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Quidditch Camp by GryffindorPrincess918
Chapter 6 : Concussion
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She sat there, rubbing circles around her temples. The throbbing in her head wouldn't cease, and her only relief was applying pressure to her head. She blew out a long sigh before she looked to see all eyes on her,



"You okay mate?" asked Harry worryingly.



Of course you would care, Harry thought Hermione.



"Yeah man, I'm great" she said sourly



Harry wrinkled his nose in distaste as he turned his head over to talk to someone new. So Hermione resumed rubbing her head, until she was interrupted by an enthusiastic ginger sitting down next to her.



"Hello there boy, the names George Weasley. You?" he said sticking out his large hand.



She hesitated for a moment before grabbing it,



Merlin George, don't break my hand with that grip she thought.



She winced from the pain and mumbled, "Eric Bennet, nice to meet you" Then slipped her hand from his grasp.



He smiled up and began digging into the breakfast set out before them. When Hermione finished the remnants of her mushy cereal she tossed out the foam bowl and walked back to the dorm room, practice didn't start for another hour. She quickly closed her eyes, drifting off into sleep.



Hermione's eyes opened, the crust in her eyes from her pleasant nap, she smiled and stretched looking around the room. She stood up, slowly putting on her gear, enjoying that she still had an hour left. She was slipping on her boots when there was a bang at the window. Hermione pulled back the lush curtains to reveal a flustered Draco,



"Eric! Practice started 10 minutes ago! Why are you here?"



She looked at the clock, she overslept! She quickly grabbed her broom and opened the window wide. She slipped one leg over the broom and rested ontop of the thin wood. She let out a breath she didn't know she was holding and slowly began to lean forward. Her eyes were shut tight as she glided out of the window into the open sky ahead of her. Draco smiled, he had never seen someone look so peaceful while flying. But little did he know, Hermione was a wreck of emotions inside. As she opened her eyes a beautiful world was before her.



The green pastures went on for miles and the sun's golden rays touched the land. A small lake was near by, glistening cheerfully in the sunlight. Flowers were everywhere, painting the world in magnificent colors. She smiled and leaned forward, feeling the wind blow through her hair, and before she had even realized it she was flying like a pro.



Draco had finally stopped staring and chased "Eric" with all his speed. But he couldn't help but enjoy the bliss that plastered Eric's face. Draco hadn't seen someone expierence such happiness in a while, when the war was over such happiness was almost forbidden. But seeing the smile grow and the effortless laugh come from his lips, it made Draco's heart light again. That's when Draco saw something that made his body feel weak.



He looked into the shinging eyes of Eric, they were caramel brown and along with the eyes there were familiar freckles, lightly dusted on his face. His hair was slowly turning into a chestnut brown, his eyebrows thinned out and lightened, and he could've sworn Eric shrunk in stature. Then he heard a musical laughter escape Eric's lips. Thats when Draco knew that this person was not Eric Bennet, but someone else. As he stared into the caramel brown orbs of this person it hit him, this was a girl who had been haunting his dreams. This was Hermione Granger.



But just as quickly as she had appeared, she was gone. Whatever she had used on herself quickly regained composure and she was now Eric Bennet once again. He rubbed his eyes to see her darting off into the horizon, towards the field. He would confront her, but not just yet. He was going to have fun with this new discovery.






Hermione landed down in the quidditch pitch, greeted by numerous "Heys" and "Hellos." She smiled politely at the boys and waved as she grabbed a bottle of water for herself. She heard two light feet land softly on the dirt behind her, and thats when she saw Ron again. The circles under his eyes were purplish and growing quickly. There was no sparkle in the once carribean blue eyes of his. The fiery hair and soul that had once lit up a room was no more. He was heart-broken, that much she was sure of.



She sighed sadly, but yet the heart-break didn't hurt anymore. Somehow she had quickly gotten over his foolish actions and was able to look forward to the rest of the coming months here. However for Ron, it seemed he was going through hell. She walked over to him and put a hand on his shoulder,



"Hey Mate, how are you holding up?" she asked sweetly.



Ron sighed, he felt the tears sting at the back of his eyes, "Not good Eric, not good."



He huffed as he sat down onto the bench, defeated. He looked into Eric's eyes who showed sorrow and kindness. He brushed a hand through his hair and began putting on gear for practice.



"Life is rough right now Mate, and I think I need some alone time" he whispered to Hermione.



She nodded and walked away dutifully and leaned back onto the wooden walls of the pitch. That's when silvery-blonde haired boy walked up to her. He nodded his head to the left, signalling they leave the pitch. She shrugged and followed him as he took her out onto the field.



