Scorpius’s week and a half with his parents was very relaxing. After getting over the argument with his dad his parents tried to ask questions about Rose and his friends frequently. Just catching up with them was nice, his father even approved of him trying to get into the Auror Academy. This shocked Scorpius since he always felt he would disappoint his dad by not taking over the family apothecaries. Scorpius also had Rupert come over twice and the boys had a great time flying around the grounds and going to Diagon Alley to get their girlfriend’s Christmas presents. Lysander’s family was busy traveling since they were promoting Luna’s new and celebrated book on nargels which still made Scorpius laugh.

Sadly though, it was time for this care free and relaxing time to end. It was time; time to go to the Weasley’s. Or as Rupert referred to it, Doomsday.

What a supportive friend.

“Scorpius sweetie, Diggy and I just finished all those cauldron cakes and cookies you wanted to take over to the Weasley’s, they are on the counter in the kitchen!” Astoria yelled from the first floor to Scorpius.

“Okay, thank you so much Mum!” Scorpius was still attempting to pack. Half of him wanted to pack slowly since he was so nervous, and half of him wanted to sprint and get this over with. When he finally finished he walked down stairs with his duffle bag to grab his mother’s homemade sweets and tell his parents goodbye.

“Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you son!” Draco was finding nothing but humor in his son’s situation.

“Oh stop it Draco! You’ll be just fine sweetie, you’re an incredible young man! Just talk about quidditch for her dad and your grades for her mom! I know you’re nervous but I promise you it’ll all be okay.” Astoria hugged her son reassuringly. Scorpius quickly said bye and hopped through the fireplace yelling Weasley Cottage, the green flames surrounded him and he was immediately hit by a flurry of red hair.

“What took you so long? I’ve missed you so much!” Rose reached to kiss him and Scorpius quickly turned a bit so she hit his cheek. She gave him a strange look but he just smiled kindly back at her.

“I’ve missed you to! I just had to talk with my parents a bit and finish up your Christmas present!”

“Oh please Scor, I’m a Slytherin stop messing with me. If I wanted to figure out what my present was I could do it so easily! I’m cunning remember!”

“Ah yes Rose but you also forget that I’m a ‘Claw and have resorted to extreme measures to delude you.”

“But at the same time you’re a teenage boy, and I’m your girlfriend. I’m positive I could persuade you.” She gave him that charming smile and Scorpius quickly looked around.

“Rose, your parents! Where are they? Merlin you can’t talk like that! Where’s your dad? I bet he has the place bugged!” Rose busted out laughing at Scorpius for a bit before answering him.

“My dad’s at work of course. My mum ran over to the Potter’s to help Aunt Gunny with something. The only reason she trusted me to stay here with you is because Hugo is upstairs somewhere. So calm down, I swear Scor if you avoid me like the plague while we are here I’ll jinx you before you can say protego!”

“I’m sorry love, but we both know how important it is for your parents to like me. Even if you don’t care, I do. I don’t want our entire relationship being strained because you have to constantly get nagged about me.” Rose lifted her hand to cup her boyfriend’s face, she looked at him seriously before speaking.

“Scor, we talked about this. I don’t care. I need you to understand that. You are worth it, stop thinking you are not. I can take of myself okay love?” Scorpius sighed and gazed at her for a bit.

“How did I ever get so lucky?”

“You used a love potion remember?” They both laughed about the ridiculous headlines they were making. The two sat on the couch as Rose showed Scorpius how a TV worked. Hugo came down to join them since he felt it was his brotherly duty. Rose and Hugo nearly died with laughter when Scorpius tried to talk to the people on the TV, he found the TV incredible and couldn’t tear himself away. He was familiar with rugby so he and Hugo chatted about that for a time until they heard the roar of the fireplace and Hermione Weasley step out.

Hermione Weasley was remarkably well kept. Classy was really the best way to describe her. Scorpius would never admit it to Rose but he loved reading her books on law and the various cases she worked on.

“Oh hello Scorpius! Pleasure to see you again, I’m so sorry I wasn’t here to greet you but Ginny needed help decorating for Christmas.”

“Oh it’s no problem Mrs. Weasley, thank you so much for having me.” Scorpius said earnestly.

“It’s no problem at all dear, make yourself at home. I’ll be making roast for dinner I hope that’s okay.”

