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Authors note: Warnings:. Sensitive/Topic/Issue theme (Big warning on this. I was crying just writing some of this, though I’ve read worse.). Violence language and sexual situations implied.  Some substance use/abuse. I put lines between memory's so its easier to follow.


    Hermione groaned, putting the pillow over her head to shut out her kind of sort of boyfriends voice.  Didn’t he realize she just wanted to sleep? Apparently not, for a second later the pillow was torn from her clinging hands, she groaned again louder this time. 

  “Draco…I’m tired and I’m trying to sleep!  I only slept 3 hours.“ she growled, she was used to little  sleep, but not when she had the choice of sleeping in. 

  “I know you are Hermione. I promise after we view the memory’s and hear what my second task is, I’ll let you sleep alright?” He spoke gently which surprised her. A nice Draco would take a while getting used to. 

 “Do you promise?” She questioned looking him dead in the eye with her tired ones.

   “I promise.” He agreed taking her by the hand he gently helped her out of bed. “I’ll meet you out side of the room, With that he left, leaving her to quickly change into jeans and a t-shirt, heading out when she was done she found he was waiting by the door. Too tired to speak she headed with him to Susan’s room.

  She knocked three times when they got there; Susan answered the door and pulled them in quickly.

   “I got the pensive like you asked Draco, but why did you need it?” She asked the second she shut the door. 

  “It’s because, we found this in Afina’s dragon music box. “ He answered holding up the vile with the memory strands. They shimmered in the vile like mists.

   Hermione was becoming increasingly more awake. As the reality of what was going on around her sank in.

  “Ah! I see, so that was what she was hiding. This way,” Susan motioned for them over to the pensive which was sitting on top of a night stand that she had placed in the middle of the room.   

   Hermione walked over with Draco and watched him pour the threads into it “You ready?” He questioned. 

   “Yes, I’m sure of it.” She went over to the pensive and took his hand. Together they peered into the pensive, getting sucked in.

    Slowly things started to clear and Hermione found herself in an unfamiliar room.  The ceiling was comprised of many interloping arches. And there was a walkway between the doors on either side of the room. She herself was sitting with her legs tucked under her and a book in her lap.  She was in a library, there were books everywhere covering the walls from floor to ceiling. It was a dream. But, she had to focus.

  This was weird, from what Harry had told her and what she had read, he was supposed to observe the memories, not see them in a first person point of view. 

   “Afina dear, it’s time to meet our guests. “ Hermione/Afina looked up.  To see an aging man in his early to mid 30’s with graying hair and beard and deep chocolate brown eyes that Hermione recognized, the same eyes she saw everyday in the mirror, only hers were more golden brown.

  “Do I have to?” She found herself replying automatically. It was very weird to see through another’s eyes and have no control of what was going on.

  “Yes, come on.” The man chuckled guiding her out of the room and into what appeared to be a living room.

   There were 5 men and two children in the room. 4 wore robs of white and were unmistakably healers, the other man wore royal robes of purple and blue, quite opposite of her father’s crimson and black. She ducked behind the nearest straight back armchair hiding.  Her father and the other adults moved to another room to discuss things, most likely to discuss her Anemia.

  She saw the two children look at each other before the red-headed boy walked over to her.  She shrank further behind the arm chair. 

   “It’s ok, we won’t harm you. My name is Obsidian, This is my sister Rikari what’s yours my lady?” He spoke smoothly and calmly. His voice was kind like velvet instantly relaxing her. She giggled at the last statement feeling embarrassed and childlike. She had never met anyone besides her sister Maria and her father.  

  She surveyed him considering whether or not to indulge him with her name.  After a 5 minute staring contest she calmed enough to slowly walk out from behind the chair, she held out her hand to Obsidian, who took it and shook her hand gently, it was warm. “I’m Afina.” She squeaked.

   “Afina…what a lovely name.” He kissed the top of her hand.  Hermione gagged in her mind. Her great something aunt was crazy.  

  “You have anemia?” He questioned once he had moved back and they had sat on chairs.

  “Yes, I don’t make blood very well. Refactory Anemia if you want to be specific. ”

  “I’m surprised you’re alive. “ He commented causing her to glare.

