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 As I hold her tiny hands, her tiny little fingers, I see myself in her tiny little eyes. My darling, my baby, Rose.



'What should we name her, Ron?' asks Hermione, cradling her.


‘What about ‘Mannery’?


‘No Ron! Please be sensible.’


‘Oh, alright, Gilbert.’


‘She’s a girl, Ronald.’








She smacked me real hard on the arm.


‘Okay, fine, why don’t you suggest some name, woman?’


'I was thinking.....what about a flower?'


'We can't call her ‘flower’ that would just be plain stupid!'


'No I mean something like, chamomile?'


'Nooooo' I said, sticking out my tongue ' What about Marigold?'


'Are you out of your mind Ron?'                                                                    


'What about Rose?'


'Rose?' she repeats; considering it 'yeah, Rose!' she smiles.


I drape my arm around her and the baby and repeat 'Rose.'




'RON! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!' Hermione screams at me, as she sees me balancing Rose on a broomstick, with a Chuddley Cannon hat perched on her little head. She looks positively cute.


'Don't I have the right to introduce my child to a broomstick? Eh, Rose? You love what Daddy's doing right? Eh, sweetie?' I say, gently lifting my super girl off the toy broomstick I had bought for her yesterday. She was sleeping then, and Hermione literally roared at me when I had tried to wake her up. She's eight months old now, and she can have a broomstick! No fair!


'Tee Dadadadadadada!!!' she shrieked. Did you hear that? She SHRIEKED! She can talk! My baby can talk!


'Hermione, I'm so sure she's going to be a genius! Did you hear that, it takes the brains of a genius to say that, okay? My daughter is a genius, I could sing!'


'Please don't' she replied, smiling and carefully took her from my hands 'now, she has to get some food, and broomstick lessons can wait, alright?'


'But Hermione-' I argue, following her to the kitchen where she carefully settles Rosie in her baby chair and starts mashing her baby food. Poor baby, she can't even eat something that she likes.


Just then, Deedah, our owl, flies into the room along with Pig. Don't ask me why we call her Deedah, which was simply the first thing that Rose had said when she had seen the owl. She perched herself on the kitchen window and allowed Hermione to take her letter.


'Ron, can you feed her, please? I've got an urgent call from the Ministry, some house-elves have started hitting themselves with broomsticks!' She said, with a frantic look on her face as she read the letter.


'I told you they were psychos!' I said taking over the baby food mashing, as she started hyperventilating 'Now quickly apparate, I'll take over Rosie!'


She apparates and I quickly finish mashing up the baby food. I take it over to Rosie who's sitting on her baby chair like a complete angel.


'Hey baby' I whisper and lift the spoon to her mouth. She frowns a little, and moves her face as away from the spoon as possible. Eight months old, and already a rebel? Gee, what if my daughter becomes the second Bellatrix Lestrage/ Voldemort/Draco or worse, Moaning Myrtle? No, she won't, I remind myself and continue trying to feed her. She cooes and ignores my attempts, shaking her hands, as to express her disgust at the food before her.


'Please, Rosie, for Daddy here?'


'Daaaadddyyy?' she squeals. She said Daddy. She said DADDY. She called ME a DADDY!!!!!!!!!


Today is officially the happiest day of my life. I don't care what else happens. I don't even care if Krum wants to stay here for the whole of Christmas! That's how happy I am!


'Rosieeeeee!' I scream and take her out of her chair, and start throwing her into the air, and catching her when she falls. She screams with delight and after a few turns and a few morsels of food, she becomes sleepy.


As I rock her cradle slowly, I feel like the proudest father ever.




Rosie is sitting in the garden, talking to Albus. I, Hermione, Ginny and Harry are talking over tea. Wow, we've really become old, haven't we? Six years old James rushes around the garden on his first professional broomstick, teasing Albus and Rosie about how he can fly and they can't. That boy really reminds me of myself more than Hugh does. Three years old Hugo crawls over to Rose who like the protective sister she is, grabs him and shouts 'Daddy! Mommy! Can't you see where Hugh's crawling off?  What if he falls into this pool! What if he gets scratched by this grass! What if-'


We shake our heads, smiling slightly, as Hermione says 'He'll be alright muffin, don't worry!'


