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“I am going to motherfucking murder whoever invented alcohol.” Dom growled from her bed. Ah, good. The morning after a Gryffindor party always means the same thing – we all get to deal with Hangover Dom (capitals must be used every time, people).

What is Hangover Dom? Ah yes, I can hear you all crying that in utmost curiosity. Well, Hangover Dom is relatively simple to explain, just not simple to deal with.

Hangover Dom is what we call the by-product of a large amount of alcohol and a period of around eight hours, most of which is generally spent sleeping.

“Stop shouting Dom, my head is fucking killing me.” A voice hissed, and there was a dull thump as though someone had picked up a pillow and clapped it across their ear to block out Dom’s ‘shout’. I would like to point out that she had spoken so quietly that I had barely heard her.

Hang on... was it just me, or did that voice sound male?

“Shut it Connor, you’re not helping my headache.” Dom hissed. Wait, Connor? What the hell is he doing in our dorm?

Did Fred move his bed in here again for a joke? I am going to murder that boy; I swear that he has taken about ten years off my life in the time I’ve known him. It’s more like babysitting than hanging around with a friend, sometimes.

Groaning and pushing myself off my pillow so I could glance around the room, I frowned. There was no extra bed in here. Is Connor on the floor somewhere?

My glancing around was interrupted as the door swung open and Penny staggered in, her hands clutching her shoes and her eyes squeezed together as she winced from the banging noise as the door swung into the wall behind it.

“SHUT UP!” Two voices roared, both of which seemed to originate from Hangover Dom’s bed.

Penny glanced over to their corner of the room before wincing again and staggering over to her bed, dropping down onto it and resting her head on her knees. Ah, this is another benefit to not drinking at parties.

You do not get so pissed that you can’t feel your head the next morning (Dom) or go and shag your arsehole of a boyfriend (Penny) or attempt to shag your best friend (James) or ask a girl three years younger to marry you whilst wearing a hula skirt (Fred).

Just a quick aside – I think the girl actually said yes. So technically, Fred is getting married before all of us. Who’d have guessed it? I’ll have to remind him to call that off later.

I hauled my ass out of bed and tiptoed over to where Penny was sitting (best not to provoke Hangover Dom, you understand of course) and shot her the traditional ‘I’m judging you...’ look.

Standard procedure of course, after the walk of shame. Penny should come to expect it by now – it happens every time.

You drink a lot, get pissed, fuck Kane, stagger back in the morning and are greeting with the Summer Lancaster ‘I’m judging you’ look. That’s just way it goes.

But the fact that she should have fully expected said look did not stop her from sticking her finger up at me and falling flat onto the bed, slowly dragging her pillow over her face and letting her heels drop to the floor with a dull thunk. Simultaneous whimpers floated from Hangover Dom’s bed.

“So Penny, what did you get up to last night?” I asked, my voice dripping with disdain. Penny groaned quietly at the volume of my voice and chose not to answer the question, instead greeting me to another flip of her middle finger.

Charming. Well aren’t my friends just a bundle of laughs this morning?

And that’s when it hit me – I had been so busy taking the piss out of Penny for what she did last night that I had overlooked the two people in the bed next to me. Whipping around (and spitting the hair out of my mouth that resulted from said flip) I stared at the closed hangings of Hangover Dom’s bed.

I jumped lightly to my feet – Penny trying to kick me when I jostled the end of her bed – and crossed the room, before gripping the edge of the drape and yanking it sideways.

The two bodies in the bed jumped, clapped their hands over their eyes and groaned in perfect synchronicity.

I paused for a moment to gape at the coolness of the scene that just happened, and then glanced down at them both, eyes narrowed so they could be snapped shut immediately if it was ever deemed necessary.

But I needn’t have worried. Because lying, fully clothed, were Hangover Dom (yes, you really must call her this every time) and Connor, her head on his chest and his arm draped loosely around her shoulders.

