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I looked in my closet.”Hmmmm.....what to wear?”i said out loud. One half of the closet was clothes I brought from the Granger's, the others were found in there. I pulled out a black dress with spidery cobwebs sown on. The dress didn't fit.


It was too big in the front and wavy in the sides. At last I was saved. My father came in.”Oh,Hun, I forgot,Your new look!”as he tapped me with his wand, I transformed.


My hair became curly, and turned black. I became paler, and gained curves in the right places. I was taller even! The most significant change was my eyes. My beautiful amber eyes changed. Into color green unknown to man. They put Harry's to shame!the dress fitted perfectly. I took a pair of silver shoes and put them on.

“Now,do NOT come down until I announce you.”my father lectured. “It is great importance to announce your children's first arrival.” he walked out. I followed until the doors were in front of me.


I waited for 3 minutes and it was killing me.


“I now announce,my daughter, Lena.”i heard my father say.


A TON of deatheaters looked at me. I silently thanked my father for changing my appearance.


I recognized some of the deatheaters. I saw the Malfoys, including Draco, Bellatrix , and Snape. I didn’t know why it surprised me. My father sat me next to Draco. Thankfully my father was on my other side.


Dinner was quiet,and I did what Narcrissa did. When everyone was done,we all stood up.”Lena, you will go to your room now. We have other things to discuss.” my father said in my ear.


I walked up the stairs, and heard foot steps. I whirled around to face Draco. We were inches apart. “you know, you need to be sneaker if your following someone. As a Sytherin, You should know this.” I snapped. He stared at me questioningly. Oh frex, I slipped up! How stupid of me! I thought. “uh...you....how....what?”Draco stuttered. “um...i knew Granger. She would brag about Hogwarts and the filthy muggles wouldn’t let me go.” I covered up. I walked to my room and thought about his beautiful face. No! Its not beautiful! The logical side reasoned. Your right!hes super mega foxy awesome hot! I walked to my room and sat on the bed and motioned for Malfoy to sit next to me. “you know, I'm asking Father if I can go to Hogwarts next year. Like in 6th year though.


“ Tell me about your history.” he asked. No it was more of a demand.


“Thought I was a mudblood,hated it, my 'parents'”i made air quotes “wouldn’t let me go to Hogwarts. Or Pig farts. Granger came there every year and bragged, because we knew about each other. Finally father came and brought me here.” I explained/lied. We chatted, and he told me about Hogwarts, even though I already knew. His mother came up and took him away and I laid on my bed. Tons of questions were in my head. One stood out.


“Am I falling in love with Draco Malfoy?”

[ohhhh clife!not realy but do you guys hate me? please no flames....you will kill me last shred of my encridibly small ego.]

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