Ch. 1


Second Chances


It has been exactly one year since Voldemort has been defeated. All attempts to capture and imprison his followers have thus far been a great success. A campaign had been set up by none other than Harry Potter himself to try and get the Death Eaters to offer themselves up for imprisonment.

“No more blood magical blood to be spilt” Voldemort’s own words were used for the slogan “Offer yourself up and admit defeat” was another.  The campaign was responsible for making time in Azkaban seem better than being killed by an Auror or by an everyday person holding onto their hatred and pain caused by the war. It took a few months, but eventually, it started to take effect and hundreds of Death Eaters offered themselves up for punishment, however, the very first Death Eater to offer himself up was a shock to Harry and everyone involved, and to this day no one exactly what happened in the small office he admitted defeat in.

Draco Malfoy walked through the Ministry of Magic dressed in a tailored to perfection black suit, with a black shirt and tie. His silver serpent tie pin glistened against the jet black silk tie done in a Windsor knot. His white blonde hair was slicked back. Although he was dressed impeccably, he looked terrible, his pale skin was almost translucent and two dark circles drowned out his blue eyes. His cheeks were sunken in, he was looking thinner than he ever had, not anorexic but the broad muscular, Quidditch player body he once had pride in was long gone. Months of worrying, stress and an all-round chaotic atmosphere had taken its toll on him. People stared as he walked through the main foyer of the Auror department holding his head high. Nobody said a word to him or dared make eye contact, most were in disbelief he was even there.

“I want to see Harry Potter about the Azkaban campaign” he announced to the lady sitting at the reception desk who was now in a tizzy trying to see if Harry was available to see him. Thankfully for her Harry emerged from a small office behind her

“Mal…Draco?” He was surprised to see him “Em come in” he took a step back and held the door open to let him in and then closed it behind himself looking over his shoulder at all the people staring at them with a confused look on his face that matched theirs.

They were in the room for three hours. Some people tried to listen in but Harry sound proofed the entire room.  No one knows what they spoke about, but eventually, they both came out. Harry came out first with several files and a notebook in his hand and headed for the main office in Auror department and after a little while Draco left and headed straight for the Floo and just left. Harry refused to speak about it to anyone, even Hermione and Ron, who both begged him for details.

The question on most people’s mind was, why wasn’t he sent to Azkaban, wasn’t that why he came? To offer himself up? They must have made a deal!




Four months later and Hogwarts was officially back in business. It had taken almost a full year to rebuild and restore the castle back to its former Glory. Everything was put back exactly how it had been. Students were busting to get back including the golden trio who were so relieved to be going back for their final year there, just as normal students. No Trolls, Basilisk’s, Death Eaters or Voldemort. The atmosphere on platform 9¾ was explosive. The seventh years felt like first years again. Harry, Ron and Hermione were spotted sitting on a bench together just taking in everything that was going on, like first years double checking their trollies of school stuff, parents crying as they sent the children off for the year, Professors beaming with happiness to be returning to their home and Job. A silence slowly fell over the crowd as someone no one expected to ever see again walked through the crowd already in his Hogwarts robes complete with prefect pin. Most first years knew who he was, but some were oblivious to the fact Draco Malfoy, an ex-Death Eater was in their company. Parents tutted and shook their heads at him, while others sympathised about the life he must have lived before Voldemort was defeated

“A product of poor parenting” one woman whispered to her son as he walked passed

“Stat away from him dear” another said rather loudly to her daughter. Draco turned at grinned at her letting her know he heard “I can’t believe their letting him back, Mc Gonagall must have lost her mind” her husband spat

“Lock up your daughters” he sneered to Blaise who followed closely behind him

“Malfoy the Menace is back at Hogwarts” he laughed in response

Hermione gripped Harry’s arm when she spotted Draco’s white blonde head of hair approaching them through the crowd

“Is that” she shook her head in disbelief “It can’t be” she told herself aloud

“It is!” Ron stood up as he spoke to get a better look “Bloody hell” he shook his head

“Who does he think he is coming back? He has no business here, Professor Mc Gonagall must has lost her mind” Hermione began to rant

“Stop” Harry said softly as he put his hand on her shoulder “He just wants to have a normal life like us”

“Is that what you two talked about that day in the Ministry?” she asked with a scowl on her face

“Amongst other things, yes” he turned to Hermione “Believe me when I say this was the best outcome for everyone”

“How can you say that?” she asked feeling hurt “He tormented me for years, I was looking forward to have a nice peaceful year at Hogwarts and now I’m going to spend my time trying not to run into him”

“He’s different” Harry’s face had a look of confusion on it not knowing if he was right or if he just wanted to believe Draco was different “He is really sorry for everything he has done”

“Ha so if every Death Eater just says their sorry that’s it is it?”

