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Quidditch Camp by GryffindorPrincess918
Chapter 7 : Champagne Showers
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He sat there, weeping over the still body, not moving a muscle. The tears would leave his eyes and roll down his cheeks, only to be quickly replaced a few seconds later with a new batch. He stared at her blue lips, the spells began disappearing and there she was, in all her glory. Suddenly a blue spark erupted from her chest and hit Draco square in the face.



He was blown back by the blow and rubbed his forehead and stared at her, her back arched up slightly and she began writhing on the floor. He curled his knees up to his chest as he watched sparks of blue erupt from Hermione in sporratic patterns. Finally he heard her gasp loudly and she looked around the room, to find herself shirtless. He scrambled over to her,



"Hermione?" he asked nervously



"Draco?" she replied, then saw her chest. Her eyes grew wide with embarrassment and realization. She wrapped the bandages on her again and placed on a shirt, and sat there. When she looked up at him only one thing came to his mind,



"OBLIVIATE!" he screeched and he watched her eyes fade and the spells immediately returned, Eric was back.



"Oi, mate, why is my shirt wet?" she asked, and he sighed in relief.



"You were in the tub and I was watching over you to make sure you wouldn't drown from the concussion" he stated, a guilty and happy smile washing over his features.



She felt blush rise to her cheeks and nodded, why was he looking at her like that? She walked out of the bathroom and gathered pajamas and kicked Draco out of the bathroom. When he left she slammed the door and locked it quickly, she slammed her back against the door and sighed as she slid down the door. She clutched her heart, no boy made it beat this hard. Little did she know Draco was doing the exact same thing on the other side.



While Hermione was changing, there was a knock at the door. Draco opened it up to reveal a happy Viktor Krum.



"Ollo Draco! We're having a party at Ron and Harry's room. Do you and Eric care to join?" he asked



Draco nodded, maybe if he got Hermione a little tipsy he could get some information out of her.



"Yeah mate, we'll be there in an hour" he replied, smiling evilly as he shut the door. Tonight would be interesting.






Hermione stared around nervously, all around drunk boys were shouting, playing poker, fighting, watching t.v, drinking, and *ew* snogging random girls. Draco walked over to her and handed her a shot of firewhiskey,



"Hey mate, just a little liquid encouragement" he said, smiling to himself.



She nodded downing the drink without a second thought, but that was just the beginning of drinks she was to be offered that night. As she finished she placed the shot back on the table to see the look of shock on his face,



"What?" she asked



"Well, I didn't think you were the type.." he said stunned



"To what? Be able to down a shot of firewhiskey like a pro? I'll have you know, I'm a bit of a riot at parties" and she smirked as she walked past Draco.



Inside of Draco he felt a jolt of excitement in his bones as he helplessly followed Hermione. She stood in the middle of the dance floor, jumping to the beat,



Its bloody hard dancing like a man she thought to herself.



Draco watched in amusement as she resisted doing the typical female dances, like swaying her hips or closing her eyes to the music. What he would give to see Hermione in her element while dancing, a particular glow on her face, her eyes closed as she swayed to the music. He sighed, this was something new. No other girl had ever done this to him. She finally gave up on dancing and went to the table to ask for a simple butterbeer when Ron walked up.



"Oi Eric, wanna have a shot competition?" he asked



She smirked, this would be a shocker on him when she revealed herself, she nodded and evil glint in her eye. The bartender set out 10 shots of firewhiskey in front of them, a group began gathering around them as the bartender called out,



"The first to drink ten shots of firewhiskey in one minute is the winner, no cheating, no spitting out, no vomiting. Thats the rules and.... BEGIN!"



She took the first, second, third, fourth, fifth.. but it wasn't until the sixth that she began to feel the burn at the back of her throat. As she looked into the carribean blue eyes of Ron she smirked, he had felt the burn after the second shot. He could never handle alcohol like she did. She was on the last shot and looked over, Ron had three left, suddenly he spit out the liquid and sighed, raising up his hands.



