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 November 25

Scorpius had never felt so proud of himself, his girlfriend, and of course Grace and Roger. Team Slytherin had done the best and won by a huge margin in the last challenge. Professor Jordan went on a long rant about how well they exceeded his expectations. Scorpius only had to spend a day in the hospital wing to rest and take replenishing potions for his magic levels. The rest of his team was not as lucky, Roger had to regrow muscle tissue in his leg, Grace had to have her wounds sealed and take blood replenishing potions which were absolutely horrible, and Rose was on strict bed rest due to a concussion and her arm was in a sling. When everyone was released they were the talk of the school, everyone wanting to know every detail of their adventures from beginning to end.

Team Hufflepuff was the only other team to succeed with their Merpeople Revolution. Rupert was pretty proud and talked about how they each had to master complex bubble head charms and how he had to learn how to negotiate with the merpeople.

Overall everyone was at least content with the outcome and had a new found respect for the Founders which was exactly what Professor Jordan wanted.

Scorpius had last minute studying for his midterms and often stayed with Rose in the Hospital Wing until she was freed. However he continued to think about how he was going to impress Mr. Weasley. He had memorized the Chudley Cannons history and was planning on wearing the shirt he ordered at some point while he was at Rose’s house, also he was having his mother make a vast amount of baked goods for him to bring over.

Yea, everything would be perfect.

Friday was one of the most embarrassing days of Scorpius’s life. Apparently Dominique may have some seer in her because the headline she predicted was pretty bloody close. Splashed on the front page of Witch Weekly was “Golden Trio Princess falls for Death Eater Offspring: Parent’s Reaction’s and More!”

Apparently Draco Malfoy had gone as far as to attack Mr. Weasley, and Scorpius must have used love potion on Rose, and Rose was pregnant. All extremely ridiculous and yet people still seemed to think they were true.

So according to the wonderful Hogwart’s grapevine Scorpius’s dad was in Azkaban, Scorpius liked to drug his girlfriend, oh and Rose was with child.

Bloody brilliant.

Holiday break could not come fast enough.

Thank Merlin for Rupert, Scorpius would have probably blown up with how mad he was about the rumors. Rupert managed to calm him down and make him even laugh a bit about how ridiculous they were, anyone in their right mind could see how much Scorpius and Rose loved each other. 

It wasn’t even that the rumors bothered him, it was just that he hated that some people would perceive Rose badly. It wasn’t fair, she was the most put together and classy girl in the world and now suddenly she was drugged up on love potion with a kid! It really just pissed him off.

Luckily they only had to endure it for two days. On Sunday everyone was last minute packing, saying a few short goodbyes and hustling to get into a carriage.

“So Scorpius, say Mr. Weasley hates you and kicks you out, what’s the plan than?” said a smug Rupert.

“Don’t worry I have a plan to make him love me! Xander and I have been working on it and I am so prepared he’ll be begging me to keep Rose around!”

“Oh really? And why have I not heard of this perfect plan Scor?” Rose said curiously.

“Because when you figure it out, you will make take the mickey out of me. So you’ll have to just watch in suspense!”

Everyone took turns trying to guess what Scorpius had in mind, when they realized he wouldn’t break they continued talking about random day to day things for a bit until Lysander spoke up.

“Oh Rupert! I wanted to give you your Christmas present early!” For the first time ever, Scorpius saw a playful and mischievous gleam in Lysander’s eyes.

“Oh okay! Give it here then!” Rupert said excitedly.

Lysander pulled out of his pocket a small rectangle and enlarged it to normal size, he tossed it to Rupert and everyone watched with interest. Rupert tore off the blue and silver paper and everyone busted out laughing. Inside was a newly published book, “Nargles, the True Discovery, by Luna Lovegood - Scamander”. What was even better though was the ministry seal for fact based and encyclopedia books shone brightly on the cover.

When everyone recovered from laughing Rupert stood up.

“I, Rupert David Dogins, apologize for anything I have said negatively about nargles and the research of Lysander’s mom. Would my dear friend please forgive me for my audacity?”

“Here here!” Lysander shook his hand and they all continued to laugh a bit.

“My mother, is going to throw a fit! I might just get her that for Christmas!” Said Rose.

“Oh don’t worry, I think my mother sent her one of the first copies!” Lysander chimed in.

