"Come on, wake up." Lily said, poking me hard on the side of my head. I groaned and rolled over, trying to block out her voice.

The action was met with a lot of pain. Maybe it's something to do with sleeping on the floor, but the entire top half of my body seems to be throbbing. I feel like evil little elves have come in during the night and pummelled me until I was black and blue.

I heard the tapping of Lily's shoes as she walked back into the kitchen.

"Come on Van, we've got pancakes." She called.

"Save some for me!" I shrieked, shooting out of bed and following Lily into the kitchen doing what I hoped was a dignified, feminine run. I could hear her laughing as I crashed into some stupidly small table.


"Where are the pancakes?" I asked quickly as I sped into the kitchen.

Aunt Hermione's mouth fell open and she promptly dropped the plate she was holding on the floor where it smashed into a hundred sharp pieces. At the sound of the noise everyone looked up, and followed her gaze to me. Their mouths fell open just like hers had done.

I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, I know a vest top and shorts are a little revealing, but you're all practically family..." I trailed off when Lily clapped her hands over her mouth, grinning and looking shocked at the same time. Lily wouldn't be shocked about how revealing my pyjamas are...

"What?" I asked self consciously. James was pouring milk onto his cereal out of his jug, not even noticing that the milk was now flowing onto the table and seeping onto his lap.

I frowned and glanced around at the rest of the faces. I noticed that some of them were glancing between Hugo and me, so I looked for his face.

It was crimson red and looked more embarrassed than I had ever seen it look before.

"What?" I asked again. Lily slowly got out of her chair and grabbed me by the shoulders. I winced as she touched me, because my shoulders were one of the areas that hurt.

She steered me to the mirror next to the fridge – I know, is that a weird place for a mirror or what? – and stepped back.

My mouth fell open in horror.

My neck was almost entirely purple with the amount of hickeys that had been left there from last night. There was a trail of them leading all the way down from my neck to the top of my chest, which was pushed upwards with the tightness of pyjama top.

There was even a hickey on my bottom lip. How the FUCK did I get a hickey on my bottom lip?

"So...like it rough, do you Hugo?" Al said, to break the silence. Everyone other than Hugo, Aunt Hermione and I snorted into their food.

I reached my hand up and gingerly pressed them, wincing as pain shot through me. These are going to take forever to go, and I have a ridiculously low pain threshold!

I'm screwed.

"Stop looking at them." I snapped to the lot of them, yanking my top up so it covered all of my chest and neck, but showed a lot of my stomach, which was thankfully quite flat.

"Merlin!" Lily shouted, jumping out of her chair and walking towards me. "You've got a hand shaped bruise on your hip!"

I glanced down and saw that there was indeed a giant hand shaped bruise on my hip, exactly where Hugo's hand had been last night.

I flushed bright pink and yanked the waistband of my shorts up to cover the worst of it. But, of course, being me, that wasn't enough for the divine forces.

Lily slapped her hands over her mouth and stepped forwards, peering at my leg.

"What now?" I snarled, looking down at my leg at the same time everyone else did.

There was another giant bruise on my leg, which had been hidden by my shorts up until a moment ago. It was another hand print, but it was darker than the one on my hip.

"Merlin, how high up her dress did you put your hand, Hugo? In fact, don't answer that." Lily grinned. I whacked her over the back of the head, flushing the colour of a strawberry. I hate my best friend.

"I am going to kill you, Hugo Weasley." I said in a low voice, glaring at him. He hastily tried to arrange his smirking face into an apologetic smile.

Thanks to him, the entire of the Weasley/Potter family think I'm the Whore of Hogwarts.


He got up out of his chair and stepped in front of me.

"They're not that bad. It's only a couple of hickeys." He shrugged, but I knew he was lying.

"A couple of hickeys? A couple?" I shrieked. He winced.

"Want me to kiss it better?" He grinned, winking. I went to snarl at him but his question brought me up short. I actually would like him to kiss them better, so...

