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“You’re in love with me?” I squeaked. Wow. Excellent mouse impression there, Van. Really, top notch.

“Yes.” Hugo said, a lot more confidently than he would have a minute ago. In fact, he was beaming. “Are you really in love with me?” His voice became a little less confident, and I couldn’t help but grin slightly.

For a moment I considered denying it – surely this was all some big joke, him not realising how much this would hurt me when I realised that none of it was for real. But then there was something else in the back of my head, a little voice telling me I was being paranoid and stupid. That I just needed to confront the Gryffindor part of me that the sorting hat had somehow managed to see and just say what I should have said a long time ago.

“Yeah.” I breathed. Hugo’s entire face lit up, a smile cracking his face in half and a few lines appearing by the sides of his eyes. He leaned down to press his lips against mine, just for a moment, fleeting and fast. Like a shooting star.

Hugo Weasley is in love with me. I think. No, now is not the time to believe he’s lying. You can do that later. But if it’s true, then... Hugo Weasley is in love with me.

I think I’m in shock.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked, breaking me out of my own thoughts.

“Well, why didn’t you tell me?” I countered, and he rolled his eyes. “You’re the bloke, you’re supposed to be the one that sweeps me off my feet and takes me out on romantic dates and all that jazz. You should have told me.”

Hugo rolled his eyes and pulled me out of my seat, and onto his knee, resting the base of his chin on my collarbone and smiling lazily, the light from the setting sun shining off his hair.

“I didn’t think there was any chance you would love me back.” He murmured into my neck. He whispered it just loud enough for me to hear, but too quietly for everyone else. Looking at the faint pink flush on his cheeks, I realised how much he actually meant that.

“How on god’s green earth did you think I wouldn’t love you back? Have you looked in a mirror?” I grinned, and Hugo quickly kissed my nose, rolling his eyes good naturedly.

“Is that the only reason you like me?” He teased, but there was a glint in his eyes that actually made him look slightly worried. That is unbelievably adorable.

“Nah.” I shrugged, and he rolled his eyes again. He’s going to get eye strain if he keeps doing that.

Oh Merlin, I’m practically giddy. I feel like I’ve had about twelve cups of coffee. I feel like I should be standing on a table and screaming my feelings to the whole world. But I won’t. Because I have a little something called willpower.


“Then there is just one more thing I need to do.” He smiled, once again breaking me out of my own thoughts. He put me back down in my own seat. I pouted slightly, and he flicked my jutting lip jokingly.

“What?” I whined, wanting to crawl back onto his knee.

He cleared his throat and glanced at Lily, who was beaming so wide she looked like her face was about to crack in half. Oh sure, now she chooses to be Little Miss Sunshine. Bipolar freak.

“Vanessa, will you be my girlfriend?” He asked. The little tosser was stupid enough to actually look slightly worried. Like I would say no or something.

Maybe I could do that thing that all the actresses with the really long hair do – pick up my drink and just sort of toss it into his face. Do you think he would get annoyed with me? Probably, he nearly had a heart attack the other day because his hair got a little rained on.

“Ooh...why not?” I grinned, and he grinned, leaning down to gently peck me on the lips, pulling me into his chest in a warm hug. His hair tickled my forehead. It felt strange.

Aunt Hermione hugged Uncle Ron, and the rest of the family sat there grinning. I rolled my eyes at them and leaned my head down onto Hugo’s shoulder.

My boyfriend’s shoulder.

Suck on that, Ariadne.


“How long have you liked me?” Hugo and I were lying on his bed together (we snuck up to his old room instead of sticking downstairs with the other nutters), my head resting on his stomach – I could feel him breathing, it was really odd – and his fingers gently tracing patterns onto the back of my neck.

“That’s for me to know –” He started.

“And me to find out?” I asked hopefully, and he chuckled slightly.

“I was going to say – that’s for me to know and you to never know. Don’t you feel out of the loop?” He teased, gently flicking my collarbone when I pouted.

I seem to be pouting a lot tonight. Maybe I have an illness – poutitis or something. I bet it’s contagious. Soon everyone is going to be walking around looking like a duck crossed with a trout because I pout too much.