The whole scene would have been a lot cuter if they weren’t both a sickly white colour and looking like they wanted nothing more than to hack up their dinner over the loo.

Wow, that’s a lovely mental image. Sorry about that. I really need to learn to think before I speak, James is always telling me that. He says that one day I am going to give everything away because I just never think before I spea –

Wait, am I seriously rambling in my head?

Anyway. Moving swiftly onwards.

“Well my, my, my.” I smirked, using a slightly louder voice than was strictly necessary. “What do we have here?” Connor groaned and wrinkled his eyes up as Hangover Dom hissed and snuggled in closer to Connor’s side.

Well would you look at that? There is Dominique Weasley – snuggling.

Never thought I’d live to see the day.

“Fuck off Summer, unless you want to lose something very precious to you.” Hangover Dom hissed. What a charmer. Got yourself a good one there, Con.

“I think that insult only works with men, sweetheart.” I smirked, and Dom growled under her breath. Oh, how I do love to provoke Hangover Dom. I normally end up paying the price later, but it’s so worth it at the time.

“Fine then.” She snarled, cracking open one of her eyelids delicately and glaring at me with those shimmery blue eyes of hers, which were right now unleashing the full force of her current hatred of me. “You will lose two things that are rather precious to you.”

The speed with which I crossed my arms was shocking.

I rolled my eyes and leaned down, poking Connor lightly on the side of the head to check that he was still breathing. What? He looked half dead.

“Right. How many of you want hangover potion?” I asked, and all three of them slowly raised a hand, Hangover Dom letting her one open eye slide shut again. I smirked slightly and headed off to find the bottle of potion that Penny had hidden in the bathroom after the last party.

Honestly. It’s quite sad that events like this make me seem like the beacon of responsibility.


“You alright, Potter?” I smirked, nudging James on the back of the head as I slid down on the bench next to him. I noticed a pale pink flush slide up his cheeks and a wrinkle appear between his eyebrows, but other than he made no effort to greet me. He didn’t even bother to lift his head off the tabletop.

Lazy bugger.

Fred, on the other hand, was as chipper as a chipmunk. Seriously. He must have drunk more than everyone else last night, and yet the bloody twat was sitting there with a shit-eating grin on his face, wolfing down bacon and eggs like his life depended on it.

“Hey, Summer!” He grinned, spraying mouthfuls of egg all over the table.

“Shut the fuck up, you twat.” Dom snarled – after the hangover potion, she may no longer have a thumping headache, but her personality hasn’t improved any. “Nobody has a right to feel happy after a party like that – well, other than Summer,” She tugged on my hair, “because she’s a bloody prude.”

Ah, the wonders of bestie-ship.

I thought I heard James snort from next to me, but with his head on the table and all, I couldn’t be sure.

“You know, I would have thought you’d be a bit more cheerful this morning, Dommie.” I teased, my tone lofty and mocking. “What with a certain somebody waking up in your bed with you this morning.”

That got Jamie-boy’s attention. His head snapped up so fast that his eyes rolled back into his skull and for a moment I thought he was going to faint, but I leapt forwards on the bench and grabbed him by the collar before he could fall backwards.

Of course, James is not the lightest of children.

I was pulled out of my seat and slammed into his chest, but somehow still managed to stop him from collapsing.

Connor sniggered and Fred began to wolf whistle, to which Dominique tossed a handful of baked beans at his face, then groaned when she realised that the bean sauce was now all over her hand.

Honestly, when they were giving out brains she didn’t even bother to get in the queue.


“Can we talk?” James murmured in my ear, after Dom and Penny had already left to go to so and shower in the prefect’s bathroom and Connor had left to go and start some essay. Fred was too busy trying to touch the end of his nose with his tongue to pay any attention to us.

“Sure.” I said, glancing sideways and jumping slightly when I saw his face a lot closer than where I expected it to be. He was so close that his eyes had blended together into one and he looked a bit of a funny shape.






