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Nothing you recognise is mine; this is only my interpretation what might have happened while Harry was obsessing over the Deathly Hallows and Ron and Hermione tried to think of the location of another Horcrux.

I don't like this chapter very much, but I decided to just get it out. Tell me what you think, anyway ;)

“Would you stop fidgeting, Rubeus?” The stern-looking witch commented mildly, addressing her huge colleague, while her eyes didn’t deter for a minute from the two Ministry officials further down the platform. The Carrows hadn’t bothered to come down to Hogsmeade themselves to brave the crisp Scottish January air and instead opted to have Ministry personnel ‘ensure the students safety’.

Minerva snorted loudly, not the least bit intimidated as she stoically returned the wizards’ narrowed gazes. The Ministry was doing anything but ensuring the students safety.

“They’re comin’, Minerva,” Hagrid announced, having spotted the steam of the Hogwarts Express earlier due to his height advantage.

“That is the second time since I started teaching that I do not enjoy seeing the students come back.” The resentment was clear in her voice. Surprisingly, Potions-Master-turned-Headmaster-by-Voldemort’s-grace Snape hadn’t denied her request to welcome the students on the platform, which – with the exception for first years every September - wasn’t customary, let alone when they returned after Christmas break. Granted, students would sometimes opt to stay at Hogwarts for Christmas and the scarlet train would usually be half-empty. This year, each and every student had gone home or found someone to stay with.

“Should’ve told them ter stay away,” Hagrid replied.

She could relate to the feeling, but had to contradict nonetheless. “And sent them into the arms of those Snatchers? And Rubeus,” Minerva lowered her voice, “don’t provoke the Carrows unnecessarily this term by showing your loyalty that openly. No support parties, or any such thing. We cannot afford to lose anyone.”

“’s a matter of time, Minerva. Me dad bein’ a wizard is the only reason I’m still here.”

Loud whistling announced the arrival of the steaming scarlet train. The two teachers ceased their conversation over the heaving noise, watching it pull into the station. Minerva pulled her cloak tighter around herself when the steam engine cast its shadow ominously over them.

Much too reluctant for a crowd of teenagers who had just been through a season of presents and plenty of good food, the doors opened and released the returning Hogwarts students. Minerva scanned the faces, singling out particular face here and there. Finnigan seemed to have healed just fine; but for how long his face would remain that way was anyone’s guess. He tipped an invisible hat to them in passing, which incited sharp twinges of exasperation, worry and amusement in her. Surprisingly – or maybe not, seeing as they were the only two boys of her seventh year Gryffindor boys left – Longbottom was striding alongside him, holding himself straight. A group of Hufflepuffs seemed to act as guides for the more intimidated children. Actually, she observed to herself, the older students, seventh and sixth years mostly, seemed to have taken the lead as the crowd trooped towards the carriages. Some students were pushing ahead without consideration for their peers, and it didn’t surprise her that many of them sported green and silver lined robes, which had her click her tongue. Don’t judge, Minerva. Most of them are probably just drunk on their momentary power. She hoped they weren’t beyond saving yet, and would eventually come to see the light.

Sending the Ministry wizards a tight-lipped smile, Minerva led the way as they patrolled the train from front to back. She accepted Hagrid’s hand gratefully when he finally helped her into the last carriage.

“So far, so good. Now to survive another term.”


“We need to talk.” Terry Boot hissed, pulling another chair to the Gryffindor boys’ table in the library, two younger girls in tow.

Seamus and Neville exchanged a look, before they turned back to the threesome whose badges identified them as Ravenclaws.

“It’s about Luna. She’s still not back yet.”

Once again, the Gryffindors shared a look, thinking back on a discussion from the night before. Ginny had been beside herself with worry when it became clear that Luna really hadn’t come back. After Xeno Lovegood’s arrest, which had been all over the Prophet, they’d tried to tell themselves that Luna would hopefully return after the holidays, since technically she wasn’t wanted and apparently hadn’t been caught. Then, when she hadn’t been on the train, they’d hoped to see her sitting on the Ravenclaw table with her thoughts clearly elsewhere, but as safe and sound as possible. The last, desperate, attempt at hope against hope was that she might at least return in time for classes.

“Foolish,” Neville mumbled, then clarified. “Foolish to think she might just come wandering into the Great Hall, when clearly circumstances denote otherwise.”

