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Quidditch Camp by GryffindorPrincess918
Chapter 5 : A Great Place to Be With a Girl
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Hermione stood in the doorway of the room, enjoying the view. On the wall in front of her was a large clear window showing the quidditch playing field. She walked over to the right side of the room and placed her bags onto the soft bed. On the left side of the room were two desks for her and Draco. She hummed to herself as she continued to explore the room then she heard a small shout from the ceiling and looked up. She stood agape, staring at the ceiling, where it had been charmed to replay some of the camp's greatest games and plays.



She watched over and over, in amusement as the scenes, years, and faces changed on the ceiling. One person even said hi as he zoomed past on a broom. However her thoughts were interrupted when she heard a click of a door lock. She looked over at the bathroom door to find Draco clad only in a towel, loosely hanging around his waist. He strutted towards her, hitting her with his scent. She breathed in deeply, aftershave and some other mysterious smell she couldn't quite place. Then she saw his body, his gorgeous god-like body.



Water droplets cascaded down the creamy-white skin and ran past his sculpted abs. His hair was ruffled and damp and clung to some parts of his face. His eyes were a liquid grey and his smile was evident on his face. Hermione felt her mouth go dry and the room go hot. She stared at the floor as Draco walked past her, the scent wafting over to her in powerful waves. He turned towards her,



"So how do you like the camp so far Eric?" he asked politely.



Hermione still felt breathless and lightheaded, "Um-uh-g-good I think"



He deeply chuckled, the sound reverberating off the walls. Hermione's ears were enveloped in the velvety sound and she felt her insides turn to mush. She suddenly realized she was going soft on the ferret and sighed. She straightened herself up and turned to face Malfoy, but his liquid eyes saw past hers and she gave an involuntary shudder.



He smiled, "You think? This is one of the best camps in the entire wizarding world!" he exclaimed.



Hermione nodded then quickly took pajamas out of her bag, "I think I'm gonna hit the sack.. uh.."



"Call me Draco he said" and she nodded.



Draco strutted back into the bathroom and Hermione quickly changed. She had just slipped on the boxers, god forbid she was pantsed, and was trying to slip on her pants when her toe got caught on a loose thread. As the same time Draco opened the door, except this time he had on pants but was still shirtless. He leaned casually against the door frame and chuckled as he watched her struggle to pull on her pants. She flounced around the room until the thread broke suddenly and the pants slipped on in a surprise. She lost her balance and watched in horror as she ran into Draco.



She closed her eyes and cursed the bloody pants under her breath until she heard someone awkwardly cough. When she opened her eyes she noticed two things, first she was on top of Draco's body staring intensely into his eyes, second his hands were tightly gripped around her waist.  She stuttered, no words were able to come to her mind as she stared into the liquid grey.



She felt herself melt under his hands until she realized what she was doing. She hopped off of Draco and brushed her shirt of invisible dust. She then quickly ran to her bed and turned off the lights, muttering



"Goodnight Draco." His name felt odd coming off her tongue, almost a tingling sensation. She sighed and squeezed her eyes shut, hopefully Draco wasn't too weirded out.






Eric awkwardly lay on top of him, so he coughed, and watched as Eric's eyes popped open. He stared into the crystal blue eyes and watched as they flickered to caramel brown orbs. They stayed a soft, warm caramel color before Eric had come to his senses and had gotten off of him. When Eric looked at Draco again his eyes were blue. Draco also noticed his tight grip on Eric's hips; they were pretty damn curvy for a boy.



Draco stood there, in shock, wondering how Eric's eyes managed to shift. He only faintly heard "Goodnight Draco." Something was off in Eric's voice, matter of fact; something was just off with Eric. Draco sighed as he climbed into his bed and squeezed his eyes shut. "I'm sure camp will be VERY interesting" he thought.









The next morning Hermione woke up with a jolt, as if she felt someone standing over her, and she was right. Draco, Ron, and Harry all stood over her bed observing her face.



"You think he looks a little bit like a girl?" asked Ron



"That's rude Ron, he just has.. some.. feminine characteristics" replied Harry



Draco scoffed, "Such a diplomat Harry" and Ron laughed.



Hermione looked at all three boys before mustering enough courage to speak to them. She felt unease in her stomach, like it was literally doing flips inside of her as she took a deep breath.



"Is there any particular reason as to why you boys are observing my girlish features?" she asked sweetly.



The boys slowly backed away from her and began to look at different objects around the room. Harry had decided the curtains held incredible qualities, Malfoy saw that there must've been something shiny in the floor, and Ron had mysteriously found a glitch in the charm on the ceiling. She sat up and moved past the boys, grabbing some clothes for the day out of the drawer,



"If you don't mind boys," she said and they quickly cleared the room.



She quickly locked the door and changed the bandage wrapped on her chest, she enjoyed the five minutes she went without it before she had charmed it back on. She slipped on a red quidditch jersey with Bennet on the back and long grey pants today.  She slipped on adidas sandals and casually strutted out of the dorm room and walked past the boys. Ron and Harry only shrugged and walked downstairs towards breakfast while Malfoy chased Hermione to catch up.