Oh god, they’re going to take me to prison for infecting everyone! Oh god! I don’t want to go to prison; I can’t even defend myself against Lily.

Wait, what was my original point?

“Seriously, how long have you liked me?” I asked, looking up so that I could see him properly. Well, all I could really see was the bottom of his jaw.

The very sexy bottom of his jaw.

“How long have you liked me?” He countered.

“Yeah, I’m not falling for that. I’m not saying a word until you tell me.” I said, extending my index finger and poking him hard in the stomach.

Hugo pouted, then noticed my expression and quickly tried to smooth his expression over into one of indifference. Honestly, that boy pouts far too much. He’s going to have a bloody trout pout by the time he gets to thirty.

“Since September.” Hugo muttered eventually, and I could practically feel the heat from the blush that had rushed up into his cheeks.

I choked on my own spit.

September?! You’ve liked me since bloody September and you didn’t say anything? We could have started snogging ages ago, you twit.” I extended my finger and poked him in the stomach again. Take that, biatch.

Hugo chuckled and leaned down to place a kiss on the top of my head, before sinking back down onto his pillow.

“When did you start liking me then, Little Miss High and Mighty?” Hugo grinned, flicking me lightly on the back of the skull. I jabbed him in the side and he whimpered slightly. Remind me why this boy is in Gryffindor again.

“Septem... Oct... Novem... three weeks ago! I started liking you three weeks ago, a perfectly respectable, short, crush-worthy amount of time!” I yelled, slightly too loud for the volume the conversation required.

Hugo burst out laughing.

“Oh bloody hell, what have I gotten myself into?” He muttered, smirking at me. Bloody smirker.

“Yeah, well you’re going to have a trout pout by the time you’re thirty, so I really don’t think you need to be worrying about me.” I sighed, and I felt Hugo’s stomach harden slightly, and then I was unceremoniously tipped off as he sat up.

Charming. And what pillock said that chivalry was dead?


“Never mind.” I sighed. “Honestly, this was supposed to be one of those deep and meaningful conversation whatsits. So let’s be a little more deep and meaningful, love.” Love. I can call him love because he’s my boyfriend.

That’s boyfriend.

As in, not just a boy who is a friend, but a boy-friend. One word. Which means that whilst the rest of the wizarding world gets to cut Hugo Weasley’s picture out of Witch Weekly and stick it on their wall, I get to snog him and go on dates with him and... what else do you even do when you’re dating? Because we pretty much did all of that before.

Huh. Odd.

“What’s your favourite colour?” I asked, and Hugo snorted. Well sorry for trying to be like those romantic couples in books. I would like to point out that they stay together forever and ever and ever and ever.

Holy shit, I’m delirious. Sorry.


Typical. He’s such a bloody typical guy. And bloody clueless while he’s at it. He’s a typical clueless guy. And I love him anyway.

“Let me guess, because that’s the colour of Gryffindor and you are all about house pride?” I smirked, and Hugo shook his head at me. My head was bobbing up and down slowly in time with his breathing. I guess that’s the downside to lying on someone’s stomach.

“Nah, because it’s the colour of blood.” Hugo then let out what can only be described as a severely messed up evil cackle. He sounded like he was choking.

“What the bloody hell are you doing, you freak?” I think I may have insulted him more in the hour we’ve been dating than the entire of the rest of the time I’ve known him. Oh, I’m just a tip top girlfriend (one word, people!).

Next I’m going to be accidently leaving the iron down on his favourite Quidditch jersey and burning a hole through the back.

Not that I would ever do his ironing.

He can do that himself, lazy bugger.

“You have seriously whacked up my brain, love.” He shook his head gently, his black spikes falling down into his eyes and making him look incredibly jump-able. But I will not. Because I have bucketloads of that willpower that I mentioned before.

BUCKETLOADS of it. I’m practically rolling in willpower. So I will not leap up this bed and snog the living daylights out of Hugo (my boyfriend, ladies and gents).


