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thanks so much to nostalgia @ TDA for this Chapter Image! 


 "Mom! I'm going in the attic to put some old clothes up there!" Rose called out to her mother, Hermione Weasley.

"Fine, Rose! Just be aware of the Nargles! They can be quite dangerous!" Her mother called back, a slight tease in her voice.

Rose laughed as she climbed the ladder into the attic. She loved it up there. It smelled so old, and it had so many secrets in it. Stories of her parents before she was born. She was determined to find out as much as she could from them.

As she reached the top of the ladder, she stood up and looked around. There were so many boxes and loose pieces of paper. Over in the corner slept the family Ghoul. She tiptoed past it and headed over to the window where the light from the sun was faintly streaming in. She opened up a big, worn red crate right underneath the window, and was overwhelmed with dust. Wiping it from the air, she reached down and pulled out a worn brown book. Slowly, she opened it, and a few photos fell out from the front of the page. 

Reaching over, she picked them up and began to sift through them. The top one was muggle, it wasn't moving. It had her mother and two older people, a man and a woman. She easily recognized them as her muggle grandparents. The next one was a photo of her parents and Uncle Harry. They were students, they had robes with the Gryffindor symbol on them. The next one was a photo from her parents wedding day. She noticed how her mum smiled at her dad, and how beautiful she was in her wedding dress. 

Rose finally looked at the last photo, which contained her mother and a man. A man with blonde hair. It looked candid, for they were not posed or smiling at the camera. They were sitting on a bench, in a park maybe, and he had his arm around her. She was smiling at him, her face was radiant. Rose had never seen her mother look at her father like that. 

Curious now, Rose picked up the worn, brown book and opened it. She began to read: "Dear Diary..."


"September 2nd, 1999

Dear Diary,

Today was the first day back at Hogwarts after the war. Harry didn't want to come back with Ron and I. He said the Auror Department needed him too much. Personally I don't think he could bear going back. I don't know how I'm going to do it. 

We saw Malfoy on the train. Ron almost punched him, but I held him back. Malfoy wasn't phased at all though. He just kept walking. He looked sad. When we arrived at the castle, the feast was as good as I remembered. McGonagall was sitting in the Head's seat, and Hagrid was sitting in his usual seat. He came over and greeted us warmly, bone-crushing hugs and all. 

Partially through the meal though, I noticed Malfoy was sitting all alone, staring at his uneaten food. The rest of the slytherin table had made him an outcast. I almost felt kind of bad for him. But, then I remembered that it WAS Malfoy.

Ron met up with Lavender Brown after dinner, while we were all just sitting in the common room. He never looked at me once all night. I wish I could tell him how I feel about him. But ever since the kiss in the Chamber of Secrets, things have been a little weird between us. I'm too afraid to tell him I love him. He might laugh at me. Besides, he's got Lav-Lav again. They're probably going to get married and have tons of little idiotic babies..."

Rose snorted at this. There was no way her father could've had kids with anyone else. Her mother had told her that she and dad had been together since the end of the war. No, of course her father didn't want to marry Lavender Brown. But then... who is the blonde man in the picture? Rose kept reading, curious as to what was going to come next.

"... I should probably go to sleep now, Diary. It's been such a long day. But I can't help but wonder as to why Malfoy was so solemn today. Well, besides the fact that he's been exiled from the Slytherin table. He just looked so... lost. So in need of a friend. But, I could never be that friend. I'm a muggle-born and he's a pure-blood. He hates my guts and I hate his. At least, I think I do. Anyway, I really should get some sleep. I'm quite nervous to find out what my schedule is going to be like this year. Thanks for listening, Diary.


Hermione Granger"

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