch up with me, we look around to make sure that Slughorn isn't around us. Then we burst into laughter, holding the stitches in our sides. Erg, my laughter doesn't last long. Euan Zabinsky is a real... well, let's just say he's desperate, but, every girl likes him, and has dated him. He targets each girl and bets to his friends that he can get the girl, by the end of the week. Well... this week... I'm his target.

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