   “Sorry, sorry didn’t mean to offend you. It’s just rare.”

   “I’m strong and stubborn’ she said proudly, straightening herself up.

“I can see that.” He chuckled.


    The scene turned a  and she was now wandering the halls, searching for obsidian. It was her 14th birthday and she was trying to find company. She soon found it in the library, he was sitting in his usual chair and she jumped onto the couch beside him.  Blushing some as her eyes lingered on his lips.

“Happy Birthday, Afina.” He grinned.  

  “You said you had something to ask me?” She questioned curling up to him like usual, reading the page it was opened to.

  “Yes…Afina. How do you feel about me?” He got up and looked toward her. Before kneeling so he was in front of her. 

  “I like you, a lot you’re my best friend.” She answered truthfully her heart starting to beat in her chest.

 “Well,” he continued. “we have known each other since we were little, I’ve really come to like you and, I’ve asked your fathers permission to court you, he said ok…Now my question is.. Would you like to be my girlfriend?”   

  She stared for a full minute, when his words sank into her head she started to grin and tackle hugged him squealing. “Yes! Yes I will be!” 

  Obsidian smiled and kissed her lips lightly causing butterfly’s to form in her stomach.

   Suddenly the scene shifted and turned again. Causing Hermione’s Head to spin, She was now lying on a bed, she felt weak and everything was a blur. She heard rustling beside her and men in white coats were whispering.

“She’ll make it, but just barely.” The first one spoke in a gruff eastern European accent that was unfamiliar to her.  “She turns fourteen in two days.. Have you put any consideration in the amulet?” 

   “Of course I have, I’ve sent men to retrieve it. But, I’m afraid it could be years before they get back.  “ A second voice she remembered as being her father’s spoke. “Do you think you can keep her alive until then?”

   “We will try our best your majesty, she is a strong one, and she won’t give in without a hell of a fight as she has shown today. There is still a 10% chance. Have you found a guardian for her?”

 “Yes, they are putting a boy named Rikiar through training it will be another 3 years, he’s a wizard though, not happy about it but it will keep her safe at least.”   

  “anyway 10% Is all I need. Thank you for your time.” Her father spoke and the voices started to fade as they left the room. Afina slowly sat up, her head spinning she felt weak. “Obsidian?” She called fearfully. 

  “I’m here domintia” He whispered next to her.  She turned to see the red head; He looked to be around 16 or 17 years old. Took Hermione a moment to remember that he was a few years older than her great aunt, He had long dark red hair and bright hazel eyes.  He looked worried and held her hand like it was the only thing keeping her there. 

    “Did I pass out again? “ She questioned looking around the room. It was small with medical instruments all over and several bubbling green and blue beakers full of some strange concoction. There were  three beds one on either side of her.

    Obsidian helped her up. “Yeah, you did. You sure you’re ok?” After he asked he gently kissed her lips, something she gladly returned wrapping her arms around him as he laid her back down, Their lips never parting until she needed to breath. 

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to your kisses dear” She giggled.  

  “Well, get used to them.” He teased and kissed her forehead. “Rest, I’ll still be here.”


   Again the scene blurred becoming masses of color slowly to be replaced by an open field near a road; she was sketching on a pad, Rikari was laying on her back staring at the clouds why she sketched her. Enjoying the fresh air for once, her skin was incredibly pale and was often mistaken for a vampire. 

  They sat in silence. She had just finished drawing her and was lying next to her; her head near hers pointing out shapes in the sky. 

   “How are things with you and my brother?” She asked giggling causing. Afina to look at her. “Don’t spare any detail I want to know everything. He just goes. “None of your business”  she pouted.

   “To be honest nothing significant has really changed.  I love him but it’s the exact same thing we did before. Only we kiss sometimes now. His kisses are very sweet and gentle!” She laughed embarrassed. 

 “I hope to meet a guy someday.” She sighed dreamily.  

   “I’m sure you will.  I’ll bet he’ll be just as mushy and romantic as you day dream. “She looked up just then hearing a horse come up and stops with a carriage,  A cloaked man came out and walked up to them.   