'But Mom!' she scowls, and I can see Albus smirk. This so reminds me of myself and Ginny.


'Oh, fine. Bring him here then.' she sighs and takes Hugo from Rosie, who skips away.


Little Lilly squeals as Hugo and she are kept together. My kids are very close to their cousins, a fact that I'm proud of.


Rose and Albus are now playing in the feild close by. We resume our talk.


'Hey guess what?' Harry asks excitedly 'Lilly made the water green yesterday!'


'That's great Harry!' Hermione beams 'and you know what, Hugo shattered an old vase last week!'


'Ooooooh! That's so cute, their little magic, isn't it?' chirps Ginny, pouring herself some tea.


'MOM!' we hear Albus screaming into our garden. This can't be good.


We see James flying towards us. 'Mom, Rose is BLEEDING!'






'She's lost a lot of blood Mr. Weasley, we have to give her a potion.' The Medi-witch tells me, as we rush her on her stretcher to the nearest emergency ward at St. Mungo's. My heart is hammering against my chest, and my eyes are welling up with tears. No this can't be, it just can't.


I look at Hermione, she's gone totally white and her eyes look blank.


'Rosie!!' she cries, tears rolling down her cheeks 'Please, please wake up, please!'


I really don't know what to say, I really don't. I want to break down, but I can't. Hermione needs me. My Rosie needs me.


'How did this happen, though?'


'She was playing with me in the feild!' cries Albus 'And all of a sudden, a branch of a tree fell on her!'


'Her uncontrolled magic!' cries Hermione, smacking herself on the head 'Oh Ron, what should we do?!'


'Hermione, calm down, we cannot panic!' Ginny says, rubbing her back comfortingly, as the medi-witch leads the stretcher into the emergency room.


Harry drapes his shoulder around me, but I can hardly feel anything. If anything happens to Rosie, I'm going to kill myself.


The next few minutes are the most crucial moments of my life. Then suddenly, the medi-witch comes out of the room, with a smile on her face 'She's awake, dearies. And she's asking for her brother Hugo.'


I heave a deep sigh of relief, and look at Hermione, who's glowing now.


We rush into her room, and find her lying down on her bed, her eyes half open.


'Mommy? Daddy?' she groans. Her hair is all messed up, making her seem Albus's sibling. Normally it’s all red and curly, slightly tinged of brown. I'm so glad she hasn't got Hermione's bushy hair.


I softly move my hand over her hair, smiling. Apparently I have no words to say.


'How are you, baby?' whispers Hermione, carefully toppling Hugo into Rosie's arms, who squeals at the sight of him.


'My head feels so heavy!' she complains, scowling and brightens up considerably on seeing Abus.


I don't know if there's a reason to live without any of my children. I love them to death.




'Mom, can I get an owl like James?' says Rosie, making a puppy dog face at Hermione, who replies ‘But you're not old enough, sweetie! The decree of 405 says-'


'That the child must know how to handle an owl if younger than eleven' I finished for her 'but she already knows how to handle owls, Hermione! I mean, there's Deedah and Pig. She knows Hermione, she knows.'


She scowled towards me with a look that plainly said 'you-never-help' and said 'Still, you're not allowed!'


'But Mommy!' Rose pouted and crossed her arms over her chest 'I want one! James was so teasing me and Al yesterday when he got one!'


'But James is eleven and the owl was his present for going to Hogwarts! You're not old enough!' with an impatient wave of her hand she left the room, leaving Rose walking up and down the room in anger, muttering angrily to herself.


'Daddy' she finally said 'Can I get an owl?'


'You heard what you're Mom said, we can only get you one when you've got your Hogwarts letter.'


