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Regulus Black was sat at the Slytherin table as usual but he kept searching the hall for something and I had noticed that most of his attention was on our table. He looked up and caught me watching him. The smirk that covered his face sent a shiver down my spine. We continued to watch each other until Lily waved a hand in front of my face and I tore my eyes from him.

“Jessica, are you coming to the library with me?” She asked with a small smile and I nodded. Lily kissed James on the cheek before we left the Great Hall and I followed her to her usual spot at the back of the library. She dumped a massive pile of books on the table and placed one in front of me.

Since Valentine’s Day, Lily and I had been civil to each other and I could see how hard she was trying to repair our friendship. We would never go back to being best friends but we both seemed to at least want a friendship of some kind.

“Lily, can we have a break now?” I asked after three hours of silent working. I was beginning to get a headache and couldn’t concentrate on what I was reading; I’d read the same line of my Potions book about five times now and I couldn’t remember a thing. I had a bad feeling about something but didn’t know what or why. “It’s only the third day of the Easter holidays and I’ve already done more work today than I’ve done this whole year!”

“But NEWTs are soon,” She lifted her head from the Charms textbook and stared at me in horror. “You’re going to run out of time to revise if you don’t start soon and you’re doing six subjects so you need to study more than any of us.”

This was the one thing I had never missed about our friendship; she could work for hours and didn’t believe in waiting until the last minute to do work. I could sense a ‘Lily Evans’ Lecture’ and was thankful that Remus chose that moment to join us. He looked rather panicked as he stopped by our table and stood directly in front of me.

“J, McGonagall needs to see you,” He panted and I could tell that he’d run the whole way here. There was a frantic look in his eyes and I rose without a word.

When I reached her office, I knocked but didn’t wait to be called in before I pushed the door open and froze in the doorway. James was pacing in front of her desk and he ran towards me as soon as he saw me. His hair was sticking up more than usual and he looked like he was sick.

“Promise me you won’t do anything stupid,” James hugged me. “Just stay here,” He kissed my forehead. “I love you,” he added before he let go of me. He walked over to the fire, stepped in and disappeared in a flash of green flames.

I stood frozen in the middle of McGonagall’s office. Where did James go? Why? Why did I have to stay here?

“Miss Potter, please sit down. I need to explain a few things,” McGonagall said softly as she pointed to a hard chair by her desk.

“An hour ago, Professor Dumbledore was alerted to a Death Eater raid on your house. There was limited damage to the actual building but your brother is needed to help reset the wards as he is the oldest living male. I assure you that James is safe. The Headmaster should be with him,” McGonagall attempt a smile but it looked more like a grimace.

I stayed deadly quiet and frozen long after she had finished speaking. The Death Eaters had already taken my parents and now they targeted my home. They attacked the place where I grew up and spent all my holidays. I was vaguely aware of Remus taking a seat next to me but neither of us spoke. What could they want from my house? There was nothing important there.


“Sirius,” I whispered and all eyes were on me. “Where is Sirius? He was supposed to be at my house this break! He said he had stuff to do,” I was practically screaming as I stared at McGonagall.

“Mr Black was not there when Professor Dumbledore arrived,” She said solemnly and I breathed a sigh of relief. I didn’t remember standing up but I dropped back into my chair happily. “However, I have been informed that there were signs of a struggle.”

“Meaning?” I roared as I stood up again and kicked the chair away. Remus grabbed my wrist to stop me advancing on the teacher and I winced at the pressure on my nearly healed cut from a few days before.

“I understand that this is hard for you, Miss Potter, but you need to calm down,” McGonagall said sternly.

“Just fucking tell me!”

“We don’t know where Mr Black is at this moment.”


My head was throbbing and my muscles felt heavy as my eyes flicked open. There was movement nearby as I stretched and I realised that I was in James’ bed. I slowly sat up and Remus came over to sit on the end of the bed.

“What happened?” I asked as I rubbed my head; I was beginning to get a throbbing headache.

“McGonagall gave you something so you’d calm down. You had a panic attack in her office and she had to sedate you.”