They all continued laughing until they reached King’s Cross. The plan was for Scorpius to stay home a week, go to Rose’s for a week, come home for Christmas, and Rose would come over for New Year’s. Her parent’s had allowed her to stay four days at Scorpius’s if they came to the Ministry Ball.

Scorpius had planned ahead as usual. He knew he was about to meet Mr. Weasley at King’s Cross and quickly took off his sweatshirt to reveal a shining Chudley Cannons long sleeve jersey.

Rose looked at him in shock before hugging him. “I love you so much, you know that? It takes a brave man to wear a jersey for such a terrible team.”

“Oh Merlin mate! Are you really wearing a Cannon’s Jersey? I might just kick you off the Quidditch team if you start playing like their seeker!” Yelled Rupert who was quickly shushed by Acacia.

“Oh shut it. Look, I love them from now on! They are Rose’s father’s favorite!” Scorpius said defensively.

“See Rupert, if you were that sweet maybe I’d like you more! We’ll see how ridiculous you act when you meet my father.” Acacia smirked as Rupert looked really fidgety.   

The train pulled to a halt and Scorpius grabbed his stuff and all of Rose’s so they could get off quickly and meet each other’s parents.

The Malfoys and Weasleys were standing extremely awkwardly. Astoria and Hermione were in a friendly conversation while Draco and Ron just stood there somewhat glaring. At least they were being civil. Rose sped up a bit to hug her parents and Scorpius just smiled dumbly at them.

“Mum, Dad, this is my boyfriend Scorpius!” Rose said happily.

“Er, nice to meet you Mr and Mrs. Weasley.” Scorpius stuck out his hand after setting the luggage down and shook Ron Weasley’s hand. Ron was clearly giving him the once over so Scorpius turned to his parents. “Mother, Father, this is Rose. I’m sure by now you both know who she is.”

Astoria smiled and as always broke the awkwardness and started rambling on.

“Of course we know who you are! We have heard so many great things about you, you definitely need to give me tips on how to keep Scorpius in line! Draco and I could definitely use them!” The warm smile of Astoria seemed to ease everyone a bit. Even Draco said it was nice to meet Rose which was a huge step.

Hermione gushed a bit over Scorpius until finally Ron said something.

“So, you uh, like the cannons?”

“Oh yea, favorite team! I don’t care what people say about their record, it’s just the coaching that messes them up. They really do have talented players!” Scorpius has rehearsed this conversation with Lysander at least five times.

Ron nodded at him. Eventually the awkward five minutes ended, Scorpius hugged Rose goodbye even though he would have much rather kissed her. He shook hands with her parents and waved a kind goodbye to Hugo and was side apparated home with his parent’s.

“She seems lovely dear! I like her already, and Hermione is such a doll!”

“Er, thanks mum. She really is lovely isn’t she?”

“Oh yes of course, I’m very proud of you!”

Draco gave a strained smile before speaking. “Yes Scorpius she seems um. Nice.” Well that was better than anyone could have hoped for.

“Sweety we will have dinner in an hour so you can go unpack everything! Diggy will help put a lot of it away as well!” Astoria said warmly after giving Scorpius one more hug.

Diggy was one of the Malfoy house elves. He was ‘married’ to Sadie, and they had four children, Link, Zuri, LuLu, and Petey. They were definitely treated better than the previous Malfoy house elves. Draco had always refused to give up the luxury of house elves even when he was trying fervently to give up most pure blood traits. Diggy popped into Scorpius’s room quickly and helped him put everything away.

“Did Master Scorpius learn a lot at Hogwarts and accomplish great things?”

“Well, I certainly hope so Diggy. I’ll let you know when dad decides how good I did after dinner.”

“Diggy is certain Master Scorpius has done great as always! It is an honor to serve the noble Malfoys!”

“Actually Diggy I have a question.”

“Diggy will answer any question for his great Master Scorpius!” The elf said with excitement.

“Have you heard my dad say anything about Rose Weasley?”

“Oh yes, Master Draco was very upset. Mistress Astoria had to calm him down! It took nine days before he was calm. Master Draco is very worried his family could be harmed!”

“Okay, thank you Diggy you have done very well.”

“Master is too kind! Too grand! Too noble!”