“Oh yea, sounds lovely thank you.”

She nodded to Scorpius and quickly started talking to Hugo.

“Really Hugo your grades have been dropping, next year you will be taking OWLs and you cannot afford to slack! Go upstairs and study please.”

“But mum its break! You’re not making Rose study!”

“Yes but Rose is making good grades whereas you have somehow managed to care more about pranking James then passing Care of Magical Creatures. How you honestly make that low of a grade in a class where the teacher is your godfather is beyond me.”

“Yea well, I wasn’t going to farm for flobberworms mum! That’s rubbish! Even you dropped that class!”

“That is completely irrelevant, do not argue, go study, NOW.” Hugo got the look and Hermione walked into the kitchen. Rose busted out laughing.

“What, what is it?” Scorpius questioned.

“The real reason Hugo is failing is because he stole the flobberworms and unleashed them into the Slytherin boy’s dormitories. Clearly that letter never reached my mother.” Rose said happily.

Right as Scorpius was about to respond he heard the flames of the floo and he immediately scooted a bit away from Rose on the couch and heard Rose give a small chuckle. He overheard Ron and Hermione conversing a bit about their days before Ron walked into the living room.

“Scorpius.” Ron merely nodded uncomfortably, Scorpius greeted him but he merely walked upstairs awkwardly mumbling about ferrets.

“Well, that could have gone much worse you know?” Rose said trying to ease her nervous wreck of a boyfriend.

“Yea, I suppose. You think he’ll talk to me at dinner?”

“Oh yea, my mum will make him I’m sure.”

But that didn’t happen. Dinner consisted of Hugo talking aimlessly about random things. Luckily Rose immediately jumped to brag about Scorpius when Hermione asked about school. Rose clearly knew how to manipulate her parents. ‘Clever Slytherin,’ Scorpius thought.

“Oh yea mum, Scorpius and I study all the time! It’s great really. We are better at different subjects so we work great together. We are both making straight O’s right now! We definitely have a shot at being heads next year, there’s no way my charms grade would be like that without him!”

“Well that’s wonderful you two! Straight O’s is something to really be proud of! Scorpius your parents must be overjoyed.” Said Hermione trying to bring him back into the conversation.

“-Er yes they really are. To be honest it can be embarrassing, when they get together with their friends they never really stop talking about it.” Scorpius said good naturedly.

“Well I can’t say I blame them. Tell me Scorpius, do you know what you want to do after school?”

Rose immediately felt Scorpius tense. Scorpius had not told many of his ambition to be an Auror, he especially didn’t want to tell the second in command of the Auror department yet. He’d probably laugh in his face.

“Yea, I want to go into the Auror academy actually.”

Ron coughed a bit. Only Hermione seemed to miss the look Rose gave her father.

‘Bless Hermione Weasley’ Scorpius quickly thought. That woman clearly knew how to keep a conversation going. With the end of dinner Rose was helping her mom clean up and Hugo, Scorpius and Ron were all in the den.

Finally Ron spoke up which surprised Scorpius.

“Scorpius, let’s go into my office for a bit.” Ron said in an authoritative tone. Hugo let out a small laugh before wishing Scorpius luck. Scorpius followed Mr. Weasley into a cozy office decorated with Gryffindor colors, old quidditch memorabilia and files filled with Auror cases.

“Fancy a butterbeer?” Ron asked cordially.

“Um sure sir, thank you.” Ron poured the drink and handed it to Scorpius before he started to talk again.

“So you’re the Scorpius Malfoy huh?”

“Yes sir.”

“You’re in Ravenclaw correct?”

“Yes sir.”

“Are you a prefect and on the quidditch team?”

“Yes I am a prefect, I am the Ravenclaw seeker.” Scorpius felt almost robotic with his answers, he wanted to seem at least somewhat interesting when answering to Mr. Weasley.

“How long have you and Rose been seeing each other?”

“A little over two months sir.”

“Have you dated girls before Rose or while dating Rose?”

“I’ve only dated two other girls, and no never sir!”

That’s when Scorpius realized it.

“My drink! You vertiserumed me!’”

“Guess you are a Ravenclaw! Yea I did, but here’s the thing. You’re dating my daughter, and I promise to give you my blessing if you pass this, deal?”

