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    Now when I came into Hogwarts, I didn't know I'd meet the Mauraders. It was like love at first sight, but we're friends, so don't worry. It all starts on the first day of Hogwarts. Now personally, I love pranks. I mean, I can literally sense one, a mile away. And that's what I did. I was lugging my luggage along, when I sense it. Its not like I'm a seer or anything, but it was weird. Then, I ducked. A pie flew far past me, and hit some snotty girls. So it made me laugh anyways. Then I see four boys look at me in awe.

    Did I mention my name was Zoe June? I have curly, long, blonde hair and I bloomed when everyone else did. I have a figure that girls would die for.

    " Sorry boys. But it was a little obvious. " I say to them. Actually it wasn't. I just have a sharp eye.

    " Will you marry me? " Says the boy with the black, messy hair. The boys behind him start laughing, and so do I. He turns red, and one of the boys invites me in. The boy with the messy hair introduces him and his friends,

    " This is Remus Lupin, A.K.A. Moony, Sirius Black, known as Padfoot. Peter Pettigrew, Wormtail, and I'm James Potter, Known as Prongs. " I smile at all of them, shaking their hands, and I introduce myself,

    " I'm Zoe June. " We end the rest of trip in laughter. I carefully take my stuff down. We are all in our school robes, and are ready to get off the train. As anticipated, I mean it has to happen to someone, Malfoy and his little friends, come 'round where we are.

    " Well, well, well. If it isn't a half-blood and a dog. " He says, sneering. I step up to him, and I'm actually pretty tall. Well at least an inch shorter than the boys around me, not counting Wormtail. I swing my hair around on my shoulder,

    " As if we cared, about anything you think, Malfoy. " I say his name with a spitting tone. He was sort of shocked, since he hadn't a girl to step up to him. When will boys learn? He just walks away because he's caught by surprised. Of course, the boys behind me are surprised too, but they don't say anything. We are into the castle in no time, but of course Sirius just couldn't resist putting a salamandar in Mary's hair. I can't help but laugh with the boys as Mary jumps around like she's riding a bull. I feel bad later, but its not now so I don't care. Remus has his nose in a book, while Sirius, James, and I laugh. We go inside the school, and I have to say, I am so afraid of the sorting. I'd really like to be in Gryffiondor and I mean, it sounds great. I drone away from the sorting until I hear Sirius's name'

    " Sirius Black, " is called out and he goes up there with something of a swagger. I bite my lip to keep my laughter in. The hat is placed on him, and seconds later'

    " Gryffiondor! " it shouts out. He comes back looking so happy, he might skip. The same goes for Remus and James, but Peter makes me laugh out loud. He is so short and dumpy, and as he was called to be in Gryffiondor, he scurried back to us, tripping in the process. Then I'm called up.

    " Zoe June. " My legs feel like jelly, as I go up there. I can't help but be nervous. I relax and think about the house I want to be in. ' Gryffiondor, ' I think with all my might. I feel startled when the hat talks to me, ' Is it Gryffiondor you want to be in? You would do great in Slytherin... ' It suggests. I feel discusted and I think Gryffiondor with all my might.

    " Gryffiondor! " It shouts out. I walk to the table and sit by my friends with pride. They grin at me,

    " Nice, Zoe! " Sirius says to me.

    " Thanks, " I say, grininng back.

    A/N: Just to let you guys know, well three things, I will update my story as much as I can, please review my story, and I hope you like it!

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