“Okay Diggy you can go now.” The elf popped away immediately. Scorpius loved his house elves but sometimes they were overwhelming. Growing up as an only child he had to play with them a lot. Few parents wanted their children hanging out at the Malfoy’s house.

Before dinner began Scorpius decided to write a quick note to Rose,

My dearest Rose,

Hope I did okay with your parents! My mother is still fawning over you! I don’t know how I will go a week without seeing you, it seems like an eternity already. I suppose I am spoiled seeing you daily in class. Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic week back and get to spend a lot of time with your family.

Love, Scorpius

Short and to the point as always, Scorpius tied his letter to Leon and watched as he took flight. He changed out of the obnoxious Cannon’s jersey and went downstairs for dinner.

Astoria and the house elves had done excellent as always. A beautiful roast sat in the center of the table with garnishes all along the sides. Scorpius quickly sat down and waited for his father to begin eating so he could start. His parents ended up being pretty proud of him, with quidditch going well and his studies they seemed happy. Finally Draco brought up Rose.

“So when do you plan on going to the Weasley’s again?”

“In one week father, I’m only staying a few days and will be back for Christmas of course.”

“I see. Do they have an extra room or bed for you?”

“Yes, they have a guest room.”

“Hm okay.”

It was an awkward silence until Astoria broke in.

“So tell me how things have been going with Rose sweety? Have you got her Christmas present yet?”

“To be honest I finally have an idea of what I want to get her, but I think I’ll have to make it. I’ve researched the charms and everything I’ll need to do it and it seems a bit complex but not too hard.”

“Ooh well I’m sure it’ll be lovely. Don’t you think so Draco?”

“Of course. Scorpius you have been treating her properly yes? You know the rules regarding dating in this house.”

“Oh yea Dad! I promise, I’ve been a perfect gentlemen!”

“That’s great honey, we wouldn’t expect anything less of you.” Astoria said warmly.

The dinner continued with Astoria trying to talk about Rose and Draco trying to not say anything offensive. Finally at the end Draco invited Scorpius to his study. The only time Scorpius was ever in his father’s study was for important talks. He had only come in when Draco was explaining something about the war, about how Scorpius was to act at Hogwarts, and the history of the Malfoy family. Clearly dating Rose was an even bigger deal then Scorpius initially thought.

“Yea Dad?” Draco sat quietly at his desk before speaking. He looked very relaxed which Scorpius wasn’t sure how to feel about really.

“Scorpius, I want you to let me say my piece no matter if I upset you or if you would like to interject.” Scorpius nodded respectfully. “The Weasley family is perhaps the most well-known family in our world. The saviors of our world as some would say. As a teenager I helped to ruin their family, I partook in the plan to help tear them and many other families apart. The Weasley family hates me and our family, which they have every right to. When I was on trial it was Harry Potter who helped me, Ron Weasley has always hated me and never thought to forgive me. Nor did I ask him to. But he wanted me thrown into Azkaban. Hermione remained impassive. You see I understand Ron Weasley, better than most really. He does not think before he acts, he is hot headed.” Scorpius was about to say something but got cut off.

” Yes we all have our flaws but please do not interrupt me. He fights for what he believes in, which is both a good and bad thing. You must understand Scorpius, if things end up terrible with Rose, I would bet our entire fortune that he would find a way to tear down our business or something of the sort. We would immediately be ruined because the love the public has for that family. Weasley has been hoping for a way to hurt me since I ended up being pardoned after the war. But this relationship you have engaged is dangerous for us. The press has already begun to harm you and her, her family is already against it, and I as well am against it. I will respect your choices but you must remember all of this. When you went off to school I told you, the Malfoy name is in your hands now. Do not besmirch how great you have made it because of a girl. That’s all I have to say Scorpius, you can tell me off or argue now seeing as how mad you look.”

“Look dad, I have made the Malfoy name as good as I can. Rose is not just some girl to me, you need to understand that. When you figure that out then talk to me about how you feel again. Because honestly, it’s not my fault that you and Ron Weasley hate each other! Maybe if you stopped thinking about how this effects your business and think about how happy your son is you can stop stressing out over my choice of girlfriend!” Scorpius knew he was being childish when he slammed the door on his way out but he didn’t even care.

How dare his father only care about how this would affect his business! Did he not even care about how happy Scorpius was? When Scorpius reached his room he collapsed on his bed with his thoughts racing. When he realized he was becoming restless he grabbed his broom and flew out the window to calm down.