“I uh! That’s just. Fine. Question me then, this is easier anyway.”

“Good idea to go along with it then! Alright let’s begin. Do you really make all O’s?”

“Yes sir. Ever since first year.”

“Alright, how long have you liked Rose?”

“Since the start of term when we began to work together in DADA.”

“Ah that brings me to an important question! Have you ever enjoyed the Dark Arts or looked to use them in any way.”

“No they disgust me, I want to become an Auror so I literally hate them.”

“Hm that adds a lot of trust in my book. Okay, what do you like about my daughter?”

Scorpius got the dopey grin on his face whenever he spoke about Rose before he answered, “Well what’s not to like? She’s amazing! She’s gorgeous inside and out! She is nice to everyone and the most caring person I know, she’s never judgmental, and-“

He really wanted to stop talking it was getting embarrassing but of course he couldn’t seem to stop himself.

“she has like this fire about her! When she cares about something she gives it her all and she never quits! She’s witty and smart, but still kind and cute!” So. Bloody. Embarrasing. Stop talking, stop talking, stop talking. Finally after another minute and Ron laughing for a bit he stopped.

“That brings me to a question my wife and daughter will soon kill me for asking but it’s an important one.” Scorpius began to get even more nervous at those words. “Have you ever had sexual relations with my daughter?” Ron looked at him with the same fire that he must have used when fighting Voldemort, he was bloody scary.

“NO SIR! WE’VE ONLY SNOGGED!” Thank Merlin for Rose’s boundaries and Scorpius’s self-control. Ron probably would have blown Scorpius up if that answer was yes.

“I could have lived without knowing that but good. I would have blown your bits off. Scorpius, I have one more question okay?” Scorpius nodded and then Ron spoke, “What are you intentions with my daughter?”

“I want to keep Rose in my life as long as she lets me. I never want to lose her or harm her in any way.” Scorpius had never really said something like that out loud and it almost frightened him that he loved Rose so much. He was only sixteen anyway, but he couldn’t help it.

Ron stared at him deeply for a bit before speaking. “Listen Scorpius, I will never like your family. But I love when my Rosie is happy. You can date her. Let’s just leave it at that. You know if you ever harm her I would hunt you down right?” Scorpius nodded. “Good, now the veritaserum will lose effects in a few more minutes. If I were you I’d stay away from Hugo, he knows and he would love to embarrass the hell out of you.”

“I’ll take that advice. Thank you Mr. Weasley for trusting me. This was a terrible experience but easier then sucking up to you for a week.”

Ron let out a bark like laugh at Scorpius. “I thought it’d be easier and I got the information I wanted. Get out of here now before Rose thinks I killed you.”

Scorpius quickly left the office to find Hugo with the most devious and scary look on his face.  

“Hey Scorpius I had some questions for you!”

“Leave me alone Hugo!” Scorpius tried to run away but Hugo blocked his exit and began firing off questions rapidly.

“Have you ever had inappropriate thoughts about Rose? Do you ever fart in public? Have you ever wet yourself? Do you dream about Rose? Does my father scare you? Have you ever consumed alcohol? Have you ever seen a playwizard? Have you –“ Hugo got cut off with the yell of silencio from Ron. Right as Scorpius was about to open his mouth Ron sent the same spell at him as well.

“Hugo I’ll lift the spell when Scorpius is veritaserum free. Oh and you now have to degnome the garden for a week.” Ron said casually. Hugo began to make a silent argument that proved fruitless and finally marched up to his room. Ron just shook his head at his son. “I had to silence you Scorpius, there are some things a father is best not knowing.” Scorpius merely nodded and thanked Merlin for being silenced. A few minutes later the spell was lifted and Scorpius was back to normal. He walked back to the living room where he saw Rose and her mum watching the TV.

“Where have you been?” Rose asked curiously.

“Truthfully Rose, you don’t even want to know.” Rose gave him the ‘we will talk later’ look and they continued to chat and watch TV peacefully.

“Aren’t Malfoy’s supposed to be cocky gits? I don’t think I’ve met a more nervous person in my life.”

“Shut up Hugo! You try meeting an entire family that hates you!”

“Well, they don’t all hate you. Just ya know, the majority.”

“Thanks. Your words of wisdom are beyond endearing.”

