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Amelia opened her eyes slowly the next day; she felt warm and comfortable and hugged herself tighter to what she was hugging. She had had such a good sleep, the best she had had in months and it had made her feel refreshed and full of energy.

She noticed after her head had woken from its sleepy state that the thing she had been hugging was James, she could feel his arms around her waist pulling her close to him and he had rested his head on hers. She could feel his heart through his chest and his warm breath on her hair, and she hadn’t felt happier than in this moment.

She felt James beginning to stir and Amelia quickly closed her eyes pretending to still be asleep, she sensed him opening his eyes and realising the position that him and Amelia had gotten into whilst they were sleeping. He hugged her tighter to him, thinking that she was still sound asleep and seemed to be relishing in the fact that they were this close to each other for the first time in months.

He kissed her lightly on the head and Amelia screwed her eyes up as she felt a rush of sadness creep through her at the tenderness of the moment, knowing that this would be the only time they would have it, and it tore at her heart to think that this was it, this was the end of everything.

She felt James pull away from her and she tried to relax her face to make it seem like she was still asleep but James didn’t say anything, she felt the bed move as he got out of it and walked over to the door. She opened her eyes at the sound of the door opening and then closing, feeling hollowness in her chest and an ache in her heart.

She reached forwards and grabbed the pillow James had been sleeping on, laying her head on it and breathing in his smell, it tugged at her heartstrings and she let out a sob as tears cascaded from her eyes.

She didn’t realise until now just how much she had missed him, and how much she wished that they could be back to what they were. She let herself cry for a few more moments before she stopped and when James came back into the room ten minutes later Amelia was already dressed and had made the bed, ready to face the day.

“That is the best t shirt I have ever seen!” Louis cried loudly as he pointed at the shirt that James was wearing.

James beamed as he looked down at his shirt which read ‘my dad defeated Voldemort and all I got was this lousy t-shirt’, “it’s great isn’t it? Uncle Charlie got it for me.”

“Uncle Charlie gets the best presents,” Rose said as she continued eating her cereal in front of her, “he is the best uncle ever.”

“Why thank you,” Charlie said smugly as he drank the rest of his coffee, “I had it personally made for you.”

“I would never have guessed, I thought you could buy these from the shops,” Fred said with a smile.

After they had eaten breakfast and discussed James’s top, which Harry wasn’t impressed with but Ron thought was hilarious and wanted one for himself saying, ‘my best friend’ instead of ‘my dad’, they made their way over to the other house to sit with their parents.

They discussed their plans for the day, the upcoming party for Dom’s birthday and pretty soon the exciting news of Molly’s engagement which had happened just after Christmas.

“So Molly, have you begun planning for your wedding yet?” Hermione asked over her cup of tea as she looked over at her niece who smiled widely.

“She’s been planning it since he proposed,” Audrey said proudly looking over at her daughter.

“I think you’ll find she’s been planning it since she was seven,” Percy told the family, causing Molly to blush.

“Dad!” she cried in embarrassment as her face reddened.

“Oh come on now Molly, it’s not that bad lots of girls do it,” he let out a sudden laugh as he thought of something, turning to face George, “do you remember when Ginny began planning her wedding to Harry?” George as well as all of the other brothers let out laughs as they remembered.

“Remember?” he asked, “I think mum still has the book at the Burrow?”

Ginny suddenly placed her cup on the side a hard glare setting on her face, forgetting that her brother’s knew about her wedding plans to Harry. And thinking how best to attack him with a bat bogey hex without her mother knowing that she had done it. Ginny may be an adult now but her mother still scared her.

“Oh that’s cute when did you start planning it?” Hermione asked her sister-in-law who was glaring at Percy for bringing it up.

“When she was ten,” Percy said loudly as he burst out into more laughter hitting the table with his hand as George and Ron began giggling next to him, Charlie let out a loud laugh as he pointed at his sister, and Bill had a smirk on his face. The rest of the family began laughing apart from Ginny who was bright red and looked like she was going to kill Percy, and Harry who looked a little stunned.

“It was when she first met him,” Molly senior said wiping her eyes with mirth, “as soon as we said goodbye to everyone at the station and I had taken her home she set straight to work on her wedding plans. She told me there and then that she was going to be marrying Harry Potter no matter what, and now look at her. Her dreams came true.”

Harry gave a smile as he rubbed his wife’s shoulders to calm her down, but the others could all see that he was a little shocked by the news.

“I just hope my wedding can be as magical as that,” Molly Junior said with a sigh, she had seen the pictures of the wedding and it was breathtaking, the best that money could buy.