“It was either that, or admit this is beyond our power and go sparse,” Seamus muttered, placing a comforting hand on Neville’s shoulder. He turned towards the others. “Ginny’s gone to try and catch McGonagall alone.”

“She won’t know anything more than Flitwick. And he couldn’t tell us anything new.” One of the girls said.

“This is Caroline Connor, one of Luna’s dorm mates,” Shelly said. She was the sixth year Ravenclaw prefect and had joined the revived DA shortly after the beginning of the school year. On Luna’s intercession, as Neville recalled with a pang.

“I want in,” Caroline spoke up again, looking firmly into Neville’s eyes. “We weren’t close friends, but Luna’s always been nice to me. I’m not the greatest fighter, but if you need me, I’d be glad to help in any way I can. If not, forget I ever asked, as will I.”

Neville felt uncomfortable when all eyes went to him expectantly. “Erg, you know what you’re asking, right?”

“I’m asking in the matter of and in response to the writing near the kitchens.”

Dumbledore’s Army, still recruiting. With a little help of Ginny’s knowledge of her brothers’ inventions, they’d managed to charm the now infamous slogan to remain there permanently.

“Then, I mentioned it in our dorm, and Shelly brought me to Terry. And here I am.”

“I, uh, I thought we can use all the help we can get, and seeing as usually Luna introduced new members, we’d go straight to you.”

Neville bit his lip. “Do you trust her?”

“What, I?” Terry jumped in surprise.

“Of course. You’re in her house, and you brought her here.”

Terry dragged a hand through his hair, looking at both girls, then back at the Gryffindors. “I do.”

“I do too, if that means anything, or I wouldn’t have taken Caroline to Terry in the first place,” Shelly added with conviction.

“Right. If you are really sure …“ - Caroline nodded in confirmation at this – “… we might give you a try. But first … oh, there she comes.”

They all looked up as Ginny stormed into the library, earning herself a reproachful look from Madam Pince. Her features were set, eyes blazing. “No luck. No bloody trace since she departed the train. But we were there.”

With a sinking feeling, Neville thought of how he’d searched the train with Luna for any left-behind and/ or bullied younger students, before disappearing through the guarded entrance into the Muggle world. He’d been the last person to see her, and who could probably have helped her. Should have helped her.

“Uhm, Ginny, do you have the list?” Seamus interrupted the glum silence pointedly, shooting Neville a peculiar look.

Ginny’s eyes travelled over the group, then zoomed in on the only one the question could be referring to. “Caroline?” and then to Neville, “You accepted?”

Neville nodded vaguely, thoughts still back on the platform and what he could have done differently.

“Well then.” Ginny produced a blank parchment out of the pocket of her robes. “There’s no turning back after you sign this. Before that, let’s simply assume we’ve just been chatting about our Gobstones club.”

Caroline didn’t question Ginny’s behaviour, but signed quickly where the other girl had indicated, a good way down the parchment. As soon as she’d finished the ‘r’ of Connor, more names appeared above hers, plus the heading “Defence Association – Dumbledore’s Army”.

Seamus grinned devilishly. “Remember Marietta Edgecomb a few years back? We will know if you snitched on us. If you value your skin and your peace of mind, you’d better not try us. No hard feelings, though.”

“No hard feelings,” Caroline deadpanned, before looking expectantly back at Ginny and Neville.

“Why?” Ginny questioned.

The Ravenclaw girl knew immediately what Ginny was getting at. “For Luna. I’ve been keeping my thoughts to myself so far, but how can I stay calm and sit back any longer in good conscience? And though Luna and I were never close, she was always nice to us.”

The others nodded solemnly. “My thoughts, exactly.” Terry added. “Listen, do you have anything planned? I mean, are we going to take this hands down, or raise a little hell for Luna?”

“Are we?” Seamus leaned forward eagerly with a new gleam in his eye.

Ginny had opened her mouth already to reply when Neville stood up decisively. “I was going to ask for a meeting tomorrow anyway, at least with the Ravenclaws.”

“Perfect, just include the other two houses as well.” Seamus was rubbing his hands, ideas already forming in his head.

“And Terry,” Neville held the boy back for a second, “I’d appreciate it if the seventh years could show up a bit earlier.”

Terry nodded, curious what Neville could want from them.