“No but his circumstances were different” Harry took Hermione’s hand in his “Just trust me please, you’ll see”

Hermione said nothing, she wasn’t going to believe Harry on this. She rolled her eyes at Ron who was keeping quiet on the situation. She took a book from her bag and flicked it open

“I give him a month before he’s kicked out” she said with her eyes fixed to the book “I think you’re wrong on this one Harry” she was hurt that her best friend was defending someone that made her life at Hogwarts harder than it should have been, she truly believed she hated Draco Malfoy.

“Is he coming over here?” Ron nudged Harry, to which Harry stood up and began to walk over to Draco

“Harry” he stretched out his hand into Harry’s and shook it

Everyone around gawked not believing their eyes at what was happening

“Good to see you here Draco, hope you’re ready for your last year”

“Dreading it” he laughed “To a good year at Hogwarts” he shook his hand again

“Definitely” Harry smiled ad Draco turned for the train and then returned to his gobsmacked friends 

“What was that?” Ron asked thinking Harry has lost his mind

“Some people deserve a second chance, or in Draco’s case, a chance he had never been given”

“I don’t believe this, how can you say that! He had a chance, and certainly doesn’t deserve a second one” she slammed her book shut and stormed off into the crowd of students surrounding them.

Hermione claimed a cabin for herself on the train and locked the door. She didn’t want to talk to anyone especially not Harry. She couldn’t believe his behaviour! Giving Draco Malfoy a second chance? He must be made! She thought before finally drifting off to sleep for the remainder of the journey.


A tap at the window of her cabin from the trolley lady woke her with a shock, she slept the entire way and now had to hurry or she’d miss her carriage to the school. She grabbed her things and sprinted up the platform trying not to drop anything on her way.

“Miss Granger we were waiting for you” Professor Flitwick said with a hint of anger in his voice, he was annoyed he had to wait

“I’m so sorry I fell asleep on the train and I…” he voice trailed off when she seen who’s carriage she had to share

Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini and Daphne Greengrass were sitting in the carriage. Hermione looked around to see if there was another one to get on, but to her disappointment there wasn’t

“Come on Hop in” Professor Flitwick hurried her into the carriage and then got in himself

Hermione nervously sat beside Daphne and never spoke a word the entire way to the castle.

When they got there she gathered up her things slowly so she didn’t have to walk in with them. As she was stepping off the carriage she slipped and almost fell flat on her face, dropping her jacket, the books she had taken along for the train journey and several things out of her bag

“Damn it” she cursed as she picked herself up off the leafy ground

She didn’t expect what happened next, while Blaise and Daphne walked ahead, Draco stopped to see what the loud thud on the ground was and he turned back to help her. He began to gather up her books and picked up her jacket. Hermione just stood there frozen wondering if she was seeing things. When she snapped out of it she quickly shoved the things that had fallen out of her bag back in and took her things back off Draco. Who had waited patiently and silently till she was ready to take them back. They walked alongside each other to the castle in silence, neither one knowing what to say or feeling the need to say anything. When they finally reached the castle, Draco held the door open to let her through Hermione walked in passed him, the whole time staring at him not believing that the Mud Blood hater had helped her with her things and now was holding doors for her! Something was definitely up, she just couldn’t figure out what it was, but, she had every intension of catching him out!




Draco decided to skip going to the great hall, he couldn’t face another room full of people staring and whispering about him. Instead he made his way to the Slytherin common room, but then realised he didn’t have the password to get in so he then made his way to the astronomy tower, he loved the view of the forbidden forest from there.  As he made his way over to the balcony he realised he wasn’t alone

“Harry is that you?”

