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A/N: Sorry it has taken me so long to update. I have been on a writer's block :(
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 After everyone had left for Hogwarts I felt myself spending most of my time at the Burrow with Lavender. We had become quite close in the weeks that had past and her baby was nearly due. I think I was as excited as she was.

Seamus was almost always there as well. He spent more time with Lavender than I did. I admired that boy. He never tried anything with her. He was there for her as a friend and never anything more, and I respected him for that.




There was a loud knock at the door to the Burrow. Only Lavender, Seamus and I were there so I went to answer it. I opened the door and stared at the person who stood on the doorstep. I felt hatred bubbling up inside me as he smiled wickedly at me and stepped inside without even being asked.

       “Afternoon Weasley.” He smirked looking around.

       “Longbottom.” I said stiffly. “What do you want?” Longbottom didn’t reply, he just walked swiftly to where I knew Seamus and Lavender would be waiting for me to return. I hurried after him and arrived just in time to see the shocked looks on their faces. Everyone knew what he had done to Luna and me. So what was he doing here?

       “Oh Lavender, how sad it is that poor Ronny had to die so suddenly, especially with a child on the way.” He said sarcastically. Lavender looked like she was about to burst into tears. I glared at Neville as he continued.

       “What a tragic accident, except that is wasn’t an accident.” I stared at Longbottom as Lavender went pale. He was kidding, right?”

       “What do you mean Longbottom?” I snarled going over to where Lavender and Seamus were sitting, both looking horrified. I sat down and put my arm around Lavender’s shoulder.

       “Oh yes, you should have seen his face; priceless! He looked so confused when I veered his stupid muggle transportation thing off the road. I can remember it so clearly, especially the part where he screamed for Hermione to save him.” Longbottom was laughing cruelly now. Lavender leaned back against me. I could see the tears rolling down her cheeks. I caught Seamus’ eye. He looked like he was about to cry as well. It was at this moment I realized how much he loved her.

       “Oh what’s wrong Lavender?” He smirked. “Did you really believe that Weasel really loved you? No of course he never stopped loving Granger.” I felt overcome with rage. How could he just arrive here out of the blue and say that shit to my family?!? I jumped up and pushed Longbottom against the wall, my wand pressed to his neck.

       “How dare you.” I snarled. A look of fear came across his face before it changed back to the horrible uncaring one he now wore.

       “How dare you come in here, after all the pain you caused me and say something like that?” I backed him further into the wall. “Give me one good reason good reason why I shouldn’t just kill you right now.”

       “George!” Lavender gasped. I turned my head slightly to see her clutching her stomach. “My water just broke.”

       “This isn’t over Longbottom.” I snarled, punching him hard in the nose before racing over to where Lavender was breathing heavily. I grabbed her hand and helped her walk as quickly as possible to the Floo Network where we flooed to St. Mungo’s.




I paced back and forth in the waiting room. Lavender had been gone for over four hours now and the others hadn’t arrived from Hogwarts yet. I was waiting all by myself, since Lavender had, strangely enough, asked Seamus to go with her and my parents were at home dealing with Neville.

I ran a hand through my hair as I continued pacing.

       “George?” A familiar voice came from behind me. I turned around to see Luna standing in the doorway. “George, where is she?” Luna came rushing towards me. I caught her in my arms before releasing her quickly.

       “In the delivery room.” I replied. “Seamus is with her.” Luna raised an eyebrow at me before rushing off again.

       “George?” Another voice said. I looked up to see that Harry, Ginny, Draco and Hermione had followed Luna in. My eyes focused on Hermione. She was standing there in Draco’s arms. It was obvious how in love they were, but I had to tell her.

       “Hermione, can I talk to you for a second?” She nodded as we headed towards the far corner of the waiting room.

       “Hermione, did you know that Ron was still in love with you when he died?” I asked, cutting right to the chase. Hermione visibly paled as shook her head. I then went on to explain to her what Longbottom had told me.

Tears were running down Hermione’s cheeks when I finished the story. She shook her head.

       “But how? He was so in love with Lavender…” She trailed of still sobbing quietly. I knew this must have been hard for her to hear, seeing as it too her so long to get over Ron in the first place. I felt a hand on my shoulder as I opened my mouth to reply. I turned around to see Draco standing there staring at Hermione lovingly.

       “I’ll take it from here George.” He said softly wrapping his arms around her. I knew that somehow Draco knew exactly what was going on.

       “I love you Draco.” Hermione whispered clinging to him. Draco smiled as I walked off.

       “I love you too beautiful.”


Luna’s P.O.V


I trudged into the waiting room to find five sleeping forms over the place. There were Ginny and Harry huddled together in the far corner. Then there were Draco and Hermione fast asleep on the floor at their feet, and then there was George; all alone in one of the plastic chairs. Not wanting to wake the others, I tiptoed over to George and kissed him on the nose. He opened his bright green eyes and jumped slightly.

       “Gosh Luna, you scared me.” He whispered standing up and kissing my properly. My heart stuttered at the contact of his lips. I smiled into the kiss, pressing my tongue against his lips. George granted me access immediately as our tongues entwined together. I had missed the taste of him so much and I wanted more. I pressed my body closer to his as he pushed me into a wall. I wrapped my legs around his waist. I felt something hard against my thigh as George pulled away from me.

       “Luna, not now, we are in a hospital.” I suddenly remembered the reason we were here; Lavender.

       “Follow me.” I whispered dragging George out of the room with me.


When we arrived in Lavender’s room she was asleep with her baby lying on her chest, Seamus sitting in a chair next to her bed, staring at her. I dragged two more chairs over and George and I sat down. I lifted Lavender’s baby off of her and handed her to George.

       “Meet Isobelle Luna Brown.” I whispered as George looked down into her perfect face. She looked exactly like Lavender, with the exception of her bright blue eyes.

       “George, Luna?” Lavender’s croaky voice came from beside us. She had finally woken. “Will you two please be her god parents?” I felt my eyes well up with tears as I nodded along with George.

       “Of course Lavender.” I said, taking Isobelle from George and handing her back to Lavender.

       “I’ll go and get the others.” Seamus said. I had forgotten he was there. He stood up and kissed Lavender on the head before exiting the room. I raised my eyebrows at Lavender as she blushed slightly. A loud squeal came from the doorway. I assumed the others had arrived. George squeezed my hand as we backed up to let everyone through. We watched as everyone oohed and ahhed over Isobelle, our miracle from out of the blue.

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