Dudley strode over to the coffee table in the common room, where the newest editions of newspapers would be as soon as someone could get a hold of them. Something was clearly going on, the wizard folks seemed in a tizzy once again, and temporarily dispelled his former desire to learn more about squibs and Lucia’s behaviour. The pang of joy at realising that the strange Quibbler magazine was for once available was quenched when he saw the front page.

UNDESIRABLE NUMBER ONE was emblazoned across photo of Harry.

What did it mean? He looked around the room frantically, until his gaze came to rest on Dennis and his brother.

“What does this mean?” he demanded to know, not bothering with small talk, as he thrust The Quibbler in front of their noses.

Both boys looked over the headline. Colin’s expression darkened instantly, and Dennis scowled. “No one really knows what really happened. Shacklebolt was here, and we heard him talk to Dedalus, Hestia and Doge. He reckons Xeno Lovegood, that’s the editor, was forced to write this.”

“Kingsley also said that according to Arthur Weasley, Luna didn’t return to Hogwarts after the holidays. She’s Lovegood’s daughter, and was in my year.” Colin added through clenched teeth.”

“What’s more, Lovegood was taken to Azkaban, for harbouring Harry Potter –“

“Harry was seen?” Dudley interrupted, quickly.

Both brothers eyed him strangely. “Yes. Apparently, Harry and his friend Hermione got away at the last second. But we’re pretty sure Ron was there as well.”

Dudley was repeating what he’d just heard under his breath, trying to make sense of it.

“Helloooo.” Colin waved his hand in front of Dudley’s face to catch the other boy’s attention. “What’s going on? Why do you care about Harry? You’re a Muggle, aren’t you?”

“Are you sure Harry got away?” Dudley countered with a question of her own.

“Yeah, we are. The reward for him has been raised since then, and we’d be sure to know if the other side had really got a hold of their largest opponent. But seriously, what’s it to you?”

He felt the tips of his ears turn red for reasons he couldn’t name. Was it shame for how he’d treated his cousin, when he knew by now how much everyone in this strange world looked up to him? Or how the brothers would think about him if they knew?

Mortified, confused, relieved – Dudley didn’t know to place his exact feelings, and bounded out of the room as fast as he could manage.

Colin blinked at his brother. “What exactly do you know about this Dudley person?”

Dennis shook his head, at a loss about the other boy’s behaviour. “Only what I told you already. He’s a Muggle, and apparently had to go into hiding because of a relative. Other than that, he seemed reluctant to talk about his family I took pity on him when I saw how he seemed uncomfortable about his parents, you know, the couple who mostly stays up in their room and turns up their noses if they ever come out. Or the man, mostly. Asked an awful lot of questions, didn’t seem to know a lot of our world. And he seemed harmless, a bit slow maybe, but eager to please.”

“So he’s got a witch or wizard in the family, who’s apparently wanted,” Colin concluded. “But what’s that got to do with Harry …”

He trailed off, and they looked at each other with wide eyes. “Dedalus!” Both boys jumped up, off to demand some answers themselves.


Dudley had needed to get away. Though, where to was another question. In the end, he thought he would just go and hide away in his room for a bit, and hopefully the brothers would forget about his peculiar behaviour.

He was half-way up the stairs when the door of Elphias’s office opened, and a brown-haired man stepped out, having just said his goodbyes. As the office door closed, the another door opened – admitting Petunia Dursley into the dark hallway.

Dudley tried to climb the rest of the stairs silently and quickly, for he was definitely not in the mood to be fussed over. However, his mother’s attention was on the other man.

“Remus Lupin.” Her voice came out strangely hoarse and pressed. It was her tone of voice that stopped Dudley in his tracks, and he sank down to watch through the bars of the banister.

It didn’t seem to take him long to recover. “Petunia. Long time, no see. When was it, Lily and James’s wedding? Or no, it was on the platform, when you got Harry after his fifth year, wasn’t it?”

Dudley saw her put her hand on her chest, but no sound came out of her slightly open mouth.

“Well then, I am glad to see you’re okay. I hope for you that it won’t be too long until you can return to your own life. It will hopefully mean that we can do the same.” The man, Lupin, nodded at her and went to exit through the front door.

“Wait,” she croaked, seizing his arm. “Tell me why. Why is this happening? Why did my sister have to die? Because of the boy?”