“Okay, stop it now, you twat.” I grumbled. “Let’s just go.” Seizing his wrist, I pulled him out of his seats and down the aisle between the Ravenclaw and Gryffindor table, ignoring the pointed cough and look that was sent to me from Kyle Davies across the room.

I pulled him down a maze of corridors until I found an empty classroom, shoved him inside and closed the door. Casting a quick silencing charm on the room, I let rip.

“Would you like to explain to me what the bloody hell happened yesterday, you fucking twat!?” I yelled, stepping forwards and slapping him across the chest.

He looked bewildered for a moment, before hopping straight onto the defensive.

“What the fuck? Is this about the fact I wanted to shag last night – come on Summer, you know I’ve never bothered to keep it a secret that I want you. But I was drunk – you were so nice about it last night!” He yelled, incensed.

“Yeah, that’s because you were piss drunk! I wasn’t going to yell at a drunk person!”

“So what, you wait until I’m sober and then yell at me?” He snarled. “How the fuck is that fair? If you’ve acknowledged the fact that I was drunk then you should know that I didn’t mean to do that!”

“So if you hadn’t been drunk then you wouldn’t have shagged me?” I hissed, stepping forwards slightly and glaring up at him through my eyelashes. Damn him and his unreachable tallness. I wouldn’t mind, I’m not even short.

“Did I say that?!”

“You arsehole-”

“Summer, I think you’re fucking gorgeous, you know that, and I would fucking shag you right here, right now if you would let me, but I didn’t mean to do that last night, I swear.” James’ voice had grown quieter, his eyes shining softly with honesty.

I didn’t know what to say.

“I love you Summer, you’re my best friend – and I’m sorry if I’ve really fucked up our friendship. But seriously, I was drunk. And as much as I make jokes about it, I really don’t know if that would even be any good for us. I just – I dunno. Maybe that would fuck us up completely.”

I blinked a couple of times and then stepped forwards, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him into a tight hug. And maybe kissed him a little bit. Eh. What’s the difference?

And then I punched him in the gut.

“What the bleeding fuck was that for?!” James yelped, clutching at his stomach.

That was for ‘I’d shag you right here, right now’, you little pervert.” I grumbled, before leaning down to kiss the spot I punched and hugging him again.

“I’d miss you if you weren’t here, Summer.” He muttered into my hair.

“Well of course you would. I’m made of awesome, that’s why.”

“Way to ruin the sentimental mood, bitch.”

“No problem, jackass.”






It was dinner when I next saw my darling cousin. Turns out we’re a lot more similar than either of us ever realised. He did exactly what I did – I waited until the next day to yell at James, and he waited until the next day to yell (some more) at me.

“SUMMER ORIONA LANCASTER!” Oh no. The full name. Oh bugger. Shit. Maybe if I get down on my knees I can just crawl to the door and try to escape. That sounds like quite a good plan. Yep. Ace.

“Would you like to explain to me what the bloody fucking hell was going through that pit you call a brain yesterday? Dressing like a whore and dancing like a slag with Potter - one of your best friends! And what the fuck is with that Davies bloke as well – do I need to beat him up?”

I don’t think he took a breath in that entire sentence.

“Hello Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. Yes, I did enjoy myself yesterday, thank you for asking. Yes, I was scarred for life after seeing you snog darling Rose Weasley against a wall, and yes, I am going to make our birthday party a living hell for you because of it.” I smiled sweetly.

Scorpius looked livid.

Oh, I do like winding him up. It’s so much fun. They should make it an Olympic sport.

Explain yourself.” He hissed.

“Well, how about – I’m not a freaking nun, Scorpius. I can dress how I like and it’s bloody nothing to do with you. You act like a complete and total arsehole with every ‘girlfriend’ you’ve ever had, and yet when I want to have a bit of fun all of a sudden I’m in trouble?! You are such an arrogant, conceited arsehole.”

