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Quidditch Camp by GryffindorPrincess918
Chapter 2 : Break-Up?
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              It was about 11 night, the usual time she got home, when she strolled in through the door. In her hands were a stack of papers waist high that she believed she NEEDED to organize. Her handbag magically floated behind her as she put the papers down on her small brown desk. She plucked the bag from the air and set it on the ground as she peeled off her purple jacket.


              She walked to her bedroom, taking articles of clothing off as she got there, and throwing them on the ground. "I'll just pick those up later" she said as she yawned loudly. She opened the door to find that there was no lump snoring in the bed so she shrugged and went to the shower. It wasn't until 1 in the morning that she heard a loud crash from the kitchen. She slid her wand out from underneath her pillow and quietly walked to the kitchen.


                There, staring at the open fridge, was her beloved ginger boyfriend. "Oh, Merlin! What are you still doing up 'Mione?" she smirked then motioned to her pajamas, "Did it really look like I was still up Ron?" He laughed then rolled his eyes "Alright, alright I guess when I ran into the table that woke you up." She pulled out a chair from underneath their small kitchen table and sat down with a thud and looked at him in amusement. "How do you stay up this late all these nights? Just partying, you'll have to settle down eventually and end this kind of life."


                 He half frowned, half smiled in return "I learned to live and appreciate what I and all the other dead and alive wizards fought for," she blinked not once, but several times before she felt up to replying to him. "And are you implying that I do not appreciate my life ronald? Or that I even know how to live?" he looked at his feet before standing up. He stared into her caramel orbs and replied "Yes, thats what I've been saying you need to live" she laughed harshly at him "Do not tell me what I need to do, Ronald" she seethed.


                 He sighed, "You need to live a little 'Mione" he said, shifting uncomfortably under gaze. "I do not Ronald," "Yes you do! And that's exactly why we need to break up..." he whispered. Hermione could not believer her ears as she shook her head back and forth. "Are you breaking up with me because I won't party every night? That I'm worried about my job?!" he began to fidget and said "No! 'Mione I love you with all my heart and I want to marry you, but you need to live before we do that. Go out and do your thing, even pick up a guy I don't care. Just live for me!"


              "And what if I slept with him too, hmm?"  and with that Hermione slammed the chair back into place, nearly knocking the table over. She ripped her wand from her robe pocket and screamed "ACCIO LUGGAGE!" The bag flew into her arms and she placed it in the bed. She wailed spells left and right as all her clothes and items magically fit into her small suitcase. She magicked it so it would be light and she placed it on the floor, wheeling it away from the bedroom that now looking empty and lifeless. She whipped the bag past Ron so hard it pushed him into the table and he flew backwards.


                She giggled then said "HMPH!" as she diapparated from the spot. "I'll show you that Hermione Granger knows how to live. You will regret this Ronald!"


                When she opened her eyes she was infront of a beautiful, quaint house. She walked up to the door and began furiously pounding at it. When the door swung up a confused raven-haired boy emerged from the shadows, "Mione?" he said as she flung herself at him. She hugged the boy with all her might before letting a few tears slip her eyes, "I need Ginny, Harry. Now." And with that Hermione's life began its out-of-control spiral.




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Quidditch Camp: Break-Up?


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