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Quidditch Camp by GryffindorPrincess918
Chapter 1 : Welcome To Quidditch Camp
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                Buzzing, repeatedly bouncing around the room, and continuously sounding off in an annoying succession.  She slammed her hand down on the small alarm clock and it shook underneath the blow. It fell to the floor with a thud, and she groaned as she rose to pick it up. Her usually fantastic bright eyes were dim with the remnants of sleep still glimmering inside of them. She freed her hair from the ponytail it was kept in and shook it out as she stepped into the bathroom for a shower.  




                Ron growled as he covered his head with a pillow as she opened the bathroom door to step inside the foggy room. Her life had been like this after the war, and it had already been 3 and a half years. She would wake up and the crack of dawn and prepare for a long continuous day of work and come home at 11 at night. You figured Hermione would have learned to live a little, to relax and let her enjoy the freedom she just fought for, but no. She was a determined soul who took adulthood by the hand and led herself there.





            Ron, her boyfriend of 2 years now, enjoyed the freedom he had gained. He went all kinds of places and joined his favorite quidditch team. Ron could hardly say his job was a chore.  Everyday he’d come home with new bruises and dirt in horrifying places, but the smile on his face would never fade. Hermione had become contempt with her flat-lined smile, which was no smile at all. Bags had developed under eyes over the years and her eyes were slowly fading, she looked years older than she should have.



                But to Ron, Hermione was his saving grace and his angel. She comforted him through the death of his brother and saved his life when he was splinched. There would never be no other than Hermione, she was his first love. But over the years the excitement in the relationship died, there were merely passing ghosts to each other in the large apartment.  He saw the love of his life work herself to death when the only time he would shed tears would be from the sheer pain in his gut from laughing so hard.



                They were polar opposites now, even more than they had been before, and Ron noticed this quicker than Hermione did. As she emerged from the bathroom, the steam filled the quaint bedroom they shared. He rose from the bed and approached Hermione, touching her face for the first time in almost two months. “How long has it been since I’ve kissed you” he whispered, she looked down and replied “Almost two months Ron.” He stepped away for a moment to shake his head before he lifted her chin so they were face to face. “Time to break the record”



                He kissed her with the most sheer force and passion he could muster at 5 in the morning, but her lips were frail and flat and he gave up after just initiating the kiss. She sighed sadly and touched his face before walking away, but she didn’t get far before he grabbed her wrist.



                “I think we need to talk ‘Mione” she nodded slowly then sat on the bed with him. “I think its time for you to start living, love” he began. She scoffed at his comment then replied “Ronald I think I’ve lived enough, now all I need to do is w-” , “Don’t you dare say work ‘Mione. You’ve done enough of that. Its time for you to get out and be something! Go see Ginny or Harry! Hell I’ll even let you be friends with Malfoy.” He smiled lightly as she giggled.




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Quidditch Camp: Welcome To Quidditch Camp


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