“But seriously, why is red your favourite colour?” I asked curiously, shifting my head slightly so I could trace pictures onto Hugo’s incredibly buff stomach. I may marry Quidditch, you know. What it does to these boys... yum.

“You’re going to think I’m a complete sap.” Hugo muttered, his cheeks once again tingeing pink. He looks so adorable when he blushes.

“Just tell me.” I grinned, pressing a kiss to the side of his stomach.

“Because whenever you get embarrassed, or laugh, or anyone says anything remotely dirty, or makes a ‘that’s what she said’ joke, you blush the brightest shade of red that I have ever seen. And every time I see that colour it reminds me of you.”

I blinked.


Three times.

“I love you.” I whispered, turning onto my front and quickly crawling up the bed to his side. Hugo was smiling softly, his shiny blue eyes (if we ever have kids, they better have those eyes. Or it’s going back to the bloody stalk, let me tell you) staring across at me.

“I love you too, Van. Always will.” I leaned down and kissed him, a lot more gently than I ever had before. Love. Not lust. That’s what this kiss was – and it was perfect.


“My trunk weighs a bloody ton. What did I pack, elephants?” I grumbled.

Hugo laughed at me, levitating his trunk along the platform with ease because the arse had already had his seventeenth birthday and could do magic whenever he wanted. Yeah, well bully for him. Bleeding arsehole.

He’s going to wrinkle before me. So there.

And as ‘cute’ as this scene was supposed to be, that didn’t change the fact that I was pissing myself inside. We were getting on the train back to Hogwarts – the first time everyone (namely, Ariadne) would see Hugo and I since we become a ‘couple’.

I don’t approve of Lily’s word choices, in case you can’t tell.

And I wouldn’t mind, the cheeky bitch says she’s allowed to call us whatever she wants, because without her we would have never gotten together! We would have! It just would have taken a little longer.

Like a year. Or two.

“Wait here.” Hugo suddenly said, holding his free hand out to stop me. His hand accidently brushed against my chest and we both flushed – him a pale pink colour, me a red to rival that of a bleeding traffic light. My life is so unfair.

Hugo disappeared into the crowd for a moment, and reappeared a moment later, this time without a trunk.

Slipping an arm around my waist, Hugo flicked his wand at my trunk instead, levitated it a few inches off the ground and started to pull me towards the train, his hand clutched a little too tight around the bottom of my jumper for someone who wasn’t nervous.

It was like wildfire. The moment we stepped on the train, one kid noticed Hugo’s arm around my middle – the speed with which he turned to the next was shocking.

Before I knew it people were leaning out of their compartments to watch Hugo and I as we hunted to wherever his family were hiding. But no one said a word – not to our faces, anyway. They seem to think that we’re deaf, and they can stand three feet behind us and talk about us and we won’t be able to hear them.

“Finally! Bloody hell, I was on the verge of bloody telling them myself.”

“Vanessa McIver and Hugo Weasley! Oh my god!”

“No! My Hugie has a girlfriend! Right, this is the end of my life. I need a chocolate frog.”

“Did he finally get over himself and just ask her?”

“Shame, she had a nice arse – wouldn’t have minded that for myself.”

“Hugo and Vanessa! Do you think they’re together?”

Bloody hell, this school is nearly as nosy as the Weasley/Potter/Delacour/Granger/Johnson family. They’re going to have bloody noses like Pinocchio from being so nosy in a minute.

“Here they are.” Hugo murmured in my ear, his lips brushing my skin so lightly that a shiver slipped down my spine. I moved slightly closer to him as Hugo took my hand in his, brought it up to his lips and placed a kiss on each of my knuckles in turn, before kissing the back, palm and each finger of my hand. He then leaned forwards and stole one, tiny kiss.

“I love you.” He whispered.

“I love you too.” One more quick kiss and we were ready to face the commotion that was his family, when a horrible, nasal voice rang out from behind my head.

“Hugo Weasley.” Ariadne sneered, stepping out of the compartment opposite ours and folding her arms, her hips sticking out in a position that looked just plain painful. “I didn’t know you were such a giving guy – kissing McIver over here for charity. Sweet of you.”