“Oh don’t try and pull that shit with me, you knew –” Scorpius’ furious tirade was interrupted by a certain redheaded someone sidling up to our table with some random bloke on her arm.

“Hi!” Rose grinned at us all, seemingly oblivious to the raging argument going on between me and Scorpius, whose skin had suddenly gone the colour of badly mixed porridge.

“Hey, Rosie.” James grinned, flashing a lovely smile full of the chicken he was eating.

Honestly, sometimes I wonder where the parents went wrong with their family. Their table manners are absolutely appalling. What, where they born in a barn?

“Hey everyone,” She greeted back, and James looked a little put out that he didn’t get his own greeting. Well, someone’s up themselves. “I just want you all to meet Jack Goldstein – he’s been my boyfriend for a couple of weeks now.”

What? What? WHAT?

“What?” Took the words right out of my mouth, Scorpy-boy. My sentiments exactly.

“Sorry Malfoy, are you unfamiliar with the concept of a boyfriend? I imagine that you would be, considering the total bints that you date.” I’m sorry – is Rose Weasley, otherwise known as the Nicest Person on the Planet, really being a bitch?

Quite a bitchy bitch, in all honesty.

“And he’s been your boyfriend for a couple of weeks, has he?” Scorpius snarled. “Funny, I don’t remember seeing the two of you together at the party last night.”

Rose flushed slightly pink and Jack Goldstein ruffled his hair, looking a little bit uncomfortable. I don’t blame the lad, this whole situation just screams awkward.

Like the turtle.

Actually, if I ever got a pet turtle I wouldn’t call him Awkward, I’d call him Torpedo. That’s a much better name for a turtle. Anyway.

“Unfortunately, I had a detention yesterday evening and was unable to attend the little get together in the Room of Requirement. However, I’m sure Rose had a marvellous time without me.” Jack Goldstein smiled charmingly at us all.

The blokes stared at him in horror as the girl sighed and stared up creepily at his face. Seriously, that boy is fine. If he ever comes out with a naked calendar then I’m buying twelve. And not sharing any of them. I may suggest that to him later.

But seriously – that accent. Pure British. Screw James, I want him. Not that it is anything to do with James, because it’s not. At all. If I wanted to be with someone then it would be absolutely nothing to do with James, okay?!

“Yeah, I’m sure she had a great time too.” Scorpius hissed, never taking his eyes off Rose’s pink face. My heart ached for the poor bloke, which was odd considering I had been screaming at him less than two minutes ago.

“I’m sure she did. Anyway, I must dash, I have to go and see McGonagall about an essay that I’m having a spot of trouble with.” Jack leaned down, took my hand and pressed his lips against it – James stiffened and glared at him as though his life depended on it – and smiled charmingly at Dom and Penny. Fred and Connor didn’t look to happy about that either.

Leaning down to kiss Rose on the cheek – good job he didn’t snog her, or I might have just jumped him right there and then – and then headed out of the hall.

“Bloody hell Rose, he’s fucking gorgeous.” Dom screeched, and Rose flushed. Connor coughed pointedly.

“I agree – he is one good looking bloke.” Penny chimed in, and Fred threw his fork down at the table and crossed his arms.

“I don’t think my brain is working properly – so very British, gorgeous, charming... I’m in love. Move over Rosie, he’s mine.” I breathed, staring at the door that he had left from. James kicked me rather hard under the table, his jaw clenched. Connor stared at us both afterwards, a little suspicion glinting in his eyes.

“What a bloody git.” Fred said.



“Bleeding wanker.” James, Connor and Scorpius agreed. I nearly slapped them right here and then.

“So Rose, would you like to tell me why you snogged the fucking daylights out of me last night when you had a boy friend that nobody knew about?” Scorpius asked, a scarily calm tone taking over his voice.

“What?!” Fred and James yelped. It was my turn to kick them.

Felt good.

“I was drunk, Malfoy.” See, and there is another reason that I don’t drink. You people should really follow my example. “I didn’t mean for it to happen – but then again, it’s not like you weren’t snogging some other drunk girl after I left.”

