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A/N: Because you've all been such wonderful reviewers I've decided to put chapter 16 and 17 together in the same chapter :-D There's some James and Amelia in this so I hope you enjoy!



“I think we all know why we’ve brought you down here.” James said loudly his hands on his hips as he looked down in disappointment at the adults all lounging around the front room their eyes closed and their arms over their faces as they groaned to each other. Amelia was stood next to James as well as all of the other cousins, who all looked down at their parents as they shook their heads at them.

“Your behaviour last night was unacceptable.” Albus stated.

“You can’t prove anything.” Harry stated from where he was laying across Bill and Ron who were laying their heads back on the sofa. Albus raised an eyebrow at him in disbelief.

“Well in that case...” he turned to look at Louis who was holding what appeared to be a few pictures in his hands, “Louis please present exhibit A.”

Louis walked forward and held out the first picture, the adults all squinted over at the picture, Louis waved his wand and the picture expanded itself until it was clear. It hovered in front of them all, and they could clearly see Harry with his shirt off singing into what appeared to be a spatula.

“What do you have to say for yourself dad?” Albus asked. Harry waved his hand at them as he said.

“It was a good song, everyone agreed with me,” Harry looked around at the others who nodded in agreement that the song was good.

“Ok it may have been a great song, but was the stripping part necessary?”

Harry shrugged as Ginny said, “I liked it,” causing Albus, James and Lily to pull disgusted faces

“Please don’t EVER say anything like that again...” Lily groaned shaking her head.

“Why? It’s not like me and your father never -” Ginny began but she was cut off by the yells of her children, who were begging her to stop talking,

“Exhibit B!” Albus said loudly before his mother or father could talk about their love life’s. Louis walked forward and replaced the picture with another one, he resized it and everyone looked at it.

"Now what we would like to know is how exactly Uncle George got stuck in this tree... hanging upside down,” James asked pointing at the picture showing George unconscious and upside down in a tree. Everyone ignored him as they closed their eyes again and groaned. James tutted slightly as Louis replaced the picture with another one and enlarged that one.

“Now this one....we are extremely concerned about Uncle Charlie,”

Everyone looked up at the picture and instantly blanched and let out yells of disgust as they shielded their eyes from the sight of it.

“Dear Merlin what on earth are you doing in that picture?” Bill cried looking over at his younger brother who seemed almost proud of himself.

“Hey what can I say? I’m enjoying single life...” Charlie told them smugly.

“What you did was disgusting! Hugo has been scarred for life because he saw this happening!”

“I was trying to sleep,” Hugo admitted shaking slightly from fear as he rocked back and forth on the spot. “I will never burn the image from my mind.”

“None of us will be able to burn the image from our minds!” Fleur cried holding her hand out in front of her to block the image from her view; Arthur and Molly were looking away in embarrassment from what their son appeared to be doing in the picture. “Can someone please destroy the picture?”

Louis waved his wand and the picture disintegrated in front of them and they all calmed considerably as Louis waved his wand at the next picture.

“This lewd behaviour shown in this photo is revolting!” Louis stated as he pointed to the picture. The adults all stared at it in confusion.

“That’s not us,” George stated slowly as Angelina gasped at the photo.

“That’s Fred!” Percy cried pointing to it, Fred paled considerably as he ran forward and looked at the photo before waving his wand at it so it returned to its regular size and he shoved it in his pocket.

“Was that a poster of Dumbledore?” Audrey asked horrified, Fred quickly shook his head.

“I think we should move on to the next exhibit,” Fred told them.

“No I think we need to stop, this isn’t going to prove anything we are adults we can behave in any way that we want,” Hermione told them her hand holding her head as though it pained her, “Now unless you plan on lecturing us all day, we all want to go back to bed.”

“Yeah and while we’re sleeping you can all make us some food,” Percy told them, the other adults all agreed with him.

The younger ones could only watch on as the adults all got up and made their way slowly to their respective rooms, all except Charlie who patted James and Albus on the backs as he passed.

“I like my eggs sunny side up,” he gave them a wink before he walked away chuckling to himself.

“Well that went according to plan,” Molly Junior said with a sigh, she had been quiet the entire time they had lectured their parents.

“We could have used your help,” Albus stated as Louis took the photos and threw them on the coffee table as they all chose to leave the room as well.


“It’s like looking after children!” Amelia cried a few hours later as she poured boiling water into various cups, stirring the contents of them all after she had placed the kettle back down on the side.

“No, it’s like we’re there slaves,” James muttered as he placed all of the sandwiches on the plates and waited for the others to come back so they could take the cups of tea and coffee and plates of sandwiches to the adults. “They never did this for us yesterday!”

