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Power of the Potters by btk101
Chapter 3 : The Start Of A Very Long Year
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter is not my creation, the entire world belongs to the genius of JK rowling. I'm just adding my ideas :)
 Finally getting to his dormitory, Draco let himself fall on his bed. Sinking into the green silk sheets on his mattress he once again lifted his hand to touch his lips.

He closed his eyes as he thought of how he still felt her cool lips against his. Her delicate tongue cautiously playing with his… the smell of her skin…

His eyes shot open. Sitting up and shaking his head Draco laughed at himself. How could he possibly be thinking of a Potter? They were enemies.

But do we have to be?

Draco gasped. He looked around for the source of the bell like sound, but found nothing. Again shaking his head he laid down.

After a couple of minutes he began to fall into the depths of sleep. Soon he was enveloped into dream land where he danced with the one he could not forget.

Four badges shined brightly on the headmasters’ desk. Albus Dumbledore looked up at the portrait of an elegant woman in deep green robes looking at him. She shook her head at him and walked away.

Fawkes screeched and Albus put the badges in a mahogany chest.

“I’m doing the right thing?” he told himself, “Fate has it planned out already, I’m just giving them the push they need.”

The sunlight shined brightly on the meadow. The flowers swayed along in the air and around the two bodies that danced in the middle. The blonde young man smiled at the young woman in his arms. Anyone looking at them would think them just a couple. However, when looking into their eyes, his cool grey and hers the color of the sun, anyone would see that this was not a normal couple.

The man ran his fingers through her dark hair. Her hair ran down her back in loose curls.

“I like your hair when it’s long,” he said into her ear.

She twisted sideways so she could see his face, her kaleidoscope eyes catching his.

“I like it short too!”

She laughed and he smiled at the trills.

Kissing the top of her head he said, “You’re beautiful no matter what.”

Touching his cheek she smiled. He closed his eyes at the cool touch leaning into it and inhaled her scent.

She cupped his chin and he locked eyes with hers. Slowly, they both leaned in. He caught her lips in a soft kiss.

He laid her on the flowers and gently tugged a strand of hair behind her ear.

He gave her tons of tiny kisses, then long passionate ones. 

She laughed and he smiled at the sound.

“Why are you doing that?”

“Each one is different,” he responded.

She sighed and hugged him tightly. She never wanted to let go. She wanted to stay here with him forever. But, she had to leave this state and go back to reality. To make all this come true she had to make sure everyone followed the right path, especially her and her brother. If they followed fates path, everything else would fall into place.

She began to feel a pull and she knew it was time to go.

He held on to her and gave her a tender yet swift kiss.

“Don’t worry darling. You won’t fail. I love you.”

Her gaze got hazy and she focused on his eyes. As she felt the last tug she squeezed his hand and said, “I love you Draco.”


“Tammy, wake up. We’re going to be late.”

Hermione threw a pillow her best friends’ sister. When she saw that Tammy began to move she turned to the mirror and adjusted the messy bun she had just finished. She put a bit of lip gloss on and turned to call her friend again.

“Ready.” Tammy said bouncing down the stairs of the bathroom.

Shocked Hermione said, “That was fast!”

Tammy smiled; she adjusted a pearl bracelet and a matching necklace and ran a hand through her hair slightly covering the scar on her forehead.

“Hey! Did your hair get longer?” Hermione asked. Deliberately remembering the small girl’s hair being short and spiked up in all directions. Now it was to her neck with short layers in soft curls.

Nodding Tammy picked up a bag (Burberry was it?) and a couple of notebooks and walked down to the common room.

“Yeah, my hair is crazy. It grows super-fast.” She said looking distracted.

“Thanks. It’s from Ralph Lauren.”


“You said you liked my bag?” she said.

Hermione shook her head, “Did I say that out loud?”

Tammy got a peculiar look in her eyes and just shrugged.

Shrugging Hermione decided to let it go. Once they got downstairs Hermione asked a fourth year if Harry had come down yet, he said Harry already went to the Great Hall. So Hermione lead the way there. She stole glances at the Tammy who seemed to be in a completely different world.

When they got to the Great Hall Hermione and Tammy were ran into Neville who seemed even more fluster than usual.

“Neville, Good Morning.” Hermione greeted him cheerfully.

“Hi!” Neville replied enthusiastically but still nervous.