'But, Daddy! That's so not until a whole year! How am I supposed to wait for such a long time?'


'You can, honey, and after all, you'll be eleven and far more mature to handle owls.' I said in spite of myself and patted her comfortingly on the back.


'Then I want to go to Hogwarts right now!'




'Right now, daddy, right now!' she stomped her foot on the floor with her hands on her hips.


'Sweetheart, no, please listen-'








'No flower, you-'




'Honey! Please-'


'I will go to Hogwarts, and no one's stopping me!' she said angrily, and stormed out of the room. I'm such a helpless parent sometimes.




'RON! Check on Rosie! We need to get to Diagon Alley as fast as we can!' yells Hermione from the kitchen where she's tidying up the plates and fixing Hugo's hair at the same time. My wife's a multi-tasking Goddess.


'Sure hun!' I yell back and race up the stairs to Rosie's room. It's got one of these keep out sign, but only a bit elaborated: 'I'M ROSE WEASLEY, YOU STAY OUT OF MY WAY, and I DON'T HARM YOU. YOU ENTER MY ROOM WITHOUT MY PERMISSION; YOUR DESTRUCTION BECOMES MY MISSION!'


Because I didn't want her to make my destruction her mission, I softly knocked on the door and said 'Rosie?' No answer.


'Uh, Rose? Are you there, sweetheart?' I banged the door hard this time, expecting a response. But no, no response


'ROSE! ROSIE!' I banged wildly, but stopped immediately as I heard a sniffing sound. And then said something I should have said loads before:




Rosie looks at me with an expression of anger and astonishment. Ratio 100:1.


'D-d-aaddy!' She stammered between her tears 'What are you d-doing here?'


'Trying to make my eleven year old realize that it's time for us to do shopping for the place where she has been dreaming to go for years.'


'I'm in no mood for humor Dad, to tell you the truth.'


'Okay, I give up' I said, pulling myself a chair and positioning myself in front of her 'What's up?'


She just stared at me, with her brows furrowed. She looks like Hermione when she does that and that is something I really love about her.


'I-I don't want to go.....'


'Go where? Diagon Alley?? It's alright, you don't need to sweetie, and we’ll get your measurements....'


'No Dad, Hogwarts, I don't want to go to Hogwarts....'


'B-but why??' I spluttered 'You've wanted to go there since you heard its name!!'


'I just don't want to go, okay? I don't want to....'             


'You know, if there's something bothering you, you can always tell me or Hermione, okay? Look, we're your parents, and we've got to know what's bothering their daughter.'


'What if I don't fit in there, Dad?' she said finally her eyes away from me, looking outside the window.


‘And why wouldn’t you fit in there?’


‘Oh, I don’t know, it’s just, no one really liked me in school dad, because I made so many accidents happen…..’


‘But that wasn’t your fault! Everyone’s magic does that! It obviously falters at first, but Hogwarts will help you control it! You’ll find many like yourself.’


‘And what if I don’t, dad? What if I make a complete fool of myself?’


‘Well, you know, you won’t be the only one to do that.’


‘Why? Did someone you knew make a fool of themselves?’


‘Yeah, there was this red-haired guy. He made a fool of himself in front of his crush. You know, he had dirt on his nose. He still wonders whether first impressions count as much as people say they do, because he’s happily married now and has two kids.’


Rose grinned slightly as she grasped the story of my life.


‘But still dad, I’m so nervous.’


‘Hey, that’s not just what you feel. At least you’re not going to King’s Cross with corned beef sandwiches and dirt on your nose.’


We laughed, hugged, and departed hand in hand for the living room.




Dear Daddy,


          It’s smashing here at Hogwarts! I got sorted into Gryffindor! Yay for me! Al got sorted into Slytherin, shocking really. He says that his Dad will not worry about that like you will.


