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Chapter VIII ~Questioning The Guy In The Movie Theatre~
s Harry walked to flew, trying to find the guy that was in the movie theatre with them (Harry and hermione), he saw some one run behind a tree. He looked over, but he didn't find anyone, all's he found was a note. He picked it up, opened it, and it said: Harry, I took Hermione, I hate her, that is why I kidnapped her, and I plan to keep her hidden away for eternity, you'll never find me her, OR never. I am too smart for you, and I have powers you don't know about, or maybe you do. BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT, the point is: give up, forget Hermione, she's gone, gone FOREVER!!! It made Harry wonder, and think about who it would have been, a little more, he also cried a little bit too. But then he got detracted, by the guy in the movie theatre. "Oh, hi." said the guy in the movie theatre. "Can, I help you." he said with a questioning face, as Harry stared at him viscously. "Hi, do you remember me from the movie theatre, last night, uh......what's your name?" asked Harry. "My name is Eric, and yes, I remember you. So, what do you want?" "Do you remember the person I was with?" asked Harry. "Well, yes, what was her name?" asked Eric. "Her name is Hermione." "Oh, yeah, she was really nice, when I asked her ---well, and you--- to be quiet, 'cause I was trying to watch the movie, she said, "Okay," right away." said Eric. "Did you kidnap her?" "Hahaha, no, I didn't you can check all around, or evil lie-dector-up-ify-detize-dify me." said Eric. "Okay. What was that word?" asked Harry. "What? lie-dector-up-ify-detize-dify?" asked Eric. "YES!" said Harry. "Oh, I just made up that word, but I promise, I didn't take her, do whatever you want, just don't yank my pants down, she's not in there." said Eric. "Okay?" said Harry, as he raised one eye brow. "That doesn't sound right." "Whatever." said Eric. "Well," said Harry, "I believe you, I gotta go, though, it's late, and tomorrow I have to narrow down the suspects. Left, I have, not you...Professor Magonagal, Draco, Draco's Father, and Voldemort, not Myrtle, Snape messed up with her!" said Harry. "You mean, you're like, a wizard?" said Eric. "Yes, oh, you mean...wait." said Harry, as he turned into Eric, and the made huge muscles, and then flew up in the air. "WOW!!" said Eric. "Yeah." said Harry. "I gotta go, 'kay?" said Harry, and then he flew off. "Wow!" said Eric, again.

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