“Please, like I would snog anyone after snogging you.” Scorpius’ voice was softer now, though anger was still glimmering in his eyes. Rose froze.

James opened his mouth to talk, but was cut off as I kicked him a particularly sensitive place. In my own defence, I was aiming for his leg. He whined and sank his head down onto the table.

“Uhm... I think I need to go.” Rose said quietly, and before Scorpius could even think of a response, she had turned on her heel and hightailed it out of the great hall.

Well, he’s fucked.


“Erm, Summer?” James said suddenly, a little while later. I glanced up from my dinner to stare at him. “Do you wanna head up to the library and work on that essay we got set a while ago that’s due soon?”

Good grief. With acting skills like that, how the fuck we’ve not been found out is beyond me.

“Sure.” I glared at him slightly and grabbed my bag off the bench, ignoring the ‘I know something is going on here’ look from Connor.

“And what essay would that be, James? Because I might have to come with you – I haven’t written a couple of essays that I need to.” Connor grinned, and my spidey senses started to tingle. Is he onto us? Connor hates coming to the library with James and I, he says that we never shut up whilst he’s trying to work.

“It’s Care of Magical Creatures, Con, you’re not in that class.” James shot Connor a quick grin and Connor cocked an eyebrow.

“Oh right. What’s it about then?” Damn him. Why does he choose now to be all interested in our lives. Honestly. Annoying git.

“It’s about the differences between Hinkypunks and Bitgers, and how you would treat the bite for each if you came across them in the wilderness.” James rattled off, not even looking slightly guilty. And shit, that actually is an essay that we have to do and I haven’t done it yet.

Snog James. Essay. Snog James. Essay. Snog James. Essay. Snog James...

Snog James. Screw the essay. I’ll copy Penny’s.

“Oh, well I have a charms essay to write so I’ll just come and sit with you.” What? “You don’t mind, do you?” Oh, if he wasn’t such a nice guy then I would be taking my fork and ramming it straight into his –

Never mind.

“Oi, you’re not going anywhere.” Dom said, pulling on the front of Connor’s shirt to get him back down onto the bench. “It’s our date in an hour; you can’t go and do homework.” Dom kissed him quickly on the cheek and Connor relaxed slightly, wrapping his arm around Dom’s shoulder.

This is the first and last time I will ever say this, but thank Merlin for Dominique Weasley.

“Come on, let’s go.” James said quickly, before anyone else could try and jump on the bandwagon.


Ew. Ew. Ew. I will never be the same. My poor eyes will forever be tainted with the horribly scarring image in front of me. I will never be able to sleep without nightmares again, this image will forever be stained onto the back of my eyelids.

And the sad news is that this is not the first time I have seen it. Urgh. I’m pretty sure that is a sign that I need new friends.

Fred was snogging some bint – I’m actually not sure what her name is. She’s probably one of Scorpius’ ex girlfriends – at the breakfast table, not even bothering to acknowledge the fact that none of us wanted to see his salivary amylase that close up. I wouldn’t mind, we tried to go and sit somewhere else and he detached himself long enough to guilt us into not leaving, or he would feel abandoned. Honestly.

“So, how was your date with Connor last night?” I asked Dom. “And while we’re at it, how did he get up the stairs to our dorm yesterday morning?”

“It was amazing. He’s so sweet and kind and funny and I really, really like him and he’s just perfect and he had all the house elves make my favourite dinners and he told me about how he’s liked me for ages and then we snogged for a bit and he is bloody fantastic at snogging and I would snog him right now but he had to go and do that charms essay he was talking about this morning and I really want him to come back her because he’s sweet and charming and the best boyfriend that I’ve ever had and –”

“DOM, BREATHE! Bloody hell woman, I wanted to know how your date went, not a bloody essay!” I cut her off, and gave her a second to catch her breath again.