         Anyways, my dorm mates are awesome, at least some of them are. Daisy is real sweet and Miranda’s got red hair like me. We bond over our mutual hatred for the new Transfiguration Teacher, Nelicia Herth. She’ so gross! Don’t tell Mum about it though, she’ll probably skin me alive for hating a teacher! My other dorm mates aren’t that good. If I try talking to them, they either sneer or start laughing. Well, what can I do, I just let them be.


        Dinner at Hogwarts reminds me of Nana Molly’s grand feast at Christmas! I think I weigh a dozen pounds more than I originally did. Kidding! The Common Room is nice and comfy, though James always occupies the best place by the fire. Idiot. Dom’s really sweet; she helped us find the way to our classroom the other day! Freddie is trying out for the Quidditch team, he’s sure to get the position of the Beater!


       I miss you and Mom a lot. Deedah has been pecking me an awful lot lately. Can I get a new owl? No, just kidding, I love Deedah even though she practically scrapes my flesh.


Love you,


Rosie XO


P.S. Scorpius Malfoy isn’t that bad Daddy. He’s actually quite sweet with us girls.            




‘Obviously, Daisy’


I could hear Rose chatting away on the Muggle phone we had bought her. I was just passing by her room when I heard a conversation that I really didn’t want to miss.


‘But he does know about it.’ Who’s this ‘he’ now?


I quietly performed a complex spell to hear the whole conversation. No, don’t look at me like that; I’m just a possessive parent who wants to see his sixteen year old baby daughter safe. Loving the irony?


‘No he doesn’t! He isn’t sure at all!’ That was Daisy’s voice.


‘Yeah, but he’s got a huge doubt that it’s him.’ Again that ‘he’. It better be one of her cousins.


‘But you told him that it wasn’t him!’            


‘Wow Daisy, like he’s really going to believe that.’


‘Alright, I give up miss, what are you going to do?’


‘I dunno!’ I heard her groan and flop down on her Chuddley Cannon bedspread.


‘Listen, I think he likes you back.’ Daisy whispered.


Likes? LIKES? Most importantly likes back?


Oh, my Merlin!                                                                        


‘Stop trying to make me feel better.’


‘No, I’m damn serious.’                


‘Leave it be, Daisy, I’m anyways giving up on him.’


‘But Rose-‘


Click. Rose cut the phone and chucked a pillow hard on her soft board. Ah, the irony.




‘Ah, Rosie, hot pancakes for you!’


‘Dad, its dinnertime.’


‘I know, so what? You like them, don’t you?’


‘I sure do Dad. Thanks.’


I flipped seven pancakes on her plate and emptied a whole bottle of fudge and whipped cream on top.


Rose raised her eyebrows suspiciously as I bustled to the kitchen, a banana split with triple helpings in my hand.


‘Okay Dad, fess up, what’s going on.’


‘Why would anything be going on?’


‘You only pamper me when I’m upset, Dad.’


‘So you say you’re upset.’


‘I never said that!’


I thought it was better not to beat around the bush.


‘You like someone?’


Rose looked shocked. She opened and closed her mouth several times and at last she gasped:
‘How did you know?’


‘Never mind that.’ I shook my hand.


‘It’s just a crush. I’ll get over it.’


‘I’m sure you will.’


We sat for a moment in silence.


‘You know what; perhaps you should ask him if he likes you back.’ I mentally slapped myself for saying this.


‘Are you serious? That’s the last thing I’d hear from you!’


‘Well, if that guy says yes, you have to bring him over to Hogsmeade and we will dine together in Three Broomsticks. Obviously, you can’t start dating unless I approve of him.’


‘Of course.’ she did a dramatic eye roll and we both laughed.




Dear Rosie,


        So he said yes? I knew it. No one can turn down my Rosie-Posie. Sorry for calling you that.


As decided, we’ll be meeting at Three Broomsticks on your next Hogsmeade visit. Make sure that you bring him. We’ll see if it’s appropriate for you guys to date or no. Don’t you dare roll your eyes at this sentence. It’s very important for me to know that you’re safe.


