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~Alexis' POV~

I lay in bed and listened to Alice snoring gently and stupid Dorcas and Mary giggling and gossiping from Mary's bed. Lily hadn't been coming back to sleep in the dorm for the last few days.

James was mad at me. He refused to even look in my direction or acknowledge my presence in any way. Sirius thought I hadn't done the right thing when I didn't tell James that I knew his father was going die.

As for Remus and Alice, they told me that I shouldn't be afraid of my gift. Although, I got the feeling that Alice was a little afraid of me ever since I told her that she and Frank would have a son named Neville and it was between the two children that would determine who would die.

Everytime I closed my eyes, Sirius escaping from Azkaban would replay over and over in my mind. Something twigged in my memory. Something was wrong. And then I remembered: Sirius had said that the woman he loved had died. I was once again split two way: one sidfe of me wanted Sirius to love me but the other rational side of me thought that Sirius was a player and why the hell would he change his ways just for me?

Ever since I called him player, things hadnt been so great. Me, being me, had yet to gather the courage to go up to him and make things up. Of course, if I had just kept my big mouth shut in the first place, I wouldn't be in this position anyway.

I just wanted to sleep but the thought of perhaps Seeing something disturbing prevented me.

Before I told the Marauders, I was happy. And now everything was messed up. If I'd just kept my big mouth shut, I wouldn't be having this problem. Stupid me had to go blaberring because my conscience couldn't take it.

I tried to close my eyes and sleep. Tomorrow, we had a small Transfiguration test that McGonagall said would help us 'gauge where we are'. No matter how much I tried, though, I couldn't sleep.

Eventualy, I gave up tiptoed down to the common room.

I nearly tripped on the last stair when I heard two voices talking: it was James and Lily and I'm pretty sure Lily was crying.

"I tru-usted them!" Lily cried softly.

"The bastards," James growled, "I'm going to kill them. All of them."

I wanted to run down and ask what was happening. I was slightly hurt that Lily had gotten James to comfort her and not either me or Alice but at the same time I completely understood.

"And to think it was Dorcas and Mary!" James growled. Huh, what did those two bitches have to do with anything?

"I-I-I just feel so embarrassed, James," Lily said.

"I know, love." I waited for the hexes and jinxes to come pouring out of Lily's wand for calling her 'love' but it never came.

"Do you want me to hex them for you?" James said. Lily must have nodded because James said,
"I'll rope the other guys in."

"Thanks, James," Lily sniffed.

"It's no problem. You probably should be going to sleep," James said.

"I don't think Al wants me up there. Not after what I said to her anyways," Lily whispered, "And besides, Dorcas and Mary are up there."

"I'm sure everyone will be asleep by now, but how about you come sleep in the boys dorm?" James suggested. This was scandalous. Lily Evans sleeping in the boys dorm on the request of James Potter?

I crouched on the staircase, hidden by the curving wall, as the two went up the boy's staircase and then silently ran up to our dorm.

"Alice," I hissed as I shook her awake.

"Uggghh," she said as she cracked open one eye, "What, Al?'

"We need to talk," I whispered. I put my finger to my lips to tell her to be quiet.

"You better have woken my up for a good reason," she said grumpily as soon as I shut the door behind us.

"Something's going on," I said.

"Al, something is always going on," she yawned.

"No, but this time it's different," I said, "This time it involves Mary and Dorcas and Lily feeling embarrassed and James calling Lily 'love' without Lily hexing him." Alice's eyebrows shot upwards when I told her that last bit.

"Are you serious?" Alice asked, wide-eyed. I nodded.

"And then when James asked her to go to bed she said she didn't want to come up here because she was scared of Dorcas and Mary so they went up to the boy's dorm."

"No," she gasped.



~Sirius' POV~

I was almost asleep when I heard James come back up to the dorm. I was just about to get up and asked him where he had been when I heard that there was someone else with him. It was a girl.

"Are you sure his okay, James?" Oh my Merlin, it was Lily!

"Of course it is, Lily. Don't worry. They guys are all asleep anyway," James whispered.
"Are you sure?" Lily asked.

"One hundred percent. You can have my bed, I'll sleep on the floor," James said until he moved away so that I couldn't here him properly.

My mind was racing. Something was definitely up. Maybe Rosie or Alice knew?

But even if they did, would they tell me? Everything had gone so wrong in the last couple of days.

