"They say the Vampirates sail the stormy seas because the sun is their only true weakness. Their crew is vicious and cruel-the most blood thirsty savages you'll ever met, if you're misfortune is great. They overrun ships caught in raging storms, taking their loot and their life for their own, and if ones lucky, they make a few prisoners one of their own. They are worse than any mortal pirate by a far cry." he smiled almost knowingly at this. 

"The captain of this band wears a mask to hide his face. Mortal men are frightened of the mention of him, and even his crew is afraid of what lies beneath it. The captain is the nightmare of all nightmares, and if you have the misfortune of meeting him, much less his crew, the Vampirates, I'll keep you in my prayers and thoughts. Beware of the stormy seas, and if you happen to come by a ship black as the night sky with sails tattered as a bat's wings, you'll need more than my prayers to keep you safe." 

Jared's voice was low when he finished his story. He had spoken it as if he was the only one there, caught up in a memory so strong, it filled his senses. The bright blames from the campfire danced across his face, making his face appear even more interesting. 

If anyone was speaking, I never knew it. I was too caught up in Jared. His face, his voice, even his smell- a mix of wood and cinnamon- was overwhelming to me.

"Well that kicks my story to its ass!" the boy who had told the Ouija board tale exclaimed, dragging me away from my thoughts. Jared cracked a half smile at that, but his mind still seemed to be millions of miles away from where we were sitting. 

We listened to more horror stories before Jared offered to walk me home. I called my mum before we headed off, leaving a short message on her cell. 

"That was quite some story." I said when the only noise heard, the in synch sound if our footfalls, was unbearable. 

"Oh, really?" He said, turning his head to face me. His dark hair fell in front of his blue eyes again, and he quickly shook it away with a flick of his head. 

"Yes, it was very... bizarre. Vampires, ships, treasure, pirates. It even sounded like you almost believed in it all. Which made it very realistic." Even as a witch, I was very skeptical of things. I knew vampires were real as day, but after hunting dark magic objects, casting crazy spells, and riding a dragon, I still doubted most legends. Maybe it was the realistic Muggle in me.  

"I guess it is bizarre. My grandfather, before he died, used to tell it to me every night before bed. My mother used to get mad at him, because she thought such things were not for suitable for me. She would always say they would give me horrible nightmares, yet it never did. I loved the tale.

 "I think my grandfather truly believed in it, because he once had told me he had seen the ship and before he died, wanted to see it and all it's glory again. We would stay up late on stormy nights and stare out my window, hoping for a glimpse of the ship. Sometimes staying up all night.  My dad hated the story even worse than my mum, but that was because I had begun to believe in it too." he sounded almost remorseful, as if he was the blame for something terrible.

"The night he died, my dad and grandfather had another fight. It was storming, and I had come to get my grandfather, so we could watch for the ship. My father was furious, I was eight not five he told me, and I should grow up. Then I started yelling and so did my mother, and it was horrible. And then my grandfather fell."  I gasped, covering my mouth with my hands. What a horrible thing to be subject to, and at such a young age at that

"Later I was told by my father he had a heart attack from having such a long stressful life and it had just been his time to go. That didn't stop the pain I felt. I went back to my room after they had rushed me out. I sat down on my window seat and cried. The funniest thing was, I swore I saw a ship like the one in my grandfather's story." 

"I had no idea that story meant so much to you. I feel like a such a prat now." I exclaimed, feeling very foolish indeed. 

"It's alright. It's not like I do believe in the story anymore. It just means something to me. You know?" 

We were now only a block away from my place when he grabbed my hand with his warm one. I had been waiting for him to take it, letting my hand swing close to his side, but too afraid to take his own. It felt nice, like the last time, when he had dragged me to the drift wood benches only a few hours ago. 

We walked in a comfortable silence the rest of the way. 

At my doorstep, I tripped on one of the steps, and Jared grabbed me by my hand and the collar of my shirt to keep me from falling down the other steps. 

"Thank you," I said when I steadied. 

"No problem, Hermione," he said, tucking his hands in his pockets. "See you 'round?" he proposed. 

"I'd like that," I agreed. He pecked my cheek before he turned on his heels ad walked back down the street. I could not help myself as the small smile that had been present most of the night, grew into a huge, toothy grin that refused to budge from my lips as I watched him walk away. 

In a dreamy state I walked inside my house and to my room, not even noticing my parents stare after me from the couch. I went to bed, that stupid smile still planted on my face. 


"The captain of this band wears a mask to hide his face." Jared's voice echoed. It sounded darker and more mechanical. Less human than it should have. 

 Bats and masks circled around me. I felt like I was stuck in the middle of a cyclone of bats and masks and I couldn't breathe. I screamed and then shivered when I heard Bellatrix's laughter follow my screams for help. I tried to push through the barrier of them and was pushed back by an invisible force. 

"Help me!" The laughter grew louder and louder, until I had to cover my ears from the sheer volume of it.

