Draco’s POV:


“Blaise is circumcised.” *click*


Wow. Didn’t see that one coming. And that means that Hermione slept with Blaise. My best friend slept with the woman I loved. Though I realized that wasn’t much different from how Hermione saw my relationship with Ginny.


I glanced at Ginny and saw her eyes wide. I realized that she hadn’t thought Hermione would have actually done it, and was in shock herself. I shook my head and rolled over in bed, not wanting to look at Ginny.


I couldn’t believe Hermione had actually done it. Something just didn’t seem right. I fell asleep knowing that I would dream of large houses trying to devour me or Hermione and Blaise together. Neither one sounded like fun.




Hermione’s POV:


3 days after the whole talk with Ginny and Draco about the house, and I was still pissed. I couldn’t bring myself to talk to either of them, though Ginny hadn’t noticed. Draco, on the other hand, was trying to contact me non-stop.


I was sitting at work, on the phone with a client when my assistant walked in, looking livid. I held up my finger to let her know I was busy, but it didn’t stop her from shoving something in my face.


I realized it was a note.



Draco has called 6 times. He’s on the phone now.



Merlin, that man needed to take a hint. I shooed her away with my hand, still trying to keep my focus o my client and failing miserably.


I ended the conversation with my client as quickly as possible and leaned back in my chair. My cell phone buzzed and I knew that meant Draco was trying to reach me… again.


I pulled out my phone and saw a text from Draco.



Can we meet please? We need to talk.



Great. The classic “we need to talk” line. I knew this wouldn’t end well. Why couldn’t he just take the hint that I was pissed and didn’t want to talk to him? He needed to learn. I sent him a text in response.



Go talk to your new house!



After it sent, I felt like a complete idiot. Smooth Hermione, real smooth.



~*~*~ 2 days later ~*~*~


The bachelorette party had gone smoothly and painlessly, much to my surprise. It was about a week before the wedding and I was going insane. We had gone to several clubs and I had even bought Ginny a stripper. She was ecstatic.


I had rented a wizard limo for us to ride around in. The inside was the  size of a small apartment, complete with a kitchen and butler who made anything you wanted, a living room with a television, a hot tub, and just about anything your heart desired. 


After a long night, we pulled up in front of my flat. I got out of the limo and Ginny followed.


“See ya bitches!” Ginny screamed at Luna and slammed the door in her face. Looks like Ginny was drunk and spending the night. I felt bad for Luna and wanted to apologize, but the driver pulled away and disappeared around the corner as I went to catch a now slouching Ginny.


I hauled Ginny up to my flat where she collapsed on to my couch, giggling.


An hour later and it was nearing 3 AM. I had given Ginny some coffee and she was finally sober enough for conversation, though I was exhausted.


I was brushing my teeth as she made her way into the bathroom smiling at me from the doorway. I cocked my eyebrow questioningly and her smile widened.


“Sooooo. How’s it with you and Blaise.” Merlin’s beard, this woman was relentless. I knew this was coming at some point. I shrugged and tried to play it off as nothing. “Are you gonna marry him?” She asked me, her words still slightly slurred.


I shook my head and spat into the sink. “Gin, it was nothing. Just a stupid mistake.” I couldn’t believe how easily the lies were coming to me. I hated lying to my best friend, but I suppose it was becoming habit now.


The phone rang from the other room and I jumped. I slammed the toothbrush down and spit as fast as I could, running to get to the phone before Ginny did. I barely made it there in time, Ginny reached for it just a second too late.


“Hello?” I said, hoping it wasn’t who I thought it was.


“Mione?” Oh Merlin. This boy would be the death of me. “It’s me, Draco.” Well, duh. “Please, don’t hang up. Hermione… please. I miss you. That’s all I’ve wanted to say these past few days but you haven’t exactly given me the chance. Look, can I come in? I just want to talk, even if it’s just for a few minutes. I want to see you again.”


“Well?!” Ginny nearly shouted, “Who is it??”


“Uhh… Ron.” I said. Stupid me.


“No, this is Draco.” I heard from the other end.


“Ron?!” Ginny asked, looking confused. Ginny’s jaw dropped. “YOU’RE SLEEPING WITH MY BROTHER?! EWWWWW!!”  She began dancing around, looking as if she were trying to shake something from herself.


“Uhh… no. No. Ginny’s here.” I said to Draco, this was about to get ugly.


“IT’S 3 AM AND MY BROTHER IS SHOWING UP TO YOUR HOUSE?! FOR WHAT?! ARE YOU GUYS HOOKUP BUDDIES NOW?! MERLIN!!” She was screaming at this point, not really out of anger, more surprise and the need to be loud. She ran to the window. Oh god.


She pulled the window open and shouted into the street.


“OI! PISSHEAD BROTHER! IF YOU’RE OUT THERE, YOU’RE SHIT OUT OF LUCK. HERMIONE IS MINE FOR THE NIGHT SO DEAL WITH IT! I DIDN’T KNOW YOU HAD IT IN YOU. TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH, YOU BLOODY IDIOT!” Merlin, the whole neighborhood must’ve heard that. She pulled her head back in, laughing like a maniac.