“Excuse me, which way is the village from here? I’m afraid I’m lost. “

  She felt immediately uncomfortable and reached behind her bodice slowly retrieving a dagger. Sensing something was wrong.

   “It’s down the road to the left.” Rikari smiled at him and pointed the way. Before getting up cutting her hand on a stick blood leaked from the small cut. Everything happened so fast that all she could do was react. Faster than her eyes could even catch the man, whoever he was, had pounced her she saw the fangs and instantly knew what he was.  He was draining her friend quick. Summoning up the strength she could with the adrenaline rushing through her at the same time she pulled the vampire from her.

  Ducking as he swung his arm around to attack her she grabbed the hilt of her silver blade cutting his arm. The vampire hissed in pain showing his white fangs, the hood having fell off in the quick scuffle. He had shaggy brown hair and blood red eyes.

  She didn’t look him over too long she dug into the pouch on her skirt and threw the silver powder at his face and why distracted she plunged the dagger into his heart twisting it clockwise. There was an ear piercing scream. It paralyzed but didn’t kill him. 

  Thinking fast she slit his wrist and brought it to her friend’s mouth, determined to do anything to keep her alive. She was relieved when she saw her friend drink. Waiting a few moment s before pulling the wrist away and sank the dagger the rest of the way. The vampire slowly shrivled and turned to dust.

  Realizing she couldn’t carry Rikari she screamed as loud as she could. “Someone help please she’s been hurt!” It took a few moments before one of the guards noticed her screaming and came running to help her. By then it was to late to stop the progression of the change. But throughout it all she remained by her side throughout the process holding her hand through the pain.  

   Obsidian right beside her his eyes dark and held an unfamiliar expression.

      The next two memories past so quickly, it were more of images than actual memories like Afina knew that they weren’t important but was important enough to draw a picture. So she had included them in the vile. First it was her and Rikari meeting the vampires that would train her. One of them she recognized as Damien. Then it switched to Damien and Rikari’s wedding. They appeared to be 15. 


  Finally the flashing memories stopped.  She was in the first room. Staring at an amulet one of the knights was presenting her. She took it with a shaking hand.

  “Is this really the amulet of Nefertem? “She breathed, The amulet was blood red and had beautiful vines going around the gem in the center. It was held on a long silver chain and looked to be untouched by times embrace. 

  “Yes domintia it is..We found it.” He confirmed holding her hands in his. She couldn’t breath. She had longed to be like everyone else. But did she want to get rid of something that made her, her? She didn’t like having something so powerful in her hands. 

  “Please Afina, do it for me?” Rikari came into view kneeling beside her, her eyes a pale red from not having fed. “You’re the most kind and thoughtful person I know, if anyone disserves this it’s you.”

  “But, I’m sure other people are in more need of it than I.” She spoke quietly.

  “Then give it to them when you’re done.” She encouraged nudging her lightly.  

   Afina took a deep breath. Staring at the amulet for several moments before with shaking hands she put the Amulet around her neck. It glowed and a white mist came from it in waves before being absorbed into her body.  Strange, I don’t feel any different. No sooner had that thought entered her head when a sharp pain shot through her body.

  It felt like a thousand lightning bolts had just been shot through her body by Zeus himself.  She bit her lip to keep from screaming. She curled up on the couch trying to stop the tremors , she was close to passing out when the pain vanished as suddenly as it had appeared. The light went back into the center gem. Taking deep breaths she slowly un curled herself and pushed herself up off the couch.  She felt like she had a bit more energy, she cautiously walked to the mirror. She was surprised by what she saw.

  She was used to seeing an extremely thin pale girl with straw like hair and bad complexion.  Instead what was looking back at her was a still thin but healthier looking young woman. Her hair was thicker and curlier and hung down her back and shoulders in waves. There was more color to her cheeks and light in her eyes that hadn’t been there before. A few days of eating would get her too normal probably

  “It seems to have worked my darling daughter!” Her father hugged her tightly to him and she hugged back. She still didn’t feel as if she disserved this gift.  The doors opened and one of the knights ran in breathless. “The wizard is here!”  

 “Ah, Right on time. I’ll meet him shortly. “ her father kissed her forehead before walking off with a spring in his step.

