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Go Left by itswonderland
Chapter 4 : On they go
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Breakfast was a rather uninteresting event on a Saturday. As had been the norm for the past six years of Saturdays, I was woken up quite rudely by my three other dorm mates who tended to be obnoxiously loud in the morning as they decided what to wear. It wasn’t even a Hogsmeade weekend so really, they were getting all dressed to stay in the castle – or go outside in the freezing cold, whatever tickled their fancy.

It was not as if they were rude people, in fact they were really quite nice but they were just so… girly? They read far too much witch weekly and I was surprised they hadn’t made their parents bankrupt with the amount of beauty products they owned.

Particularly the twins, Precious and Gloria Darling (yes, I know) since they were muggle borns. Clearly, as you could tell by their names. Only muggles could come up with things so outrageous and ridiculous especially with the surname Darling. Gloria definitely got the better end of the naming stick.

Next to me, Lily groaned and blindly threw a sock at which ever girl was by her bed. It missed by at least a metre. This, ladies and gentlemen, was why Lily Potter could not play Quidditch. Her aim was just awful.

Lily and I ended up getting up just so we could leave the room as soon as possible. However unbelievable it may sound, there was just too much airhead in there to cope. Precious and Gloria were bright girls in lessons but once they were out they went into full on head-full-of-fluff mode.

It was quite saddening actually. Us Ravenclaws were supposed to show our pride and out-wit every other house, including Slytherin...especially Slytherin. You see, the old Gryffindor/Slytherin how rivalry was gone. Now it was Ravenclaw/Slytherin and this was all down to two things: Quidditch and Intelligence. They were two things we both excelled in. Gryffindor hadn't won the House Cup since 2010.

It was shocking how many students got up this early on a Saturday. During the week, nobody would have been at breakfast until the last possible moment they could but on Saturdays it the great hall was suddenly buzzing with people.

Unless each house had their fair shares of Precious and Gloria’s, then they were all mad. I did notice a significant lack in Hufflepuffs, however. Not that this bothered me… or anyone.

“So where did you disappear off to last night?” Lily asked with her mouth full of toast.

Did I tell her, or did I not?


I did not. While Lily was probably the closest thing to a best friend I had, things like that weren't made to be told to her.

Crumbs sprayed out of Lily’s mouth as she spoke, “Libby came up in a really bad mood last night.”

“Say it, don’t spray it,” I grumbled. “Libby was in a bad mood when I spoke to her yesterday as well, I wonder what’s up with her. It’s not normal for Libby to be the angry one.”

“Libby’s being a right cow.”

I turned my head to the source of the noise and watched as a disgruntled Elliot sat down next to Lily. She smiled at him, revealing her mouthful of toast. Shuffling slightly away from her, Elliot addressed me.

“What is up with Libby?” he demanded.

Shrugging, I poured some coffee.

“You’re usually always in the know about this stuff.”

“Not this time, I haven’t spoken to Libby since yesterday.”

“You’re losing your touch, Bonnie,” Elliot joked.

Lily nodded, in all seriousness, agreeing with him. Personally, I had no idea what they were talking about. I didn’t have a ‘touch’. People just told me their problems and I sent them off with a comforting pat on the back. The only ‘touch’ going on was my hand coming into contact with their back in the pat.

“Believe me, you have a touch,” said Lily as if she had read my mind.
She’d probably used some sort of weird drama technique on facial expressions.

“Had,” Elliot corrected.

I glared at them both. “Thanks.”

This just made them laugh, frustratingly enough on my behalf.

I stabbed my sausage viciously and bit pieces of, bit by bit. Safe to say, I was a much more dignified eater than Lily. But that wasn’t difficult to be, the girl was an animal.

“Look, it’s Hugo and Anna.” Lily pointed towards the doors and Elliot and I simultaneously turned to look at them – as did most of the hall. I could tell that Anna was loving it, but Hugo? Not so much.

Today Hugo wore a rather dashing black t shirt with the dark grey words ‘Woe’ on it. No really, it was lovely. It totally matched the rest of his black attire including his giant combat boots which looked like they were used to squash poor innocent nifflers and first years. I wouldn't have put it past Hugo. In fact, I could have sworn I saw a little bit of niffler hair stuck to the bottom.

Anna on the other hand couldn’t have looked more different. Her choices of clothing were very…rainbow. Extremely rainbow, tremendously rainbow. It was all slightly blinding. And it was all very Anna.

She was - personality wise - a bit of a rainbow. Red for her temper and determination, orange for her enthusiasm, yellow for her jealousy, green for her oddly working mind and purple for her feelings towards Hugo. The only thing she wasn’t was blue. Blue stood for softness and tranquillity – two characteristics not possessed by Anna McFarland.

“Why does Hugo always dress so…dark?” Elliot asked.

“Probably to give off his whole ‘woe is me’ angsty image,” I suggested.
Lily jokingly glared at me. “You’re probably right but I always thought it was because other colours clashed with his hair…”

“Honestly, I don’t think he really cares about that,” I said.

“You’re right,” Lily agreed.

Elliot just nodded along, clearly having no idea what we were talking about. Actually, I’m surprised even Lily and I knew because we’d never had a conversation about things clashing with hair before. Lily didn’t care about things like that, she wore whatever she wanted whether it clashed or not. Most of the time it did but I wasn’t about to tell her that. She’d have probably used some crazy stage fighting move on me but instead ‘accidentally’ hit me. It had happened before and I'd have preferred if it didn't happen again.

Although it wouldn’t be an accident and would hurt all the same.
Anna’s eyes scanned the hall until they landed on me. I cowered under her stare, trying to disguise myself but it was a bit of a lost cause.

“Bonnie!” Anna’s voice boomed causing quite a few heads to turn and face me.

