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For ages I just lay there, in his arms. I didn't do anything. Just stared at the ceiling. I didn't even try to think, try to make sense of things like I always did.

No, not this time.

This time I just lay next to him, my head on his chest and his arm around me. His warm body felt so comforting.

I could feel him move his arm, and soon his fingertips were grazing my forehead. I smiled.

"Morning," he murmured, and I looked up at him. "Good morning," I smiled, before I turned around to lie on my stomach. He opened his eyes and squinted at me. His eyes trailed down my naked back, and I felt very exposed so I pulled the duvet up over my shoulders making Draco chuckle.

"Have you always been so shy, Penelope?" He gave me a teasing stare, and I huffed. "There is nothing wrong with being shy."

"No?" Draco sat up, leaning his back against the bedframe and the duvet covering just what was necessary. I swallowed, wanting to keep some of my pride.

"No," I stated, my voice sounding a lot less strong than I'd wished for.

He shook his head, and it was clear on his whole face that he found this very entertaining. "Stop being such a douche," I complained, drawing the duvet over my head. I could hear his laugh before I felt his arms slither around me and lift me up on his lap.

"Oh, my Gosh! DRACO!"

"What? It's morning," shrugged Draco, while I desperately tried to get as much duvet between us. "Kaya, you've –"

"I know I just slept with you, but I don't want-... Just put me down!"

"You never know until you've tried," chuckled Draco and I growled. "Draco!"

"Fine, all right, sorry." I could still hear the smile in his voice, but at least he lifted me off his lap. Thank God.

Carefully I slipped out of bed and pulled on a jumper, before I walked over to my dresser and got out a pair of knickers.

"I fucking love that ass of yours," said Draco, and I turned sideways to look at him. "Likewise…"

He grinned, folding his arms behind his head. "Why are you getting dressed?"

"Because I want to." It hadn't dawned on me until then what I'd really done. I'd done the one thing I'd promised myself I wouldn't ever do. I'd fallen for the temptation, I'd given him what he wanted without even thinking about it twice.

I felt his eyes on me, and I knew he was going to brag about this to his mates. And now he'd won the bet with Zabini as well. I was going to be ruined. Smothered. People would stare and me and whisper, they would point fingers and laugh.

How could I not have thought about this?

"You need to leave," I said as I walked towards the door and making sure Ron wasn't in the common room.

Draco's face lacked any emotion, but his eyes showed confusion. I bit my tongue in an attempt to keep a sob from rolling off it.

"You need to leave." I said it more firmly this time, hoping he would understand that I wasn't the least bit joking.

Throwing the duvet off him, Draco pulled on his jeans that hung low on his hips, and grabbed the rest of his clothes.

As he approached me, I stood still as a rock by the door. His piercing grey eyes sliced into mine, and I felt my breathing become more rigid.

Lifting my arm, I did the gesture of inviting him out of my room, and then he left.

I closed the door behind him, feeling my heart ache. How could I have been so foolish? How could I just let one single touch lead me to make my biggest mistake ever?

I leaned my back on the hard wood of the door, before I slid down and pulled my legs up underneath my chin and wrapped my arms around them.

It wasn't just that I'd slept with him, but of all things I'd given him my goddamn virginity. Talk about no self-control.

He'd just showed up in my room and kissed me, and I'd fallen into his trap and become just another girl on his list.

I stared at my bed, long and hard. I didn't want to slither back underneath those sheets; I didn't want to come near it period.

Standing up on my feet, I walked towards to bathroom, but I simply walked through it and into Ron's room.

"Are you awake?" I whispered. All I received was a low grunt, but I took it as a yes.

"Ron, can I please sleep here with you?"

I knew it was nearly midday, but I didn't want to go out and face the population of this school. Not today.

He lifted his ram above his duvet and made a simple hand gesture for me to come over, and I crawled in beside him. I snuggled close, glad Ron had become Head Boy. He was so relaxed, and he always made me feel comfortable. Just like now.



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