“I hope our children won’t be this bad,” James joked as he wiped the side with a cloth.

Amelia let out a laugh, “our children will learn that they can’t get things by whining like this lot,” she pointed to the ceiling.

“I can’t wait until we have our own, Teddy and Victoire are so lucky,” Amelia agreed with him as she laughed again, before they suddenly stopped laughing as they realised what they had just said.

They stared at each other in awkwardness for a moment before Amelia coughed and looked away. “But we’re not going to be having children are we?” she said softly and trying not to let this statement get to her as much as it did. It was like a kick to the stomach.

“Uncle Charlie is demanding chocolate biscuits,” Dominique groaned as she walked into the kitchen and shaking her head as she placed an empty plate on the side.

“He’s not even hung-over!” Louis cried as he followed his sister into the room, “he just enjoys us doing his bidding for him."

 "It’s exactly like when I went to work with him in Romania, he treated me like his slave then too.” James admitted to them all.

“He requested a foot massage off of me,” Molly Junior cried as she walked into the room also.

“Here are the other plates and drinks,” Amelia told them all handing them the items, “just try to avoid Uncle Charlie’s room he’s big enough and ugly enough to get his own stuff.”

James and Amelia were left alone in the room as they decided to wipe down the counters in the kitchen.

“I would have liked two kids,” Amelia said softly, James’s head whipped out fast he wasn’t sure if he heard her properly.

“I’m sorry what?” he asked her in shock. Amelia looked up at James as she spoke again.

“I would have liked two kids,” she repeated, “a boy and a girl.”

James stared at her amazed that she was talking about this, “I want three kids,” he told her as he placed his cloth down and turned to look at her.

“We never talked about what kids we would have wanted,” Amelia stated as she continued cleaning and carefully avoiding eye contact with him, it was easier for her to talk about it this way.

“I know... I guess we just weren’t ready for them,” James said slowly as he leant back on the counter and watched her.

She let out a small sigh as she placed the cloth on the side and finally looked up at him.

“I wish things were a lot different,” she admitted, James nodded slowly trying to ignore the pained look on Amelia’s face but it was proving difficult.

“Me too.”


The adults had finally stopped demanding that their children be at their beck and call at about two in the afternoon, which they were all thankful for. They slouched around on the chairs in the vast garden relishing in the peace and quiet and the fact that they were sitting down.

“Do you know what?” Dom cried loudly causing everyone to jump wildly, Dom ignored their glares towards her. “It’s my birthday soon!”

“Yeah we know in a few days time,” Lucy stated after she had calmed her heart down. “You’ve been reminding us since your birthday last year.”

“I just wanted you all prepared,” Dom admitted with a shrug, “So you could buy me lots of presents.”

“What makes you think we’ll buy you presents?” Rose asked with a laugh, Dom glared at her and punched her lightly in the arm.

“Do you also know what else is great?” Molly Junior cried causing everyone to turn their gaze to her.

“What?” Albus asked questioningly.

“These two here,” Molly jabbed her thumb towards where James and Amelia were sitting next to each other, “Haven’t argued with each other in a few days.”

Fred and Lucy exchanged looks Amelia and James had argued outside the pub but the only ones who had witnessed or remembered it was them, and they kept that piece of information quiet.

“Oh yeah,” Louis agreed as the rest of the family nodded in agreement and began mentioning how they had noticed as well.

“Well what can I say? She loves her husband,” James said reaching forward and wrapping his arms around Amelia who grimaced slightly causing everyone to laugh at her expression.

“What can I say?” Amelia said mocking James slightly, “he has a big bank account.”

Everyone let out loud guffaws at her comment and James shook his head as he too laughed, letting go of her he leant backwards. Amelia felt the warmth leave her as soon as James removed his arms from around her and she tried to hide her disappointment at the fact that she had felt this way, or the fact that she had let herself feel this way.

She had forgotten that she was trying to push him away from her and not give in to him, or her feelings for him, after all in a few days time they wouldn’t be seeing much of each other after they get divorced. She plastered a smile on her face even though inside she didn’t feel it, her and James being around each other had a best before date and it was quickly approaching.

“Talking of bank accounts,” Lily said with a smile, “I think we should go shopping. They have this great little clothes shop down the town and I just know I can find something to wear for Dominique’s party in there.”

The other girls all agreed whilst the boys let out groans at the prospect of having to spend the remainder of the day discussing dresses and shoes, each of them standing up.

“No one is making you come with us,” Roxanne told them sharply, causing the boys to instantly stop groaning and to perk up considerably.