When she saw me looking, Anna beckoned me over with a bright smile to where she and Hugo had sat down.

“Good luck,” Elliot said as I stood up wile Lily just laughed.

Soon enough, Elliot joined in.

My heart seemed to beat just that bit quicker as I approached Anna and Hugo. See, that is how crazy Anna was. She was crazy to the point that I was genuinely scared of being near her, it was like I was treading on egg shells around her.

And truthfully? I was fucking sick of it.

But by living under the fear of Mum and Auntie Pam, I couldn’t do anything. Nada, zilch. All I could do was help Hugo.

“Anna,” I greeted with false cheeriness.

“Hi Bon-Bon.” She smiled up at me.

Bon-Bon, that stupid nickname from when we were four. At the time, I guess it could have been considered cute but that was twelve years ago. I didn’t like the name then and I sure as hell didn’t like it now.
Hugo snorted but his face remained emotionless. How was that even possible? I could tell he was jeering at me on the inside. His eyes betrayed him – they were the windows to the soul and all that. At least…I think that was the saying.

I glared at him. Hugo’s face remained impassive.

“Sit down,” Anna demanded.

She probably meant if as more of an invitation but that wasn’t the way it came across. Because Anna rarely invited you to do something, it was more of a ‘do it or else’ type of thing. Really quite scary actually.
Of course, I sat down opposite Anna and Hugo…and I just sat there. Not saying a word, all three of us sat there in an unbearable awkward silence. Immediately, I wished I was back with Elliot and Lily as strange as it sounded.

Anna bared her teeth at me in a way I assumed to be smiling.

“Have you written home yet?” she asked.


I hadn’t.

“Are you sure? Because I received a letter off Auntie Jan yesterday and in it she mentioned she hadn’t written for quite some time.” Anna stared at me, awaiting my response.

“Well Beak is quite old,” I said – Beak was my owl, “so he could have dropped it somewhere or maybe he's still out there delivering it, who knows.” I shrugged trying to look nonchalant but inside I was having something short of a nervous breakdown.

Anna bought this which was lucky for me because I knew that in her next letter to her mum or my mum, she would mention something about my aging owl. Although, he was only three years old. Either way, Anna bought it which meant I was saved from my mother’s wrath.

Even Dad was scared of mum sometimes and that was saying something although if I’d ever told anyone, he’d blank me forever. Auror’s didn’t take kindly to their daughters telling their weakness’ – especially when it’s a fear of their wife’s anger.

“Going anywhere nice?” I asked when everything had gone silent again.

“I was thinking me and Hugo could go to Madam Puddifoots. Is that alright Huggy bear?” Anna cooed.

I cringed. Huggy bear? What a name. It was definitely understandable why Hugo – or should I say Huggy bear? – would want to break up with her. She was an insult to any boy’s manliness. Not that Hugo really had much to begin with.

“Well aren’t you two cute.” I smiled condescendingly at Hugo.

His eye twitched but he didn’t do anything. Anna, oblivious to everything going on around her, smiled up at me.

“I agree.”

Anna snuggled into an annoyed Hugo’s side.


“So what do you want?”

I turned around at the voice and grimaced as I saw none other than Hugo Weasley leaning against the library book shelf.

“Can’t you see I’m studying?”

Hugo ignored my question the same as I had ignored his. He pushed himself off the bookshelf and sat down in the chair opposite me, his gaze not leaving my face. I stared at him, not saying anything. He stared back at me, also remaining silent. We had started an unofficial staring competition and I was determined to win as silly as it was.

Then Hugo blinked and it was all over.

“Look, can we just get to what I wanted to know? Gosh Bonnie you make things so difficult.” Hugo glared at me.

I held up my hands in a mock surrender. This just made Hugo’s glare intensify and while I would never tell this to him – or anyone – it was rather terrifying.

“Alright, alright,” I said, “fire away.”

“Since you’re helping me dump Anna, I wanted to know what your ‘price’ was.” Hugo made air quotation marks as he said price.

“Well…” I thought for a moment.

Truth was that I hadn’t given it much thought because I really didn’t know what I wanted in return for him dumping my cousin. Social manipulation seemed like a good idea but was it too mean? Probably. And being super, incredibly mean like that wasn’t my forte and would most likely have gone horrible wrong.

If you thought about it, I was in one of the weirdest situations a girl could be in. Stuck in the library with the boyfriend of my cousin asking what I wanted as a payment for helping him dump my cousin. Putting it that way made it all seem worse than it was.

“My price is…” I paused for a second.

Really, I didn’t know what I wanted. Did I want money? Food? Products from his uncle’s shop? I didn’t know. I’d never been in a situation like that before and I just didn’t know what to ask for. I didn’t want to make the offer too low but then again, it couldn’t be too high and unable to be fulfilled. It was troubling.

“I…I don’t know,” I finally said.

Hugo sighed. “Well, tell me when you know. Two days, Dewhurst. Two days.”

And then he was gone, trudging off with his head low looking as downtrodden and grouchy as always. Couldn’t say I blamed him, though.

With Anna as a girlfriend and an undecided me anyone would hate their life. When you got involved in our family, you couldn’t expect anything less than mind bogling madness because our family was completely mad. The only exclusions being my dad and me…most of the time.

Sometimes I felt sorry for dad for being married into the family until I realised that he had done it willingly and probably fully knowing what he was getting into. It was really his fault.

Sometimes I wished I had a nicer, more normal family – actually, I always wished I did but obviously I was stuck with them. At least it made my life that slight bit more interesting. That was always a good thing.

Soooo, how was it? I tried to make it as interesting as I could but I know it probably isn't the best chapter of the story. But we are introduced to Anna a bit more, and some Lily and Elliot. Please, please tell me what you thought! :D

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Go Left: On they go


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