The night air was freezing and immediately Scorpius felt himself shivering, he wanted to go straight back inside but he was to upset at the moment. Maybe Draco did have a point that dating Rose was risky, but every relationship was risky to an extent. Scorpius continued to ponder these thoughts until finally he lost the feeling in his hands.

When he landed back in his room his mom was waiting for him.

“I talked to your father, he thinks you misunderstood him. Are you okay?”

“I think he was perfectly clear, I’ll be okay when he just accepts my choices like he keeps saying he will.” Scorpius retorted sarcastically.

“Scorpius, don’t get upset and take a tone with me or your father. You know better. It’s not his business he is worried about, yes partly but that’s not it. He is worried about the family. He is scared to go back to the time where every wizarding family hated us, and let’s be honest the majority still do. We love you so much Scorpius, you need to see his point of view. Your father is the epitome of a male thinker, all he sees is how to protect his family and he will do whatever he can to do that. He’s worried now yes, but once he sees how much Rose means to you or that if you broke up it would not end badly he will be fine. I promise you it’s not the apothecaries he is concerned about.”

“I owe him an apology don’t I?”

“Yes, but at the same time he owes you one.” Astoria stood up to hug her son and left him to think about what she had said.

Scorpius felt restless. Half of him wanted to be a man and go talk to his dad, and the other half was happy to just give him the silent treatment and stay in his room. He hated these decisions. Sometimes he would prefer to be a stubborn adolescent teenager, but then the logic in his brain always won out.

Scorpius felt it was better to talk to his dad in the morning so he showered and got ready for bed so he could cool off from the argument. He fell asleep and peacefully dreamed of Rose and Hogwarts.

Scorpius woke up around nine, he laid in bed for a second trying to wake up before he saw Leon on his desk with a letter. He got up slowly and shuffled to untie the letter and stroke Leon for a bit.

Hello love!

Hope you’re doing okay and your parents are not giving you too hard of a time!

You did excellent with my parents, I can just tell how annoyed my father is that he can’t

hate you! My mum has talked to me about you and she definitely loves how we study

together, go figure! Dad has been interrogating Hugo about you but he still can’t find

anything negative, it’s quite funny. Anyway, I miss you already; I never thought I’d be

one of those girls who moans about missing their boyfriend after a day but here I am!

 We definitely have been spoiled seeing each other every day but at least I get to see

you soon. I cannot wait for you to come over! Also I am still nervous about meeting

your parents but your mother seems lovely and I am determined to win over your

dad to my charm. Well, hopefully at least! Write me back fast or else you won’t be

snogged till giants fly!

 Love, Rose

Scorpius immediately wrote Rose back, he’d mention the fight with his dad in person. He didn’t want her to worry and he planned to resolve it this morning. Scorpius marched downstairs and saw his father in the sitting room reading.

“Hey dad, can I talk to you?”

“Of course Scorpius. I need to talk to you as well anyway.”

“Um yea, look. I apologize for blowing up on you, it was disrespectful and you taught me better than that. After talking to mum I see I misunderstood you. However, I still want you to not only accept, but respect my relationship and how much Rose means to me.”

“I talked to your mother last night as well. You’re right but I do want you to respect my opinion. It’s not that I care about my business over your happiness, I just don’t want bad judgment to ruin all of our happiness. Wait before you blow up again. I will hold onto my opinion until I meet Rose. I understand you’re happy and for that she is already doing good, but keep in mind I dated some terrible girls and they made me happy for a time. Just be careful Scorpius, that’s all I ask of you.”

“I will Dad, but I really don’t think I’m being a lustful teenager. Keep your opinion but I’m sure in time I will prove it to you.”

Draco stood up and hugged his son. Scorpius hugged his dad back. Even though they had their differences they were both very close and fighting hurt them a lot. Growing up with the Malfoy name meant you often had no one but your family. Until Hogwarts Scorpius really only had his mum and dad, and he wouldn’t trade them for the world.

A/N Hope you enjoyed some insight to the Malfoy family! Okay so after countless hours of brainstorming the next challenge, I’ve done it! I am so thrilled with my idea! So get excited! Anyway, Scorpius is about to head over to the Weasley’s! Should be fun(:

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