“So I’ve been told mate, so I’ve been told. Come on, let’s go find that nightmare of a sister I have. How you date that girl is beyond me.”

Scorpius just chuckled and followed Hugo downstairs.

“Alright come on now we’re going to be late! Scorpius dear you are going to want to shout ‘the Burrow’ okay?” Hermione said kindly. Scorpius nodded his head and stepped right into the fireplace yelling the command and throwing floo powder.

When Scorpius stepped out he was surrounded by red hair and freckles. The kitchen he was in was extremely loud and everyone seemed to be trying to be the loudest. Scorpius brushed off his clothes and looked around awkwardly. Finally Albus saw him and recognized his discomfort.

“Hey everyone, Scorpius is here!” Albus yelled. Right as everyone got silent Rose came through the floo.

“Oh, hello everyone! I see you’ve met Scorpius?”

“Well he is certainly handsome. A bit skinny but I can fix that!” Nana Molly smiled kindly and dragged Scorpius over to all the food she was still preparing. Together they began to peel potatoes and mix random ingredients together.

“Um, thank you for having me over.” Scorpius felt beyond awkward hanging out with Rose’s grandma.

“Oh it’s no problem! So tell me about yourself Scorpius, you must be quite the guy to catch Rose’s attention!”

“Hah, oh no I’m definitely the lucky one.” Scorpius said honestly.

“Ah well she wouldn’t date anyone now would she? I trust her judgment, so go on now, what house are you in?”

“I’m a Ravenclaw. Um, I play seeker, and let’s see. I’m a prefect.”

“Well that’s quite a resume you got there. Your parents must be proud. I’m assuming you got past Hermione easily as soon as you said Ravenclaw. Now tell me, how did Ron react to you? The whole family has been guessing for weeks now.”

Scorpius laughed before speaking, “It’s actually a funny story. Terrifying at first but now it’s funny. He veritaserumed me. Probably one of the most embarrassing moments of my life but it was way easier than trying to impress him all week.”


Ron Weasley suddenly shrank back into the small eleven year old boy who had once cowered from his mother’s booming voice. Everyone just stared as Molly Weasley began her tirade when finally Rose spoke up. “Did you really?” She said with an eerie calmness to her voice.

“I, well, yes I did. But he preferred it as well Rosie! I just had to check him out! You know that’s what dads do!” Ron began to ramble on a bit.

“I would expect you to trust my judgment and not force my boyfriend to spill every word about himself or us!” Rose began to turn scarlet but instead of yelling she marched out into the garden. Before anyone could process what had just happened Lily was out the door after Rose.

“I am so sorry! I really didn’t mean to cause all this! Mr. Weasley was fine really, he didn’t ask anything weird really.” Scorpius felt terrible and wanted to calm down the situation he felt he had started. Everyone began arguing some thinking Ron’s actions were okay and others finding them ridiculous and extreme. Everyone slowly began to disperse and Ron and Hermione had left to go talk. Albus eventually came up to Scorpius.

“Don’t worry yourself mate. It’s not a Wotter get-together if there isn’t some argument going down. Having a million hot headed people all under one roof is always dramatic. The Christmas that Dominique stole Lily’s shoes was the worst. All the girls were accusing each other about clothes missing and then somehow James claimed Hugo stole his favorite snitch. It was quite outrageous.” Albus said good humoredly.

“Yea thanks Al. Look, I’m going to go find Rose and talk to her. I should have told her about the veritaserum last night.” Albus nodded and Scorpius walked in the direction he saw Rose go. As he walked through the garden he tried to look around for Rose but saw nothing. He figured she must have been in the forest but how he would find her there was beyond him. He quietly sat down in the garden and felt the best thing he could do was wait. It was pretty cold out but luckily there was no winter wind in the air. After sitting for a few minutes he heard the door open. He looked back to see Dominique walking towards him.

“So veritaserum huh?” Scorpius just nodded.

“Everyone will calm down you know. They’ll all get to know you and like you eventually. So stop getting all worked up, it won’t help anything. Rose is just upset because, well she’s Rose. She’s the emotional one. She’s just pissed at her dad but she’ll get over it. They’re really close you know.”

“Thanks Dom. It could be worse right?”