"I don't think she needs any more of your 'kissing'." His mother said. We both blushed bright red.

"Your mother just mentioned you and me kissing." I hissed. He nodded, looking mortified.

"I'm sorry." He muttered, giving me a hug, carefully avoiding the boatloads of bruises. I buried my face in his chest.

It almost feels like we're dating. You know, other than him actually asking me.

"Well, I'm willing to bet that if we hadn't followed them out, and Vanessa hadn't seen us when she did, she'd be pregnant by now." James smirked.

Hugo broke away from me to whack him over the back of head.

"Oh shut it. We wouldn't have..." I trailed off at the look on Aunt Ginny's face.

"Gone any further." Hugo finished for me. I nodded rapidly.

"Right, that's why she looks like a walking bruise and is covered in lovebites."Aunt Angelina put in, rolling her eyes. Merlin, what is this, family discussion time?

"Not exactly lovebites." I muttered. Hugo frowned at me and opened his mouth, but his mother interrupted him by rushing forwards and shoving me into a chair.

"Well, we need to get rid of these as soon as possible." She whipped out her wand and tapped each of the bruises in turn, smiling apologetically each time I winced.

Within five minutes I was completely free of bruises, including the ones on my thigh and hip. Aunt Hermione pursed her lips and suddenly looked very uncomfortable.

"Is there any more bruises that we can't see that you need me to get rid of?" She asked. I frowned. What does she mean, any more bruises that we can't see?

Noticing my expression she briskly said –

"Well, did he grope you anywhere else?"

My jaw dropped and my face blossomed bright red. Hugo spat out his coffee all over Louis – who looked disgusted – and the whole table burst out laughing.

"Merlin, you make it sound like I'm some sort of animal, Mum. It was a mutual thing, remember." Hugo said indignantly.

"Yes, I'm sure she wanted to be bitten until she bruised." Aunt Hermione rolled her eyes at her son.

"She didn't seem to mind at the time." Hugo muttered resentfully. I rolled my eyes.

"I'm right here!" I pointed out. They ignored me. Typical.

"And it wasn't bloody biting, it was snogging!" He said.

"If that's your idea of snogging son, I can't wait to see what she looks like after you've shagged." Uncle Ron said.

"What?" We yelped at the same time, as the table burst out laughing again.

"How come I'm being made into the bad guy here?" He asked me.

"Because I'm the one covered in hickeys." I said, as though it was obvious. Which it was, but Hugo might have been having a slow day.

He raised an eyebrow at me and lifted his chin up so that we could all see the underside of his jaw...where there was a trail of five hickeys.

"Did those to myself, did I?" He smirked.

I clapped my hands to my mouth and the table started laughing again. I snarled at them and looked back at the bruises. I ran my fingers over them, and Hugo winced slightly.

"I'm sorry." I said weakly, and he shrugged, kissing me on the top of the head.

"Well, at least you've found someone who likes it as rough as you do." Albus grinned, and we both glared at him.

"Shut it, you." Hugo snapped.

Aunt Hermione lifted her wand up and quickly removed the bruises.

"Well thank Merlin that they found you when they did." She said. Hugo and I flushed bright red again.

"Even if it did result in severe mental scarring." James added in an undertone. Everyone snorted again.

Remember what I said about this family's awesomeness? I take it all back.

"And what exactly do you mean by that?" Hugo asked in a dangerous voice.

James smirked and I prayed that he was just going to ignore the question and not bother to answer it.

Ha, I should be so lucky.

"Well, it's not a fun experience to watch your younger cousin grope your almost little sister against a tree." James grinned. "Albus almost stormed over there and punched you in the nose. We had to remind him that it was you."

"I think we ought to move your sleeping bags from next to each other." Roxanne grinned slyly. "You know, just in case you get lost in the moment again. None of us need to wake up to that."

Hugo flushed and I buried my face in his chest so they couldn't see my mortified expression.

"Well, as disturbing as this conversation has been, I'm going to go and get dressed." I muttered, and Lily got up so she could go with me.