  The guards followed. Once they were alone she took the amulet off and went over to Rikari and handed it to her. “Here, it can cure you… You deserve it. It’s my fault that you were turned anyway.”

 “I appreciate it Afina, but I’m happy as a vampire really, the blood isn’t so bad there’s more to us than meets the eye, besides It has given me a husband and two daughters, I couldn’t ask for more.”

 “Then, can you  do me a favor…Hide this next time you and Damien go on one of your trips. Somewhere where no one would think to look not even you’re brother. This could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

  “you do not trust Obsidian?” She questioned taking the amulet nonetheless “don’t worry I’ll hide it.

  “I just want to be on the safe side, Since you turned 3 years ago he’s been. More reclusive, he doesn’t talk to me much just pours over those dark evil terrible books all day.  I..I don’t think he’s obsidian anymore, his eyes are yellow and he has powers, I’ve seen him use them on the poor animals around the courtyard.” 

  “I see, I understand. Be careful come to me the second you feel that he’s a danger.”

  “I will.”

  “Excuse me,” one of the handmaidens spoke up coming from the throne room. “Your father wants you to meet your guardian now.

  She gulped suddenly feeling nervous. She straightened herself up and walked into the room, her head bowed respectfully her hair covering her eyes. 

  “Afina.” Her father boomed. “I’d like you to meet Rikiar. He’ll be protecting you from now on. 

  “Pleasure to meet you sir.” She bowed low before daring to look at him. He was tall 18 or 19. He held himself like a soldier his feet apart and his hands behind his back. There was a sword strapped to his hip and a wand sticking out of his pocket. He had silvery blond hair that was held by a black tie. And the most intense blue eyes she had ever seen.  She felt her heart almost stop and she momentarily forgot to breath.  The second their eyes met she felt like a jolt  of energy went through her. She was self conscious all of a sudden and nervous she bit her lip. 

  He surveyed her a moment before bowing himself.  “Pleasure to meet you too. Do you mind showing me around so I can get to know the place in order to protect you better?” 

  She looked up at her father for an ok he just nodded and she nodded. “Follow me.”    

  As she showed him around the castle the rooms doors windows everything she started to ask questions.

  “D o you have any family or friends? “ She probed. He remained silent staring at her.

  “what’s it like being a wizard? What’s your favorite spells?

  Still no answer.  

  “Do you do anything besides stand like a statue?”

   No answer but he did raise an eyebrow.

   “Your quiet for a wizard.” She finally said.

  “You talk a lot for a bushy haired muggle.” He retorted.

  “well pardon me for trying to be nice.” She folded her arms.  

  “You aren’t like other muggles..You aren’t prosecuting me or judging me for being a wizard.”

  “We don’t judge anyone here. Unless you harmed us first we have no reason to hate you. Vampire mortal werewolf wizard gypsy. It does not matter. Nor does your past you can start things new from here.  

“I may just like it here, being your guardian won’t be as bad as I thought.”  He grinned and as he past he tucked her hair behind her ear.” For a pretty girl you shouldn’t hide your face so much. 

  She blushed.


Again in a whirl of colors that made Hermione dizzy she was sitting under a tree on top of the hill away from the castle.  It was dark and the only light came from the fireflies which she watched dreamily. Well pretended. Her attention was really on her guardian. Who she had been growing closer to every day. She had gotten him a necklace Shaped like a moon, she wore the sun.  She was happy to see him wearing it.   

   He sat next to her a rare relaxed moment. He flicked his wand and fire birds shot from his wand and started to circle her.  

  “You’re so sad and lonely lately.” He commented. 

  “Obsidans ignoring me as always, Rikari has her hands full. You’re my only companion really.” She shyly looked over at him. Finding her attention drawn to his lips. 

  “I’m glad I can be that for you. “ He smiled proudly.  

  She crawled over to him.   

  “You have a bad boyfriend” He commented as she got closer.

  “Maybe I just need a new one?” She smiled.

  “Do you have anyone in mind?” His face drew close to hers so their lips were touching.

  “As a matter of fact I do.” With that small sentence she closed the distance between their lips. She knew it was forbidden but as he slowly kissed her back drawing the kiss out.  It felt Right to her. She was determined to do anything to stay with him.