“Well in that case you go have fun,” Albus told them with a smile, “I believe we may have a small game of Quidditch.”

Fred, James and Louis agreed whilst Hugo looked like this was the last thing he wanted to do.

“Can’t we do something else?”

“Wha...wha....WHAT!” Albus cried doing a double take and staring at Hugo as if he had grown three heads and was dancing, whilst wearing a Gnome costume, in a field of strawberries. The dancing something which Albus had seen Hugo do before, he just couldn’t remember if it was a dream or real. “No Quidditch? Are you crazy?” he cried causing Hugo to regret saying anything. Fred, James and Louis were staring at Hugo as if they had finally seen him in his true colours.

“It’s just -” Hugo faltered as he felt uncomfortable under their gazes, “- That... well we played Quidditch the other day and... I’m ... tired. It’s been a long day and I still don’t feel that well from yesterday -”

“What, what, WHAT!” Albus cried again this time able to make full sentences. “And you call yourself a Potter?”

“But I don’t,” Hugo stated staring at him in confusion, “I’m a Weasley.”

“Then a love for Quidditch should be imprinted in your bones!” Fred cried loudly, “if Uncle Ron could hear you now, he’s only son. He’s pride and joy no less, turning down a chance to play Quidditch.... It’s an outrage!”

“But I’ll play another day.”

“Oh no the damage has been done!” Louis cried and he sounded quite upset at what Hugo had been saying, “we’ll go find Uncle Percy maybe he’ll want to play Quidditch with us.”

“You see what we’ve been resorted to? Asking Uncle Percy to join our game! I hope you’re happy now!” Louis said shaking his fist at Hugo.

“But guys -”

They shook their heads at Hugo who was watching them open mouthed, Lily walked forward and took Hugo by the hand to pull him away from the accusatory glares of the boys.

“Come on Hugo we don’t need them,” Lily stated before turning back to face the boys, “Quidditch is stupid,” she said sticking her tongue out at her brothers and cousins who all let out gasps of shock.

“How could you!” Fred said indignantly, “Roxanne did you hear this? She’s insulting your job!”

Roxanne shrugged, “Hey I don’t mind, it’s her choice not mine.”

“You are no sister of mine!”

Roxanne shook her head at him and held out her hand, “Whatever Fred, now give me that twenty Galleons you owe me.”

“I don’t have it,” Fred said crossing his arms angrily and turning away from her.

Roxanne glared at him before she walked forward and grabbed Fred by the hair yanking hard, Fred let out a shriek of pain before whimpering loudly.

“I know you have it Fred, I saw you get money off of dad.”

“Fine, fine! I’ll give it to you just please let go of my hair,” Roxanne let go of his hair and Fred rubbed his head where the hair was getting pulled out gingerly. He turned away from them and began to walk back to the house, Roxanne following knowing that her brother would more than likely run off if he was left alone.

The others let out laughs at Fred’s expense, the boys stopping suddenly and going back to glaring, when they realised they were still angry at Hugo. Amelia rolled her eyes at James’s behaviour before she too held out her hand at him; he looked down at it a perplexed look on his face as he looked back up at her his eyebrow raised in question.

“Oh come on hubby,” she said pronouncing the last word slowly as she waited with her hand out, “your wife needs money to go shopping.”

James rolled his eyes before he put his hands in his pocket and pulled out his money bag, opening it he began to place his hand in to pull out the coins but Amelia snatched it out of his hands and placed it in her pocket smiling widely at him.

“Thanks love,” she said putting her hand on his face and slapping him slightly. “Just think of this as compensation for forcing me to be here.” she said in a low voice that only James could hear. She turned away from him before she could see his expression.

“Let’s go shopping,” she said loudly to the girls who cheered and Hugo seemed indifferent as they all walked back to the house to get ready. 

“Well what should we do now?” James asked feeling suddenly broke as he turned to look at Albus and Louis.

“Oooo I have an idea,” Louis said suddenly, “Uncle Harry is taking a nap on the sofa right?”

“Yeah?” Albus and James said together.

“And Victoire has left her really expensive girlie lotions around right?”

They nodded suddenly feeling excited as the plan formed in their heads; they shoved each other as they ran back towards the adult’s house eager to be the first one to put the lotions on Harry’s face.


“I’m so tired,” Lucy cried as she dropped her masses amounts of bags on the floor and collapsed on the chair in the kitchen, the others done the same as they too dropped their bags and sat down at the table.

“They have such good shops down there,” Dom stated as she began rifling through her own bags and pulling out a few tops to admire them, before placing them back in the bag.