Lots of Love,




P.S. Your Mom wants me to cancel this visit and ‘grow up’. Highly unlikely.




I was waiting patiently for Rose and her boy-whatever to come to the assigned place. I met lots of old colleagues and Madam Rosemerta said that she liked my earmuffs.


And then Rosie came in, dragging a blonde by the arm. That must be him. I got up and waved my hand over to Rosie. She smiled brightly and came running to me.


‘Daddy!’ she said, hugging me.


‘So, who’s this?’ I asked her.


‘It’s Scorpius sir, Scorpius Malfoy.’ said the blonde.


It took me a second to digest that.




Malfoy looked offended but didn’t say anything. Rose’s face was slowly turning scarlet and her whole body was shaking.


‘D-Dad! Wha-what do you mean?’ she stuttered, her face identical to Hermione’s on the Yule Ball day. Not a very pleasant sight, I tell you.


‘You can’t date him! He’s a Malfoy! Don’t you know about his family, his background, anything at all?’


‘Dad….I like him for who he is, I’m not concerned about his father or anyone else.’ She cried, tears pouring down her cheeks.


‘But I’m concerned about you Rose. Do you have any idea about the things that could go wrong? No, you’re just too naïve and obstinate to understand!’ I shouted angrily.


‘But I love him Daddy.’ She was literally pleading now.


‘You don’t even know the meaning of love Rose. You’re just bloody infatuated!’


‘I’m not Daddy. And this time I choose Scorpius. I’m sorry Dad, I really cannot leave him.’


The words stung me like knives. I fell back in my chair, my heart beats racing.


Was that all I got for loving her all my life? Was she going to choose a Malfoy over me?


And before I knew it, tears just came pouring down my eyes. I hadn’t cried since Fred had died.


Very aware that Rose was looking concerned about me, I slipped out of my chair, left some money without counting it on the table and fled towards the door. I didn’t even stop to look back at her.




Dear Daddy,


         I’m sorry. I’m really very, very sorry. I didn’t know what I said. I was naïve, I was obstinate. I’m sorry Dad, please forgive me. As long as you do that, I don’t mind anything else in the world, and I mean it. You know me Dad, you know me better than anyone else.


         You’ll always be my knight in the shining armor. You’ll always be my first crush, you’ll always be my most favorite guy in the world, and even Scorpius can’t top that.


        I didn’t want to say that. You’re worth to me a lot more than a thousand Malfoys. I’m still your crazy Rosie-Posie Dad. I’d give up everything in the world for you. Just please, please talk to me. Please Dad, just once. Dad, I can’t sleep knowing that you’re angry with me.


I love you,




P.S. I broke up with Scorpius.




Dear Mr. Weasley,


              Please don’t tear this page as you read it. It’s me, Scorpius Malfoy and I have a humble request to make: I love your daughter and I want to ask her out. Be assured Sir, I won’t do this without your permission.


              I’ve liked Rose ever since the day we first talked to each other. I was Albus’s best friend and it was rather obvious that being Al’s favorite cousin, Rose and I would come often into contact. And as these contacts increased, my crush on her grew deeper and deeper. It’s not a crush anymore now, Sir; it’s much deeper than that.


             I know why you don’t like me. I understand your reasons. I completely empathize with your situation. If some time in the future, my daughter would plan on dating a boy from a known Death-Eater family, I wouldn’t ever allow her to date him. I know I am being a hypocrite, but believe me Sir; I won’t let anything happen to her.


           My father isn’t me, I’m not my father. I do understand he made numerous mistakes in his life. But, isn’t it unfair that I would have to pay the price of it all? It happened before I was born Sir. I don’t want to do anything of that sort. In these six years of my education at Hogwarts I’ve always been looked down up on, been treated almost like an alien, a stranger. Rose made me feel that I was just another student. And that, Sir, is the primary reason I have for loving your daughter.