“Draco?” Harry asked as he recognised his voice

“Couldn’t face the great hall either no?” Draco asked joining him at the barrier of the balcony

“No, too many people”

“I know the feeling”

An awkward silence hung in the air between them

“Thanks Harry” Draco blurted

Harry nodded and smiled

“I didn’t think you’d listen to me that day, I just hope other people give me the chance you and Mc Gonagall are giving me”

“Trust me they will”

The two of them looked out over the forbidden forest. It was still and peaceful, there was a slight chill in the September breeze but there wasn’t a cloud in the starry night sky

“Remember that night we had to go in with Hagrid?”

“And we had Fang with us” Harry laughed in response

“Even back then, things weren’t easy were they?” Draco asked, but didn’t get an answer

“Why couldn’t you do it?” Harry looked over at him “You lowered your wand to Dumbledore, you couldn’t do it”

Draco sighed, conversations with Harry were never simple, he always had something challenging to ask, or something he didn’t want to answer

“You might not believe this, but I had great respect for Dumbledore. He was one of the very few people who believed I could change”

Draco rolled up his shirt sleeve and turned his forearm to Harry, Harry expected to see the scar of the Death Eater mark, which most Death Eaters had but instead he had a tattoo, script in a foreign language

Puer qui Omnia

Iniuriam elections

“What does it mean?” Harry didn’t even try to read it aloud

Draco smiled at him “you’ve heard it before, this is just in Latin”

“I have?” Harry asked looking at it again trying to sound out the words in his head

“The boy who made all the wrong choices”

“Voldemort” Harry blurted out and then began to go red with embarrassment when he realised Draco meant himself “Sorry, I remember now”

“Well you weren’t wrong, what he said was I once knew a boy who made all the wrong choices and I didn’t want to be that, to be like him”

“That’s why you lied about recognising me”

“Pretty much” he nodded

“Why did you join them at the final battle, when Voldemort asked people over” Harry could ask Draco questions all day, he was fascinated by the fact he wanted to return to Hogwarts and why he was being nice to him, he knew somewhere deep down there was a decent human being in Draco he was just a victim of his families decisions.

“I was scared he’d kill my parents”

“What do they think about you being here?” Harry knew they probably wouldn’t be pleased

“I don’t know, my mother’s fled the country and I don’t know where my father is”

“What? Really? Where have you been living?”

“At the manor, Gringotts have given me full access to my parents vault as they are M.I.A and because I turned eighteen I legally can get my inheritance because their whereabouts isn’t known, an agreement my father had set up if they should ever go missing, I think he always knew he was going to just leave me” his voice was bitter and his face sour

Harry couldn’t believe how honest he was being with him and honestly was becoming a little uncomfortable about the whole situation.

“Maybe I will make my way to the great hall, are you coming”

“No I’m going to stay here” Draco turned back to look out over the forbidden forest as Harry left.

On his way to the great hall Harry thought about how Draco said he felt about Voldemort, that he didn’t want to be like him, an argument Harry regularly had with himself before he defeated him.

 He was glad that Draco came to him that day four months ago and they came to an agreement. Draco presented Harry a notebook with the last known whereabouts and hideouts of hundreds of Death Eaters. It was his fathers, he wasn’t entirely sure why his father had it or even need it but he knew it would be something the ministry would be interested in and he was right. As far as criminal offences went, Draco Malfoy wasn’t a prime target, the worst he had done was curse someone and poison someone and although they were both serious crimes, a lot worse had been done by others. So he offered the notebook to Harry in return for his freedom and the chance to return and finish his studies at Hogwarts, as he still wanted to be a potions master. At the time Harry was the head of the campaign so it was his decision, it took him a long time to come up with an answer for Draco and even though Draco was horrible to him for the entire time they had known each other, he couldn’t forget that he basically saved him from Bellatrix and even though he’d saved his life several times after that, he still felt like Draco had something to prove. That he wanted to prove he wasn’t the shallow, obnoxious Death Eater everyone thought he was. This was his chance to just be Draco Malfoy, his own person, the only person he had to impress was himself.



Ok so a little insight on where I’m going with this story, mostly about Draco for this chapter. I just feel there’s so much more to Draco and JK Rowling was just teasing with what she gave us. I’d love to sit down with her and ask her a million questions about him!

I know I have another Dramione story, but I’m currently struggling with where it’s going! I’ve been trying to finish my 16th chapter and it’s like pulling teeth! So I was sitting at the laptop last night and all of this popped into my head…and so much more!


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