“Oh merlin yes! When my sister Vic brought home her first boyfriend my father pretended to be full werewolf to scare the bloke off! He was attacked years ago, his only trait is how he likes his meat. But he totally convinced this guy that he was a werewolf! So look at it this way, Ron Weasley could have probably sent you to Azkaban no questions asked because of who he is, but he didn’t. You must be doing something right!”

“Dom you have to be the strangest positive person I’ve ever met.”

“Why thank you Scorpius! Why look there are the flowers now, go get your woman!” Dom said pointing to Lily and Rose as they emerged from the forest. Dom walked back inside, Lily nodded to Rose and left her and Scorpius alone.

“I’m sorry I ran off like that, it was immature. I was just so bloody upset that my dad did that to you! I cannot believe you didn’t say anything.” Rose said quietly.

“I was going to tell you, but I wanted to do it later I suppose. I really didn’t think it was that big of a deal. He didn’t ask any weird questions or anything. It was awkward at first but in all honesty love it was much easier than me trying to impress him all week. Now I can just focus on spending time with you and avoiding pranks from Hugo.” Scorpius said trying to lighten the mood a bit.

“It’s just unethical to do that though! I just wish I could trust my father to think I can choose a good boyfriend. I’ve never given him any reason to doubt me.”

“Yes but sweet, it’s not you he’s doubting. It’s me, my last name. If it was anyone else we both know he wouldn’t have gone to that extent. It’s not his fault my father was a git. Half the school thinks I used a love potion on you, who knows what ideas your father made up in his head to explain how you would date a ‘ferret’.” He said smiling.

“I hate that you are siding with him you know?”

“Yea, but it’s stupid to fight over something that really doesn’t even matter.”

“I also hate when you’re right.”

“Eh, I’m a Ravenclaw it’s bound to happen sometimes.”


“But I’m your prat.” Before Scorpius could wipe the smirk off his face Rose was kissing him. It felt like it had been an eternity since they had really kissed. Quick pecks here and there had hardly constituted for a kiss. Scorpius realized how much he had missed the closeness they had because he was so overly concerned about her family. After a few minutes Scorpius pulled back.

“Hey, guess what?”

“Um, you ruined a perfectly good moment?”

“No, you get to meet my parents in a few days!”

This time it was Scorpius who got to laugh at Rose.

The rest of the week passed by without incident. Hugo and Scorpius engaged in constant warfare by pranking one another throughout the day. At one point, Scorpius had been charmed sing opera instead of talk to people. Scorpius got Hugo back though when he was turned into a woman for six hours.

Ron still was weary of Scorpius and it was often awkward, but he at least tried to be friendly for the benefit of his daughter. Hermione loved her daughter’s boyfriend and approved hole-heartedly. Scorpius and Hermione would end up talking for quite some time over runes and other legal issues taking place in the wizarding world. As the week drew to a close Scorpius and Rose decided to celebrate Christmas early with each other since they would not be together on Christmas day. Together the couple had dinner at a local muggle restaurant where Scorpius had to cover up his blunder when asking for butterbeer. Eventually though after a nice dinner the couple took a walk through the snow covered streets. After talking for a while they made their way to a small coffee shop on the edge of the town.

“Alright love here you go happy Christmas.” Scorpius said as he handed Rose her Christmas present. Rose immediately looked childlike as her excitement took over and she tore the wrapping off of a small box. When she opened the lid a smile played on her face and she looked up.

“How did you know?”

“Well you lost your bracelet during the task and I could tell you were upset. But look more closely love.” Inside the box was a half inch woven leather bracelet. On the cords of the bracelet were to hippogriffs chasing each other, darting across the cords magically, on the small silver clasp of the bracelet was the engraving S&R. Rose stared as the hippogriffs darted across the bracelet happily before she looked back up thoughtfully.

Scorpius began to get nervous. “I almost got a charm bracelet or necklace but I thought you’d want something more unique and you remember what I told you about the hippogriffs right? Is it too depressing I thought it was coo-“

“Scorpius shut up! I absolutely love it! It’s so thoughtful you’re the best boyfriend ever, really. I love you so much. How one earth did you get it made?”

“Oh well, I bought the bracelet but added all the charms and engraving. I’m good at charms remember?”