“Sorry, I just really, really like him.” She blushed, and all of a sudden I felt this odd urge to cry. I don’t know, maybe it’s because Dom has been out with more arseholes than I can count, or maybe it’s because they’re both my friends and – I dunno. But it’s sweet as fuck.

“Hello, sweetheart.” Connor said, pecking Dom on the cheek and sliding down onto the bench next to her, wrapping his arm around her waist, not even noticing the two fucking eels across the table.

“Did I tell you that you look beautiful today?” He whispered.

“Twice.” Dom giggled.

Urgh. I take it back. They’re already annoying me. They’re too bleeding sweet; they’re going to give me a freaking cavity if they’re not careful. I was just about to open my gob and tell them exactly what I thought of their creepy cuteness when something incredibly shocking happened.

“You know, Fred, some of us are trying to eat our dinner here. Can you go and do that somewhere where members of the public are not subjected to the disgusting view?” Penny snapped, slamming her knife and fork down onto her plate and glaring at Fred and Whatsherface.

Did Penny just snap at someone? She only ever does that when she’s drunk/has a hangover. I have never seen her snap at anyone in an ordinary situation before.

I think I’m in shock.

Fred slowly pulled herself away from the girl’s face – which a charming noise like a plunger being pulled out of the loo – and turned to stare at Penny, and I couldn’t help but notice that a little smirk seemed to be playing at the corners of his lips.

“What, does it bother you, Penelope? It doesn’t seem to bother you when you and Owen snog over at the Slytherin table.” His tone was slightly cold, and I didn’t understand. Fred is never cold, especially not with Penny.

God almighty, what the bloody hell is everyone on today?

First Dom is snuggling and then Penny is snapping and then Fred is being cold, and what the bloody hell is with everyone changing all of a sudden?

“I am a prefect, Fred Weasley, and I do not think it’s appropriate for that scene to be... performed in front of the younger students. Go and be a manwhore upstairs, please.”

... and I repeat – what the bloody hell is going on here?

“Then we’ll go.” Fred said, his tone colder still. Thinking on it, he’s been in a bit of a funny mood since this morning – right around the time that Dom cracked a joke about what Penny had been up to last night.

He seized the arm of the girl next to him – at least, I think she was a girl. She looked more like some kind of deformed stick insect to me – and began to drag her down the aisle, not even bothering to glance back.

Connor blinked a couple of times and put down the chicken leg he was eating, Dom stared at the spot he had left in shock for a moment and James looked like someone had punched him in the gut – oh wait, that was me.

Penny’s eyes looked slightly glassy, and then without a word to any of us she pushed herself off the bench and half ran out of the great hall. We all turned to look at each other at the same time, equal expressions of horror on each of our faces.

Did the Slytherins pay the house elves to put something in our food again?

Bleeding wankers.


Connor, Dom, James and I were sitting together in the common room together a little while later, just reading and occasionally scratching down a couple of lines on our plans for the bleeding essays we had to write later.

Dom and Connor were sharing the armchair in front of the fire and James and I were squashed on a small couch together, me cross legged and James lounging diagonally with his feet propped up on the coffee table in front of us.

Every minute or so James’ knee would knock against mine, whether because he had dropped his quill again or was flaunting his apparent disability to stay still for longer than a minute.

But it was odd – every time his knee brushed mine, whatever the reason, I could feel the blush creep slowly up my neck and pool beneath my cheeks.

James would make an odd choking noise and start to write very fast, concentrating very hard, though whatever he was writing didn’t look like understandable English.

Connor seemed to notice something was up between us, because every now and then he would stop reading and writing and just watch the two of us for a moment, smirking slightly every time I flushed or James choked.

I don’t like that ‘I know what you’re doing’ look he keeps giving us.

It makes me feel like he knows something that I don’t want him to know.

Though I’m not sure what it is.

James’ knee knocked mine again, but this time a little harder than last time and his hand shot out to grab the knee that had hit me, but his hand landed on my thigh instead.