"I gotta give it to you mate, you can really handle alcohol" he said laughing



She was given a plastic crown and they called her "King of Shots" for the rest of the evening. After two more hours people eventually began clearing out of the room and Draco had Hermione hanging onto his arm as she tripped over her feet. She kept giggling every now and then and would fall over once or twice, but most of the time Draco caught her. Draco only had the one shot, he wasn't nearly as obliterated as Hermione was.



When they reached their room again he unlocked the door and she walked unsteadily into the room, then swung around facing Draco,



"Draco sodding Malfoy" she said, her words slurring slightly



"Yes?" he said with a smile



"You are an arse. But a cute arse, wait... I shouldn't say that I'm a boy!" she said and then she erupted into a fit of giggles.



He nodded "Sure you are, Hermione"



She looked at him, "Oi, how do you know I'm Hermione?" she said confusedly



"Because I just do"



She nodded in thought, "Well since you know my secretttt, I wanna tell you sssomething!" and she motioned with her finger for him to come over to her. He obeyed and slowly walked over to her. Her lips were on his ear as she whispered,



"I like you Draco, I really really like you" and she turned his face to hers.



As he stared at her, her spells faded. They were so close he could practically count the freckles that were strewn around on her face. Her eyes sparkled, before they both noticed it, they were leaning in.. closer and closer.



Draco grabbed her face with his hands, this was it. This was the moment.



"I love you" he said, before his lips crashed onto hers. She felt the passion explode within her, somewhere deep in her heart. Her spells completely vanished. Her eyebrows were thin, her stature the same, her eyes their gorgeous caramel color, her freckles dusting her face. Her hair had turned chestnut again and her skin was its creamy color once more. Everything but her ringlets had come back.



His lips were smooth as the moved in sync with hers. His tongue licked at her bottom lip, begging for entrance. She smiled at him and he took the moment to enter her mouth. Their tongues battled for dominance in the deadly game they were already playing. She was now straddling his lap, her fingers interlocked behind his neck. His hand were resting on her waist and pushing her closer to himself. He needed all of her, he loved her.



He moved away to take a breath, placing hot kisses down her neck and resting on her collar bone where she was sensitive. He kissed it and was delighted when she giggled. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he rose from the couch, placing her onto the bed where he continued working on her neck. Her hands left his neck, travelling down his body to the hem of his shirt and she slowly began lifting it up, over his head. He slid it off of himself as she went to work on his belt.






She woke up, not sure why her head hurt so much, then she remembered the party last night. She felt strong arms around herself and fear hit her immediately. She slowly turned around to see the smiling and contempt face of Draco.



She screamed and fell off the bed, dragging all the sheets off with her. She wrapped them around her body and Draco shot out of the bed,



"Hermione are you okay?"



She screamed again and covered her eyes, throwing Draco a blanket. He looked down, woops. She ran to the bathroom and locked the door with her wand, she stared at herself in the mirror. Her spells weren't there anymore. She touched her face, so much for Eric Bennet. She jumped when she heard fists pounding at the door,



"Hermione! Are you okay?"



She stood there, tears brimming her eyes. She swung open the door and saw the concerned face of one Draco Malfoy. He grabbed her and held her tight, he didn't want to let her go. She shoved him off of her and picked up her wand and aimed it at Draco's head,



"We're going to forget about last night. Alright?"



He shook his head, "No, I will never allow myself to forget last night. I love you Hermione and I always have, always will." And with that he grabbed his wand and yelled



"Expelliarmus!" and the wand flew out of her clutches. Then he smirked and said,



"Accio Hermione's wand"



It flew into his hand and he walked away, humming to himself.



"And where do you think you're going?!" she screeched



"To get us some breakfast, love." and he shut the door, locking it with as many spells as he could think of. As he walked down to the dining hall he felt the smile grow wider on his face. He was smitten.

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Quidditch Camp: Champagne Showers


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