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Ron was red in the face. He had just apperated and taken Hermione back to the Burrow because what was left of their house was lying in ruin. Molly and Arthur were shocked when they heard what had happened. Ron had called Lavender and Hermione wasn’t taking this well. Molly said she was reminded of the war with everyone suddenly arriving, but she nearly started crying because she was reminded of Fred dying. Ron had to sooth her. He felt his temper was constantly rising whenever he saw Hermione. He blamed the house collapsing on her. She was trying to tell him that Bellatrix came to their house and tried to kill Harry. He thought she was off her head. Molly seemed to think that Bellatrix was evil enough to do something like that and would comfort Hermione when she started sobbing. Ron heard her occasionally talking about Harry and would feel a rush of jealousy to Harry. Hermione was always talking about him. Harry this and Harry that. He couldn’t take anymore of her and went to his old room and sat down with his head in his hands. He felt tears stinging at his eyes. Suddenly there was a soft knock on the door and he whispered a “Come in”.

“Oh, Ron what’s wrong?” Lavender called softly. She walked to the bed.

“Oh… Lavender… um… nothing.” He said with tears still strolling down his face.

She took his hands in hers and wiped the tears from his eyes with her finger. He looked into her hazel eyes… eyes that reminded him of Hermione…

“I know you, and that you wouldn’t cry for just anything.” she said simply.

“Lav, I’m o-ok.” He whimpered.

Ron wasn’t ok. He felt like he was going to explode, explode with anger for Hermione, jealousy for Harry, sadness that his house was gone and too much love for Lavender. He was wondering how his emotional size of a teaspoon was dealing with this.

“You’re MY Won-Won and I would never let anyone hurt you.” She whispered affectionately.

This was too much for Ron and he grabbed her head unintentionally roughly and kissed her. He felt the usual sparks do off in his stomach. He kept pulling her close until he fell back. He wrapped his arms tightly around her body. They were interrupted by a teary Hermione.



Hermione wiped the tears from her eyes as she walked into Ron’s room she opened the door to see Lavender Brown, a girl she once envied lying on top of her husband. Hermione felt an urge to push the two of them out the window. But instead she collapsed to the ground in silent tears. Hermione had known that Ron was cheating but Harry’s words of comfort had meant something to her. Now that she was actually seeing him cheating it hit her like cold water. Ron instantly pulled away when he saw her in the room. He looked shocked and he went to her and picked her up off the ground. Lavender sneaked out of the room thinking she would be able to get away silently. But Hermione grabbed her hair with her free hand. She released all her anger in yanking the hair off Lavenders head. Hermione wanted to rip her head off. Hermione never knew that she had this much hate in her. She felt evil boiling up in her and she didn’t care what happened to Lavender as long as she was destroyed. Ron was her husband, how dare she? Ron was failing to pull Hermione off Lavender and Lavender was screaming at her. She remembered her time with Harry and how long ago that felt now… She wanted to be back with him, she wanted to be happy…

“Hermione please stop, this isn’t you.” Ron whispered, his voice was in agony. He was trying to choose which girl he loved more.

Ron’s pain made her loosen her grip. Lavender took her chance and ran for it. Hermione broke down into tears again and fell into Ron’s arms. She thought she’d never let men rule her life, but she was suddenly losing control.

“It’s ok ‘Mione, we will work this out.” He whispered to her.

Those words made her pull away and look into his sky blue eyes. They didn’t hold comfort like Harry’s deep green ones; she saw a hidden hatred in them. Hatred that she interrupted him and Lavender, hatred that his stupid house was gone. She laughed a cold, evil laugh that was not hers. She wanted to tell him she had been with Harry, to make Ron jealous, but she knew Ginny would do much more harm to her and Harry than she could do to Lavender. She regained control and left Ron’s arms.

“You’re not going to tell my mother about this are you, ‘Mione?” Ron whimpered.

She turned so quick she surprised herself. She walked up to him slowly and before Ron could say or do anything else she slapped him hard across the face. She felt so much relief after that slap she was overwhelmed. She pulled her Ex- close and whispered into his ear.

“Ronald Weasly, it’s Hermione to you, and were finished.” she said softly.

She turned apperated on the spot and left a bewildered Ron in her wake.


Harry was just putting on the kettle when he heard a crack at the front door. Then through the kitchen door a sobbing Hermione ran into his arms. Harry was taken aback and slowly wiped the tears clumsily from her eyes.

“Hermione, what’s up?” he whispered into her ear.

“Harry, I-I left him.” Hermione couldn’t say his name.