“I know, maybe I’ll go back for those shoes I saw though they were so nice!” Molly stated as she got up to make them all a drink.

“But you already brought a few pairs,” Amelia said with a laugh as Hugo look through his one small bag.

“Yeah well now I want another pair,” Molly laughed as she brought all of the drinks over with a wave of her wand.

“I’m going to go find the guys and give them their presents,” Hugo said as he stood up to leave the room, he had gotten Fred, Albus, James and Louis tiny fully flying Quidditch player action figures, he knew that they would love the presents and forgive him for earlier. But before he could go and find them to give them their presents they ran into the kitchen and dove under the table.

“What the -” Lucy cried as she was shoved out of the way, just like everyone else around the table as James, Fred, Louis and Albus all elbowed each other out of the way as they tried to stay under the table and hidden.

“What is going on?” Dom asked as she moved away from the table and looked below the table, everyone else moved away from the table and got up so they too could look under it at the four cowering people under it. It was a good thing they did as Victoire came storming in a few moments later with Teddy following close behind, Victoire had her wand out and was waving it around frantically, the table lifted and moved across the room so she could get a clear view of her cousins and brother.

“I cannot believe you had the audacity to take my stuff like that!” she shrieked as the boys tried to scramble out of the way of her wand. “All of that cost me a few hundred Galleons! I had to get it shipped over to me and you use all of it on Uncle Harry?”

“Well he does look better now,” Fred stated and before he could scramble out of the way Victoire grabbed him by the arm and dragged him across the floor towards the door. Fred let out a cry of help as Victoire pointed her wand at him.

“Vic, VIC!” Teddy cried Victoire turned to face her husband, Fred took this opportunity to get out of Victoires grasp and back over to the others huddling with them in fear, each of them wondering why on earth they thought that it was a good idea to use everything on Harry, who looked considerably younger and had a face as smooth as silk. Harry was extremely happy with the end result, even if he wasn’t happy that it had happened to him against his will whilst he was asleep.

“You need to calm down, think about the baby this stress can’t be good,” Teddy said taking hold of her hand and gently prying the wand out of it. “They’ll give you the money to buy some more, won’t you?” he turned to face them and they agreed instantly.

“Of course we will, just please don’t hurt us again,” Albus whimpered, fear still filling his face as he tried to hide behind Louis.

Victoire glared down at them before growling out, “Fine... Fine! But you wait, everyone is going to find out about this and I won’t let you forget it until you give me my money.”

Teddy followed as Victoire stormed back out of the house; the boys let out sighs of relief at her departure as they stood up slowly and dusted themselves down.

“You guys are jerks,” Molly stated as they waved their wands at the table and put it back where it was.

“Tell us something we don’t know,” Albus stated.


Amelia woke up as she hugged the cover tighter to her, shivering slightly. She stared around in the darkness as she felt the coldness fill the room, she hadn’t been this cold in a while but it was March and it had been quite windy today.

The other thing that had woken her up was the sound of loud rain outside the window and the occasion crash of thunder. She shuffled across her bed and looked over the side down at James who was huddled on the floor clutching his cover to him; Amelia noticed in the darkness her eyes had become slightly adjusted to that he too was shivering.

She felt a sudden pity fill through her as she watched him trying to get warm on the floor and she couldn’t take seeing him down there anymore, struggling to keep the cover around him.

“James,” she whispered as she looked over the edge of the bed and called down to him, “James!”

He stirred slightly as she called him again.

“What is it?” he asked her not moving from his position on the floor.

“It’s really cold,” she stated James turned over to face her and she could see that his eyes were squinting at her as they were sleep filled.

“I can tell,” James said with a shiver as he tried to keep his eyes open as he looked up at her.

“I don’t want you to get cold down there. Do you want to get in the bed?”

It took James a moment to register what she was saying, “are you sure?” he asked her.

“Yeah I am, I’d hate for you to get frostbite down there,” she said jokingly. James let out a small laugh as he got off of the floor slowly and picked up his pillow and quilt, Amelia shuffled back to her side as James got into the bed. He placed his pillow down on his side and threw the cover over the one on the bed so they could have two quilts.

“I just want you to know,” Amelia said in a whisper in warning to James who was in close proximity to her, “that this is only a one time thing because it is cold, and I don’t think your parents will forgive me if you catch pneumonia. Also I don’t want you touching me during the night or I will shove you back out of the bed.”

James smiled which was unseen by Amelia as she turned her back to him and closed her eyes to get to sleep, hugging the quilt tight to her.

“Noted,” he said as he too got comfortable and closed his eyes.




A/N: Cuteness no? :-D Let me know what you think!

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