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 Music filled their ears as they entered the dungeon where Slughorns party was held. Hermione felt herself flush slightly as people started staring at her and Draco. But she didn’t blame them, she was utterly confused herself. She didn’t believe any of this was true, she wanted to believe this was merely a dream. But the way people stared, the way people started whispering to one another told her she was quite awake.

“I’ll go grab us some drinks” Draco murmured before disappearing from view, a smirk etched on his face. Hermione was left alone to ignore everyone and act as though her nails were the most interesting piece of work. She couldn’t help but sway a little to the song that was playing, it was just so sweet.

People were dancing together, not a thought in their heads. All that mattered was the person they were holding close, the eyes they were staring into. Hermione thought of herself, being held close by someone’s gentle arms, her arms around someone’s neck, her eyes gazing into forest green eyes.

She snapped out of her thoughts by the laughter of the owner of those eyes she was dreaming about. Harry was on the dance floor, dancing with Luna who clearly had said something really funny because they both were laughing. Harry and Luna were in the exact same position as Hermione had thought about, held close towards eachothers, their eyes locked.

Hermione felt a pang of jealousy towards Luna. How much she had given for Harry to look at her the way he was looking at Luna now! She was supposed to be Harry’s date, not Luna! She was supposed to be the one he was laughing with, the one he was dancing with, the one he was gazing so mesmerizingly at!

And yet here she was, standing all alone when her date was nowhere to be seen. What’s taking Draco so long?, Hermione thought as she started turned around to find a handsome guy coming towards her. His dark eyes matched his dark hair and well build figure, but his smile was of the gentlest kind.

“May I have this dance?” he asked, holding out his hand. Hermione smiled at him and took his hand. He led her to the dancefloor where he put his hands on her waist, she put hers on his shoulders and they started dancing like every other couple around. The guy was really sweet, but Hermione only had eyes for Harry, who was looking at Luna in a way Hermione would kill for.

“So, you’re from Beauxbaton I believe?” the guy asked Hermione, snapping her out of her thoughts.

“No, this is my school” Hermione said, smiling at him. “I’m sure you’re from Durmstrang” she said.

“Yes, I am. Viktor was right about your beauty” he said, making her blush slightly. She hadn’t thought about her old flame Viktor Krum for quite some time now and mentioning him brought back memories from the time when they used to date. She did like him, but like Harry told her, he was too old for her and really not her type.

His friend looked a little like him, thick brows with dark eyes and a well build body. He reminded her of Viktor, which only made the matters worse as he inched closer. They were so close to eachother, Hermione felt uncomfortable and looked away from his lingering stare. She didn’t want to dance with him anymore, but she didn’t know how to get away without being rude.

“May I have my date back?” a sneering voice said from behind her. Turning around, she found Draco grabbing her hand and turning her towards him. The hands that went around her waist felt weird, the closeness between them made Hermione even more uneasy. This was Draco she was dancing with, a snake that could strike at any second. But right now he didn’t look like that at all. In fact, he looked kind of sweet, the way he was looking into her eyes as though she was a wonderful piece of work.

“Sorry you had to go through that” he said, a smirk etched on his face. “I ran into Pansy, she was quite unhappy to see me here with you.” Hermione searched the room and found Pansy scowling at her beside the food table. Her look said murder and Hermione couldn’t help but sympathize with Pansy. After all, Hermione was going through just the same feelings by looking at Harry and Luna.

“It’s okey, I was having fun” Hermione lied and felt herself flush a little as Draco said “Sure you were, it looked as though you’d punch that guy any second.” He was quite right, that guy had been way too pushy. But wasn’t Draco sort of doing the very same thing right now? He was leaning in towards her, inching closer and closer. Hermione didn’t know what to do, surely Draco wasn’t going to kiss her?!

But he wasn’t stopping, he was getting closer to her lips with his eyes locked on hers. She wanted to stop him, but some part of her didn’t want him to stop. Some part of her wanted to kiss him because that’s what she needed right now, a guy that actually wanted to be with her. She was sad, she was hurt, she was vulnerable. Why deny Draco when care and love was all she was asking for aswell?

“My turn” someone said and grabbed Hermione’s hand, twirling her around so she was face to face with Harry. Her breath got caught up in her throat by the incredibly short distance between them. She could actually feel his breath on her lips. Draco scowled and walked towards Pansy, whose face lit up at once.

“What do you think you’re playing at Hermione?” Harry said, grabbing her roughly around her waist so she was even closer to him. It was hard for her to focus on what was going on when every inch of her body was pressed against his, making her brain go dizzy and her knees go jelly.

“He’s an ass Hermione, he’s only doing this to achieve something or prank you” Harry was saying, true concern in his voice and eyes. Hermione found herself staring at his beautiful face before quickly looking away.

“Harry it was just a dance” she said quietly but his shocked expression made her feel uneasy.

“Just a dance?” he asked incredulously. “Just a dance, with Malfoy? Hermione what were you even thinking, don’t you know all he’s done till now? He’s bad Hermione, he hates people like you. He hates you and he’s only done all this to fool you!”

“Harry, will you calm down a bit, people are staring” she hissed angrily, feeling uncomfortable by the way the couples around them were stopping up and listening in on their conversation. Harry didn’t seem to hear her words at all.

“He’s using you Hermione, I don’t know why but he’s only doing this to achieve something and then he’ll go back to being the self-absorbed ass that he is. I don’t want to see you get hurt Hermione” Harry continued, making her happy by the way he was caring for her. But all the same, she was rather irritated by the way he thought of her as that naïve and stupid.