  It shifted again .    

     “Will you marry me?” Obsidian was on one knee.

   “I will.” She fake smiled she knew the question was coming and she had discussed it with Rikiar. She would say yes.  She would only be his wife until they could figure a way out without exposing themselves. If they exposed themselves thy would both be hunted and killed. She wished she lived in a time where it was ok for muggles and wizards to marry. 

   He slipped the ring onto her finger and held her close kissing her cheek happily before running out. She had avoided his evil yellow eyes.

 “ May the gods help me” She murmured.


   It shifted and it was her wedding day now. Everything was white.  She however wasn’t happy, before she took the trip down the Isle she pulled Susan to the side.  “Listen..If anything happens to me.  Look in the silver Dragon. Obsidian isn’t obsidian anymore, what will be hidden in there will explain everything.

 “What’s wrong?” She questioned 

  “I can’t tell you now..Just never forget that alright.”

  “Ok I promise. “

  She looked down the isle everyone was sitting in piers in the church. It was simple and traditional much like her gown which had a beaded corset and simple skirt.  Before it was her turn to walk down the Isle she turned to look at her Guardian who stood stoic next to the door. Her father hadn’t got their yet so she went over t him and in the corner stole a quick kiss which he deepened.  

  “I don’t think I can do this. “ she mumbled against his warm familiar lips. 

  “Yes you can, do what is expected. For now. He can’t keep us apart forever.. This is just temporary until We can figure out what to do alright?” 

  “Alright…he’s going to want to.. you know..and I can’t…Not with him.”

   “Don’t worry about that he won’t have the time. I overheard your father planning on sending him on a yearlong errand right after the reception..

  She sighed in relief.  “Afina hun it’s time.” Her father called.

  She went over to him feeling dejected as she took his arm and was walked down the isle. She didn’t feel nervous sad or happy that a brides supposed to feel on her wedding day. Instead she felt  defeated. She held Obsidians hands. Hands that used to be kind and gentle were now rough and non to friendly.

   When it came to the I do’s she groaned as he held her hands tightly as if daring her to say no.

  “I do.” She said after brief hesitation. 

  “I do..’ He said back and brought her into a passionate kiss that just made her want to gag.

  During the reception she drank 4 glasses of whatever alcohol it was they were serving.  

  Easy there girl.” Rikari spoke sympathetically next to her. Obsidian was talking to her father he didn’t look happy. She however felt relieved knowing she wouldn’t have to sleep with him.  

  “Sorry, wedding night gitters.” She lied.  

  “It’s not all that bad I promise.” She reassured. “I’ll leave you too alone.” She said as Obsidian walked over to her.

  “Bad news love.” He sighed ignoring the glare she was giving him. “I have to leave for France in two minutes. I want you to be safe alright.  I’ll be back in a year . No funny business with your watcher understood?”

  “Yes.” She lied again. As he kissed her cheek and went off to leave.

  Two hours and 3 more glasses of wine later she found herself in her pj’s laying in bed.  To dizzy to stand. She was just about to fall asleep when she felt arms around her waist. She tensed thinking obsidian had snuck back in.

  “Relax love it’s just me. “ Rikiar kissed her lips lightly in a soft brush hovering over her. She gladly wrapped  her arms around him.

  “How did you get in here?” She kissed his cheek and ear happily.  

   “I’m your protector. I can pretty much get in anywhere. I see obsidian’s gone for a year just as I thought he would be.  

  “Rikiar.” This may sound crazy.. But I want you to be my first…The very thought of anyone else touching me but you makes me ill. A year is plenty of time to figure out how to get out of here. “

  “He stared at her intensely. Are you sure?”

  “I’m positive. I love you more than anything. Why don’t you want me?” She pouted feeling hurt.  

  “Trust me…I want you, I’ve wanted you since I first saw you when you were sixteen.. “ He breathed against her neck leaving a light kiss there.

  “Then please make love to me.” She rested her forehead against his.

   “I wont be able to stop once we start.” As he spoke he pushed down  the sleeve of her nightgown.

  “ I wasn’t asking you too.” With that she stopped all conversation and pulled him into a deep passionate kiss in which their tongues played and her’s lost the battle.