She moved forwards, her lip caught between her top and bottom teeth. Maybe she thought it made her look alluring and sexy. I personally thought it made her look like a prat.

Hugo seemed to agree, because he tightened his arm around my waist and glared at Ariadne. Now I think on it, he never did tell me how he broke up with her. I hope it was public and embarrassing. And he dumped something sticky/horrible smelling on her.

“Nah, I gave up on the charity cases after dating you.” He shrugged. A random second year walked past and whistled, muttering ‘burn’ under his breath. Hugo looked quite proud of himself. “Now I’m dating the girl I love.”

Ariadne blanched.

Love?” She hissed. “How can you love her, you’ve known her for all of five seconds. There is nothing even loveable about her, she’s just normal! You need to be with someone sexy, Hugo, someone who can give you what some people –” Insert pointed look at me, “can’t.”

Hugo blinked at her.

“I didn’t follow any of that. But it’s a load of bullshit so I’m not really arsed.”

Wrong thing to say.

Ariadne’s wand was out of her back pocket faster than I could blink, and Hugo had flown back against the door of the compartment in less than a second. The back of his head cracked against the glass and I choked as his face crumpled.

My own wand was in the air and shooting light before I had even realised what I was doing.

“Stupefy!” Ariadne was blown back into the compartment she had left, slamming into the window on the other side and sinking down to the floor, her stupidly long hair covering her rat face.

Nobody in there bothered to try and help her up.


Hugo wrapped his arms around me from behind and pressed his lips against the nape of my neck, brushing my curls forward on my shoulders.

“You wanna go into the compartment now?” I asked eventually, as he started to press kisses down to my shoulder blade.

“Or we could go and find somewhere secret to snog.” Hugo suggested.

“Sounds like a plan to me.”

Hugo seized my hand and dragged me off down the train, a stupidly smug smile on his face.


We were in the Room of Requirement. We had only been back at school three weeks and our workpile was already threatening to eat us alive. I don’t know why some of the teachers here work in a school; it’s quite obvious they hate children.

After working my ass off for three weeks solid, barely having time to snog my new boyfriend (I will never tire of saying that) Hugo and I had managed to clear a little time just to be with each other for once.

His family never bloody leave us alone.

It’s insane.

We sit at the dinner table, holding hands (or sometimes just sitting next to each other) and then all just sit there staring at us with these creepy, ‘affectionate’ looks on their faces, like we’re some kind of newborn puppy or whatnot. It’s really starting to grate, let me tell you.

“You’re never gonna leave me, right?” Hugo asked into the silence. My head was on his stomach again – we had just been listening to each other breathe for a random half hour.

Oh, what larks.

Romantic larks.

“That depends.” I said softly, reaching up to run my hand though his hair. Thank goodness he wasn’t wearing a hat, or that would have been awkward.

“On what?!” Hugo asked, looking a little bit put out.

I laughed quietly, turned on my side and leant my nose against his, so close that I could feel his warm breath on my lips, his pretty blue eyes sparkling with apprehension as he waited for me to answer.

“Nothing. It depends on nothing. I’m never going to leave you – I promise.” Leaning down to press my lips against his, I marvelled at how far we had come in the space of a few months.

I had gone from feeling next to nothing (other than the typical ‘damn, that boy is hot’ sensation) when he walked past me, to feeling butterflies cartwheel and flip and explode and whatnot whenever he walked past me, to feeling like I was falling even more in love whenever he so much as walked into a room.

And I suppose that Lily may have helped a little bit along the way – maybe I should give her a little more credit.



disclaimer: nothing you recognise belongs to me.

i actually feel like crying a little bit - but i wont. i just feel like it. the last proper chapter of the story... did it live up to your expectations? the only thing left now is the epilogue - what do you think will happen in that? small hint, it's ten years in the future.

oooh, and a quick note; sorry if this chapter doesnt make much sense, i wrote it between half past midnight and half past three when i couldnt sleep. so it may not be too excellent, but hey-ho. ill edit and whatnot at a later date.

ellie :) xx

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