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Harry had been lying on the couch for so long he didn’t remember the time. Ron was gone to look for Ginny and it was only him and Hermione left in the house. He felt so empty and alone since Ginny left. He didn’t know why he had chosen Hermione or even if he had chosen her. He remembered when they were in a forest in the middle of no where and Ron had left. Hermione had been near to tears and Harry danced with her. Suddenly a familiar song came on behind him. Hermione strolled in with a big grin on her face. She arrived in front of Harry, bowed and stuck out her hand. Harry let out a laugh despite himself. He felt suddenly light headed. He took her hand gratefully. She pushed a table aside and began to twirl him around. He pulled her close and he felt her warmth flood over him. And they danced around for this happy moment. He suddenly felt her move her head up close to his and reach in for a kiss. He turned his head slightly. The last thing he wanted was Ginny to think he had been snogging Hermione while she was away. Ginny felt like a roadblock to him. If only he could go back... He lowered his head and whispered a “Thank you” into her bushy hair. He pulled away reluctantly and went back to his couch. She walked from the room. Harry felt like he missed her warmth already. Harry was just putting his head down when her scream of horror echoed from the landing.

“No… b-b-but your… dead.” Hermione stammered.

Harry heard a cold, bloodcurdling laugh and a woman with dark tangled hair and a pale face dragged a screaming Hermione in. Bellatrix Lestrange. Harry backed away. He felt a rush of anger and wanted to run across the room and pull Hermine back. Bellatrix was dead...

“You can’t be here. Molly killed you. Your dead.” He finished.

“No,” she giggled “I wanted to live forever, to be with the Dark Lord so I made my own horcrux. But you got in his way, so i'm going to finish you”

“You couldn’t… T-Then why did you crumble when Molly hit you with the curse?” he said.

“Molly was so angry that the curse did blow me up but my soul joined my body later.” She laughed darkly. “So now I’m finishing you, this will kill me but I’ll have finished the Dark Lords work and than I can join him.” she pointed at the ground indicating hell. And laughed again.

Before Harry could do anything Bellatrix made a swift movement with her wand and Harry and Hermione were sent flying backwards. The ceiling collapsed and Harry grabbed Hermione's arm and covered her. A part of the wall had fallen on Harry’s ankle. Hermione was wailing on his shoulder.   

“Harry, what will we do?”Hermione screamed sorowfully.

“I don’t know, maybe Ron will help us when he gets back.” said Harry more calmly than he felt.

“I have to tell you something Harry,” she whispered “I understand if you don’t forgive me, but I have to tell you now.”

“This isn’t your fault Hermione-“he started.

“No Harry, I’ve always wanted to tell you but something held me back… I-I think I love y-y-you…” she started to cry again.

Harry raised his finger to her lips and held her hair back.

“Hermione, I’ve been trying to tell you the same thing for over twenty four years.” He whispered back. Finally. Harry finally felt happy, even in this mad, mad moment.

Then he lowered his hands to her waist and pulled her into a kiss. At first she started to pull away but he fought for her lips and pulled her closer. She raised her hands to his head and kissed back passionately. Harry felt his love for her rising up and he felt like he couldn’t pull away. Twenty four years of hidden love were shared for a few seconds between them until they both pulled away.

“Harry we need to get out of here.” she whispered.

“Oh God, my wand is under all of this.” He waved his hand around the room.” He replied.

She took out her own wand and lifted the stones off Harry’s ankle. She summoned his wand and they apperated to the reception of a fancy hotel. Harry smiled at her and they went up to woman and got themselves a room with a double bed. Hermione would pick a place like this he thought.

“Hermione we’ve no change of clothes.” He exclaimed.

“I’m not sure you’ll be needing it.” She smiled at him.

Harry fell onto the bed and Hermione followed him. They laid there thinking of the past events until Hermione broke the silence.

“Harry I do love you and I want to make you happy.” She whispered lovingly.

“I love you too Hermione,” he sighed “But what are we going to do about Ron and Ginny?” he sighed again. Ginny felt more in the way than ever.

“I’ve been thinking about that and Ron probably won’t mind seeing as he has already found himself someone-“she broke into fresh sobs but Harry had heard enough. He went over and picked her up and put her on his lap.

“But what about Ginn-“Hermione never got to finish her sentence as Harry pressed his lips to hers. She pinned him on the bed. She ripped the shirt off him and started pulling her own clothes off. She was wearing a black bra and lacey knickers as if she had planned this to happen. Harry smiled to himself and pulled of his remaining clothes. She smiled back at him. He got pushed onto the bed again and before he could do anything she kissed him again and again. He could feel her tears streaming onto his skin. He kissed back and wrapped his arms around her. She was biting into his lower lip, nearly drawing blood. Harry fell asleep feeling the happiest he had ever felt.


Hermione woke up beside Harry. She looked around the room to see what had woken her up. Outside there was someone banging on the door.

“Hermione?” the voice belonged to Ron.

How did he find them? Hermione suddenly remembered who she was with. She ran over to Harry and shook him violently.

“Good morning ‘Mione.” He said sleepily.

“Harry, Ron’s outside the door she whispered worriedly.

This hit Harry like cold water. He threw off the covers and started to gather his clothes.

“How did he get here?” he whispered.

“I don’t know, he could hardly have followed us?” she replied quietly.

“I’ll get in the wardrobe, and let him in.” he said.

Harry sprinted across the room and climbed into the wardrobe. When he closed the door Hermione let Ron in.

“Jeez, Hermione I’ve been up the bloody country looking for you.” Ron said angrily.

“Ron, I-I-I’m sorry. The house. Bellatrix.” Hermione said through sobs.

Ron looked like he was going to hit her.

Harry could have jumped out of the wardrobe and hit Ron. He was jumping down Hermione’s throat and she was sobbing in the corner of the room. He would say things like:

“It was OUR house Hermione, I can’t believe you,” and “Bellatrix is DEAD.”

She would occasionally whimper but it would be drowned out by Ron’s shouting. When he eventually calmed down Hermione was taken out of the room crying. Harry had never so much felt hatred for someone, even Voldemort. He thought that would never happen, especially for his friend. Harry went back to the bed where he slept restlessly.   

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