  Didn’t take long for her gown to hit the floor….


 When the memory shifted again to a new one, she was reading in the library and she felt strong arms wrap around her. 

  “Morning beautiful.” Rikiar whispered into her ear kissing it and sliding himself so he was behind her. 

  “How are you feeling? “ No sooner had he asked that than she felt a sharp kick to her stomach and she jumped up startled. Hermione was shocked however Afina whose memory this was, was calm.

  “I’m feeling alright. Just tired. Also feel like a whale, did you get me the candy I wanted?” She looked up at him with puppy dog eyes.

  “You look beautiful anyway and yes. He dug into his pocket and gave her a a wraped rock candy and she squealed taking it she started to eat it like she hadn’t ate in years. “

 “I got the right ones this time?” He chuckled.

 “Yes!, bout time too.”   

 ‘He smiled and put a hand on her stomach lightly, immediately the kicking calmed down.

  “See, she knows her daddy.”

  “Still convinced it’s a girl?” he questioned.


  “It’s going to be a boy I hate to disappoint you. First borns have been boys in my family for century’s”

  “Well, nothing’s traditional with us so expect that tradition be ended.” 

  “Whatever you say my hormonal princess.”

  She growled and elbowed him in the stomach and he bent over pretending t be in pain.

  “In all seriousness, it’s been almost a year…Obsidian should be back soon… Shouldn’t we tell our siblings to get to safety?”

  “I plan on telling them tonight dear.”

  “Ok,” He nuzzled her and she calmed. She was frightened though.

  “What if he tries to kill me like he said he would?” She voiced her fear for the first time.

  “I’ll protect you and our baby or die trying.” He said truthfully.

  “She grinned and curled up into him resting her head on his chest as she read . they stayed like that all day.

  That evening she told Maria and sunnigilia to meet get ready to leave in two days. 

  “Don’t ask questions alright. Just do it and I’ll tell you in two days alright? I don’t want anyone finding out about this. “

  Both girls nodded.


  Again the memory’s shifted, but there was deffinatly something majorly off. For one she felt, Scared, panicked, it was late at night and she was in her room.  She put some blankets into the two bags, looking up she saw the calendar was the 23rd of November and it was circled with a note saying. “The Day Obsidian returns. “ She grabbed the two bags with a sigh she ran into her sisters and her lover’s sister’s room.  

  “Are you two ready?” She questioned

  “Yes but, I don’t understand why you want us to leave what’s going to happen?” Her sister Maria looked at her questioningly; she had long brown hair and the same chocolate brown eyes as her, but was shorter by a few inches and had freckles on her nose. 

  “There’s no time to explain.” She answered irritated quickly throwing the bags at her and Sunnigilia.

  “I’ll explain it to her on the boat. Where is it you want us to go?” Sunnigillia asked unafraid. She knew something was up.

  “West, across the sea. He won’t follow you over water, and won’t think you would leave so far.” Afina hugged them both one last time before running out of the room. 

  “Wait!” Sunnigilia called. “Will we see you and brother again, or your child?”

  “You’ll see us again, some day, I promise…” She put a hand on her stomach feeling the fluttering of her childs kicking. She was partly speaking to her lovers sister, and partly to the unborn babe. “Someday.”

    She quickly walked to the Library where she had agreed to meet Rikiar. She stoped as his wand pointed at her. Then relaxed once he realized it was just her and lowered his wand.

  “Sorry, just nervous.” He apologized “I have a bad feeling. “

  “I do to love, we got to be quick if we want to leave before he gets back and finds out about me and the baby.” 

  “I understand.” He murmured. Walking over to her he pulled her into his arms. She held him tight.

  The doors slammed open causing them both to look up.

  “I knew it…I asked you to do one thing! One thing…and your still with him?” Obsidian stood in the door way and was quickly making his way over them. She gasped as Rikiar put himself in front of her. 

 “You don’t have a right to say that, what you did was a LOT worse, what other choice did you give her. Have what little happiness she could with me, or become introverted and alone just because you can’t let her go, if you loved her you wouldn’t have pushed her into this!”  