Harry held her tight in his arms, squeezing her lovingly. He was going to kill Ron.

“I’m here Hermione, you are worth a hundred of any trollop Ron would meet in the street.” He said angrily.

Harry lifted Hermione up the stairs and into a spare room. He laid her down gently. She was already nearly asleep when she was put dawn. He stared at her. She had been through so much with Ron and after the war all they had wanted was some peace. To start their lives again. Harry found her way of sleeping really pretty. His beautiful Hermione he laughed… He felt like he had destroyed her and Ron’s relationship. Even though it was in tatters before they got married because Hermione never got over Ron’s leave while they were in that tent years ago. Harry kissed her forehead and tip-toed downstairs. He wanted to cheer her up when she woke again. He lit a few candles with his wand and dimmed the lights. He turned on his muggle TV and found a channel with some cheesy muggle soap about a man running away with a gypsy. He made his special hot chocolate and got out Hermione’s favorite sweets, and put Ginny’s heart shaped pillows on the couch. He laughed at his handiwork and wondered when he had become the romantic. He ran up the stairs excitedly. He saw Hermione sitting up with her head in her hands. He rushed to her side. Hermione had never worried about boys, or been jealous of other girls, she wasn’t that kind of person because she was strong. She had been stronger than Ginny and even him at times. He took her hands and pulled her out of the room.

“What Harry?”She whispered. Harry could tell from her voice that she wanted to be left alone.

“I’ve a surprise for you.” He tried to keep his voice cheerful even though seeing her like this made him worry.

Harry pulled her into his sitting room. She rubbed the water from her eyes to get a proper look at the room. She looked around and gasped. The gasp turned into laughter. He led her to the couch. She looked around again as if she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Harry, I used to watch this film when I was younger. It was my favorite.” She said gleefully. He loved the way the little things made her happier.

“You may sit here, my Lady.” He said in his poshest accent.

“Harry, you were always awkward with the ladies before this.” She laughed.

“I haven’t with you.” Harry said offended and Hermione blushed scarlet. 

She sat down and grabbed Harry with her. She opened her sweets and shared them with Harry. He held her in his arms through the film and wiped her tears at the sad parts. The film meant nothing to him; he had his head muzzled in Hermione’s hair. She had a smell about her. Harry had known this smell for ever but it felt particularly special to him now. He felt at home; not like he had been with Ginny. Ginny was his wife, but she felt like a wife. Not in any way special to another girl. Hermione understood him so she could interact better with him. Ginny’s relationship with him was more physical than anything else. He felt an urge to stay here with this girl. He wanted to make her happy but he didn’t know how… Suddenly Harry felt like an idiot. Why hadn’t he thought of it? He should have done this ages ago…

Harry took out a ring shaped sweet. He looked at Hermione and than slowly got up. Hermione hadn’t noticed yet. He knelt down carefully in front of her. He caught her eye and she looked dazed.

“Harry wha-“she started but he pressed his finger to her lips.

“Hermione Jean Granger, would you do me the honor of being your husband?” Harry asked passionately. A smile crept onto her face. She screamed with laughter.

“I do, I do, I do, Harry I love you-“she was cut off by Harry kissing her. He felt a spark or something in his stomach and it felt so right to him now.

He pulled her quickly up the stairs. He felt a real excitement and he felt it off Hermione too.  He found the room he was looking for. Harry rushed into his bedroom and pulled Hermione down onto the bed.



Hermione was bubbling inside. She felt Harry’s hand up her shirt. She lay on him pulling herself closer and closer as if they were one. Harry ripped of her shirt and his hands were all over her curvy body. She felt them going down her skirt and that was gone after a while too. She hadn’t noticed his body the last time. The last time it was all so forbidden, but here she saw his body fully. It was covered in muscles from his auror training and it was even slightly tanned. Hermione felt something she had never felt before in her life. Attraction. It hadn’t been the same with Ron.

“Hermione, you are beautiful.” He said in gasps. Their lips had been joined for what felt like hours.

“You are too.” She said blushing dark red.

Harry’s lips made their way down her neck, as if he wanted to kiss every inch of her. She kissed back. When she was with Ron she would think that if she was too near him he would get up leave again or break her heart, but here she felt like her heart was in good hands. Harry would never leave her. Harry’s hands were now cupped against her bra. He was struggling to get it off. Hermione laughed at him and did it for him. His eyes were wandering around her body. She pinned him back down onto the bed.

Hermione wrapped her arms around his waist and he held her tight into his warm chest where she could hear his heart thumping.

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