“I’m not a little girl Harry, I can take care of myself” she said annoyed. “Besides it was just a dance”.

“That was not just a dance, he was all over you!” Harry said angrily, tightening his grip on her all the same. “Do you think I like seeing asses like him snogging you?!”

“Why do you even care?” she said loudly, the anger clear in her voice. “Why does it even matter to you whom I snog and whom I don’t, you’re to busy with your precious Luna to notice what your so called bestfriend is going through! Malfoy was only being nice to me, something you clearly don’t care to do nowadays!”. Harry’s eyes widened slightly.

“I care about you Hermione, I always have and always will! I don’t want jerks like Malfoy to fool you and have you end up all broken and sad, I don’t want that! You’re not being rational here Hermione, this is Malfoy were talking about! Stop being stupid!” Harry said angrily.

“Oh so that’s what I am now, stupid!” Hermione spat. “You have no right to call me stupid or judge my actions when you don’t know anything!” The couples around them were listening intently to their loud argument and Hermione had had enough of it. She tried to free herself from Harry’s arms, but they remained tight around her.

“Harry, let go of me” she said quietly, refusing to meet his eyes as angry tears ran down her cheeks.

“Hermione look, I didn’t mean it like that” Harry started but Hermione was in no mood to continue this useless argument. “Just let me go Harry” she said rather loudly now, but Harry kept his arms firm around her while trying to tell her he was sorry. When Harry didn’t remove his hands, after her third effort of telling him to let go of her, she struggled against him and managed to wrestle herself out of his arms.

Then, she ran past everyone and up the stairs. She found herself alone in the corridor, not a soul was there to be seen. She slowly started walking towards the end of the corridor where she crumpled down on the floor, feeling shattered. Harry was calling her stupid, how could he even say that?! He was acting as though Hermione had no brains of her own, as though she didn’t know what the meaning of her and Draco’s weird relationship was.

She was just as shocked by this sudden development of hers and Dracos relationship, she didn’t know how it happened so there was no way to stop it from taking place. They had suddenly grown so close, they were actually a kiss away from eachother. Hermione couldn’t help it, she needed the love Draco was offering. She was over Ron, yes, but not Harry.

In fact, if she was truthful with herself, she never got over Harry. It hurt her to see him with Cho, it hurt her to know he would never care for her in that way. And now she was broken once more because of Luna, because of Harry’s feelings towards Luna. She had to realize it, Harry and Luna weren’t just friends. No, they were more than that.

But what was she and Draco? They weren’t friends, they weren’t enemies (not anymore). Then what were they? Were they two humans that needed the love they never got, two hurt souls that needed to connect with another soul to be whole again? Why was she even thinking of Draco when it really was Harry who’d made everything wrong by caring for Luna. Why would he never care for her, why could he not see how much he actually meant to Hermione?

“Why so sad, Granger?” Her head shot up to see Draco kneeling down in front of her, gazing intently at her face. She let her head fall down again as a sob escaped her lips. She expected him to laugh at her, she expected him to make remarks about her being weak and all. What she didn’t expect was for him to cup her cheeks in his hands and press his lips against hers.

She was numb, she didn’t know how to react to this. Everything around them vanished as they kept the kiss going on, both feeling lost in eachothers arms. Hermione felt her hands rise up and wrap themselves around his neck as his arms twirled around her waist, pulling her closer to him while deepening the kiss.

They were kissing as though nothing else mattered in the world, both trying to fill the emptiness they felt inside, both trying to replace the hurt, anger and confusion afflicted because of this strange desire to know eachother better. Even though Hermione loved Harry, something inside her wanted this. Something inside her wanted to be with Draco, wanted to kiss him because he had cared for her when both her bestfriends had been busy with their girlfriends.

Draco thought alike. Sure, Pansy was always the first choice when it came to girls, but this was different. Pansy was of his status, of pureblood like him, of a good family that Mother liked a lot. And Draco did like Pansy, more than a friend that is. But something about Granger was pulling him towards her, and it wasn’t like she was putting up any resistance to him, was she?

“OI!” someone yelled, making them break apart and hastily step away from eachother. Hermione’s heart dropped when she saw the owner of the voice. Harry’s face was stiff and fury was written all over it as he made to punch Draco in the face.

“No!” Hermione shrieked as she dragged Draco away from Harry, who was being dragged away by Luna. Hermione hadn’t seen Luna come until she was grabbing Harry from the back of his shirt and dragging him away from Draco. Draco was trying to get back at Harry, but both girls were dragging them with all their might, keeping them at arms length distance at least.

“I’ll kill you for fooling her, Malfoy!” Harry yelled as Luna struggled in keeping him away. “If you hurt her, you’re dead!” Draco, on the other hand, stopped going after Harry abruptly and turned towards Hermione, who stopped struggling.

“I think I’ll leave before someone is killed by my hands” he sneered, throwing Harry a glance that clearly said don’t test me. “Thank you for a wonderful evening, Granger” he smirked and walked off towards the dungeons again. Harry stopped struggling and looked at Hermione.

He was about to say something but Hermione didn’t want to hear it. She turned around and ran in the opposite direction. Even though Harry called after her, even ran after her judging by the quick footsteps that followed hers, she didn’t stop. She didn’t stop until she reached the Astronomy Tower and got into the broom cupboard. There, she spent the rest of the night, crying because of all the confusion going around in her life.


Ok guys, things are getting pretty good in here. I wish I could get a little more reviews to know how this story is getting through with the readers. I see a lot of people have read my story, but please leave me a review so I can know what you want and take the story towards there. I really hope to get some reviews on this chapter, inspiration and motivation is needed! :D

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