And then it was gone. I was suddenly wet and cold. It felt too real. I was being rocked back in forth, like the ground I was standing on rock as well. Lightening flashed across the sky, and an arm wrapped around my side tightly, threateningly. 

"Where do you think you're going, sugar?" I shivered as a dark voice whispered in my ear, a hand covering my mouth, as I tried to scream again. "Your mortal friends can't help you now, little girly."

He lifted me up and I saw the choppy sea crashing against itself below me. I struggled in his hot, tight grasp. I had to get free. I wasn't going to die like this. 

I freed my mouth from his hands by biting down hard into his dirt covered skin and rasped, "Let me go!"

He complied, and as he let go of me, he smiled, sharp teeth that would have looked more appropriate on a razor than in a man's mouth gleamed at me, and I knew I made a mistake. As I fell into the icy water, I let out a horrible screech. 

I landed with a thud on my carpeted floor. Sweat dripped down my face and my throat was throbbing in pain. My eyes flew open, and with a relieved sigh, I only saw my bedroom. My covers had taken a dive off the bed with me it seemed, because my body was tangled in it. 

It was just a nightmare, Hermione.  Just a nightmare. 


After a breakfast of English muffins with jam, juice, chopped fruit, and poached eggs, Harry's new owl, Josephine, tapped on the window. I relieved the spotted brown bird of it's load and gave it a treat before ripping open the letter. 

Hello Hermione! 

I know it's been some time since I last wrote to you. Things at the Burrow are chaotic as usual. Fluer is now pregnant and that has everyone here happy. It's nice to see the Weasley's acting more like themselves. 

It's been especially hard on George since the funeral, but yesterday he actually set a prank on Percy, granted it was a pretty lame one, and the only one who actually laughed was George, it was good to see him laugh again. We were all worried about him for a while. 

There was a paragraph blotted out before it started again. 

Sorry about that, Ron could't make up his mind about what he wanted to say. Ron does want to say that he doesn't see how you can survive this long without magic and that you've gone completely mental, and he hopes you know that. He does, on the other hand, hope your summer is nice.

I also sent you a copy of today's Prophet since I know even though you refuse to admit it, that you've gone crazy not knowing what's going on. I also know that the frown on your face is there because I'm right and you don't like that.

I huffed. Harry was right on both accounts. 

Teddy's growing up so fast. I'm scared he'll grow up too fast that I'll miss everything. He's already crawling and getting into all kinds of trouble.

We all miss you. Please write back soon,


I smiled at his messy scrawl and the lines crossed out, imagining him writing this while Ron would be sitting next to him food in hand, of course, telling him what to write before chaining his mind, and telling him to write another passage entirely different. 

I set the letter down before looking at the two Prophets. One was a couple weeks old  and the other a  month old, but the information was new to me, so I went to devour the older immediately.  The front had a massive moving picture of Professor McGonagall standing into of What was left of Hogwarts. I noted if one looked more closely, you could see  witches and wizards working hard by lifting up whoke pieces of stone wall, or someone fixing a window. The caption read: Rebuilding of a School.

Yes, the building of Hogwarts is well underway, and as our source tell us following along with the schedule splendidly! The Great Hall is nearly finished, says Headmistress McGonagall, and as is the Transfiguration classroom. Clearly as the picture above shows, witches and wizards of all ages are eager to help in any way they can.  They're hoping to have it finished by next school year, so they can continue to educate our children for many years to come. For answers about donations and questions regarding volunteer information, please owl Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Games at Hogwarts. 
Continued on pg. 11

There was also an article about the rest of the Death Eater trails. Almost all the remaining followers were sent to Azkaban, or given the Kiss. What I found interesting was that Draco Malfoy was set free, apart from having his wand snapped because his age and he had not murdered anyone during the war.  

I turned to the next one.  This one a picture of Malfoy at school covered the front. I frowned, not knowing what to think if it, I started reading the article. 

Last of the Malfoy line, Draco Malfoy was reported to be missing for at least a week. Last sited leaving the Ministry after his father's trail there are limited suspects or evidence of the young heir's whereabouts. The names of those that are suspected have not been released to the public, but our sources have been busy searching for you for answers. If you have any knowledge or think you may have seen him, please owl the Auror offices. 

Before  I could process the new knowledge, my dad called for me. "Hey Hun,"
I looked up from the newspaper, "You want something Dad?" 

"Did you ever give your mother her necklace back? She's been practically tearing up the place looking for it."

My hand traveled up to my neck, where the necklace should have been. I hadn't taken it off before I went to bed, but my hands couldn't lie to me. "Dad, I don't have it."

Oh my gawd! Okay that was not how it was going to end, but it in fact turned out better. What do you think happened to the necklace? Is it lost, did she take it off after all? Or perhaps stolen? What will happen! And do you think of Jared's childhood? The Vampirates tale?
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