Light brown eyes searched washed-out green ones. “Harry’s got nothing to do with it. If anything, he’s the only one who’ll be able to rid us of the madman. Don’t blame him, blame You-Know-Who.”

“Lily died for him.” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement.

Remus shook his head lightly. “I don’t suppose you mean You-Know-Who, right? – Never mind,” he amended his attempt at a joke, seeing her confusion. “Just ask yourself one thing: wouldn’t you do the same for your son? I know I would for mine, and he’s not even born yet.”

“She wasn’t supposed to die. We were meant to make up at some point.”

My Aunt, Dudley mouthed to himself, still watching the exchange in the hall below, as Lupin struggled for something to say, but eventually decided there wasn’t anything to make it better. His mother didn’t seem to expect an answer either, taking a few hesitant steps into the hall.

Then –

“Do you know where he is?”

Dudley half expected Lupin to reply again in that dry tone, asking whom she meant with ‘he’. He didn’t.

“Harry was at the Lovegoods’ some days ago. That’s all we know. Yet, he escaped before the Death Eaters could get to him. He’s alive.” As if in afterthought, he added, “And the last article in Lovegood’s magazine was manipulated as well, just like those in The Daily Prophet. And you might want to listen in to the radio with some wizards some time; it’s as good a source as we got now. The word’s ‘Prewett’.”

Still watching intently, Dudley filed that information away to ask Hestia, or maybe even Dennis, later. At the moment, his gaze was transfixed by his mother, who he’d never seen with such anguish on her face. He retreated when she moved again, and only vaguely registered Dennis’s shouted, “Professor Lupin!”

Petunia was pacing in front of the room she shared with Vernon. She needed to calm down before she faced him. Hadn’t she kept all her regrets, as small as they might have been at the beginning, under wraps for years now?


She almost jumped out of her skin at being addressed, until she could see her son peering at her.

“Diddy! I was … I was just ….”

Dudley took a deep breath. It was now or ever if she ever would reveal how much she knew. “Harry’s mum. My aunt. Was she a – a witch? How did she get to be one?”

And at any other point, she would have tried to divert his attention, and he wouldn’t have resisted. But he wasn’t having it. “Tell me. Please? How come some normal people get to learn magic, and some magic people don’t have it?”

Ironically, the letter she’d written to Lily’s headmaster years and years ago begging to be allowed to learn magic swam in front of her eyes. “If only I knew, Diddykins, if only I knew …”

Petunia promptly burst into tears, regarding her son through misty eyes. All those people were wrong; he was the sweetest young man. Dudley watched her in alarm, and then the opposite door, hoping Vernon Dursley was too lazy to go check what the ruckus was about. Though he might, just to have another reason to complain. He pulled his mother into his own room, sitting her down on his bed.

We were supposed to make up.

He felt terrified of her tears, at a loss for what to do. Still, her earlier words were engrained in his mind. Dudley pulled out an old box, which contained his notes and other memorabilia. “Look, that’s all I’ve managed to gather. Not much, but I get the gist of what they’re talking about.” On top of his collection was The Quibbler reporting the Ministry infiltration from a few months back.

“Oh Diddykins!” she wept even harder. Dudley tensed; he’d thought she might feel better if he shared his knowledge, and stop crying.

There was only one thing he could think of. “Erg, Mum? What did she look like? Like Harry?”

That elicited a small laugh. “They have the same eyes, yes. Not the hair, though. Definitely not the hair.”

Wistfully, she dabbed her eyes and blew her nose. “I brought my photo album. The one where we’re children. When it was only me and her, and neither of those boys. I need to show you at some point.”

Dudley didn’t understand what boys she was talking about, but he thought he’d averted the worst of the crisis when she told him about a family outing to the zoo, a soft expression on her face. It felt strangely good to listen to his mum talk about an aunt he’d never known; and, or so he thought, she sounded immensely different from Aunt Marge.


“I still don’t think this a good idea.” Ginny folded her arms stubbornly in front of her chest, tapping her foot as she watched Neville fuss over chairs – which the Room of Requirement had provided for them on entrance, as always.

“What else can we do? Closing our eyes and hoping she’d be back miraculously didn’t work out.”

“That’s beside the point. But …”

“Why are you so against this, Ginny? We won’t replace Luna; but we still need someone inside Ravenclaw.”

