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Quidditch Camp by GryffindorPrincess918
Chapter 3 : Disappearing Act
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Hermione furiously kicked off her boots and slammed her suitcase onto the floor and she stormed up the stairs, but when she was halfway up she caught a glimpse of her watch. It was three in the morning! She sighed and slowly trudged back down the stairs to meet Harry's green eyes. She lowered her eyes to the floor and walked over to the emerald green couch in the living room.


Harry walked over joining her on the couch and placed a hand on her shoulder. She looked up from the floor and met his eyes once again and felt a few hot tears slip from her eyes. He sighed,



"What did Ron do 'Mione? You only come here when he does something stupid."



She laughed, Harry knew so well. "He told me I was working myself to death. Well I'd rather work all the time then think about the war!"



Harry knew exactly what she meant, he was still haunted by the deaths of the war. He enjoyed his evenings with his girlfriend and best friend. They'd sit there and laugh about almost nothing, but that wouldn't stop the happy tears of laughter flowing from their eyes. He could never resist it when Ron would randomly floo into his house and ask him to join him and the Leaky Cauldron for some butterbeer. It wasn't that Harry had become an alcoholic, no not all. Just laughing with his best mate and sipping on the sweet liquid of butterbeer was better than being haunted by the life slipping out of someone's eyes.



"I know what you mean 'Mione, but I also know where he's coming from too. Maybe you should go to one party, just ONE. No more, no less"


Hermione scoffed, "Don't sound too eager there, Harry."



Harry sighed and removed his hand from her shoulder. He stood up from the couch and grabbed Hermione's luggage from the floor. He disappeared down a dark, narrow hall with her bags only to return a minute later. He laughed to himself as he saw Hermione's sleeping form on the couch. He would let her sleep there tonight, but he would not deal with her drool stains any more than that. He put a heavy wool blanket on her and slowly walked back upstairs to his sleeping beauty.



Hermione awoke to a brightly lit room that she didn't recognize. The first thing she noticed was a heavy, wool blanket draped around her shoulders which she quickly flung off. She grabbed her wand from her pocket and sat up before she sighed and then laughed to herself. She placed her wand on the coffee table as she realized she was in Harry and Ginny's house.


She walked down the hallway she saw Harry disappear to the night before to find a fairly large room. The walls were a light powder blue and there was a double bed with the same color quilt to her right. Its frame was dark, black and made of wrought-iron with little roses twirling around it. On the other side of the bed there was a white door. She slowly opened it to find a walk-in closet. Her clothes were magicked into the right color and order, which she assumed Harry had charmed them to do last night.


Across the room was another door, as she turned the golden knob she was greeted by the smell of cinnamon and vanilla. There was a large, tan bathroom with a clear-glass shower and tub. She quickly grabbed two white, fluffy towels and stripped herself of her clothes. As she turned the knobs of the shower she was greeted by the familiar warmth of a raging, hot shower. She sat down on the floor of the shower under its warm spray, and thought about what Ron had said to her. She could no longer tell what was the shower and what were her tears.


After she had enough she turned off the shower and wrapped one towel around her head and the other around her body. The room was filled with steam from the bottom to top as she opened the door. As she stepped out she saw Ginny admiring a picture of her and Hermione in their fifth year.


Ginny gasped and smiled as she saw Hermione and quickly ran over with her arms wide open, almost knocking Hermione down.


"Oi, 'Mione! I've missed you so much! Harry told me what Ron said last night. I dont agree with any of the bloody boys. They're such numptys sometimes."


Hermione only faintly smiled in return, "Yeah, they are I guess."


Ginny finally took a deep breath before looking into Hermione's eyes. "I've got a plan to show Ron how to live, but you're just gonna have to sit tight while I go get something for you."


Hermione nodded and watched Ginny flee the room. When she was gone she took the time to dress herself. She changed into a deep, purple v-neck sweater and some light-blue jeans. She magicked her hair so it fell in soft, caramel ringlets. Over time Hermione's hair had become tame and beautiful. She checked herself over until she was interrupted by a knock at the door.


Ginny stood in the door way with a large grin on her face and a piece of paper in her hands with fast moving pictures. As Hermione took a closer look she saw they were young, handsome boys on brooms. Ginny took her hand as led her to the bed, then slowly handed over the piece of paper.


Hermione's eyebrows quirked up in confusion and she viewed the brochure for a quidditch camp. She handed the paper back,

"I see a bunch of boys on brooms Gin, what does this have to do with me?"


Ginny's eyes flashed a glint of mischeif as she began to speak, "This is a strictly all boys quidditch camp. Its about two months long and is full of sexy, muscular men! And I can think of one person who should go!"


Hermione's brain began absorbing the information Ginny just speeled. Finally a click went off in Hermione's head. "No Ginny, I will not go! Its all boys and I'm a girl! Plus you know how I hate quidditch and flying!"


Ginny rolled her eyes, "You're the one who asked me to help you show Ron you know how to live."


Hermione nodded her head slightly before feeling herself caving in. "Alright tell me what your plan is."


Ginny clapped her hands together and squealed. "So. This camp is full of hot, young boys that Im sure you'll like. I'll just make you over so that you're boy perfection and then send you off to this camp. And don't worry not only will you have fun with the quiddtich but the accept beginners of all ages.

"And you'll stay at this camp until the end. Then on the last day you will reverse the spells on you and reveal yourself to Ron, since he's going. He will be so shell-shocked he won't even speak!" concluded Ginny enthusiatstically.


Hermione bit her lip nervously, "Are you sure?"


Ginny huffed, "Yes I'm sure 'Mione. Don't be such a ninny!"


Hermione sat there mulling over the situation before her eyes with determination and fire. She was excited, nervous, scared. She didn't know what she felt.

 "I'll do it!" she declared. "But how are we going to make Hermione Granger disappear?"


Ginny smiled devilishly, "Lets just call this the disappearing act."

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Quidditch Camp: Disappearing Act


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