"Eric! Hey, Eric! Wait up!" he bellowed down the hall.



Hermione paused briefly for Malfoy to catch up, when he caught up, they began continuing down the hall at the same pace. Hermione felt her stomach doing the nervous flips again, butterflies practically leaping around her stomach. A light blush crept onto her cheeks as she thought of last night, his eyes were mesmerizing. When they finally reached the end of the hallway Draco quickly grabbed Hermione's arm and dragged her up a random set of stairs.



"I wanna show you something!" he said enthusiastically.



So she followed diligently up twist, turns, and multiple sets of stairs. Finally they reached a white door. Malfoy approached the door, a happy smile plastered onto his face. He slowly opened the door, and what Hermione saw next took her breath away. She glided out onto the rooftop; he had taken her to the top of the building. As she looked out she saw the sun rising, lighting up the sky. She walked to the edge of the building and looked down, suddenly remembering her fear of heights. She whimpered loudly, tears coming to her eyes as she quickly backed away from the ledge.



She backed into something hard and turned around to see Draco staring down at her in bewilderment. She wiped the tears from her eyes quickly and looked down at her feet, rocking back and forth on her heels.



"Are you okay?" he asked concerned.



"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little afraid of heights" she replied solemnly



His eyebrows knitted together in confusion, "Then why are you here? No offense, but its a quidditch camp" he said calmly.



"Well I fell off my broom a few months ago and I've been scared of heights ever since. I came here because I thought it would help" she mumbled hopelessly. It felt weird lying through her teeth.



He nodded understandingly; he had a bad fall before. Once, twice, possibly more than five, but that never stopped him. Draco awkwardly patted her back and said,



"It'll be fine Eric," and he walked towards the middle of the rooftop. He conjured blankets with a few swishes of his wand and sat down, sighing as he looked over the view. Hermione hesitated, then slowly moved to the blanket, and sat down next to Draco. She smiled as she curled her legs into her chest and rested her chin on the tops of her knees. The view was breathtaking, watching the sun's golden rays begin to touch the lumps of Earth. 



She zoned out for a few moments before she looked over at Draco, who was already staring at her. She gave him a reassuring smile and he merely nodded back towards her and looked back at the growing horizon.



"A great place to be with a girl, huh?" he asked innocently.



Instantly fear paralyzed Hermione's body. Her heart stopped and her eyes grew as wide as saucers as she instantly thought he was referring to her, until she remembered who and where she was. She nodded back,



"Yeah, it sure is. If only we had girls" she said, trying to be as humorous as she could. 



Draco nodded in turn, "I've got one. I've liked her for a while now but I've never told her"



Hermione's eyebrows quirked up, Malfoy actually had feelings? Surprise, someone alert the presses! She then moved closer and urged him to continue.



"Well she got this crazy, mane. Like, its basically, insane. They're beautiful ringlets she has. And she has these soft caramel eyes, no lie, she melts my heart. But I was so evil to her during school" he said, his eyes growing dark.



"What was her name, Draco?" she asked softly, but she was not daft, she already knew who the girl was. 



"Hermione Granger" he said defiantly, little did she know Draco felt his heart soar as he finally admitted his liking for her. 



She nodded back, "Why were you so mean to her?"



"The time, how I grew up, my parents, blood statuses. Stupid crap that should've never mattered to me" he said, falling silent. 



"I would take it all back if I could, I'd be her friend. I'd love her unconditionally and I'd scream it for her to the ends of the Earth. But she's with Weasley now, I've lost my chances" he mumbled.



"You never know until you try, she just might've broken it off with him. Didn't you see she left for two months? It's all over the papers." And as Hermione realized what she just said, she quickly covered her mouth. 



"Bloody idiot you are Hermione! STUPID STUPID STUPID!" she thought to herself, smacking her head with her palm on each stupid.



Draco sat there, bewildered by Eric's behavior, but then rolled his eyes. 



"This kid is a freak" he thought with no shame. 



Finally Hermione and Draco stood up and walked off the roof. 



So Draco had liked me all this time? Hmm, well you just might get lucky Draco, I might be starting to fancy you too she thought, bewildered, shocked, and utterly confused at her own words.  They eventually joined Ron, Harry, and the other campers at breakfast. She sat down humming to herself while putting some jam on toast, then bit into it happily. That's when she saw him.



Sitting in front of her was none other than Viktor Krum. She swallowed her toast dryly and placed it on the plate. She suddenly felt like she needed to leave the room or her skin just might set itself on fire. He stared at her with warm eyes and a bright smile, holding out his hand.



"Ollo, I am Viktor" he said



"Hello I'm Eric, nice to meet you" she replied looking for somthing else to do in the dining hall, but there were no options.



This couldn't possibly get any worse she thought, and thats when everyone heard a loud crash from outside the dining hall's doors. A deep violet smoke entered the room as a dark figure opened the doors. Suddenly, with the light hitting his face he smiled happily.



"Hey Everybody!" shouted George Weasley.



Hermione sat in disbelief, putting her head between her hands and sighing. Yes Hermione, apparently it could.

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