“Have they found Sirius yet?” I asked as I remembered why I had to be sedated and Remus shook his head. “Are they even fucking looking for him? Why didn’t he just stay here with us?”

“J, you need to understand how the Death Eaters work. They’ve wanted to get him onside for ages and it was only a matter of time before they did. Dumbledore is doing everything he can and McGonagall is getting hourly updates,” Remus sighed and put his head in his hands. He looked as bad as I felt in this one moment and I felt like I needed to comfort him so I wrapped my arms around him and held him to my chest.

“What about James?” I asked softly and Remus lifted his head with a small smile.

“He’s refusing to come back until they find Sirius. Lily’s been going mad since she found out. He even wanted to go out and look for him,” Remus chuckled quietly, “The fact that he doesn’t even know where any Death Eaters are didn’t stop him but Dumbledore refused to let him go. Anyway, you need to come and get some food.”

Remus stood up but I stayed frozen on the bed as I thought about breakfast this morning. Regulus was searching for something and he had a malicious grin when he saw me. It had given me a bad feeling but I chose to ignore it as I went to the library with Lily.

“That evil bastard,” I roared as I jumped up and ran from the room. I could hear Remus trying to keep up with me but I was running all the way down to the Entrance Hall. I skidded to a halt as I saw Regulus emerge from the passage that led to the dungeons.

“Black!” I called and he looked up with a confused expression. “Could we possibly have a quick word?” I hissed sweetly. He didn’t have time to reply as I grabbed his arm and dragged him back down the corridor to the dungeons until we found an empty classroom.

“What is your problem, Potter?” Regulus sneered as I locked the door so Remus couldn’t follow.

“What were you looking for this morning?” I demanded.

“Nothing, I was just observing all of the scum that attend this school,” Regulus grinned and I felt my blood boil.

“You’re the only scum here,” I told him as I punched him in the face. “They’ve got Sirius and if anything happens to him, you won’t live long enough to find out about it.”

I was shaking with rage as I unlocked the door and walked straight into Remus. He was standing right outside the door but managed to catch me before I fell down.

“Kitchens?” He asked as we walked. I nodded and tried not to think about anything outside of the castle walls.

*3rd Person Perspective*

Regulus Black stood alone in the empty classroom and he tried to process what Jessica had just told him. He had received a letter almost daily asking if Sirius was in school. Every morning since the holidays had started, he’d searched for his brother and found that he wasn’t there. This morning he had sent a reply saying that Sirius had left for the holiday. Regulus did not know the significance of the letters until Jessica Potter had dragged him to an empty classroom and shouted at him.

Sirius was in danger and Regulus knew that it was all his fault. He had overheard his mother and Bellatrix talking about what to do with Sirius after they had returned home at Christmas but, at the time, he had doubted whether they would actually do anything. It was all Regulus’ fault and he would do his best to fix it; he didn’t want his brother to die or be forced into the Dark Lord’s service.

Sirius was always meant to be the bad child and if he joined the Dark Lord, his mother would welcome him back into the family straight away. This would leave Regulus out in the cold once again; he had spent his childhood in the shadow of his older brother and had no desire to go back to that existence. Sirius would have to stay as the traitor child but Regulus could see no way to ensure that would happen.

Regulus locked the door and silenced the room so that no one would know he was in here as he paced across the room. He was racking his brains for some way to save his brother and remain in his status as the favourite son. He had no idea where Sirius would even be held; there were so many families that had the resources to hold a prisoner for months on end. Sirius definitely wasn’t at Malfoy Manor; Lucius and his father would not bother themselves with something this trivial. There was no way his mother would let them use Grimmauld Place to keep Sirius prisoner. The only other viable option would be Bellatrix’s house but they wouldn’t be able to keep him there for long. Maybe they’re not planning on keeping him alive for long, Regulus thought and a shiver ran down his spine.

“Kreacher,” Regulus called.

There was a small popping sound and the elf appeared in front of Regulus. Kreacher bowed down until his nose touched the floor and didn’t rise until Regulus gave him permission to do so.

“I need you to do something for me, Kreacher,” Regulus checked that the door was still locked and the room still silenced before turning back to the elf. He was paranoid that someone would overhear him and he didn’t want to consider the consequences if they did.