Your faithful servant,


Scorpius Malfoy.


P.S. Sir, your daughter loves you a hundred times more than she likes me. I must say I envy you.




I was quietly sipping my butter beer, waiting for a certain blonde to make his entry through the door. It wasn’t a Hogsmeade weekend, but I had got him a special permission. Yeah, I’m generous like that.


Most of the time.


He made his entry at dot twelve o’ clock, the time we had decided to meet. Darn it, the opportunity for telling him off for coming late went down the drain.


‘Sir, you asked me to meet you?’ he said breathlessly.


I put on a poker face and gestured towards a table next to me.


‘I’ve accepted your request Scorpius..’ I began, but the huge smile on Scorpius’s face distracted me a lot.


‘Really, really Sir?’ he choked out, his face too small for his smile ‘Thank you Sir, thank you so much, I could kiss your feet-‘


‘No thank you, I’d rather not have that.’ I said calmly even though a smile was threatening to burst out on my face.


‘Thank you Sir, I’ll go straight away and ask her out-‘


‘NO’ I bellowed.


‘B-But S-sir, you j-just said t-that you ac-cepted my r-request!’ he mumbled.


‘Not like this, you idiot. No one can just go up to her and ask her out like that! She’s my daughter and I want you to ask her out in a special way.’


‘Anything will do Sir!’


‘Fine, then listen to me, this is what you will do…’




Daddy dearest,


           Thank you for everything! Scorpius asked me out yesterday! I was horrified at first, but then he told me about you meeting him and I couldn’t just control my happiness!


          He worked it out with Daisy. He told me you were the mastermind behind the plan and for that Daddy; I can thank you a hundred times.


         Scorpius magnified his voice a thousand times and read out a poem he’d written for me in the Great Hall when EVERYONE was having their dinner. Then he came up to me, kneeled down and gave me a pancake flower. I was just so stunned! It was the best surprise I’ve ever received. Thanks Dad, for making it possible.


All my love,


Rose J


P.S. I wonder what Mum will say about this!


P.P.S Thanks for telling Scorpius the recipe of that pancake flower.




‘Pass me the bread please, Scorpius dear’ my wife asked Scorpius who obliged her by passing the basket to her, though I noticed that his hands were shaking.


It was a typical Thursday night dinner. My children, Hugo now twenty-three and Rose, now twenty-five were dining with us along with their respective dates. It was a mandatory dinner which you couldn’t miss. Not even if you were ill. I made sure of that.


‘Dad, the Cannons are planning to add me in the waiting list for Keepers.’ Hugo said, munching on a piece of toast.


‘It was about time they did that. They don’t know what a fantastic player they are missing out on.’ I replied and Hugo beamed.


‘You mean fantastic idiot Dad, don’t you?’ Rose teased, and Abigail, Hugo’s girlfriend laughed.


‘At least I don’t sing “Twinkle, Twinkle little star when I’m scared!’ Hugo retorted.


‘At least I don’t dance around naked in my room!’ Rose retaliated.


‘Hello, I’m not the one to have forty brownies in one day!’


‘That was cool okay? You were just wishing it were you!


‘Yeah right, like I really wanted to spend the next whole day in the bathroom, throwing up all over Mum’s new dress-‘


‘Okay, shut it, both of you!’ Hermione said.


‘She started it-‘


‘As if you didn’t continue it-‘


‘I love you Rose Weasley!’


Where the hell did that come from?


All eyes were turned on Scorpius, who was kneeling down on the floor, a diamond ring on his palm.


‘I love you’ he repeated ‘I have all my life. And I want to continue doing so for the rest of my life. So, will you oblige me by marrying me?’


‘YES!’ she shouted and Scorpius pushed the ring on her finger. Everyone in the room burst into a round of applause.


‘Oh my God, I’m so happy for you my dear!’ Hermione cried, tears welling up in her eyes.


Then suddenly, Rose turned around to face me, the smile on her face was gone.