As I walked away I heard the table gasp and start laughing.

"What now?" I asked tiredly. "Do I have a bruise on my back?"

Lily snorted and clapped her hands over her mouth as I glared at her.

"Well, honey, when you pulled your shorts up, you covered your hips but you showed us a little more than we needed to see in the arse department." I heard Hugo slam his head against the table. "And you have a giant bruise on your arse."

I blushed brighter than I had ever blushed before.

"I think I'll just keep this one. No one is poking a wand at me there." I muttered, and scurried backwards out of the room, Lily stumbling after me, still laughing.

As we walked away I heard Aunt Ginny shriek indignantly –

"You groped her arse?"

Oh good grief.


"It's going to explode any second now, I just know it." I muttered, and Roxanne rolled her eyes.

"You've been saying that for the past five minutes." She grinned. What? Playing Exploding Snap makes me very tense, and I keep thinking that the deck is going to explode at any time.

Roxanne says that I'm – and I quote – 'bloody paranoid.'

Just because I don't want my eyebrows singed off by a bloody deck of cards does not mean I'm paranoid. Judgemental much?

I quickly laid down another card and leapt backwards. Better safe than sorry, you know. Roxanne grinned and laid another card down.

"I don't know what you're so worried about; it's hardly going to explode in your face." She leaned down over the pack of cards and waved her arms. "See."

And the fates decided to make up for the hickey incident because at that moment the deck of cards exploded in her face and singed her eyebrows.

Take that sucker.


I glanced at my face in the mirror and groaned. My face was a mess and my hair was sticking up in a hundred different directions.

I was supposed to be getting ready for dinner, but I had actually spent fifteen minutes sitting on the side of the bath, reliving last night with Hugo.

I sighed and splashed some cold water onto my face. I reached for a towel and accidently picked up the dress I was supposed to be changing into. I dropped it on the floor and rooted around for a towel. When there was none I pulled my top off and wiped my face with that instead.

What? I'm getting changed anyway.

I glanced at myself in the mirror again and snorted. I looked like the reincarnation of a hooker, with my hair all messed up and wearing nothing but a pair of denim shorts and lacy bra.

At that moment the door crashed open and Hugo Weasley sped in, not even noticing me. He rushed to the mirror and began to frantically fix his hair. And he left the door wide open. And I was standing there in my bra.

Bloody marvellous.

I rushed to the door and slammed it shut, not realising that the noise would attract the attention of the boy currently moaning about the state of his hair. From what I can gather, it started raining and he had to run out and get the paper.

Bloody hell, it's only hair.

He whirled around and his jaw almost hit the floor. He stared at my face for a moment and then his eyes slid down and rested on my chest region.

"Vanessa!" He yelped. "Why the fuck have you got no shirt on?" I was very unsuccessfully trying to hide my chest with my arms.

"Because I was getting changed when you ran in!" I shouted back.

His expression became one much like a deer trapped in headlights. I noticed that he didn't drag his eyes away from my chest.

"Oh Merlin, I'm sorry, I didn't realise anyone would be in here." He muttered, blushing.

"It's alright, I didn't lock the door." I muttered back, and we both flushed crimson. We are such awkward people. That is why we are perfect for each other. Take note, fates.

I remembered what Hugo had said a couple of weeks ago when I hadn't been able to stop ogling his bare chest.

"When you've lifted your chin up off the floor..." I said slyly, and he blushed brighter.

"Vanessa, about last night..." He started, and I nodded, stepping forwards so we were closer together, even though it was not a very big bathroom anyway.

"Yeah?" I breathed.

"Well, I just wanted to let you know what it meant to me, because I don't think you really understand." I had trouble swallowing.

Yeah, I know what it meant to you. Nothing.

He took a step towards me so we were only a couple of inches apart. I forgot all about the fact I was shirtless and laid my hands on his chest (which did have a top on – unfortunately).

"It meant –" He began, but he was cut off by the door slamming open again.


