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It was a clear, cloudless, sunny summer day outside the Potter’s cottage at in Godric’s Hallow. In the backyard two teenage boys were flying around on broomsticks. Albus sped pass the old apple tree that concealed the tree house that his father built for him and his two siblings, James and Lily.

“Slow down Albus.” His mother screamed from down below. Ginny poked her head out of the kitchen window. Albus flashed his mother a smile and sped off into the distance. Right behind him was his older brother, James. James and Albus were racing on their broomsticks around the yard. Albus held the Potter’s record for being the fastest rider in the family. He never let James forget this. As both boys rounded the old apple tree to the finish line of the race, Albus let go a burst of speed and sprinted to the finish line; finishing at least thirty seconds before James. He flew to the ground, dismounted his broom, and collapse on the soft, green grass next to his broom stick as he waited for James to fly to the ground. James landed next to his younger brother just moments later.

“Rematch. Now.” James huffed as he tried to catch his breath.

“I won. Get over it.” Albus said as he stood up. Albus had just turned fifteen years old. He was almost 6 feet with brilliant green eyes and a tuff of untidy black hair that he inherited his father. He had on a light yellow t shirt with cargo shorts which fit perfectly on his muscular frame. He had no shoes on. James, on the other hand was seventeen years old. He was well over six feet with light honey brown eyes that he inherited from his mother and the same tuff of untidy black hair as his father. Unlike the muscular frame that his younger brother has, James was lanky. Albus picked put his Firebolt 2000 and began to walk towards the cottage.

‘Stupid Git!” yelled James from behind as Albus entered the cottage. As soon as he stepped in the kitchen, the smell of baked chicken and boiled red potatoes hit his nostrils. His stomach rumbled as his brother came rushing in behind him. Ginny was cooking in the kitchen and was being assisted by her daughter, Lily.

“Mum, it smells great in here. You are almost as great of a cook as Nana Weasley.” James spoke as he sat at the kitchen table and threw his dusty broomstick upon it.

‘Ewww James. Get your broom off the table.” Lily screamed as she prepared to set the table. She was the miniature version of her mother. She was short, slender, had vivid, blood red waist length hair falling in loose soft curls down her back. Lily also had her mother’s light honey brown eyes even though they were almond shaped like her father’s.

“Awww calm does Liles. I am only tuning up the broom a little bit.” James said to his sister as he smiled at her but the smile quickly vanished from his face as she gave him a death glare. James quickly gathered up his broom and hurriedly rushed out of the room. Lily smile to herself and continued to set the table.

“Albus go wash up for dinner and make sure you tell your brother and father the same. Merlin knows that those two are so forgetful and would come to the kitchen table absolutely disgusting if they weren’t constantly reminded.” She told her youngest son as she removed the chicken from the oven. “Oh, hurry please. Your father and I have to give you guys your Hogwarts’ letters at dinner.” Albus left out the kitchen. He dropped off his broom in the living room and went into his father office room. The setting sun was filling the room with light. Harry was sitting behind an enormous desk directly in front of the window. He was deeply consumed with writing a letter when Albus entered the room.

“Hey dad. How was work?” said Albus as he plopped down on the couch that was next to bookcase. Albus glanced around towards the portraits that lined the wall next to the bookshelf. They were portraits of his grandparents, Lily and James Potter, and Sirius Black, Harry godfather. At the moment they appeared to be sleep. Harry looked up from the letter he was writing. He smiled at Albus.

“Work was good Al. We are busy right now trying to figure out who is petrifying muggles in South Sheffield. Its taking ages to get this paper work done but we are managing.”

“Awesome. Mum said wash up for dinner by the way.” Albus said as he began to get up. From behind him, he heard a voice say “Did someone mention food?” Albus turned around to see James Potter I staring back at him eagerly. Albus laughed

“Yes Granddad James. Mum just finished cooking dinner and ordered me to get dad and James for supper.” James ran into the portrait that was next to him.

“Sirius! Wake up. It’s dinner time. Sirius! ” James was shaking Sirius Black roughly out of his sleep.

“James you fool, we can’t eat food. We are nothing but portraits you git!” Sirius said sleepy as he was coming to his senses.

“So! That does not mean that we can’t look at all the delicious food that Ginny prepared. Get up you buffoon!” James dragged Sirius out of his portrait and out of sight. Harry and Albus roared with laughter as a soft female voice began to speak.

“Sometimes I worry about your father, Harry. He acts as if I did not feed him well when we were alive.” Lily looked back at her son and grandson, who both inherited her eyes.

“Dad is a piece of work Mum. But that is why I love him.” replied Harry once he calmed himself enough so that he was able to speak. Albus was still giggling to himself.

“Yea he really is. See you boys at dinner.” Said Lily and she strolled out of the portrait. Albus left the room and went upstairs to get his older brother. He knocked on the door

“Come in” James screamed from inside his room. Albus entered inside James’s bedroom. James had all of his belongings spread out over the floor. There was rubbish and random pieces of parchment all over the bedroom floor. The smell of dirty clothes lingered throughout the whole room. Albus could swear that food was molding away in the corner over by the closet. James was sitting at the foot of his bed reading a letter.