Wherever they were holding me was pitch black; I couldn’t even see the end of my nose. The darkness felt so suffocating and I was so far underground that there was no sound except the scuffling of what sounded like a rat. The room had an old, earthy smell and it assaulted my nose. Breathing was becoming so hard due to the stale air and I briefly wondered just how long I’d have to stay here. I didn’t even know how long it had been since they attacked the house but it felt long enough. I needed to get out of here but they’d taken my wand and I knew no one would be able to find me until it was too late.

“Cousin!” A shout echoed down to where I was sat. An involuntary shiver overtook me the second I heard that voice and I knew there would be no way of getting out of here alive.

The footsteps stopped directly outside the door and I held my breath as I waited for her to enter. The iron door scratched across the floor as it opened but no light entered the dark room. The door slammed shut behind her and a ball of light shot from the end of her wand to illuminate my jail.

For the first time, I noticed the chains that covered the wall and thanked Merlin that they hadn’t put me in them. The walls were covered in ominous dark stains and the floor was made of grey stones that were covered in years of filth. Bellatrix Lestrange stood about five feet in front of my spot on the floor and she had her usual manic glint in her eyes as she looked down at me. Her wild hair bounced as she moved and her short-sleeved dress proudly showed off the dark mark that was burned into her skin. I could remember a time when she was almost as beautiful as her sisters but that beauty was distorted by her hate.

“Cousin, how I’ve missed you,” Bellatrix sneered as she walked over to where I sat. Her heels clicked as she walked and the sound echoed menacingly around the empty room.

“It’s a shame I can’t say the same,” I smirked bitterly at her to hide my fear.

“Isn’t itty bitty Sirius scared of the dark room?” She cackled in her baby voice as she slid her hand up and down her wand. “I remember when we locked you in the cellar of your house; four year old Sirius cried his little heart out for hours until we let you out. Even Aunty Walburga found that funny.”

“I’m sure this isn’t a social call, Bella, so do you wanna just get straight to the point?”

“You’ll find out soon enough. Someone will be here to see you in a few days,” She smirked as she lifted her wand and directed it at my chest. “I think I should teach you some respect before our visitor comes though. Crucio,”

Pain shot through my body and I fell to the floor. I had no control over my limbs and my vision started to blur. I could hear Bellatrix laughing as I writhed in pain but it sounded like it was at the end of a tunnel. She wanted me to scream but I bit down on my lip to hold it in.

The pain was gone just as soon as it came and I spat out a mouthful of blood as I pulled myself into a sitting position. Bellatrix just watched me with a smirk and raised her wand for a second time. Even though I didn’t hear the words, I knew what she was about to do and pain shot through my body again. It lasted longer this time but I still held back my screams; I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of knowing she was causing me pain. I was vaguely aware of the door opening again and someone else entered the room.

“Bella, stop now,” A deep voice commanded and the pain stopped immediately. “He’s not much use to the Dark Lord if he’s dead.”

“Of course, my love,” Bellatrix said sweetly. The sound of her voice made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up; I had never heard her speak like this and it unnerved me. “Just let me have one more go.”

I hadn’t even sat up this time before the pain hit me again. Even though the spell was only on me for a few minutes, it was much harsher than before and I felt myself weaken much quicker.

“Enough,” Rodolphus commanded and the pain stopped immediately. He crouched down next to me and smirked. Hatred ran through my veins and I couldn’t stop myself from spitting in his face. The smirk slipped from his face as he wiped the spit off. “You are lucky that I can’t kill you right now, Black,” He hissed as his heavy boot made contact with my stomach.

They both left and the darkness returned once more. I spat out some more blood as I rolled over and my head felt fuzzy. I tried to stay conscious but my mind started to shut down.


A/N: I'm Not Sure If I Like This Chapter To Be Honest =/ It Wasn't Actually Part Of The Story Until A Few Days Ago And I Had To Change A Few Things Around To Fit It In...Thanks To Miss potter And Watchoutfornargles For The Reviews That Motivated Me To Post Sooner Than Planned :)...Thank You All For Reading xx

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