Chapter Ten – Part One

This may be a little confusing for people but I worked out that the lifespan for this story was roughly four years. Now there is no need to write all four years, so the past chapters have been of their time in Hogwarts. This chapter and the next will bring you up to speed with what has happened in the last three years and then Chapter Eleven will continue from January 1981.

Three years since the deaths started in force. Three years since they finished Hogwarts, three years since the death of Lily Evans, three years since James and Hermione had bonded, and three years since Hermione found out the truth.

Truth is a funny word. People will always lean towards it, thinking it will grant them peace but the truth is rarely kind, the truth hurts, it eats away you soul, it burns your existence. She’d wondered what would happen after she’d completed her mission. Would se be transported back to her own time or would she be allowed to stay with James and Harry. So being Hermione she’d researched, the more she researched, the more she uncovered and thus the more she wished she had stopped.

She didn’t belong in 1998 at all, she didn’t belong in the time she’d grown up in. She belonged here, she really did. She’d been taken when she was young and transported to the future. That meant the Granger’s were never her real parents – not that that mattered to her. Someone had taken her out of space and time and then plopped her down somewhere completely different. Who knows who’d done it or why they’d done it, that remained a mystery that Hermione wasn’t inclined to unveil. It explained however why Hermione felt so at home when she’d arrived in 1977. It was because she’d come home to her time.

The war had changed people, it was harder for Hermione to go through another war, one where she had more to lose but she tried her hardest to stay positive. James had proposed to Hermione just after Hogwarts had ended. It had been beautifully romantic, gone was the James that tried his hardest to impress the girls, with Hermione he’d become more down to earth, more grounded. He didn’t go all out for the proposal; he knew Hermione wouldn’t have wanted it. He used one of the last days after graduation, and took her down to the Black Lake, to the exact place they’d shared their first ever kiss. There were no candles or tables set up. It was just a simple rug and packed picnic but it was perfect. James didn’t need big words or presents to convince Hermione of his love, technically they were already married. Soul bounding was the ultimate connection but James wanted to be married to Hermione as well, they both wanted to be as close as they could to each other.

Hermione was touched by James simple approach, she loved him all the more for not going over the; top. It showed how much he really knew her. They’d become inseparable during the last few months of Hogwarts, after the death of Lily Evans and the time it took Hermione to heal from her injuries, James and Hermione spent more and more time together. Thus they learned more about each other and their connection became stronger.

James may have proposed to Hermione but they hadn’t been able to find a date to marry in the last three years with all the work and missions that the Order demanded.

Only one horcrux remained – the snake. Dumbledore had placed a spy within the ranks of Voldemort – who was not Peter – who knew his task, what was expected of him and when to carry out the mission.

Dumbledore remained less manipulated and driven by the greater good but then he was grounded by Hermione. He could not however, stop the screeching tone of Minerva McGonagall as she demanded a talk with him. Dumbledore had been preoccupied with the Order business and being able to control people and their actions that he’d completely forgotten about Hermione’ mission. How could he have been so stupid?! He’d been putting it off and putting it off.  If they didn’t marry all this would have been for naught, Hermione had warned him, it all rested on her shoulders.

With Dumbledore back on track wedding plans had suddenly become an important factor the Orders plans. Now that the Marauder’s had all passed their Order training, Dumbledore sent them on regular missions. This set Hermione on edge, she sent hours looking out the window at the apparition spot, hoping and praying that James, Peter and the other Marauder’s returned safely. It was times like this that Hermione didn’t like the bonds she had with James and Peter. She could feel everything. She could feel their extreme fear and panic. And she could feel their love, their blinding all consuming love. It was like a chaotic drug, the feelings let her know they were alive but also made her fall into a deep bout of depression and fear for their situations.

Planning her wedding with Dorea Potter and Minerva McGonagall was interesting enough and way more relaxed than she imagined organizing a wedding with Molly Weasley might be. These women, they understood Hermione, what she wanted, what she needed. Planning the wedding was time consuming but Hermione put a lot of effort in it as it kept her occupied. The other females in the Order that didn’t go out on missions knew how Hermione was feeling; they all had different ways of dealing with waiting for their partners to return home safely.