Fred, Louis, Lysander, Albus, Scorpius and James were standing in the doorway with their mouths hanging open.

"We only came in to find out where you got to, Hugo..." Lysander muttered, looking mortified. Why do they look so embarrassed? It's not like they walked in on us snogging again.

"Vanessa, why aren't you wearing a shirt?" James asked.

"What?" I heard several people yelp from the other room.


I squeaked like a mouse (shut up) and Hugo pulled me behind him so I was hidden. James and Albus were glaring at Hugo as though they wanted him to burn to a crisp on the spot.

And then the rest of the family came running up to us. Fantastic. Just what I need.

"What's going on here?" Aunt Hermione asked. Oh shit.

"We just came in here to find Hugo, and we found him alright. Having a lovely little conversation a couple of inches away from a shirtless Vanessa." Aunt Hermione's mouth fell open.

Remind me to kill Louis when this is all over.

"It wasn't like that. She was already in here, getting changed for dinner, and I came in to fix my hair. She was already shirtless." Hugo explained. I poked my head above his shoulder so I could nod along. I am rather sad and pathetic, I know.

"And when you started talking you didn't think about giving her a shirt?" Aunt Ginny asked, stepping forwards. What is it with this family? Why do they have to be involved with everything?

"Didn't think about it, to be honest." Hugo mumbled, blushing. I smothered my grin.

"Enjoying the view too much." Lily chipped in slyly. Another person to go on my hit list, right there.

"Well, regardless." Aunt Hermione said briskly. I love this woman you know. "Vanessa can just put her shirt on and we can all move on." I really love this woman.

"I'll get it for you." Hugo muttered, stepping towards the towel rail, where the shirt had been slung in haste.

But the second he stepped forwards he left me – in my topless state – in full view of the rest of the family.

"Holy shit." Fred breathed. I scowled and folded my arms to try and cover myself up.

Hugo stopped in his tracks and skidded back in front of me.

All of the adults and girls had looked down when Hugo moved away, but the charming teenage males of the family stared at my chest openly and shamelessly.

This hit list is becoming incredibly long.

Hugo snarled at them all and pointed a threatening finger. A very sexy threatening finger.

"Look at her again and I will claw your eyeballs out with my bare hands." He snarled. All of the males suddenly looked very scared. Wimps.

Hugo pulled his own shirt over his head and gave it to me, glancing quickly at my chest first. I gave him a brief glare and pulled the shirt over my head.

I stepped out from around him, blushing crimson, and grabbed my clothes.

"I'm gonna go and get changed in a different bathroom." I muttered. They all nodded and Aunt Hermione patted me on the shoulder as I passed.

I really, really love that woman.


"Pass the potatoes, Molly?" I asked, and she grinned before passing me the bowl. I do love Molly. She's such a sweetheart.

I also love mashed potatoes, which is why I scooped three ladles of it onto my already packed plate. Yes, I know I eat like a cavewoman. Get over it.

I scooped them up and crammed them into my mouth like I had not eaten for a month and this was the last meal I would get for another month. Hugo grinned and laid his hand on the hand that was clutching the fork. I stopped eating.

So did everyone else. Nosy buggers. I love this family to pieces, but they really cannot keep their snouts out of other people's business. And I mean that in the most affectionate and loving way possible.

"You've got potato next to your mouth." Hugo murmured in my ear, but I knew that the rest of the table had heard it, as they all went silent.


I thought he was just going to wipe it away but instead he leaned down and gently kissed the spot where the potato was, licking it off my face. In a sexy way, not the gross way I just described it.

"Careful, be gentle, don't bite her." Al grinned, and Hugo shot him the finger.

"Hugo!" Nana Weasley snapped. "Don't ever do that again!"

He took his face off mine and smiled at me slightly, then turned to scowl at Al.

"I am capable of being gentle, you know." He snapped.

"Right. You know, I've seen you guys snogging a scarring amount, but never once have I seen you snog gently. You're always dead aggressive with each other." Al commented.