We both (and Connor) stared at his hand in horror for a second before he snatched it away, clutching it to his chest as though I was some kind of rabid animal that had just attempted to chew it off or something.

We never used to be like this. What changed?



We need to talk, love. Charms classroom, midnight, tonight. Wear something short, yeah? Or see through. Or short and see through. I’m not fussed. Or wear nothing. Whatever.


I rolled my eyes and set the note on fire quickly, tossing the ashes onto the carpet.

Can’t have any of those nosy buggers that I share a dorm with finding it and henceforth finding out about a certain something that might be going on between the eldest Potter and I. Even if it is purely physical. Ish.

So at ten to eleven I was ninja rolling down the charms corridor – in a pair of denim shorts and a see through black blouse, but that is neither here nor there – and glancing round the corners of each wall before I turned the corner, pure ninja style.

I should get a badge or something. Pure Ninja Here, or something along those lines.

So with all the extra time it took to roll down the corridors, lie on the floor for a bit in agony and then stagger down the rest of the corridor clutching the searing pain in my side, I had only just reached the classroom by the time the clock on the wall turned to midnight.

I tucked some hair behind my ear and pushed into the classroom, and the moment the door crashed open James spun around.

The light from the oil lamp behind his head cast an odd glow on his skin, his warm brown eyes shining out at me and his skin looking a delicious toffee colour in the darkness.

He was dressed in nothing but a pair of deep blue jeans and a tight grey t-shirt, which showed off those Quidditch muscles of his in a way that was so hot that it should have been made freaking illegal.

How he doesn’t get done for indecent exposure is beyond me.

Or very decent exposure, whatever.

I crossed the gap between us in less than two seconds, my arms flinging around his neck and my lips slamming against his with enough force to knock over a freaking lorry, all the awkwardness from this afternoon seemingly forgotten.

James’ arms wrapped around my waist and he scooped me up, pressing my bag against the wall and hooking my legs around his hips as I tugged his t-shirt off over his head, tossing it onto the floor without a second glance.

“So what – did – you want – to – talk – about?” I gasped between breaths as he moved his lips to my neck.

There was a moment of silence as James worked on leaving a huge hickey in the dip before my collarbone, and then his voice panted out against my neck.

“Dunno. Can’t remember.” I went to laugh but was cut off by his lips returning to mine.

This was it. Whatever shit seemed to be happening between us lately was irrelevant, because this was the reason that we started all this in the first place. This feeling when his lips were on mine, his hands touching my skin, his fingers knotted in my hair – it was perfect. That was why I agreed to this in the first place, I wanted that feeling without having to be tied down to someone, having someone else to have time for, to look after and go on stupid things like dates with. But this is different – it’s just feeling. That’s all I want. And all the rest doesn’t matter.

As long as this feeling stays, the floating feeling, the fun, the feeling that what I’m doing is right and not as wrong as it sounds when you put it on paper, then I’m not going anywhere. And neither is he, if the growling noises he’s making are anything to go by.

I was lying on the teacher’s desk with James help up by his elbows over me when it happened. When the one thing that James and I had worked so hard to make sure didn’t happen, happened.

James’ lips had just returned to my lips, my hands running up his stomach when a voice I recognised all too well rang out across the room, sounding a little more than horrified at what they were seeing.

“I knew it! I knew there was something going on between you two, I just knew it!”

Because standing in the doorway, clutching the Marauder’s Map in one hand and his wand in other, all dressed down in a set of Quaffle pyjamas and a pair of fluffy slippers, staring at us as though he could not physically believe what he was seeing, was Connor.


Well, we’re screwed.


disclaimer: none of this belongs to me. i own nothing that you recognise.

dun dun dun! i know a lot of people have been waiting for this chapter for a long time, and they've finally been caught. im sure a lot of you knew that it was going to be connor that found out eventually. so how do you think he's going to react? any guesses?

ellie :) xx

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