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Scorpius was grasping my hand tightly as we both ran down the stairs of the old house, hoping to get to the door before he caught us. I cast a look over my shoulder to see if he was still coming, but the loud roar told me he was. This made Scorpius move fast as we reached the bottom of the staircase. We ran through the kitchen and into the living room of the old house and was just about to the door when the beast stopped us.



“Rose Weasley! I told you not to have that scum in my house!” My father yelled as he blocked the door, pointing his wand at Scorpius. Hugo and my mother, Hermione, finally joined us. 




“Ron...” I could hear my mother’s worried voice as she hurried to my father’s side. I held Scorpius’s arm protectively, knowing my father wouldn’t even try cursing him if there was a chance of hitting me.


“No, Hermione! This ends now!” My father yelled. My mother took hold of my father’s arm. At this time Hugo wrapped his arms around my father’s waist, trying to keep him back.


“Mr. Weasley, I don’t see why this is such a problem. Rose is with a pureblood. You should be happy.” Scorpius finally spoke, trying to help, but my stomach lunched forward. I knew this would send my dad over the top.


“I told you to keep out of my house, Pureblood. And away from my daughter. Rose, move. This ends now.” My father jerked away from my mother and brother and started toward us. I took a step in front of Scorpius and shook my head.


“Dad, you can’t do this. I love him.” Tears began to sting my eyes. I just didn’t understand why he hated Scorpius so much. He didn’t even know him.


“No you don’t, Rose. You are too young to love.”


“Is that was you said to mum when you were our age?” I shot back at him, this making his face even more red with anger. I knew I had to get Scorpius out of here. With my dad this mad there is no telling what he would do. I looked at Mum and she nodded toward the kitchen and held up three fingers.


She began to count down and when she got to one she jumped in front of dad, while I took Scorpius’s hand and ran for the door in the kitchen.  Mum couldn’t hold him off for long.


“Hurry!” I cried to Scorpius, grabbing my broom from the shed. We hoped on, him in front considering he was a better flier, and off we went. We landed in a field far enough we knew we were safe. We sat down, his arms around me. I rested my head on his shoulder and sighed. I knew bringing him there was risky.


“So my house is out.”


“We will think of something, luv.” He said, kissing the top of my head. “I love you.”

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