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~Alexis’ POV~

I woke up to find Sirius wrapped around me. I thought back to last night and smiled as I recalled that we had made up.

Slowly, I untangled myself from him so he could sleep somemore.

“What happened last night, Al?” Alice smirked as I walked into the dorm, “You never came back.” She winked at me.

“Nothing,” I poked my toungue at her, “We just made up and so we’re starting again!”

“It was just as easy as that? He said sorry and so did you and you forgave each other?” Alice exclaimed, “I mean, he wasn’t pissed or worried about what you had Seen?”

“Well, of course he was alarmed at what I had told him,” I shrugged, “But you know, maybe it won’t come true. Maybe I just had nightmares.” I knew I was telling lies and so did Alice.

“That’s a lie, Al.” She shook her head.

“Ok, that’s a lie. Of course it’s going to come true. That’s what the Second Sight is, right? But he didn’t get super pissed or anything. I kind of got the impression that maybe he ws angry at Peter,” I said, “I mean, he was the one who asked.”

“So you two kissed and made up?” Alice teased.

“Hush child. I don’t want to corrupt your innocent mind,” I said, “Come on, let’s get breakfast. I wonder what happened to Lily flower and her Jamsie-kins.”

As Alice and I walked into the Great Hall, people stopped talking and turned to stare. Heads swivelled as we walked to the Gryffindor table. James and Lily were already sitting down. Alice shot me sideways look but I sat with them anyway. Alice went and sat with Frank.

“Morning,” I said cheerfully. Lily looked up but she stared right through me. I expected that James wouldn’t even dignify me with a response, but he shocked me by grinning right back at me.

“Morning to you to, Rosie,” he said, “Now, you remember that you owe us Marauders a prank?”

“Ugh,” I said and nodded miserably, “How could I forget?”

“That’s the spirit, love,” he said. Lily shot him a glare as he said ‘love’. Hmmmm, is that some jealousy I detect Lily?

“What do you want me to do?” I said, resigning myself to the fate of another.

“Prank Dorcas, Mary, Smith and Snape,” he said. I raised my eyebrows.

“Why Dorcas and Mary? Smith, yes, or course I’ll help but I thought Snape was…uhh…” I said as I realised I had reached a touchy subject.

“Alexis,” Lily suddenly said and looked me right in the eye, “I’m sorry.” I jerked my head back in surprise.

“For what?” I said.

"For not believing you when you said that Snape was helping Smith," she said.

"Well, I could be wrong," I said, knowing that it must've been very hard for her to apologise.

"You're not. I heard Dorcas, Mary and Callum talking about it. They said that they were glad Snape taught them how to brew it or something like that," Lily whispered.

"Lils," I said sympathetically, "I'm so sorry." James put his arms around a close to tears Lily and I couldn't help but smile: they were just so bloody adorable together.

"What's the plan?" I asked.

"Ohh, I love plans!" Sirius said as he sat down next to me, "You left me," he pouted.

"Sorry, Sirius, but I was hungry." I rolled my eyes, "What's the plan James?"


~James' POV~

"So that's it?" Al said and stared at me, "That's all we're going to do?"

"Well...yeah," I said feebly.

"James," she said and took a sip of her pumpkin juice, "They just insulted and hurt your precious Lily flower-"

"I'm not his Lily flower!"

"- and all you're going to do is prank them?" She stared at me some more.

"Well...yeah," I said again. Al shook her head and so did Sirius.

"Sorry, mate, but that plan kind of sucks," he sniggered.

"Do something eviler!" Lily squealed from next to me.

"What do you suggest Lily flower?" I asked. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Padfoot roll his eyes and smirk but I knew that he probably already had come up with a pet name for Al.

And when I found out what it is, it would be payback time.

"I don’t know!” Lily exclaimed, “You guys are supposed to be the pranking geniusus!”

“We are, dear Lily flower,” Sirius said and batted his eyelashed at Lily. Al whacked him over the head.

“Don’t call me that, Sirius,” Lily said.

“Why ever not Lily kins? James does.” He gave her a soppy smile.

“Because your dear Rosie might get jealous.” Sirius eyes widened in panick and I felt like laughing.

“You know that I’m just joking, right?” Sirius said frantically.

“No,” Alexis said and got up and lef the Great Hall. The only reason I knew she wasn’t angry was because of the smile that spread across her face as she turned around.


~Sirius’ POV~

“Wait!” I called and ran after her, “Rosie!” She just kept on walking.

Dear Merlin, what did I do? I was just joking and she had to know that, right? I would never do anything to my best friend who also happened to be my best friend’s girl friend.

“Alexis!” I said and grabbed her arm. She glared at me.

“Sirius, we have class,” she said and tried to turn away.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything by it!” I said. And then Rosie did the weirdest thing ever: she burst out laughing.

“You do know that I’m just joking with you, right?” She said. She stopped when she saw the look on my face, “Well, I guess you didn’t know.” I felt a huge smile cross my face.

“So do you reckon James’ plan will work?” She asked me.

“Nope. It’s a really bad plan. Of us Marauders, I come up with the pranks, Remus is the brains, Peter tags along and James gives ridiculous ideas that wuld never work. As you can see,” I said. She tipped her head back in laughter.

“What happening to James and Lily?” She asked when she stopped laughing.

“They need to go out together,” I said and kissed her on the lips.

“Obviously,” she murmured, “But the question is how?”

“I think I know.”


a.n. ugh, im so sorry this took so long and is so short! I’ve actually had the worst writers block in history and it’s still going. I’d really appreciate it if you would review and tell me where you would like to see this story going and perhaps what ending you would like to see.

marauders forever xx

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