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Quidditch Camp by GryffindorPrincess918
Chapter 4 : Eric Bennet
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It had only been three hours later when the news had spread across the wizarding community. Inside of all the magazines and newspapers was Hermione Granger's face plastered on every cover. Her eyes were lit ferociously as she giggled and waved goodbye to family and friends. The moving picture showed her saying goodbye to everyone and boarding a train with nothing but a large handbag. Then the train sped off and she was no longer visible.





Ron sat alone in the large flat. He stared at the picture of Hermione, watching the scene repeat over and over. He would never tire of seeing her eyes like up like that, the way they used to light up when she saw him. He wanted nothing more now than to hold her in his strong arms. To lightly tug on her chestnut ringlets and stare at her freckled face. He sighed as he opened The Prophet.





Hermione Granger Spotted Leaving Magic London!



By Rita Skeeter






Hermione Granger was seen earlier today boarding a large train with nothing but a handbag! She was sending heart-felt goodbyes to close family and friends with a large grin on her face. No one knows her exact destination but she is said to be gone for two months. However, why is Hermione leaving? Matter of fact, where is her boyfriend Ronald Weasley? Did they split up? Whatever happened, Hermione looks better than ever! She hasn't looked this free and young in years! Ginny Weasley says "Hermione deserves this vacation, away, from a certain someone." Is Ginny trying to hint at something? Also is it true that Ronald is sneaking off with a mysterious blonde haired model? Read on page 4 for full story...





"Bugger off Skeeter!" shouted Ron as he threw the paper across the room, earning multiple grimaces from the moving pictures.





Ron's eyes dimmed as he felt his heart tug and pull. How could he honestly be that stupid? He rubbed his palm against his face feeling the whiskers snag against the skin. He grimaced as he pulled up his sore body from his chair and walked off to the bathroom. After this quidditch camp he'd win Hermione back. And he'd love her with all his might.








Hermione sighed, wiping her forehead from the sweat building up there. She stared out the window of the train compartment with her handbag strapped onto her tightly. She opened the compartment door and looked out of the door left and right before she ran into the bathroom on the train. She signed the cross as soon as she locked the bathroom door. She felt the familiar tugging on her navel as she disapparated. As she opened her eyes she was inside of Ginny's bedroom and she sighed in relief and plopped onto of the bed. Ginny knocked five times as they had coded and Hermione opened the door slowly. Ginny burst through the door and hugged Hermione tightly,



"You did amazing Hermione! Now that you have disappeared, it’s time to make you into boy perfection!"






Hermione was led down the long hallway her eyes covered by Ginny's hand until she heard a door creek open. She was pushed down into a stool as she heard Ginny lock the door. When Hermione opened her eyes she was a room small enough to be a closet. In front of her was one of those mirrors you see in dressing rooms with the large, round bulbs surrounding frame of the mirror. Ginny smiled evilly as she twirled her wand between her fingers.



"Now lets see, how are we going to make you over?" mumbled Ginny thoughtfully.



She circled Hermione for a full three minutes staring intently at her. She picked up a strand of Hermione's hair and mumbled something to herself and then continued circling around Hermione for another minute before she stopped. She smiled happily and rubbed her hands together,



"I know exactly what to do Hermione!" she said happily.



Hermione felt her chair being turned away from the mirror and a cloth was wrapped around her covering her body and shoulders completely, like it did when you got a hair cut. She saw Ginny flick her wand ferociously, her concentration at a peak. Hair, in large chunks, was falling away from Hermione's face and she could feel her head start to get lighter. Ginny lightly brushed away remaing hair from the cloth and then took it off Hermione's shoulders. Ginny flicked her wand again and Hermione's scalp began to tingle,



"Ginny, what did you just do to my hair?" asked Hermione nervously



"Well that was a spell that just made your hair darker, basically black, it was also a spell that will prevent it from growing any longer than it is now" Ginny stated proudly.



Hermione sighed, she knew it, and her familiar ringlets were gone. Ginny walked away for a few moments, flipping through the pages of a spell book only to return with a smirk on her face. She mumbled a few things here and there, changing Hermione's caramel eyes into crystal blue ones. The familiar freckles that graced her face had vanished and her eyebrows had gotten bushier. Finally Hermione felt her skin tingle; she stared at her hand watching it switch from a creamy white to a dark olive tan. She watched as the color grew darker until her normal skin color was gone.



Ginny then walked over and began to twiddle her thumbs, looking at the floor,



"Im sorry 'Mione but I'm going to need you to take off your shirt" Ginny said nervously.



Hermione hesitated but did so diligently. Good thing she chose to wear her regular black bra today.



