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Some things never change - Chapter 1

You would think that after spending five years together in the same school house would mean that he would remember you.

Especially after hundreds of incredibly awkward situations, many resulting in scenes that I will never live down, you would hope that he would at least remember my name.

But no, I guess that I, Jasmine Hale am beneath the notice of the infamous Remus Lupin. Not that I care or anything. I don’t, but it’s a bit of an insult that after all this time, it’s not till my sixth year that he could put a name to my face.

“Ok students, line up against the back of the room, just like Miss Evans. No Black you are not sitting next to Potter, I would like to keep my sanity for as long as possible this year”. Called professor Slughorn as Sirius and James groaned and moved away from the benches that they had been subtly moving towards.

I groaned as well, seating plans (shudder) for me are just disasters waiting to happen.

My previous years in potions had resulted in having to sit next to the dregs of the class ‘Sirius – cough – Black’. Don’t get me wrong I can openly admit he is totally GORGEOUS but his ability to be a complete an utter jerk sort of lowers your opinion.

Especially when he decideded to make things more interesting and soaked his rather sensible potions partner while requesting for a lap dance, and after I attempted murder and we were both sent up to Professor McGonagall’s office to explain ourselves his excuse for getting me in all this mess was and yes I quote ‘But girls look so much hotter wet’.

“Please not James, anyone but James, oh please not James” Lily mutters her face screwed up in the type of concentration that you only see around exams.

I grin and pinch her arm and she jumps a foot in the air.

“Relax girl, don’t go stressing yourself on the first day back”.

Lily smile fades as she returns James hopeful grin with a scowl. Oh young love.

Slughorn coughs loudly gaining the attention of all the sixth years at once. “Well then Miss Harrison next to Mr Jackson…. Umm Black with Miss Moore…..”

Sophie will be pleased. Her crush on Sirius Black, although recent has left Lily and I with more information on Hogwarts, hottest bachelor then we ever wanted to know. As the best friends we are, our ears have been sacrificed for the sake of our dear friend.

I watched as Sophie seemed to glide over to the desk in awe, her brown hair falling over her sholders.

What am I gunna do with that girl?

“Evans and Potter”. Called Slughorn.

This is not going to end well and even Slughorn seemed to think twice before pointing at a bench at the front...

“Mr Pettigrew and Mr Snape” He then paused and let out another loud cough silencing the whispers that had been gradually building up.

“Malfoy with Longbottom and Mr Lupin with Miss Hale”

I smiled as I realised I was going to sit next to someone that I would not wish to murder every two seconds and would actually alloy me to get some work done.

Lupin smiled shyly as I took my seat next to him and I couldn’t help smiling back, today was going to be good. That was of course till he opened his mouth and said those fateful words.

“So your Gemma right”? Asked Remus, leaning slightly towards me. I sighed, not even close buddy I thought. Scratch last comment today was going to suck.

“Jaz, it’s just Jaz”. I sighed hurriedly pulling out parchment so I could begin taking notes.

“Oh well their all the same, names.” Remus muttered blushing scarlet. “I didn’t….”

Pausing to glance at someone behind us Remus sits up in his seat and turns an takes a deep breath. "I can be your house elf. I'll do whatever you want and I don't need any clothes."

“What!” I screech stabbing the parchment and instantly regretting it as ink splotched everywhere. Remus Lupin squirmed in embarrassment before furiously pulling out his quill and writing notes.

“I’ll go, you know I’ll go get the ingredients” Remus mumbled before sprinting across the room to the cabinet.

Great, I was stuck with a marauder aka: asshole who acts just like the other marauders.

I watched as he crossed the room passing the table where Black was sitting. Looking up suddenly Black grinned and raised his eyebrows as his friend walked past before deflating slightly when Remus just shook his head slightly and hurried back to our bench ignoring Blacks thumbs up.

Turning to the page that was marked on the board I glanced at the potion briefly and grimaced. We were making Amortentia or love potion in potions with the marauders, this was not going to be pretty.