‘Daddy’ she said ‘You’re happy, aren’t you?’


I didn’t say anything. I got up from my seat went up to them and engulfed them both into a hug.


‘Mr. Malfoy, I’m glad you found the balls to ask her out’ I said, grinning madly ‘Otherwise I would have slapped you. There is no other man more fit for my daughter.’


‘I love you, Daddy!’ Rose squealed and hugged me.


‘Thank you so much Sir.’ Scorpius said.


‘No more ‘Sir’ boy, you’ll call me Ron now’ I said sternly and everyone in the room had started laughing.


I had never seen her so happy. And my happiness is always packaged along with hers.




‘Mom, I don’t want to marry.’ Rose sobbed on Hermione’s shoulder, who patted her on the head.


She turned to look at me. I looked back at her.


‘Ron!’ she cried.


‘Hermione.’ I said.


‘Rose!’ she gestured towards Rose.


‘Fridge!’ I said, pointing towards the refrigerator.


‘What?’ she asked, confusion etched over her face.


‘I thought we were naming things.’ I mumbled and ran a hand through my hair.


‘Urggh!’ she snarled, literally, and said ‘You are a complete arse you know that! Our daughter is refusing to marry here, I’m asking you for your help and you think I’m playing a bleeding game with you!’


I decided to run, cover up, or anything resembling that. Hermione doesn’t swear on normal occasions, let me tell you that.


‘Why did I even marry you!’ she continued, pacing around the room, me standing there awkwardly ‘You will take charge of Rose and bring her to the aisle! You understand?’


I nodded fervently like a puppy. She smirked and walked out of the room.


I looked at Rose who stood sniffing with her front towards the window. I didn’t quite understand what was wrong with her. Was it that she feared commitment?


No way. She and Scorpius have been dating for like, nearly a decade now. They had their minor break-ups and stuff, Rose brought other guys home sometimes. But the relationship hardly lasted for two-three months. She always ended up with Scorpius. Always.


Hugo and I made sure of that. I know, we’re so damn cool, right?


Ah, forget it. Right, back to Rose.


The more I tried to decipher it, the more confused I got. I sat beside her and saw that she looked really miserable.


I didn’t say anything. I’m not a philosophical parent. Nor am I a therapist. I make mistakes and mess up big time.


I’m not a perfect parent.


But hey, I am a parent. I may not be the best over there, but that does not mean I won’t try.


‘Hey.’ I managed.


I’m so proud of that brilliant try.


She huffed. Real smooth, Ron.


The radio in the room was on. My favorite song came on. I was tapping my feet to the rhythm of the music and then I thought of it.


‘Dance with me?’ I asked her. She stared blankly at me, but accepted.


I twirled her over to the center of the room. Immediately, I was reminded of George and Angelina’s wedding, where I was dancing with a giggling two year old. I wanted that Rose back.


But hey, it happened. She slowly smiled as we danced, the tears disappearing from her face. We laughed and I hugged her. To my surprise, she started crying again.


‘I’m gonna miss you, Dad.’ She blurted.


I don’t know what it was about the statement that I found so unusually overwhelming, but my eyes glossed over, and I started crying as well.


‘I’m going to miss you too, Rosie-Posie.’ I said between my tears. She playfully punched me and we smiled.


‘Dad, you’ll call me every day, right?’ her eyes were brimming with tears as she said the sentence.


‘Obviously. Every hour if you want. You’re the best thing that happened to me. Including Hermione, and that’s saying something.’ I replied.


She hugged me again, and we stayed like that for some time.




‘Do you, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, take Rose Ginerva Weasley?’


‘I do.’


A tremendous round of applause followed as the happy couple kissed. I slowly wiped the tears from my eyes and saw Hermione doing the same. It was just too overwhelming for words.


On returning home, I found a note on my desk drawer:


‘Remember Daddy: You’re worth to me a lot more than a thousand Malfoys.’ 


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