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A/N: This is quite a big chapter, a lot of stuff happens in this, stuff that needs to happen and what I've had planned from the start.



“What should we do?” Fred asked, looking over at James who was glaring angrily at Amelia before grabbing hold of another drink and downing that one quickly. Ginny’s eyes flickered over to her son and she shook her head at him.  “Because I think people are beginning to notice that something is wrong.”

Lucy shook her head, having no clue at all. “I suppose we could...err... lock them in a room together again? That seemed to get them talking to each other last time.”

“We could ... Or...OR!” Fred ran off at those words leaving Lucy to watch him, she let out a sigh before deciding to walk over to where Amelia was sitting with a drink in her hand that someone must have brought to her.

“Hey,” Lucy said softly as she took a seat next to Amelia. Amelia attempted to give her a smile, but she couldn’t hold the smile for long before her face went back to a scowl.

“I would ask how you were...” Lucy began; Amelia took another swig of her drink before she interrupted her.

“Oh I’m just peachy can’t you tell?” Amelia snapped. Lucy ignored the harshness in her voice, knowing that Amelia was just tired from staying up the night before and annoyed at James.

“Have you tried talking to James yet?” Lucy asked, slightly worried about the answer that Amelia would give.

“Does it look like we’re talking Lucy?” Amelia snapped again, having another gulp of her drink, this time finishing it.

“I’m just asking Amelia” Lucy said with a sigh.

“I know Lucy, and I’m sorry ok?”

Amelia stood up quickly and seemed to storm back across the garden, pushing her way passed a few people who were dancing. The song that was playing changed to another song that Amelia recognised almost instantly, she stopped in her tracks and felt sadness flood through her as the woman began singing. It was the song that James and Amelia first danced to at the reception that their families had thrown for them after their impromptu wedding.

She blinked quickly as she looked up and saw that James was watching her from the other side of the room. She shook her head before walking off of the dance floor and further down the garden as memories of how happy her and James used to be flooded through her.

She stopped after a while and just stood, her eyes closed tightly. She heard footsteps following her before coming to a stop near her; she could feel his presence next to her.

“Just go away, I can’t deal with you right now,” she snapped, opening her eyes quickly and crossing her arms over her chest.

“Well you’re going to have to,” James told her, Amelia heard the angry tone in his voice and knew that they were going to end up having an argument, James would see to that.


Lucy and Fred followed James and Amelia and watched them. Within minutes of them finally talking to each other after ignoring each other the whole day, they were yelling at each other. Lucy let out a frustrated cry as Fred cursed loudly.

“I thought that was going to work!”

“Well that was a bloody brilliant idea Fred wasn’t it?” Lucy yelled, turning around to see if anyone else could hear them and trying her hardest to shield James and Amelia from everyone, they were almost as loud as the music and people were beginning to look over at them curiously.

“Well it’s the only one I had! I thought that the song would bring back memories of their wedding and make them want to just forgive each other, you know, have a little dance...” Fred cried. “We need to stop this and just get them away from each other,” he walked over to James who had his jaw clenched angrily and Amelia who was red in the face from screaming.

“Look guys just calm down ok? You’re both tired, you’ve both been drinking. There is a time and place for this and now is not it.”

James shot his cousin a filthy look “This has nothing to do with you Fred so just shove off!”

“Now what are we going to do?” Lucy asked Fred, grabbing his arm and pulling him away from James and Amelia.

“We need to get Albus; he’ll be able to talk some sense into James.”

“But Albus doesn’t know about James and Amelia,” Lucy hissed after Fred as she followed him, chancing a look behind her at James and Amelia who were still screaming at each other.

“Well if we don’t figure out something soon then everyone is going to find out about them.”



Fred ran up the flight of stairs, he had searched everywhere he could think of outside but couldn’t find Albus anywhere, he had left Lucy to go back to James and Amelia. His only other hope was that Albus had gone back to the room they were sharing. He opened the door in his haste without knocking on it and instantly regretted it.

Letting out a scream of shock, Fred quickly ran out of the room and slammed the door behind him, shielding his eyes and sobbing quietly at having seen more of his cousin and his cousin’s girlfriend then he cared to.

A few moments later Albus ran out of the room, closely followed by Mariah. Each of them having thrown on their clothes haphazardly, Albus was buttoning up his shirt and Mariah was straightening her rumpled dress.