“Of course I remember! It’s wonderful love, now here put it on me.” Rose stuck her wrist out and Scorpius clasped the braided bracelet onto Rose. They smiled at each other goofily before Rose pulled out a package for Scorpius. It was lumpy and a bit poorly wrapped and Scorpius couldn’t help but laugh.

“Oh shut it! Not all of us have house elves to wrap presents for us you know?” Scorpius just smiled at her as he tore open the package. Inside had to be the nicest quidditch robes he had ever seen. They were a deep blue with silver stitching to give them that Ravenclaw look. “Now, I know they can’t be used during school games but I thought you could use them during pick-up games or practice, they are charmed to be water resistant and the tag has instructions for spells that will make it the temperature you want it! And the cloak can come off as well!” Rose said hurriedly.

“Rose these are amazing! They must have cost you a fortune you really shouldn’t have!” Scorpius could barely contain his excitement. The new robes would make him unbeatable, especially since he had purchased new gloves recently. “We need to play a match with your family! Or start a big one at school soon!” Scorpius continued to ramble as Rose just smiled at her boyfriend’s childlike enthusiasm.

Slowly but surely the couple began to head back to the house. Right before they could see the house though Scorpius pulled Rose to the side for a Happy Christmas snog. Just as Scorpius had begun to kiss his girlfriend a flash went off and suddenly the sound of apparitions began.

“Rose how does your father feel about you still seeing a Malfoy?”

“Scorpius over here! Does Rose have a good kissing technique that you would like to share with witch weekly?”

“Rose have you been checked for any signs of love potion?”

“Mr. Malfoy is this some sort of plot to harm Ms. Weasley because of an old family feud?”

“Ms. Weasley over here! Is it true Mr. Malfoy had to muggle fight your cousin James?”

Scorpius immediately grabbed Rose’s hand and tried to fight through the reporters. They were overwhelming and Scorpius desperately wished he could apparate. Just in time though Mr. Weasley apparated right in the center of the ruckus.

“Excuse me as Deputy Auror I must ask you all to leave immediately for harassment. I will gladly take you to Azkaban if you choose otherwise.” He said in a stern voice. While some brave reporters began to yell questions at Mr. Weasley most of them dissapparated and Scorpius and Rose ran to the house.

“How’d the find us?” Rose yelled angrily.

“Well, we were close to your house. It’s not really that hard.” Scorpius said logically.

“That’s so frustrating though! They are just going to say terrible things! They are just mere vultures all of them! Honestly, you’d think they could try and make decent livings for themselves!” Rose continued her rant and soon after Mr. and Mrs. Weasley came to see them.

“They are all gone Rosie calm down. Scorpius leaves tomorrow anyway so you will be fine.” Mr. Weasley said solemnly. 

“I’m so sorry sweety! I know how evil they can be, remember when I told you about the woman who was a beetle? At least there are not any of those right?” Mrs. Weasley said trying to cheer up her daughter.

Eventually everyone was able to cheer up and forget about the incident. Except the next morning Scorpius and Rose snogging made the cover of Witch Weekly and a number of other magazines. Mr. Weasley awkwardly pretended he did not notice or know a thing about his daughter snogging someone and Hermione just tried to calm Rose down when she saw. Rose began to rant about the need for privacy while Scorpius just let it roll off his back. Later when the couple was alone a few hours before Scorpius was leaving he had a chance to talk to her.

“Love, we knew this would happen at some point. It’s really not a big deal, the press will get bored when they realize there is not a huge controversy or anything. Plus everyone at school will logically be able to conclude you were never pregnant in a month or two.” Rose playfully smacked Scorpius before speaking.

“I know, I just can’t wait for us to be accepted you know? It’s funny isn’t it, at school it was I giving you this talk about it going to be okay.”

“Yea, but the press has been hardest on you. I’m use to them thinking I’m a crazed pure blood, so really them thinking I’m a love potion savant is an upgrade.” Rose laughed at his joke. Things were better after they talked and they spent the rest of the time they had before Scorpius left walking within the heavily warded Weasley property. When it came time for Scorpius to go he thanked the Weasleys profusely and turned Hugo’s hair green. While Hugo was ranting he quickly pecked Rose on the lips and stepped through the floo still laughing.

The last thing he heard was Rose going “I just realized I’m meeting his parents soon. Shite.”  Of course she was chastised by Mrs. Weasley for her language. 

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