“Doctor,” Nasuada bellowed, “we do not have time for your jammy dodgers! This is a serious matter that requires our concentration.”

The Doctor jumped up and stood face to face with her. “I’m sorry, your majesty. But we’re way out of time. There is no way we can win so let’s just enjoy the last days of our lives!”

“Then you have not seen our army,” Eragon stated.

Sparing him a glance, the Doctor continued, “You have what, 7000 men? And you can muster maybe 5000 more in the next week? The Ood army is 100,000 strong.”

“Then why have you come so late?” asked Nasuada, who was reclining, her eyes closed.

“Wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff,” the Doctor answered distractedly, before continuing. “The only way we can beat back the Ood army is to gather all our strength together. We must abandon the city.”

“Abandon the city?” repeated Nasauda incredulously. “The nobles will never agree to that.”

“He is right,” Eragon said. He pulled a map off one of the tables and spread it out. He pointed at the Az Ragni River, close to the edge of the Beor Mountains. “This is where they are now. The dwarves can retreat into the mountains.”

He then motioned towards the southern region. “All the cities in Surda can retreat to Aberon. Melian, Feinster and Aroughs can join them.”

The Doctor intervened, by pointing at Bullridge. “I say those in Illirea and Dras-Leona fall back to Bullridge. The Ramr River would provide an excellent barrier. If Eragon and his riders attack right away, they can buy us some time. Time to prepare for battle. Create a small fort even.”

“I only have a dozen riders,” Eragon protested. “Hardly enough to destroy 100,000 aliens.”

The Doctor pointed at him. “With that kind of attitude, you are correct!”

“The Doctor makes a valid point,” I said. “We can’t go into this with a bad attitude.”

Suddenly the Doctor smiled. “And did I mention that I can bring reinforcements?”

“No you didn’t,” said Nasuada irritably. “Pray tell what reinforcements?”

“A few friends of mine from all dimensions,” boasted the Doctor. “Some companions of mine over the years. And some who don’t even know me yet...”

“Are you sure, Doctor?” I interjected sharply. “Isn’t it bad enough you were able to get through?”

“The walls of the universe are collapsing… Again… It’s no trouble to create an inter dimension portal,” he said.

“Half of those words made no sense,” snapped Eragon.

“You’re getting reinforcement you Urgal-Toad Scallywag,” I sassed.

The other three looked at me strangely. In my head I heard Solembum hiss in amusement as he listened in on our conversation.

“Aaaanywho,” the Doctor said, his eyebrows raised, before turning to Nasuada and Eragon. “I’d love to chat, but I need to go get my friends. Angela, you coming?”

I glanced once at him before closing my eyes to communicate with Solembum. Will you be okay here by yourself?

His response was an indignant yowl. I withdrew and smiled. “It would be my honor Doctor!”

He grinned delightedly and put out his arm. I put my arm through his and we walked out of the throne room. Nasuada called after us, “When will you be back?’

The Doctor smirked mischievously. “You won’t even know we’re gone… Next stop Hogwarts!”

A/N: Short chapter… Apologies… I didn’t want to drag this out anymore… Next stop Hogwarts with James Sirius Potter!

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