“Just make sure you don’t get married abroad unless we can all come with you,” Ron said with a wink at Amelia who smiled but became suddenly hot. She glanced at James who was looking at his Uncle.

“I wish I could have gone to your wedding,” Molly cried turning to face James who turned to look at her, “it would have been so fun, why did you have to get married in Las Vegas?”

“It’s not like we planned it. It was a drunken decision,” James laughed, “but don’t worry we’ll do another wedding here just so you can come.”

Amelia looked up and glared at him as the family around them all talked excitedly; she noticed that the family were beginning to look at her so she placed a fake smile on her face as she felt the anger at James fill her.

“I can’t wait for the wedding,” Rose cried hugging Amelia tightly, as they were sitting next to each other, Amelia hugged her back as she tried to make it look like she was happy, but she knew it wouldn’t be long before everyone would find out just how angry she was at this ‘news’.

Soon almost everyone was drawn into conversation about the upcoming ‘weddings’ and Amelia took this as her opportunity to leave, without looking back she left the house and walked out to the garden. Wrapping her arms around herself she carried on walking trying to stop herself from getting angry at James, who she could sense had followed her out of the house.

“You had no right to do that,” Amelia told him in ire as she began shaking with rage, “no right at all!”

“Look I’m sorry it just slipped out, I didn’t think.”

“And how do you think they’ll feel after this holiday when they find out it’s all been nothing but a lie huh? How sorry will you feel then?” she asked him turning around to face him, James stared at her with his hands in his pockets, looking a bit sheepish.

“I can’t apologise enough for what I’ve done but I can’t keep apologising to you Amelia, you need to forgive me,” James stated starting to get annoyed with their arguing.

“Did you invite me to this party because you think that it’ll repair us? That it would make me forgive you?” Amelia asked incredulously as she glowered up at him.

“I wasn’t thinking that, I swear I wasn’t,” James said holding his hands up in defence.

“Then what’s with all the talk in there James?” Amelia cried pointing back to the house, what’s with you telling everyone that we’re getting remarried? Encouraging them when they suggest that we go off and have kids?” James could see that her eyes were filling with tears and he felt terrible, “you don’t know how this feels. Everything I ever wanted for us and we can’t have it, and I have to have your family and you remind me of that fact every day that we are here and it is killing me!”

“But we can have that Amelia; we can if you just let us. We can have everything you ever wanted; we can go back to what we were.”

“It’s not as simple as that James and you know it! I can’t just click my fingers and have everything that happened go away...”

They looked at each other in raged silence before James walked forward and grabbed for her hand, she tried to pull it away but he was holding on tightly.

“Do you remember our vows?” James asked her, Amelia shook her head trying to block out his words as she screwed up her eyes, trying not to cry.

“Don’t do this,” she begged him, her tone showing that the idea of thinking about it pained he, “please don’t bring that up.”

Even though they had drunk a lot, Amelia had asked if they could say their own vows to each other, it was one of the things she could remember the most of the night.

“You promised me that you would love me for all of eternity. You said that there would never be anything big enough to break us up and we would work through any problems we faced no matter what it was,” James said softly his tone urgent as he tried to get the words through to her.

“What the hell did I know James?” she screamed wrenching her hand from his and shoving him away from her as she glared up at him, tears in her eyes, “how was I meant to know what you were going to do?”

“You have broken your promise to me because you haven’t even tried to fix us Amelia!” James yelled at her angrily, “you didn’t care enough to try and work things out.”

“How dare you! You have no idea what I went through...” she growled fiercely.

“Yes I do! I lost someone just like you did. I am going through the same pain that you are, I feel like I will never be as happy with someone like I was with you...”

“It didn’t seem that way when you went back to that girl’s house with her did it? You must have been happy if you slept with her,” she slapped him hard on the arm; she wanted to kick at him, hit out at him, cause him as much pain as she felt inside.

“Hitting me isn’t going to change anything,” James cried grabbing her hand to stop her from hitting him again.

“It’s making me feel better! But it’s all about you isn’t it? Well what are you going to do now then James to make yourself feel better? Go find some slut down the town and sleep with her; you seem to be good at that don’t you?” Amelia seethed, and the look that crossed James’s face made her realise that she had gone too far but she didn’t care, she was too angry to care what he felt at this moment.

James shook his head at her as he back away from her, “that was low,” he fumed dangerously as he turned away from her and stormed out of the garden. She felt angry tears drip down her face and she wiped them in annoyance as she stayed where she was, Angry at him and angrier at herself.


A/N: Please don't hate me , this needs to happen to set future things out. Big things are about to happen! So er.... cookies?

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