“What on earth is your problem Fred? Because I was busy,” Albus said annoyed at his cousin who was still quietly sobbing on the floor.

“You didn’t have to see it. Oh the horror.” Fred cried still having his hands over his eyes. Albus kicked him.

“Oh don’t be so dramatic!” he chuckled at him, throwing his arm around a smiling Mariah, her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment.

“I am going to be having nightmares for the rest of my life!”

“What was so important that you had to ruin Mariah’s engagement present?” Albus asked. Fred looked up quickly at his words.

“Engagement?” he asked quickly. Mariah smiled before she pushed her hand forward so Fred could see the ring on her finger.

“Albus asked me earlier,” Mariah beamed before placing a kiss on Albus’s cheek. Albus smirked at her.

“Congratulations!” Fred said, standing up straight and hugging Mariah. “I just wish I hadn’t seen ...well... that,” he pointed towards the room they had just left.

Albus and Mariah let out a laugh before they all fell into silence.

“So...” Albus said looking at Fred who had shoved his hands in his pockets and was rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet.

“So” Fred repeated.

“What did you interrupt us for? This little chat? Because I must say that it is riveting.”

“No! NO! We need your help urgently downstairs!” Fred cried suddenly remembering why he was finding his cousin. “It’s James and Amelia, they’re having this massive fight downstairs and I know that you’re the only one who can convince James to walk away from it.”

Albus raised an eyebrow, “What are they fighting about now? Has James been a prick again?”

“Yep got it in one” Fred stated before looking quickly at Mariah who was watching them. “He’s been drinking which isn’t helping the situation at all.”

“Yeah an angry James and alcohol do not mix well.” Albus stated before beginning to walk down the corridor quickly, Mariah holding onto his hand now and following him, Fred catching up quickly.

“So what did he do this time?” Albus asked, Mariah and Fred shot each other a look.


Albus raced over to James who was centimetres from Amelia and growling down at her in a quiet voice, Albus could tell it wasn’t something pleasant by the way that Amelia was shaking her head at him and backing away. A few of their family members had now joined Lucy in attempting to get James and Amelia to calm down and it seemed that the argument had escalated more since Fred had left to go get Albus, who had now arrived next to James, Fred following closely.

“You don’t love me anymore do you Amelia?” James yelled at her, “You gave up on me pretty easily didn’t you?”

Amelia stopped her walking away from him, anger building in her, she had been trying so hard not to make a scene but he seemed to want nothing more than to let everyone listen. She turned around to face him, walking back over to him.

“I did not give up easily on you!” Amelia said her voice only managing a whisper as tears stun at her eyes, “I love you more than anything else in this world.” by now everyone was staring at them.

Fred and Lucy with the help of Rose began trying to pull the couple away from each other but they just pushed them away as they got closer to each other, Fred standing between them and facing Amelia but they continued fighting over his shoulder.

“Then why are we doing this!” James screamed at her, he had pulled at the side of his hair in his drunken frustration, causing it to stick up at a funny angle.

“You two need to calm down and cool off!” Ginny growled coming over to the pair grabbing hold of the top of James’s arm, attempting to pull him away. Her eyes flicking around to see that everyone was staring at them all. But James stayed where he was glaring at Amelia who was being held back by Fred, who had somehow managed to get them a few feet away from each other.

“What on earth is going on,” Ginny hissed staring angrily at the both of them.

“Why don’t you bloody well ask her?” James snapped pointing at Amelia. “She’s so hell bent on not making this work!”

Amelia felt anger flood through her, more anger then she thought she had.

“Do you want me to tell them why James?” Amelia screamed fiercely, tears now streaming down her face.

James paled slightly but Amelia didn’t care anymore.

“Shall I tell them that you ruined everything? Tell them that you broke my heart? Tell them that you destroyed my life? And that my whole world seemed to just crumble around me because of what you done!” Everyone was looking at them in confusion; Amelia ignored them and continued, ignoring the look that was crossing James’s face.

“Nothing can be the same again James can it? Because this is just an illusion of a perfect marriage isn’t it? our ‘perfect’ marriage was shattered... When you cheated on me!”

There were gasps around the room, each person looking at the other in shock, wondering if James had in fact cheated on Amelia.

“What?” Dominique said loudly. “When the hell did that happen?”