She closed her mouth, and her brow furrowed as she had to acknowledge the truth. She missed her friend terribly, not only as their liaison to Ravenclaw, but because it had been Luna who’d brought her out of her funks when she let herself too much on Harry, Ron and Hermione. Harry mostly. Luna’s optimism and clear-sightedness had given her strength. But when had Neville come to execute that sense of quiet confidence and thoughtfulness?

Ginny didn’t have to answer when the spyglass – a Christmas gift from Fred and George – announced several newcomers. Seconds later, the seventh year Ravenclaws clambered through the door as requested.

“You wanted to talk to us?” Terry spoke up first.

“Right, erg, okay let’s get right to it then.” Neville cleared his throat nervously. Ginny still felt raw about Luna’s ‘replacement’, but she gave him the go-ahead with a nod of her head. To his and everyone’s surprise, he’d proven rather intuitive in his decisions.

“We didn’t want to acknowledge that we’d might lose one of our own. But we should have; after all, we’re preparing for a fight. Luna’s disappearance drove home something: Even we, who were deemed ‘worthy’ enough, are not beyond stricter sanctions, apparently. Up until now, they left it at punishments and verbal abuse, but for how long?”

“We know,” Padma acknowledged quietly; and he recalled how often the Patil twins had treated minor injuries of DA members.

“What Neville’s trying to say is that we need someone to take over Luna’s role.” Ginny pursed her lips as her gaze went appraisingly over the group. “As a confidante for your house. As middle man or woman to the rest of us.”

“That’s why I asked you whether you could vouch for the girl you brought today,” Neville addressed Terry, before continuing more severely, “And that person should be aware that Luna’s fate could be their own.”

“Any volunteers?” Ginny asked drily. She pushed her earlier resentments back; yet another thing the circumstances took from her was her friend Luna.

Terry, Anthony, Michael and Padma shared cautious looks.

“We would,” Anthony and Padma, the prefects, replied. “So would we,” the other two added.

Neville nodded to himself. “I was hoping you’d say that. Padma, you and Parvati do a lot already; and I fear we might need your services even more in the months to come. Anthony, Michael, Terry, I don’t expect you to decide immediately …”

“We don’t need time to decide,” Michael interrupted hotly, and the other two nodded.

“… nonetheless, I want you to think about it. One of you has to be in charge, while the others act kind of like wingmen. That way, if anything happens, there’s always, erg, backup. Not that I hope it’s necessary, but, uh, …”

“We understand.” Terry’s voice was quiet, but determined.

“Good. On another note, I also think we need to step up our training, especially for the new students.”

“You never said,” Ginny interrupted in surprise.

“I was going to, later. Justin …”

Once again, the spyglass announced new arrivals. Seamus with Lavender and Parvati joined them a minute later.

“So what’re you cocking up, Cap’n?” he asked animatedly, looking at Neville expectedly.

Neville felt his cheeks flush. “I told you not to call me that.”

“Yeah, what’re we going to do? Even though you want us to think about the Ravenclaw liaison thing, I think I can speak for all of us that we won’t just sit back and take it,” Michael chimed in.

“Even Lisa and Morag, who haven’t yet joined us, say they’d love to put cockroaches and as many Wrackspurts as they can possibly dream up in certain people’s breakfast,” Padma added.

“Why not poison it and get rid of them altogether,” Susan Bones inserted with flashing eyes, dashing into the room followed by Ernie and Hannah, and the latter immediately tried to calm her friend. Just as he’d said to Justin, Neville thought; Susan was still rather upset about the death of her favourite aunt, and it often took both of her friends to reign her in. Ernie was also their middle men for Hufflepuff, and he intended to ask Hannah to help him with that. But could he really place her in that much more danger? He’d asked the same from the Ravenclaws earlier, too, but his stomach lurched at the thought of putting Hannah in that position …

“Stop, stop, stop.” Neville lifted his hand; the discussion seemed to have taken on a life of it’s own, one suggestion more daring than the other. “Oi!” Hannah exclaimed, dragging Susan with her away from the thick of it as she stood next to Neville.

“Right, so what are we going to do?” Ginny seemed to have accepted that they couldn’t bring back Luna at the moment, but she readily spoke up for the group now. And they all wanted revenge. And if he was honest, somewhere within him, he was furious too. Maybe he wasn’t in the wrong house at all, because he felt a little reckless too.