Tammy nodded.

Looking around at everyone Hermione saw that they were all staring at them. Looking closer she realized they were staring at Tammy.

Here we go she thought.

“Where are you off to?” Hermione asked Neville.

Never taking his eyes off of Tammy, who was staring at something across the Hall, responded quickly, “Well I don’t know about you but the tension here is too much for me to handle, and I cannot deal with that kind of stress on the first day,” he finished looking down at his feet.

“Tension? Why?” Hermione asked curiously.

“Well Dumbledore is announcing the Heads this morning.” Tammy responded in an unattached tone.

Looking at her Hermione saw that she had a glazed look over her eyes.

“Luna. I need to meet Luna.” Tammy whispered in such a low voice Hermione barely heard her.

Hermione heard Neville make a whimper noise but when she looked up he was gone.

Tammy, still in a gaze, was rooted to the spot and Hermione was starting to feel uncomfortable with all the stares.

She grabbed Tammy’s arm then quickly let go. She was freezing!

Finally snapping out of it Tammy turned to Hermione and smiled brightly.

“Don’t worry Hermione, everything will be fine, trust me!” and with that she headed towards the Gryffindor table where Harry was sitting. As she sat down she put on a smile so Harry wouldn’t ask anything.

He smiled what seemed to be the Potter smile and greeted them both.

“Good Morning Hermione, sister. How did you sleep?” He asked taking a sip of pumpkin juice.

“Great! Hermione doesn’t’ snore at all!” Tammy said putting some fruit on her plate.

Laughing Hermione grabbed some eggs and offered her some.

“No thanks, I’m vegan.” Tammy replied casually popping a melon in her mouth.

“That sounds gross,” harry stated stuffing an egg and sausage bagel in his mouth.

“That looks gross!” Tammy accused.

Hermione laughed at the two twins. “Its like you two grew up together!”

Tammy and Harry laughed and continued eating.

Hermione noticed Tammy tense up. She peaked around the small girl and noticed Draco Malfoy looking at her. He wasn’t glaring at her with malice. No, he was looking at the golden eyed girl with a look Hermione had only ever seen with her parents… and with someone else he couldn’t place on. She looked back at Tammy who was stiff as a board but trying to act casually.

Looking at Malfoy again Hermione’s vision was blocked by long pale blonde hair. It was Luna Lovegood.

“Luna!” Tammy shrieked.

Harry gave Hermione a questioning look and she just shrugged.

Luna smiled gently at Tammy and bent down to give her a hug.

“I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.” Luna said in her usually dreamy voice, but the statement sounded like it had a double meaning.

“We have a lot to talk to my new friend,” Tammy replied reaching to touch Luna’s hand.

Luna nodded and took a seat next to Tammy.

Hermione felt Harry kick her under the table but she shook her head. She honestly had no idea what all that was about.

Draco could not stop looking at her. He couldn’t fight the urge to run up to her and hold her in his arms and never let go. Run his fingers through her hair and to feel her soft lips against his.

A small polite cough interrupted his thoughts and Draco looked up to see Dumbledore standing up ready to make his long awaited announcement. The Hall fell into silence but all the seventh years were eagerly waiting for what was to come.

“Good Morning to all,” Dumbledore’s voice rang loudly. He looked at everyone over his glasses and smiled a small smile.

“I do not want to waste your first morning back. The students that I call out are to immediately head to my office. Now…”

Everyone was holding their breath and Draco rolled his eyes, like if they couldn’t guess who the new Heads were.

“Harry Potter.” The hall rang with cheers and applause.

“Hermione Granger,” another explosion.

Draco shook his head.

 Of course it’s them

“Tammy Potter and Draco Malfoy.”

The silence that took over the hall was louder than any cheer.

Draco snapped his head up and looked at Dumbledore who was already heading out to meet them at his office.

Everyone was staring at the three Gryffindor’s or at him.

He felt someone looking at him and he meet the gold kaleidoscope eyes that made him squirm. She gave him a small smile, just for him and got up, practically dancing out of the hall. The other two followed, Granger seeming less graceful then the other two.

Blaine gave him a shove and he realized he had to go to.

Draco Malfoy got up and followed the other three out the hall with his head high and his stroll confident, but inside he was freaking out. The explosive murmurs of the other students did not help one bit.

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Power of the Potters: The Start Of A Very Long Year


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