 Obsidians face turned a purple color that would have made Harry’s uncle proud. Hermione thought  

  “You’re going to put this on me?!” He shouted

  “I believe I just did, if she didn’t marry you, you would have exposed us. Then you have the nerve to ask her to kill me?  You ignore her and leave her alone for a year and a half, not a very good husband or boyfriend. You lost the right to her the second you sold your soul to become what you are.  Souless bloodsucker, at least the others have heart!”

  Obsidian clearly had had enough and rushed over to them only to be forced back into the wall creating a hole from the impact and several books fell. By a jet of wind coming from Rikiar’s wand. 

  “Please just stop both of you!” Hermione heard Afina’s voice quiver. “Its true obsidian isn’t who he used to be but please stop fighting, we are leaving anyway.  No more fighting, please.  I just want peace.

 “The Hell you are.” Obisidian objected he started muttering something in latin that she didn’t understand. Blue mist started to form from the crakes of the stone floor like vapor and wrapped themselves around Rikar’s wrists. He paled.

  “What is that?” She whispered fearfully. 

  All of a sudden she was now watching as if she was watching instead of through Afina’s eyes.

 ‘Vita Aficio.. It’s a life draining spell. Afina my love listen to me, I can distract him you need to run, get yourself and our baby to safety please! “

  “But, your hurt.”


   The doors burst open again, this time Rikari was standing in the door way panting, her long dark hair falling over her face. “Brother no! Stop this.” She ran over to go help Afina who was now cradling Rikiar who was becoming weaker an thinner from the spell draining his life.

   She knew from what Rikari had told her and Draco what would happen but it didn’t stop her from trying to stop obsidian but she fell right through him. She closed her eyes but still heard the sound of the knife going into her. 

   When Hermione looked up again Rikari was on the floor surrounded by a growing pool of blood. Obsidian looked horrified and was staring at the bloody knife he clung to in disbelief.

  “She was your sister Obsidian! How could you? She was the whole reason you delved into the magic that’s turned you into the creature you are now. Not a vampire but a souless demon. Yes, I figured out you aren’t a vampire, I’m not an idiot, Yellow eyes, powers that vampires don’t even possesses. Ability to use magic. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what you did. “

    As she spoke Obsidian moved closer, Afina was looking up with him with not hate or fear but understanding that the boy she loved had been lost long ago, that there was no bringing him back.  

   He grabbed her by the throat and shoved her up against the book shelf.  “I might not be able to have you. But I can have something that is part of you.” 

  ‘No!” Rikiar shouted having managed to stand up his body shaking he held onto the pillar next to him. “don’t touch or hurt her. You’ve done enough!”  He had tears running down his cheeks and the words came out a struggle

  “You took something that was important to me away, now I’m just returning the favor. “

  Hermione couldn’t see what he was doing at first but she heard Afina’s high pitched scream and a moment later sharp babies cry’s could be heard.

  Rikiar ran and caught Afina as she fell gasping for air as she struggled to breathe. Hermione could see the light fading from her eyes, Rikiar however didn’t seem to want to give up. 

  “Please stay with me..” He murmured holding her head up and stroking her cheek with a bloody thumb. “You are the only good thing I’ve done in my life. It’s my duty to protect you I can’t fail …not now.. “

  Afina reached up and put a hand on his cheek. “Te Iubesc  Rikiar”

  He held her tighter to himself and rested his forhead against her own. “Te Iubesc mea floare”  

  “We will see each other again.” She whispered. “I promise.. “  She looked up at Rikiar who looked dead like he couldn’t believe what he had just done. Holding the crying baby. “We will get our revenge. We will come back somewhere down our family lines we will find you..You’ll pay for what you did to everyone.


   Feeling sick and unable to take any more of it she tore herself away from the pensive and ran toward the bathroom. Where she emptied her stomach, which was basically stomach acid since she hadn’t eaten yet that afternoon, Draco who was just as pale as her held her hair back as well as held her close. She felt the tremors of his body he was shaking. Both of them were crying, and Hermione had never seen Draco cry it unnerved and upset her even more. That was horrible no one should have gone through what they did. She now understood why their ancestors could not rest.  

  “What happened? What did you see?”