His eyes gleamed evilly, "So, Eric..." he said slowly



"Yes Draco?" she asked confused



But he never responded, he took his hand and carressed her face. She felt herself lean into his palm and breathe in his scent. Aftershave and that mysterious smell again. She heard him chuckle deeply, the rumbling sound making her knees go weak. He leaned into her ear, his lips just grazing her cheek and lobe.



"I know you like me" he said and with that he winked and walked away whistling to himself.



She stood shocked, Is Draco Malfoy gay? she thought



No! He's been with countless women, but it could be a cover-up. Or... oh no! What if he knows I'm really Hermione!?



She shook her head and ran back down to the pitch. She grabbed her broom and hopped on and sped into the sky. As she floated about the field she felt the breeze welcome a wonderful scent of lillies. She thought of Mrs. Potter immediately.



Finally she heard a whistle and was relieved to get practice started. The campers and coach all floated up to Hermione and each said their name and where they were from before the coach began his speech,



"Hello All, my name is Todd Clark and I will be your coach these next two months. The first drill we're going to do today is practicing our swing against bludgers" and with that four bludgers flew into the air, buzzing around horribly. Hermione was able to dodge a few, and knock some away.



She felt proud as she smacked one right into Krum,



That's what you get for never answering my letter you arse, and she smiled wickedly.



The rest of the drill seemed to go by accordingly and was actually pretty fun until someone had cried out for help. Dangling by a thread was Ron, but his eyes had gone blank and he let go. Hermione sped down, with all her might, to save him, catching him just by the hem of his chest gear a foot from the ground. She safely laid him down and smiled at how well she managed to fly. She heard cries and screams behind her,



"Eric, behind you!"



"Mate, look out!"



"Hermione, NO!!"



At this she turned, around, who knew? But she never found out, for a bludger had hit her in the face and she was knocked out.






She felt stiff, from head to toe. The throbbing inside of her brain was too much and she let a groan escape from her lips as she sat up. She looked around the room and much to her dismay, her vision was blurry. She could only hear the light pitter-patter of someone's feet walking around the room.



"The healer said you'd be up by now" said Draco coolly.



"Did he by chance leave any pain medicaton" she mumbled, trying not to slur her words.



"Yeah, they're on the night stand I'll get them for you." The room was silent for a moment or two before Hermione felt him open her palm and place a tube between her fingers.



She slurped down the blue liquid and sighed in contemptment as the pain because to subside. She took in a deep breath and snuggled closer into the sheets, but suddenly sprung up.



"Oh Merlin, what is that wretched smell?" she wailed



Draco laughed to himself, "You mate, I suggest you take a bath"



She nodded in agreement, but as she stood up her legs gave in and she almost hit the floor, but a pair of strong arms had reached out and caught her. She looked into the eyes of Draco and felt her insides light on fire. Her throat was dry and she quickly looked down at the floor.



"Say I'll help you bathe, I know that sound s ultra creepy but just put on a bathing suit and I'll just make sure you don't drown" said Draco



She blinked, utterly shocked "And why would I drown?" she said defiantly



"Um, maybe its because you got your lights knocked out and you have a concussion that causes drowsiness..."



She mouthed the word Oh and politely asked him to start the bath while she changed into a bathing suit. Until she realized... I can't take off my shirt she thought.



Panicked she grabbed a large black tee from Draco's drawer and put it over her overly large bathing suit trunks. She stepped into the warm water and closer her eyes. When Draco looked over he saw the spells were broken again, she seemed to appear when she was the most comfortable or happy. But also when she was with him.



He stared at the smile that was plastered on her face, how he longed to reach out and taste her lips. But he restrained and placed a warm towel on her forehead. She sighed in happiness and let herself float in the water. He walked away, just for a moment, and the returned with a towel for her. But all he saw was her still body underneath the water.



He quickly ran to the tub, pulling her out, how could he have been so stupid? Her lips were turning blue and there was no pulse anymore. He began pumping at her chest, waiting for her to spit up the water but the moment never came. He knew of a spell that would save her, but it would require her chest to be bare. Without a moment of hesitation he ripped open her shirt and quickly unwrapped her bandages. He quickly mumbled the spell, feeling hot tears sting his eyes.



When he was done he watched the blue spark fly into her chest and spread throughout her body. He sat there clutching her to his chest waiting for her to open her eyes. But she didn't, and all was still....



OOOOO cliff hanger guyss (: I hope you all enjoyed this chapter, I know I enjoyed writing it. Please review guys! Thank you!

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Quidditch Camp: Concussion


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