Terry and Michael slipped in among the last students at breakfast the next day; this part of the previous night’s discussion had been unanimously accepted by everyone. Terry shot a wink in the direction of the Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs, as the ultimate execution had been left to the Ravenclaws.

When the boys sat down, Padma took her cue, and squealed, pushing her plate far away from her. More shrieks could be heard from two other tables, and Ginny even went as far as to tumble backwards out of her seat.

“Nargles! Wrackspurts!” Susan Bones shrieked, and then Padma chimed in in the same volume, “Wrackspurts in my porridge!”

Terry looked at Lisa and Morag, who had unknowingly provided the idea, and Padma had even warned them that breakfast should be good. He grinned to himself when both girls joined in the outrage they were creating, and he could see many students around the hall check their own plates for the elusive creatures.

“No, no, no! Wrackspurts love to hide in mistletoe!” Michael had jumped up on the bench, hollering over the heads over everyone else.

“And then they float into your brain and make your brain go fuzzy!” Anthony supplied, using his hands like a megaphone.

“There’s one in my eggs too!” Milicent Bulstrode shrieked over the chaos, and she, Pansy and Daphne pushed their plates away as well.

“Silence, you imbeciles!”

It had come from the staff table, but although Snape was standing with an unreadable expression on his face, it was Amycus Carrow who was waving his wand around in agitation.

“What’s this nonsense? You all put shame ter proper pure-blood education! No breakfast for this be’aviour!”

With a wave of his wand, everything except the plates and cutlery vanished. Goyle cursed loudly when he bit into his empty spoon, and Crabbe was eyeing his suspiciously.

“’eads! Make your students be’ave!” Alecto added in support of her brother, and Professors McGonagall, Sprout, Flitwick and Slughorn swept down from the high table.

Flitwick bustled along the lines of his students, stopping near the group of seventh years to make sure Padma was alright. Michael couldn’t stop himself, and tipped an invisible hat cheekily, like he’d done Seamus do several times the previous evening, much to Neville’s annoyance. “’s alright, Professor. We just miss our dear friend, and someone has to keep up pointing out what’s invisible to everyone else.”

They left the Great Hall, and Flitwick roused himself from his momentary stupor. “My, my. That’s certainly interesting.” He continued to rush everyone to class, noticing that, although the Christmas season was over, mistletoe decorated various crevices near the ceilings.

“My ear’s buzzing,” Caroline Connor exclaimed, itching said part, as she hurried past a group of Slytherins with Shelly Quinn and Garrett Adler on her way to History of Magic.

The bags of the members of the DA were filled to the brim with mistletoe they had spent hours bewitching the night before, and which the caretaker, and the Carrows when they weren’t in class, took down, was miraculously replaced again and again. Adding to that, many students complained about buzzing ears, which seemed to spread among those who caught on or started hearing it by force of imagination.

The seventh year prefects Anthony and Padma returned that evening into their Common Room from a hastily convened prefect meeting.

“Snape announced, over the Carrows mutinous objections, that Hogwarts must indeed be subject to an – and I quote “irksome infestation of incompetent imbeciles and invidious insects”,” Anthony reported, his lips twitching.

“He’s more right than he knows,” Michael supplied.

“Anyway,” Padma took up the narration, “since apparently he’s been badgered by students and teachers alike about the problem – I think I heard something about Flitwick not being able to hear properly or something like that – mistletoe is now banned from Hogwarts, and he doesn’t care who we take this to, but he doesn’t want to be approached with the matter again, under the threat of punishment. He was especially addressing the Carrows at that point.”

“Poor Wrackspurts, no one want to acknowledge them!” Morag exclaimed mockingly, to the surprise of her house mates.

“My, my. I hope they get rid of the infestation in the Defence and Muggle Studies classrooms!” Terry added in the same vein.

“Yeah!” Michael spoke up, catching on. “We’re not allowed to say something. Still, no one can stop me from rubbing my ears!”

“All in good measure,” Anthony managed to caution, letting his eyes trail over his fellow Ravenclaws. He found it disconcerting having to gauge the reactions and behaviour of the people he practically lived with, but he saw why it was necessary. Though, at that moment, he didn’t see anyone who didn’t seemed pleased at seeing the Carrows being put down a notch.

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