I shivered everytime I remembered what Rosie had told me about Azkaban. Would I really try and kill Peter? Would everything she said would happen actually become reality?

I assumed the 'lord' that Roseie kept referring to was Lord Voldemort, also known as the Dark Lord.

My family was a big supporter of him. I was supposed to become a Death Eater and all that shit, but I left because I didn't want to be a part of it. I thought it was wrong.

Now look at it all. Peter was supposed to betray Lily and James to Voldemort and I was going to attempt to kill Peter.

I tried to clear my head of everything but it was all just too much.

I didn't want to be in Azakaban. Mother used to tell me stories about them when I was little.

She told me that they would suck your soul out and leave you as an empty shell of your former self.

They didn't bring fear upon people, they were fear.

They ate away at hope and fed off people's emotions.

They had no mouth.

I shivered under my doona even though I knew that there were no dementors here at all.


~Alexis' POV~

"Are you sure you heard correctly?" Alice whispered.

"Yes, of course I'm sure!" I whisper-yelled back at her.

"Then I am utterly confused about this." She shook her head, "I mean, seriously, I thought Dorcas and Mary were harmless..."

"Apparently not," I said and pursed my lips.

"Hey, is anyone up there?" Somebody hissed from the bottom of the stairs. Alice and I both froze.

"Hello?" the voice hissed again,"It's Sirius, can you get Alexis and Alice in the fifth year for me, please?"

Alice mouthed it's Sirius.

We both went into the common room.

"Hey," Sirius greeted us, "Guess which pair of lovebirds came up to our room?"

"Lily and James," I said and I felt Alice nod next to me.

"Wait, how did you know that?" he asked.

"I heard them talking but they didn't see me," I said.

"Why did Lily agree to going up to our dorm?" Sirius asked.

"Because something happened with Dorcas and Mary," Alice said. We were all silent for awhile.

"What do you think happened?" I asked.

"I have absolutely no idea," Sirius said while he screatched his head.

"Neither," Alice agreed. The silent descended upon us again until Alice yawned.

"Merlin, it way to late to be up. It's so late it's early. I'll see you two tomorrow," she said and disappeared up the staircase.

"Yeah, me to-" I tried to get away but Sirius cut me off.

"Can we talk?"


~Sirius' POV~

I winced internally as I heard myself say those words. Those words weren?t saying what I wanted them to say.

"About?" She looked at me expectantly. I didn't think that she had done the right thing when she kept what she knew from James but I don't blame her. I can't imagine having to tell anyone that their father would die no matter what.

"Us," I dropped the same bombshell on her as she dropped on me before the holidays.

"What about us?" She said and bit her lip.

"I still really like you?" I started to say.

"And I still really like you," she said with a big grin on her face.

I felt a smile spread across my face.


~James' POV ~

I felt like doing a victory dance around the dorm.

Lily Evans was in my dorm and Sirius didn't even have to kidnap her! This was a huge cause for celebration.

Except for that thing with Dorcas, Mary, Smith and Snape. I can't believe they were in the drugging business together. So much had happened in the last few hours and my brain was racing.

I still couldn't get over that Smith was using Dorcas and Mary to drug Lily. I guess the only good thing is that over the Christmas break, they couldn't get to her.

But now, Lily was too scared to go back to her dorm and we still hadn't figured out how Dorcas and Mary were getting Lily to take the potion.

I wanted to go and punch Smith. Stuff the fact that I had a wand. I just wanted to hurt him.

And then there was Alexis. I hated her for not telling me, but at the same time, I kind of understood why. I didn't forgive her for not telling me but at the same time, I didn't feel like I could be angry towards her.

And I can't believe that Peter asked Al! I mean, did he really want to know our futures? Isn't that against some Law or Nature or something because we might purposely change what happens and everything would be thrown out of whack?

I let out a small sigh as I thought of the big mess we were all in. The anger I'd felt towards Al had subsided considerably and I sort of regretted being angry at her. I mean, sure I was mad but it already happened and there was no point in being angry because what good would that do?

Tomorrow, I would get Sirius to help me. And maybe Al, she does owe us marauders a prank anyway. I wouldn't tell Remus or Peter because Remus would try and stop us and Peter would spoil the plan.


a.n. I can't believet that I'm up to Chapter 29! It seems like yesterday I wrote the first chapter XD
Anyway, what do you think of what happened? I know it's a bit of a filler, but I thought that we should see a bit more of what everyone thinks of the situation.
marauders forever xx

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