Ginny walked across the room to a drawer and took out bandage wrap and slowly began to wrap it around Hermione's chest. She then charmed it so the bandage wouldn't slip, unwrap, or come off. Hermione looked down and frowned a little,



"Now I really don't have boobs"



And her and Ginny erupted into laughter until their sides began to hurt. Ginny then handed Hermione a bright blue quidditch jersey with the last name Bennet on it.



"Bennet?" Hermione asked confused



"Yeah, I'll tell you about that later" stated Ginny as she went back to work on Hermione.



Ginny motioned for Hermione to stand up and she did so quickly. She was handed long black pants and a pair of old boots. Hermione put them on quickly and watched as Ginny circled her again. Ginny then swished her wand, her brows knitted together with concentration. Finally Ginny sighed and Hermione felt her spine tingle and stretch. Then Ginny smiled and clapped her hands then said,



"By God I swear I'm a genius," she stated proudly, "Turn around Hermione!"



Slowly she did so, only to see a pretty good looking guy in the mirror. Hermione poked and prodded at her face, rubbing her skin to see if it was real. She was a little taller, with tan skin, crystal blue eyes, short black hair, and thick black eyebrows. She turned around in a circle mourning the loss of her chest until she stopped at her side. She laughed to herself before turning to Ginny,



"Gin, what are we going to do about my bum?" Hermione said



Ginny rolled her eyes then replied, "Some guys have nice arses!"



That earned Ginny a playful swat at the arm and a fit of giggles. Finally the two friends sat down on opposite sides of the room smiling at each other.



"So, this is the background story on you. Are you ready for this Hermione?" Ginny questioned.



"Yes ma'am" Hermione replied.



"So, your name is Eric Bennet. You are a pureblood but your step-mother is an American muggle. You moved away from London when you were five to live in America with her and recently moved back to London a few years ago and started playing quidditch. Since you're new you won't be good as the others boys,"



"Your father works in the ministry of magic in America and your real mother has long since passed. You are the same age as everyone else so don't worry about that and, yeah. That's pretty much it" Ginny concluded.



Hermione stared, smiling happily before she hugged Ginny with all her might,



"Love you Gin!"



"I love you too Hermione!"



The two girls stayed like that for a few more moments before Ginny moved away and grabbed two large duffle bags and a quidditch broom. She handed them to Hermione whose legs slightly gave out under the weight. She caught herself and smiled at Ginny as she followed her out the door into the hallway. When Ginny and Hermione were at the door, Harry walked in carrying his bags as well for camp. He stopped short when he saw Hermione, or Eric.



"Um Gin, who’s this guy?" Harry asked



Ginny smiled, "Harry, I'd like you to meet my friend Eric Bennet!"



Harry smiled slightly and shook Hermione's hand, "Nice to meet you Eric" he said



Hermione smiled and shook back "Nice to meet you too!"



Harry's jaw dropped open before he called Ginny over,



"Why is his voice so high?" he whispered into her ear.



Her eyes grew wide as she motioned to Hermione to make her voice lower. Hermione gasped and muttered under breath.



"I heard you're coming to camp with me" Hermione said in her best man voice.



Harry seemed to have bought it and began to ramble on about unimportant quidditch things. Hermione stood there dumbfounded, "This plan might actually work" she thought to herself. Ginny locked arms with Hermione and Harry as they picked up their bags. She smiled widely before declaring "Time to go!" and they all disapparated.



When Hermione's eyes opened she was surrounded by boys, and a few of their girlfriends. Boys flew overheard passing balls around, laughing about anything. A few of them were walking around meeting some of the other campers. Suddenly the crowd parted and blonde-haired boy came walking through the empty space.



Draco Malfoy walked straight up to Hermione, Ginny, and Harry and offered them a warm smile.



"Welcome to the camp Potter, and hello to you Weaselette. Who is this may I ask?" Draco said holding his hand out to Hermione.



Hermione shook it and replied "Eric, Eric Bennet. And you?" 



"Draco Malfoy! So you're the bloke I'm sharing dorms with? That's cool. Well I really must get going. See you all later"



Hermione stood there, shocked to the core. What the bloody hell had gotten into Malfoy? Harry and Ginny didn't  even seem fazed.



"What the hell happened to Malfoy?" whispered Hermione to Ginny.



Ginny smiled, "He changed after the war 'Mione, he and Harry are on decent terms now. It’s been four years since you've seen him. He's okay, but sometimes he does still make snide remarks" she replied.



"Bloody hell" Hermione mumbled.



Harry eventually bid them goodbye and kissed Ginny on her cheek and headed off to his dorm. Hermione eventually walked to the registration tent and was given the charm she'd need to unlock her door. As she stared up at the great building in front of her, she swallowed loudly.



What was she honestly thinking? And now she has the share a dorm room with a ferret. Oh yeah, sure, this was real living.

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Quidditch Camp: Eric Bennet


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