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There they sat, Hermione and David. On the round dining table chatting about their lives as if they had known each other for their whole life. He brought back life into her eyes. Not just her eyes but there was something more. Something that brought out the old Hermione, the one that was alive. That’s it, he brought life into her. Something that past friends never seemed to do right.

                “You’re joking!” Hermione laughed as she nibbled on yet a third round of crackers.

                “No, really. I came to her door and the woman came out in this rather large robe. She was exhaustingly fat! I swear, I thought she was hiding a dog under her robe!” David made a gesture to demonstrate how fat the poor woman was.

                Hermione threw her head back and laughed with David. They both told stories about funny things that happened throughout their life. Hermione tried her hardest to stay away from anything that reminded her of Draco.

                An hour passed before David checked his watch and flew out of his seat.

                “Damn it! I’ve got to pick up my daughter Abbey from her piano lessons!” He fixed his watched as Hermione stood with him.

                “Daugh-daughter?” She stuttered.

                “Yes.” He pushed the chair in and began to walk to the door, Hermione following him, extremely confused.

                “Oh well it was really nice meeting you, I hope-“

                “I really have to go. Thanks for the tea. It was really nice meeting you.” He opened the door and stepped out.

                “Wait!” Hermione grabbed his wrists.

                He gave her a startled look.

                “Tell Abbey…I said hello.” She finished unsatisfied.

                “Alright. Bye.” He smiled and began walking towards his truck.

                As soon as his car was out of sight, her smile vanished and she groaned out loud as she slammed the door shut.

                “I am such an idiot.” She said while she leaned against the door and closed her eyes trying to keep the past moments alive in her head. She slowly opened her eyes and on the small table next to the door, she noticed a small strip of paper with numbers on it.

                David’s number.

                Gleefully, she snatched it up, kissed the paper, and flounced to her room.


The rest of the day was spent by looking at old photos of her past happy childhood. Happy memories filled her senses and her head suddenly felt clearer. She felt invincible, as if all the joy of the past time was happening to her. All at once.



The next day, Hermione was awaken by a loud car horn honking right outside her street.

                “Stupid arseholes can’t keep their bloody noise to themselves.” She grumbled as she slowly sat up in bed and opened the window above it.

                “Hey keep it down will you!” She yelled out.

                The car stopped honking and the door opened. Out stepped Ginny Weasley waving car keys.

                “Oy! Get down here you lazy slug! I’m taking you out today whether you like it or not!” Ginny yelled from below and gave Hermione a fierce grin.

                Hermione smiled wide and gave her thumbs up. She closed the window and with the wave of her wand, she dressed nicely and put her hair up in a ponytail.

                On the way out the door, Hermione snatched her purse and David’s number just in case. Outside, she inspected Ginny’s outfit more clearly. A leather jacket on top of a white tank top and a black skirt with black heels. It was a wonder how she could dress like this while it was ninety degrees outside.

                “You clean up nicely.” Ginny said. She slid in the car and waited for Hermione to climb into the passenger seat.

                “Where are we going?” Hermione questioned as she buckled up.

                “Well you owe me a shopping trip.”

                Hermione whined, “Do we have to go shopping?”




                When they arrived at the mall, Ginny stopped at the first store she saw and bought practically everything that she wanted. Hermione stood by the side patiently, commenting on how she looked in certain outfits and helping her with her clothing options. Not that she actually listened. It didn’t offend Hermione at all; it was just her way of being. Ginny was the type that did things her own style and was happy with leading. As Ginny picked out another shirt, Hermione spotted a blue dress that was absolutely perfect for herself. Even though she wasn’t really expecting to get out soon, you never know. As she got closer to the dress she noticed it was her size too. She reached out to grab the dress but as she did, another hand grabbed hold of it at exactly the same time.

                “Oh, I’m sorry!” The woman let go of it.

                “Oh no that’s alright you can have it!” Hermione pushed the dress towards the woman.

                “No, really keep it. It’ll look really nice on you.”

                Hermione looked at the woman. She was sure beautiful. Black hair, blue eyes that could blind you. A tan that made her look like she went to the beach every day.

                “Are you sure? I don’t really need it for anything…”

                She smiled. “Positive. I’m Lisa, Lisa Frank.” She held out her hand.

                “I’m Hermione Granger.” Hermione shook her hand.

                “Hermione Granger? I feel like I heard that name before…. Now that I think about it, you look a bit familiar…”

                That’s weird, Hermione thought, I’ve never seen this woman in my life.

                Lisa snapped her fingers.

                “Oh I remember now! My boyfriend Dra—“

                “Hermione we have to leave!” Ginny ran up to them and dragged Hermione away running.

                “Why are you going so fast? I was trying  to have a conversation with someone!”

                Ginny stopped.

                “Ron’s in the hospital.”

                Hermione froze. “Wha—what happened?!?!”

                “He tried to commit suicide.”

                Now Hermione could barely breathe. It was as if her senses automatically shut down and nothing in her body could work again. She tried to process what Ginny had just announced. Ron tried to commit suicide.

                And then everything that happened afterwards was like slow motion. Out of the store they were previously in, Lisa and a handsome blonde came out running. Draco. He was holding her hand and when he spotted Hermione he let his hand slip out of Lisa’s grip and he reached out as if to touch her. Hermione responded by yelling out his name and then Ginny grabbed hold of Hermione’s wrist in a hurry and disapparated.

                He had just missed her. Again.


AGAIN I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY ABOUT TAKING SO LONG TO UPDATE!!!!!!!! I love you guys and I hope you like this chapter!!!! Please review and I promise I will write more often!



P.S.- I had to change the rating to Mature because of the suicide that happened. Sorry guys!

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