  “You said..” Hermione started trying to stop her voice shaking.  “That her wounds didn’t coincide with the horse story about an attack? That her stomach was cut open.. Think why would anyone cut someone’s stomach open? “Hermione dry heaved wanting anything to get the images from her mind; she was sobbing over the toilet her head on her arms, Draco holding her.

  Absolute horror and understanding appeared in Susan’s eyes. Hermione saw from the corner of her eye Susan putting her own hand to her mouth most likely trying to keep back the bile.  

  “How far was she?” Susan finally questioned.

 “7 months…it was alive when the memory ended so it could be alive somewhere hidden maybe. Still…” 

  Draco soothingly kissed the back of her neck.  “She did.”

 “She?” Damein questioned.

  “It was a girl…Before Rikiar’s memory ended he muttered a spell similar to the ones used on portkeys. She  disappeared in this white light. The baby is fine. I don’t know where it’s was sent but it survived. He said something about Illyria having her now.

  She sighed in relief, She still had a new found hatred for Obsidian; that anyone would attempt to kill a child was beyond her rational minds comprehension.  Hermione had never wished Ill or death on anyone. But so help her Merlin she was going to kill Obsidian the first chance she got.  

  “Illyria?” Hermione questioned.

   “She would have been raised well then. “ Damien grinned, interrupting. “Illyria is a vampire leader in Russia.  It would explain why he never tried going after the child again. She’s even more powerful than he is and he’s terrified of her because of it.

  When hermiones mind cleared she remembered something from what she had just seen. “Rikari was your wife?! Hermione stared at Damien incredulously, you seemed to have left some crucial information in your earlier explanations, please explain.” She said wiping her mouth sitting by the toilet.  She waited for a response.  Draco rubbed her back to calm her.   

  “Yes, “he whispered sadly. When me and Susan were on a mission when this all occurred. Obsidian thought that we had something to do with it, so killed my Wife, Daughters Rose and Athena and brother.  Susan lost her husband years before, but that didn’t stop him from killing her sons Angelo and Rio. He had gone mad by that time when they died he lost it and took it out on everyone in the castle at the time, he also wanted to kill any chances of them coming back in another life.

  But Maria and Sunnigilia escaped.   I, Axel, and Damascus and our wives are the only survivors. We would have avenged them, trust me we still want too but he holds too much power. But we think you can help us stop him. He’s no longer who he was. His mind and soul have been twisted by the dark magic he delved in.  Will you help us? “

   After what they had just seen, neither she nor Draco hesitated with their answer.


 Hermione felt Draco lift her and carry her out of the room,  to their own, where he gave her a sleeping drought which she took gratefully before engulfed in a dreamless restful sleep. 



  Obsidian slowly turned the pages of an old photo album that had sketches and paintings with the name Esmeralda labeled under each picture. It was a time line of the girl growing up with long silvery curly hair that fell down her back in waves and brown eyes  and a small smile the last one She was holding a child of her own next to a tall sandy haired man with strong cheek bones and long beard both grinning. She looks so much like her Serena. “He spoke to the panther curled up beside him. He had always regretted what he had done to his wife, he wasn’t thinking.

   She should have been mine..No matter, I’ll still get her to pay for what she did to me. ‘He shut the book hard and like usual tossed it into the corner. 

  “Let’s see if we can Find that amulet shall we my pet? “ He wandered over to the maps for the 10000th time, the chains on his pants clinking with each movement.



Authors note 2: this should have been up over a month ago, but I was having personal issues and I was in a very very bad place in my life and didn’t want to write why in that state. It would have reflected badly on my writing. I’m much better now. Please rate and review I worked really hard on this chapter. The next one should be up soon! 7 more chapters left after part 2 of this one. The one after rikiar’s part of the story Is going to be really romantic. You know put something happy back into the story. te iubesc means I love you in Romanian but it’s more than that. It means “I want to be with you , hold your hand every day and be there when you sleep and when you wake. “ It’s more than jut I love you it’s stronger than that. At least that’s how I was told it meant.  Mea Floare means “My Flower” please no bad comments about Rikiari having children early. This Was the 7th century. People married and had kids early. In fact she’s older than most would have been. So keep that in mind.


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