“Maybe it was the other day when they had that fight?” Hugo said looking at Roxanne and Charlie who were shrugging. But their questions were not answered as James and Amelia had begun yelling again. The adults were all staring wide eyed and open mouthed not knowing how to help break up the situation. There were too many people trying to break James and Amelia away from each other for them to use their wands.

“I have done everything I can possibly think of to say sorry, but you won’t even try to forgive me though will you?” James shouted, shoving his brother off of him again as he tried to get to Amelia again. “Get the hell off of me Albus!”

Albus shook his head as he pulled James again, James turned to glare at Albus who stood up to his brother.

“No! You’re acting like a pair of idiots!” Albus told him, James turned away from his brother and looked over at Amelia. “You need to stop this!”

“Oh don’t worry it is over! Because I’ve had fucking enough of Amelia,” James yelled angrily, more angry then Amelia had seen James in a very long time. This only made her angrier at him; she pushed Fred out of the way and moved over to James who was backing away from her.

“You’ve had enough? YOU?” She said with a laugh. “What about me huh? What about what you done to me? I don’t know why I even bothered coming here with you? Merlin knows what I was thinking, I must have been insane! I should have left as soon as I got here.”

“Go on then!” James roared at her, glaring at her over his brother’s shoulder. A dark look in his wide eyes, he either didn’t care that Albus was shoving him backwards and that others were yelling at them or he was too angry to notice anymore. Him and Amelia were still within close proximity, the only thing separating them seemed to now be Albus.

Amelia felt her eyes clouding over with tears, blinking them away they fell down her face fast but she didn’t care. “Fine,” She said through gritted teeth. “Fine. You can go to hell Potter!”

She turned away from James and began walking away, shoving off Lucy’s grasp and ignoring the family’s concerned faces and words.

“I’ve fucking been there Amelia!” James yelled after her, she could hear him struggling with Albus behind her. She could hear Albus yelling at James to get back and calm down, but he was paying him no heed. “But you don’t seem to care about that do you? You cold. Heartless. Bitch.”

Amelia stopped in her tracks and whirled around, storming over to where James was now being held back by Uncle Charlie, Albus was doubled over and panting as though James had hit him. She grabbed hold of a goblet of wine out of Rose’s grip and raising her hand, prepared to throw it at James. There were loud screams and Charlie’s eyes were wide as he would be in the firing line. But someone snatched it out of her hands before she could throw it. Turning around fast she saw that Mariah had the goblet and was backing away from Amelia. Amelia seethed angrily before she stormed forward towards James.

“What’s wrong Amelia? Scared to hear the truth?” James taunted her angrily, Charlie hissed at him to stop it and others were trying to get Amelia to move away from James, but she shoved them out of her way and walked straight up to James who was glaring down at her.

Amelia growled at him before she brought her hand up angrily and slapped James across the face as hard as she could, the sound of it echoed around the room and Amelia could hear the winces of others. Her hand began stinging but she ignored it.

“You bastard,” She cried, her voice shaking with her emotion as tears stung at her eyes, James brought his hand up to his red cheek and was looking at her in shock. “How dare you. Not only did you put me through the worst thing that’s ever happened to me in my life but you dare say that I don’t care and that I’m heartless. It’s you that’s heartless James. You were the one that destroyed this; you were the one that destroyed me!” She backed away from him angrily shaking her head.

“So don’t you dare!” She seethed, “Don’t you bloody well dare make me out to be the bad guy here! You ruined it! You ruined everything, and I’m done James. I can’t take it anymore.” And with those words she turned on her heel and walked towards the house.

“FINE! Go then!” James yelled angrily after her. Most people were torn between staying with James and going after Amelia, everyone clueless as to what to do.

“Albus, take James away have a word with him, calm him down just do anything” Ginny snapped taking charge, trying hard not to judge her own son on what had just happened but finding it extremely difficult to. “I’ll go after Amelia, try and calm her down as well.”


Albus had managed to get James away from the rest of the family and back over to where people had been sitting by the dance floor. James had grabbed a bottle before Albus could stop him and had begun swigging the contents from it, moodily pacing around.

“She was the best thing you have ever had in your life and you do this? I thought you were better than that!” Albus yelled at him, his opinion of James had gone downhill after he had found out from Fred just what had happened between James and Amelia.

“Yeah well it shows that I’m not ok? Why do you even care?” James growled in annoyance, Charlie, Fred, Ron, Percy and Bill were beginning to make their way over to where Albus and James were, to help out if the situation got out of hand again.