“Your room smells like rotten eggs.” Albus said. He was holding his nose as he walked further into the room. James glanced up for his letter.

“That is the smell of manhood little bro. You will experience it one day. What brings you into my room anyway?” he asked.

“Mum said wash up for dinner.” Albus replied. He sat at the edge of the bed and attempted to read over James’ shoulder. James shoved Albus off of his bed.

“Get lost git. This is a matter of personal business.” James pocketed the letter. Albus walked out of James room and walked down to the hallway to wash his hands. Albus rushed out of the bathroom and ran down the stairs to the dining room where the rest of the family was waiting for him. As he entered the room, he glimpsed at his grandparents and Sirius Black in the portrait on the opposite wall.

“Albus take your seat.” Harry called from the head of the table. Once Albus took his seat everyone at the table began to dig into the meal. The table was silent for several minutes. Finally, Ginny broke the silence.

“Kids, your Hogwarts letters arrived by owl this afternoon.” Ginny pulled out a parcel from her apron. She handed the letters to her children. Lily squealed.

“Yay! I am allowed to go into Hogsmeade this year. I am so excited. Wait till I tell Samantha, Emily, Libra, Roxanne and Jordan..” Lily re-read her Hogwarts letter over. Meanwhile a look of complete shock came across James face. Ginny was the first to notice.

“Jamie poo, what’s wrong? “ A look of concern came across Ginny face when James did not respond right away.

“James Sirius Potter, answer me this instant. What is in the letter?” Ginny demanded from her eldest child. The figures in the portraits and the rest of the family looked at James as he began to speak.

“Well mum and dad, you will be please to know that Professor Jemison has named me Head Boy this year.” He said in a quiet voice. There was complete silence at first, and then Albus broke the silence.

“You, Head Boy? I guess the rumors are true. Jemison is completely off his rocker. Who in the right mind would name James Head Boy after the numerous pranks you pulled and countless detentions you had at Hogwarts? This must be some kind of joke.’ Albus snatched the letter out of his brother hand. As he took it out of James’ hand, a badge fell out of the letter. Lily ran around the table to pick it up. The badge was small and sliver. The Hogwarts’ crest was on it with the letters HB encrusted on it in crimson and gold. Under the letters, Lily could make out James’ full name written in cursive.

“It isn’t a fluke Al.” she shoved the badge in her brother’s face. A big grin spread across her face. Ginny’s eyes were full of tears while Harry got up to go shake his son’s hand.

“Congratulation James! Your mother and I are so proud of you. You know this deserves a celebration.” Harry hugged his son and was immediately pushed out of the way as Ginny began to suffocate James in a bear crushing hug. James nearly fainted in his mother’s grasp before Harry was able to pry his wife off of James. After everyone settle back in their seats, Albus was the last person to open his letter. He as he opened his letter, two badges fell out of the parchment. Albus read his letter a loud.

“Dear Mr. Potter, I am pleased to inform you that you have been named the male 5th year prefect for the noble house of Salazar Slytherin this school year. I trust that you will accept the position and treat it with the upmost respect.” He sat the letter aside and picked the emerald and sliver badge. It had the crest of Salazar Slytherin in the background and a large sliver “P” on the crest. Ginny got teary eyed again and began to get up to give her other son a bone crushing hug. However, Albus stopped her right in her path.

“Mum, I haven’t finished yet.” Albus picked up the other badge and turned it over in his hand. Instead of bearing the Slytherin coat of arms, this badge carried the Hogwarts’ crest. On the badge was the letters S.A. and Albus’s name written under it. He placed the badge to the side and continued to read the letter.

“Mr Potter, I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected to represent Slytherin house as the OWL year student ambassador as part of the international affairs study program. This year Hogwarts, Drumstrang, Beauxbatons, and Salem Wizarding Academy will be implementing a new curriculum that is to include international studies of different wizarding nations along with completing their OWLs. Each school is to select four OWL year students to represent their schools. These students will play host or hostess to the respective students that they will be paired up with from the other schools. These select students will also travel to these school and participate in classes for two weeks per school. After visiting each school, the ambassadors are responsible for teaching their fellow peers the customs of each culture to prepare for their OWL in June. In June, all OWL year students will meet at the International Magical Embassy in Amsterdam where there will be a banquet that will put their knowledge of other cultures to the test. This will determine your OWL grade. This is a significant honor Mr. Potter and your fellow professors and I believe that you will do your best in representing Hogwarts with all its glory. You are required to meet at the Ministry of Magic on July 14th for a mandatory orientation meeting along with the other student ambassadors, Professor Jemison, and the Minster of Magic. Hope this find you in good health.” Albus finished and just stared at the letter in amazement. The entire family was quiet. James was the first to break the silence.

“So you are telling me, you get to place host to some foreign kids, travel the world, and go to a party and get an OWL for it. That’s rubbish! Why they couldn’t do that when I was a fifth year? I would have made a great “ambassador” James was slightly upset. Ginny burst out in tears

“Alby, I am so proud of you.” She nearly smothered Albus until Harry pulled her off him. Harry hugged his son.

“Make us proud son” he whispered in his ear. Albus was extremely excited about everything that was upcoming this year.

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