I was standing outside of king cross station , well more like staring at  it, after several minutes I decide to go in and start to look for him.

“I only hoper he’s here already if not ill have a panic attach!” I though

I start walking to the point where he had write we should meet that’ll be at platform 9, there was lots of people and right there between platforms 9 and 10 there he was. I walk to where he was and gave him a big hug relived.

“you thought I had forgotten about you didn’t you?” he ask smirking

“yeah I did, worst part is that mum didn’t said how I’m supposed to find the platform!! so if you had forgotten me ill be stuck here!” I replied

“well lucky you I didn’t forgot you so ready?”

“yup!” I grinned

“you see the wall between platforms 9 and 10?”


“well just run to it and that’s it! As simple as drinking pumpkin juice”

“for real?” I ask

“yup” he smiled

“ you’re not joking?”

“me? Joke? Never!!” he ask with pretending to be offended

“ fine if you’re sure!” I said and star running to the wall, and then suddenly when I was about to crash in the wall there was a huge train there!!

“so believe me now?” he ask smirking


“shush!! You’re acting like a first year!!!” he said mockingly

“well I might not be a first year but this is all new for me! Mum did say it was wicked but I never thought itll be this much!!” I smiled, and the train made a loud noise

“well I guess this is it, so… uhm… be careful yeah and uhm… I dunno stay out of trouble” he said serious

“ are you for real!? I mean for what I heard you weren’t exactly a saint!, and now you’re asking me to be one?” I ask with my eyebrows up

“BUT you are a girl! So girls need to be saint! Now up you go!” he said pushing throw the door, you could think he wanted to get rid of me

“and apparently you forgot who’s my mother” I said rolling my eyes” anyways ill see you at Christmas dad and yeah I do expect a huge present” I said giving him a kiss in the cheek before getting up in the train, then it stat moving.

“STAY OUT OF TROUBLE!!! I MEAN IT!” I heard dad screaming from the platform 9 and ¾

“like ill do that” I thought “well I think I better find a compartment now” I thought and star looking for one, finally I found an empty compartment, so I got in and put my trunk in its place which was rather difficult because man it was heavy and yeah I tried levitate it but let´s just said I didn’t turn out well, so after securing my trunk I sat relaxing a bit till someone open the door.

“uhmm… you do mind if we sit everyone else is full” a girl with bushy brown hair

“not at all” I said smiling, and she entered follow by two boys one with reddish hair and the other one with messy black hair

“im Hermione Granger” the girl introduce herself smiling

“im Lorraine Black”

“Black?” the red hair boy ask “I though there was only one Black left”

 “I thought that too” said the other boy “are you related with Sirius Black” he ask curious

“ yeah I am” I smirk “ in fact he´s my dad”

“YOUR WHAT” the black hair boy yelled

“my dad? Why you know him?”

“hes my godfather” he said still shock

“ I didn’t know Sirius had a daughter” the red hair say

“that makes two of us” I said

“you didn’t knew he was your dad? Hermione ask

“not till last year” I said sincerely

“why he didn’t say?” ask the black hair boy

“uhm… don’t know really” I said

“so wich year are you?” Hermione ask

“im a sixth year” I smiled

“really wich house?” the red head ask

“griffindor I got sorted during the summer”

“us too!!” said the black messy hair boy

“Ron and I have to go to the prefect’s reunion but well be back in a bit” Hermione said pointing to the red head indicating he was Ron

“by the way I’m harry potter” the other one say

“see ya in a bit” said Ron and left after Hermione


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