“Because I look up to you James!” Albus snapped.

James just gave him a fleeting look before he let out a mocking laugh “Then you are the idiot.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Albus asked him.

“Because it’s got nothing to do with you, any of you for that matter. It’s between me and Amelia.”

“Well there won’t be anymore you and Amelia if you don’t go after her!”

“There hasn’t been anything between me and Amelia since the year started. She has made sure of that.”

“It’s not just her fault, you done a stupid thing and if you care about her at all you will go after her James!” Albus yelled at James who was angrily pacing around the garden, angrily kicking at trees and punching at fences, a bottle of wine in his hand the contents of which were spilling out occasionally.

“No!” He growled turning to face Albus, “Why the hell should I?”

“Because she’s leaving, Go after her and sort this out.”

“Did you not see that in there?” James asked pointing down to further down the garden.

“Yes and I think you’re both fucking idiots, especially you!”

“She’s not going to leave,” James snapped drinking deeply from the bottle before letting it drop to the floor next to him.

“Then why the hell is she packing James?” Lucy asked him, appearing next to Albus out of breath and red faced as though she had run down here. James stared at her for a moment before shaking his head and looking away.

“Fix this James! Before it’s too bloody late.” Lucy snapped, still breathless.

“It’s already too late! She was never going to forgive me”

“She was!” Lucy yelled angrily, James turned to look at her again, a frown on his face. “Last night after you two had that fight I stayed in your room with her, and she told me that she was going to give you a chance. She stayed up all night waiting for you. And now this happened. I don’t know what you can do, but you need to do something!”

James didn’t give her a chance to say anything else as he sprinted back into the house, he pushed passed people, including his father who was trying to get him to stop and talk to him.

“Amelia!” he cried rushing around the corner to see that Amelia was already making her way to the door, ignoring the family trying to stop her and now James who had arrived.

“Amelia don’t do this!” he pleaded.

“Go away James! You’ve done enough! Just get away from me!” Amelia screamed through her tears as she dragged her bag behind her. James grabbed hold of it to stop her, his own eyes swimming with tears.

“Don’t do this, please. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for what I said, for what I done.”

“It’s too late James!” Amelia shouted trying to pull her bag away from James who was still holding onto it tightly. “It’s too late.”

“Please,” James said, Amelia finally managed to get her bag away from James and was rushing off quickly towards the door. Waving her wand the front door opened, a loud slam echoing around the crowded room as it reverberated off of the door. She walked as quickly as she could away from the house. James was running after her and was pleading with her to stop. The Weasleys, Potters and some of Dom’s few friends that she had invited all followed, eager to see what was happening. Lucy had her hands over her mouth; Mariah was wishing so hard that James and Amelia would work it out, Rose and most of the female adults had tears in their eyes. Everyone was watching in alarm and shock at what was happening in front of them. A grown man, crying and begging for his wife not to leave him.

“Amelia please! We can work it out, I’ll do anything. Don’t leave me again.” James cried grabbing hold of her bag again and tugging on it. Amelia whirled around again, her tears almost clouding her vision from the amount that were falling fast down her cheeks. Her wand was pointed in front of her at James.

“Get off!” She screamed again her heart aching in her chest as she saw the devastated look in James’s eyes. “Stop doing this to me James. We can’t work anything out, we can’t.”

James refused to let go of the bag, even though a wand was pointed at him, this bag was the only thing between Amelia staying and leaving him and he was clutching hold of it with as much strength as he could. He couldn’t lose her again, he just couldn’t.

“You’ll have to charm me off before I ever let go of this and of us.” He told her, not bothering to wipe the tears on his face.

Amelia gave him one more look before she let go of her bag, causing James to tumble backwards still clutching it. He barely had time to sit up straight before Amelia waved her wand and disapparated on the spot. James could only look in horror as his wife disappeared, letting out a loud scream of her name he threw himself forward, desperately trying to grab hold of the air as though he could grab hold of Amelia, but she was already gone.

He patted his pockets quickly, the bag forgotten next to him now; searching for his wand but it was nowhere to be found. He turned around to his family.

“I need a wand! Quick someone give me a wand!” He screamed at them hoarsely, “I need to go after her! She can’t leave me... she...” And with those words he let out heartbreaking sobs and curled up on the floor, crying his heart out.



A/N: I really hope you don't hate me, remember there's six chapters left to go, so don't give up hope. 



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