Gee, thanks Al. You've just described our snogging technique as 'dead aggressive'. Great.

"Merlin, how often do they snog?" James asked. I scowled and blushed.

"A ridiculous amount, and that's not even counting the ones that I don't see." Al told him. I scowled even more darkly. He's going to burst into flame at any moment now. "And it's even more ridiculous when you consider they're not even dating."

He finished with a pointed look at both of us. Yeah, well, I don't care how many pointed looks you send my way; I'm not going to ask him out. So stuff it.

Hugo seemed more wrapped up in the comment about his snogging.

"I can kiss her gently." He said, pouting. I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, sure." Al snorted. "If your idea of gently is only giving her a couple of hickeys."

Hugo scowled at him again.

"I can!" He insisted, and before I knew what had happened he had grabbed my head and pressed his lips up against mine.

Very, very gently.

I slowly wrapped my arms around his neck, and he slid his down to my waist. I opened my mouth ever so slightly to breathe and Hugo slipped his tongue inside.

VERY, VERY GENTLY. Take that, Know It All Potter.

And then everything went pear shaped, and Know It All Potter seemed to have been proven right.

Hugo's mouth pressed harder against mine, and his hands tightened on my waist, slamming me into his chest. My hands slid up from his neck and knotted into his hair.

Hugo's teeth found my tongue and bit down on it, using it to pull my face closer to his. I leaned backwards slightly and he leaned with me, so he was sort of hovering over me as I half lay down on my chair.

One of his hands slid down from my waist, going straight down to the top of my thigh again. He used it to wrap my leg around his ankle, at which point Al decided that the snog had gone far enough.

He leaned across the table and grabbed Hugo by the hair, dragging him back into his own seat. I sat up straight, blushing furiously.

What a lovely snog to have in FRONT OF HIS PARENTS.

Maybe I am the Whore of Hogwarts. They probably reckon so anyway.

Well, I'm a sixteen year old girl; I can't control my bloody hormones!

"Oh yeah, you guys can snog gently." James snorted. I glared at him and looked back down at my dinner, avoiding everyone's gazes.

"Well, after that lovely display I don't really fancy my dinner anymore." Lily said, smirking at me.

"Oh yeah, but when you want to snog your boyfriend so enthusiastically you look like you're eating each other at the breakfast table, everything is perfectly okay?" I said slyly.

Lily flushed.

Take that, bitch.

"Yeah, the operative word being 'boyfriend'." Lily shot back. I froze.

I knew she only meant it as a joke, a bit of playful banter, but it still hurt. Because it reminded me that even though we snogged one hell of a lot, Hugo wasn't my boyfriend.

And probably never would be.

I dropped my fork onto my plate and stood up.

"Excuse me." I said woodenly, and began to leave my seat, heading back up to the house. I just needed a moment to think.

"Vanessa..." Lily said softly, laying a hand on my arm.

I shook it off gently and smiled at her robotically.

"I'm fine Lily, really. I'm just going the loo."

She nodded but still looked unsure. I hurried across the grass towards the house, tripping slightly over the mess of weeds.

When I got to the house I shot up to the bathroom and slammed the bolt across on the door.

Oh sure, now I remember to lock the door.

I thought about the situation that Hugo and I were actually in.

I'm in love with him. He isn't in love with me. He seems to enjoy snogging me, and does it all the time. We get really intense and passionate when we snog, and it almost feels like he fancies me.

So what is the conclusion I can draw from this information?

Hugo wants me around because I'm a good snog.

And I'm in love with him.



disclaimer: none of this belongs to me.

hey guys! so... yeah. i hope you like this chapter and all that. only three more to go, which is sad :( one thing i would like to clear up though, is that the weasley/potter family do not think vanessa is a whore - they've known her since she was eleven and they see her a lot, they know she's not like that. they're just pleased that hugo has finally found someone that he cares about.

so yeah. uh-huh. review? yeps. ellie :) xx

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