“Quiet everyone, can anyone tell me what the potion is? Yes Miss Evans.” Slughorn belted at the class causing me to jump slightly. A soft chuckle beside me caused me to turn around.

Glaring at Remus I turned quickly to the front, watching out of the corner of my eye as his smirk disappeared and was replaced with a blush.

“Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in the world”. Stated Lily, ignoring the long look she was receiving from James.

“Good work Miss Evans, take five points for Gryffindor”. Clapped Slughorn, looking proudly down on his favourite pupil. Turning to face the rest of the class he clapped his hands twice and smiled.

“Today we shall be attempting in pairs to create Amortentia and if you do this correctly you shall be able to compare what you and your partner smells. You may start.”

Each bench began bustling with movement as I scrounged around for my cauldron before setting it into place.

Lighting a small fire underneath it I began to read the instructions, again. Brushing my fringe out of my eyes I turned to see that Remus had already begun to chop up the ingredients, his back hunched over the table as he worked.

Silently taking the prepared ingredients from Remus I tipped them into the caldron making sure I did two and three quarters of a stir each time. It was quite pretty really for such a dangerous potion, the way the steam rose in twirls above my head as it changed slowly from a deep blue to a light pink.

Closing my eyes I sat and breathed in the pleasant scent that was now really obvious, wow that smelt good.

“Umm, so what did you think about the start of term prank? Wasn’t it awesome when…?” Remus began taking a seat opposite me.

“Yeah just brilliant, especially the part when the Slytherine first years began screaming because their deserts had tried to choke them”. My smile turned into a glare as I stirred the potion twice more.

“That was horrible, how you could think that was funny is ridiculous” I finished folding my arms across my chest.

I had always thought that Remus Lupin was the good marauder, you know the one that tried to keep the insane twins, Black and Potter (I don’t really know what peter does in the group) out of trouble.

Lily had even said that he was actually quite descent the few times she had spoken to him during patrol. She must be mistaken; there is no way that he is any different to the other marauders. I should have realised from the start that he would be as big of a prick as the others especially since the shining qualities of the marauders seems to be a pig-headed asshole/sexist jerk.

Except for Sirius of course, he is also an all rounded man-whore.

“Well I… honestly I didn’t…” Remus started turning a deep shade of red.

“Ah don’t tell me let me guess, you didn’t think that would happen, it was just a joke? Well I’ll let you in on a little secret, when nobody’s laughing it tends to not be that funny. But what would I know? I’m not a marauder now am I?”

Jumping up I swept my belongings into my bag before leaving with the rest of the class, leaving my rather embarrassed partner behind me.

Catching up to my fiery friend I sped up to match her quick pace. Her face was transformed into a deadly frown and every few seconds she wold huff and glare harder.

“Don’t even ask”. Lily growled her teeth grinding as we walked towards the Great hall.

“I wasn’t going to”. I answered, carefully pulling out my timetable and checking what we had next. Lily huffed once more and mumbled something under her breath.

I hid my grin as I began to count. Five… four… three…

“BLOODY POTTER”! She screamed, causing a girl in front of us to drop he books.

I sighed and stopped to help pick up the pieces of parchment that were now covering the floor.

I stood up and looked at my friend. She is the only person i know who can look beautiful even when they are angry or very upset. I tend to go blotchy.

“What he ruined everything …” Lilly fumed as she saw my annoyed expression. Wow she was so dramatic sometimes.

“You ruined my count down. You’re meant to wait till I get to one before you scream”. I said giving her one of my der-brain looks.

Lily stopped her rant for a moment and thinks about this, tucking her red hair behind her ears.


“Tis alright, my little green eyed monster”. I said with a yawn. Patting her on the arm once we continued walking.

“Bloody Potter”. She growled under her breath.

Some things never change.

Hello, so far i only have this chapter so i kind of need to know what you think as i'm also working on a few other stories. I hope you enjoy it.



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