Sorry for this taking so long to write. I re-wrote this(still feels a little rough around the edges to me) and I'm not pleased with this chapter but it's what I had on my mind. Enjoy!

Chapter 10 

"Hermione! We're going to be late!" Fred called from the living room. "I'll be out in another second," Hermione replied from the bathroom. Fred checked his watch and began walking towards the bathroom. The door opened and there stood Hermione. He looked at the girl standing before him trying to think of the right words to describe her.

Hermione had her hair pulled back into a ponytail and wore a knee-length blue and purple tie-dye dress that was loose on her along with her navy blue ballet flats. Fred was at a loss for words to describe how breathtakingly beautiful she looked.
Hermione giggled and kissed Fred on the cheek. She took his hand, looked up at him and told him,"Ready" with a dazzling smile. Fred apparated them both to The Burrow. Once there, they held hands and went to greet the rest of the Weasley family. 
Hermione saw Harry immediately and walked over to her best friend, giving him a big hug. Harry returned the hug and Hermione embraced Ginny next. Fred followed Hermione and Harry spoke to him. "Thanks," Harry said sincerely, this caught Fred off guard,"for finding Hermione. Thanks a lot, mate." "No problem," Fred smiled at the younger man briefly, looking his twin. "Surprise, surprise," he heard behind him. Fred turned around and saw George. Both twins grinned and embraced. Once they were done embracing, they wandered over to get some drinks. "How's she doing now?" George asked.

"Much better. She hasn't cried or had nightmares in a week," Fred told his twin, taking a sip of his pumpkin juice.

"That's wonderful," George smiled then he became serious again.

"Things are starting to get more..."

"No way! That's a good thing," George grinned and playfully punched Fred in the shoulder.

"I wonder what she'd really tell me what she's thinking...she's quiet."

"She's Hermione Granger for Merlin's sake. Let the woman think."

"But I wonder if she really does-"

"Not this again," George shook his head,"For the millionth time, she loves you!"

"But she also loved-" Fred stared at the doorway and he tapped George on the shoulder, motioning to the new guests arriving.

"Ron," George choked out, his eyes wide,"with Lavender."

Fred's gaze quickly went to Hermione, who was staring blankly at the door with Ginny waving her hands in front of Hermione's face. He left his drink on the table, walked over and heard Ginny,"Hermione? Are you paying attention? What's wrong?" "Move along baby sister, I know what the problem is with her,"Fred told Ginny as she moved. "What is it?" "Guess who just entered?" Ginny finally knew and walked over to Harry, who was talking to Ron at the moment.

Fred knelt down on one knee and took a good look at Hermione. Her eyes were wide in alarm and remained fixed on Ron's current spot with Lavender, who looked very pregnant, by his side. Fred put both his hands gently on Hermione's face and her gaze moved abruptly to him now. She saw Fred's face filled with concern, his eyes asking if she was alright. She gave a tight nod as her gaze shifted elsewhere again. 
Hermione stood up, a grin now upon her face as Fred stood up with her, his hands still on her face. 

I hope he forgives me for this, she thought closing her eyes for moment and opening them again. Hermione threw her arms around Fred's neck and began to kiss him softly. Fred was shocked but kissed her back. Once they broke apart Hermione looked into Fred's blue eyes and smiled. Fred was lost but he smiled too, looking into Hermione's brown eyes. 

"Hermione?" asked an all too familiar voice. Fred became livid instantly and was about to yell at Ron when Hermione's hand touched his wrist and mouthed "no" to him, her eyes begging him to not do this. She forced a smile,"Hello Ronald. Nice to see you again," and faced Ron. Fred's hands dropped from Hermione's face to his sides as he turned with Hermione. She grabbed his hand and squeezed it as Ron spoke.

"Same here," Ron took in his brother's appearance,"How are you two doing?"

Hermione smiled,"Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful, aren't we Fred?" She beamed up to the twin holding her hand.

"Yeah," Fred said flatly.

"Since when have you and George been together?" Ron asked, skepticism in his voice.

"It's Fred," Fred said with steel in his voice.

"Three months," Hermione smiled.

Ron was cut off,"Won-Won, where's the bathroom?" Lavender asked.

"Upstairs at the end of the hall," Ron said to his wife and kissed her on the forehead.
Lavender walked to the bathroom.

"So, it was, er, great seeing you again Hermione. Fred," Ron waved and walked over to his dad to strike up a conversations. Hermione began laughing,"I can't believe she still calls him Won-Won!" Fred smiled but was lost,"I'm lost." "Ok. So I just showed Ron how happy I was with you. He's bound to be jealous or feel like utter crap now for leaving me, if he didn't feel like that before."


"Thank you, Fred."

"No problem," Fred smiled down at her half-heartedly.

Hermione looked into his eyes as she spoke,"No I mean it Fred. Thank you for everything. For finding me, taking care of me and now for being my love. Thanks." She kissed him on the cheek, lovingly.

Fred was at a loss for words again this night. He needed George's opinion at this moment. "Give me five minutes," he asked. Hermione nodded her head as Fred walked away to find his brother. Fred found George immediately. "I need you right now," Fred hissed into his twin's remaining ear. "No you don't," George scoffed softly. "It's about Hermione," Fred whispered. "I'll be back in a minute," George smiled to Ginny, Harry and Bill. The twins walked away into the kitchen,"What is it?" George questioned.

"Hermione just thanked me for everything. You're right about it by the way," Fred said.

"Told you so. Are you going to-"

"Should I?"

"Yes. You'd be an idiot if you didn't,"George's expression changed to one of curiosity,"Do you even-"

"Yep. Just in case." Fred said matter-of-factly.

"Do it then or else I'll do it for you," George teased,"Now go on and do it," he patted his twin on the back as they walked to where everyone was at. George parted his twin with a smile and walked back to Ginny, Harry and Bill while Fred walked back to Hermione. Fred looked to his twin and the others who nodded enthusiastically while Ginny gave two thumbs up. I'm going to kill him, Fred thought. "Hey sweetie," he kissed Hermione. She smiled up at Fred. "You know I love you more than anything," Fred was feeling confused on what to say next as Hermione nodded,"Well," he discretely pulled the box out of his pocket and went down on one knee"Hermione Granger, will you marry me?" he closed his eyes as he opened the box to show the simple yet beautiful ring inside. It was silent for a few minutes. Fred peeked and opened his eyes to look at Hermione. Her hand was across her mouth, tears welled up in her eyes,"Yes," she said quietly. Fred stood up again and they kissed. Fred heard applause coming from where George, Harry, Ginny and Bill were, growing steadily louder. As they broke apart, everyone was looking at them including Ron, who looked stunned. Fred turned to George and found everyone staring at them,"She said yes." The group cheered as Hermione slipped on her engagement ring. She saw Ron looking slightly hurt and she acted like everything was fine. She was confused now. If Ron saw this and didn't like it even though he was married to Lavender, what did this mean for them now?


A/N: Hope you enjoyed this a lot. Yes there is going to be a sequel to this. I'm taking any suggestions for songs to be used because I want to keep it a songfic still. Post any song titles and I'll see how it fits with my current thoughts for the plot. Thanks to NoamiMiller, weasleytwinlover2011 and Jade Hermione Potter for reading this and writing reviews. Check out their stories and also please check out my new one "Seeing Red:Pranks, Love and War" as I figure out the sequel for this one. Keep writing my friends :)


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