Hermione like any other girl had always had her dream fantasies of what she wanted her wedding to be like but in the time she’d spent in the 1970s those dreams had changed. She no longer wanted the massively big wedding with lots of guests and extravagant accessories that she’d wanted when she was little. It didn’t matter anymore because she had James. She just wanted something small and personal.

Hermione wanted white lilies to be the center of her wedding theme. She only wanted a small amount of people there but seeing as Hermione only knew a few people very well, Dorea decided it would be nice to invite the Order in its entirety as this wedding was such a big event.  Though the Order in its entirety may not be aware of the real reason behind the wedding, or why it was such a big thing to Hermione and Dumbledore, they recognized what a good thing a wedding would be in a good thing in such dark times.

So the wedding would have white lilies and be extenuated with lilac colours. Hermione had explained in detail to Dorea and Minerva of what she wanted and then she’d left them to it. There was only so much time Hermione could take talking about her upcoming wedding when James and the others were out risking their lives. She spent most of the time hidden away in the library reading books and waiting for James to return.

That’s how James found Hermione once he was back from his latest mission, curled up asleep on the armchair that overlooked the apparition point. He stroked her cheek lovingly. She looked beautiful in her sleep, completely worry free and peaceful. James wanted Hermione to remain forever peaceful and happy but current times wouldn’t allow it. As he step back from Hermione to leave her sleeping peacefully, she woke up.

“James” she murmured.

“Sorry love I didn’t mean to wake you” he whispered in return.

“When did you get back?” she asked.

“A few moments ago” he replied.

“And are-“

“Everyone’s fine love” he kissed her forehead.

“I missed you”

“I missed you too”

“I wish you didn’t have to go on missions, it’s so terrifying”

“I know love but you know it’s necessary”

Hermione snuggled closer to James, trying to get as close to him as possible.

“How are wedding plans coming along” James tried to hide his smile but failed, he knew how Hermione was finding the planning both exciting and annoying.

“Fine, we were thinking things would be ready for the end of the month, is that alright?”

“As long you are happy its fine love” she smiled at his response, leaning up to kiss him soundly.

“Oi! Public displays of affection should be kept in the bedroom”

“It was private until you walked in Black” giggled Hermione.

 “We just wanted to make sure you knew we were all safe” said Peter coming in behind Sirius with Remus following.

“I knew, I could feel you” she replied.

30th October 1979

Hermione could hardly contain her joy, in war time joy was scarce so any opportunity to be happy was grabbed quickly and contained.  She bounced up and down with tears in her eyes, they weren’t sad tears, and they were happy tears, very happy tears. She’d known that this would come but she’d forgotten about it. She’d been so wrapped up with James, the Order, and the War that she’d forgotten her purpose. James, the Marauders and a couple of others were still on a mission and this was the one time Hermione had not been worrying about their return. Dorea was down in the kitchen cooking food for the evening, Hermione was desperate to go talk to her but knew that James was her primary target.

As James threw another bout of hexes, the final Death Eater fell, that was the last of them. They’d been sent on a mission to destroy a known Death Eater safe house, the unnerving thing about this mission was that it was incredibly easy, they put it down to these Death Eaters not being of sound intelligence, they were probably quite low in ranking, but at least they were now dead and not polluting the streets anymore.

As they set work to remove the bodies James felt an overwhelming bout of happiness radiating from the connection he shared with Hermione. She was happy, incredibly so that it was building up inside her and coming off in waves.

“Peter are you getting this feeling”

“Yeah” he replied wondering what had put Hermione in such a good mood.

They returned only an hour later that was expected and dinner was just about ready. However, as soon as they arrived Hermione had whisked James away. Not even bothered by the soil and death smell that lingered around him, not even conscious that he might be hungry.

“What just happened?” asked Sirius.

Dorea smiled, “I’m not sure but I have inkling” she replied.

“She’s been really happy all day, it was coming through mine and James’s connections” commented Peter.

“Ok love I know you love spending time with me but I am actually quite hungry” joked James.

Hermione ignored him.

“James sit down” she smiled sweetly at him, it was unnerving.

“Sit down!” she commanded, he sat.

“What’s going on?”


She took his hand and placed it on her smooth flat stomach.

He looked up at her confused.

“James” she said. “I’m pregnant”.

I'm getting limpness and writers block from this story but I will plow on ~ Zyii 


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