“I gotta go.” I said into the phone, hanging up.




Hermione’s POV:


Ginny was still squealing after she yelled at “Ron”.


“My god Hermione, the least you could’ve done is tell your best friend. I mean, maybe because it’s Ron you thought it would’ve been weird, but love, I totally expected it to happen at some point.”


“Sorry… it just sort of… happened.” She smiled at me and flopped onto the couch. She patted the spot next to her, and gave me a smile.


I joined her on the couch and we fell into old conversation. I felt like we were back at Hogwarts. Sitting in the Gryffindor common room, enjoying the night, just talking.


The one thing I was glad for was that because I had said Ron’s name, she hadn’t pressed for details. As if she wanted to know anything about how her brother was in bed.  I was beyond grateful but I constantly found my mind shifting to Draco.


“Hermione?” Ginny whispered from beside me.




“Thank you.”


“For what Gin?” I asked, not quite sure what she possibly had to thank me for.


“For being my friend. For always listening to me. For being the one person I know I can go to. For being my sister when I didn’t have one. And for putting up with me. I know I can be a bit overbearing sometimes. Just… thank you.” I didn’t quite now how to respond. Her words made me want to come clean. To tell her what I had done with Draco so she wouldn’t have this false illusion that I was such a good friend. They made me want to cry and kick and scream and Merlin knows what else.


“You’re welcome.” I said instead. Really Hermione?! That’s all you could come up with?! “It’s my pleasure Ginny.” Oh bloody genius Hermione. You’re a great friend, you should get a pat on the back and a gold star. Maybe that was too many years of Muggle schooling. I sighed. “Gin, you could have so many better friends than me.”


“No way. Even when we weren’t really close at Hogwarts, I always admired you. I looked up to you and respected you. You were my role-model. You were the brilliant, gorgeous, and the best witch of your year. You were prefect and then head girl, and here I was. The only daughter which put a lot of pressure following 6 boys. I wasn’t all that bright, and the only thing I had going for me was Quidditch. That didn’t do me much good. After Fred, George, Ron, and Charlie. All it did was get me a couple offers for Quidditch teams which I turned down so I could stay near you especially. I’ll never admit that to my family. It was a great opportunity, but I don’t ever want to be away from you. Especially after everything that went on during the war. With Harry gone, all I had was you. And you brought Draco into my life. I owe you so much.”


“You really should’ve taken the Quidditch offers love… I still don’t understand why you didn’t.”


“Like I said, why would I? It would mean spending months at a time away from those that I love. I would go insane.”


“I have to tell you something.” I said, not really believing I was going to do this.


“Tell me… you know, I’d never let anyone hurt you Mione?” She said, and I stopped before I could tell her. “You would never let anyone hurt me, right?” She asked and I found myself completely speechless.


“Of course not Gin.”


She grunted in what I assumed was a grateful manner. I sat there, completely stunned. I was at a loss for words.


We fell silent for a bit, and next thing I knew, it was morning. I awoke to the smell of coffee and something burning. I sat up immediately.


“Gin?!” I called out, hoping she was aware something was burning.


“Yes love?”

“What’s burning?!”


“Ohhh gosh, I’d hoped you wouldn’t notice… I may have burned some toast. My bad.” Well, she sounded chipper. Leave it to Ginny to screw up the simplest of foods.


She made her way into the room a few minutes later, holding out a cup of coffee for me and in the other hand, a cup for herself.


“Hermione?” She asked, as I took a sip of coffee. It was perfect. She had managed to get something right.


“Yeah Gin?”


“Should I marry Draco?” Huh? Where was this coming from?!


“What kind of question is that Ginny?” I asked, sincerely confused.


“I’m being completely serious right now. Do you think it’s a good idea for me to marry him?” She asked, her eyes big and I could tell she was freaking out.

“Gin where is this coming from?”


“I just… I need your reassurance. No one else knows me the way you do. You know Draco well too and I just need to know that you think this is a good idea…”


So that’s what this was about, reassurance. Security.




“No, Hermione, I mean it… You’re smarter than I am… you wouldn’t let me do anything dumb. Right?”  


“Of course not.” I said, setting my mug down and hugging her.


“Ugh… good. I just… I do things. Dumb things. And I just don’t think about them. That’s why I need you to tell me. I need to know that you approve what I’m doing before I do it…”


“What’s gotten into you Ginny?” I asked, I could tell she was bursting to the seams and needed to say something.


“I do love Draco… I really do… he just, well, completes me. He’s always been the more mysterious, broody person while I’ve been the happy, carefree person. We just balance each other out, it works. I just don’t know if it’s enough to base a marriage off of…” She trailed off, looking more confused than ever.


“I think… that you should marry him…” My heart nearly broke in half as I said this to her. I had my chance to tell her I didn’t think it was a good idea. To call off the wedding to have my happy ending, and I blew it.


“Oh god Hermione… I love you so much.” She said, and gave me the biggest hug she’d ever given me. “You honestly are the most wonderful person ever.”


“I love you too Gin.” I said, as she pulled away.


“Soooo… it’s okay that I kind of cheated on him?”  I went to say 'of course' before realizing what she had said...Wait… what?

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